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6 December 2012

How to move from regular hosting to Cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting Service
Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud hosting in India is slowly but surely picking up pace. There are many reasons why computing based on the internet is a great move. While earlier the norm was to run software on a physical server, it is now changing. With the same functionality all programs and applications can be accessed by everyone via the internet. And it’s not just small businesses. Almost everyone can augment productivity and efficiency by shifting to cloud hosting. Here’s how you can move from standard hosting to cloud hosting in no time:

Link between SOA and Cloud Computing:

Working with a cloud server in India is no longer an arduous task. There are many cloud hosting providers in India that can help you with your specific needs in this respect. If you have a fair idea of Service Oriented Architecture, half your battle is won as far as cloud computing is concerned. The main reason being that cloud hosting can be considered to be an enhanced extension of SOA. In the former you will be letting out a range of cloud-dependent resources like data, storage, platform etc. as a service. The idea is to gauge which among these services are good options to rest on the cloud. Once you’ve figured that out, you should be raring to go.


What many a cloud server in India will help you out on is the organisation of your cloud. It pretty much translates to half your battle being won. Along with infrastructure, storage, database and information services, you should have neatly stacked up process, application, management and testing in your schedule to before you decide to make a shift.

Better services:

The fact that you will no longer be dealing with hardware as much as you would with regular hosting only means that you can look forward to better services from a cloud host. A number of cloud hosting providers in India are dependable in this respect. You can rest assured that the features offered will be much better than those you would receive from an on-location physical server. You may want to nevertheless do a thorough check for security and problem – solving capabilities of your host though.

Understand the Architecture:

You may want to have a complete know-how of your business architecture and how it syncs with the functions offered by the host beforehand. Check for business drivers in particular. Information under management is another pointer that must feature in your checklist when you pick a host to make a move. How will your host manage the existing services that your business offers? Finally, get a low-down of the core business processes at hand too.

Cost-effectiveness, speed and resources:

These are three very important things that you should have checked before decide to make the switch from a regular host to a cloud host. More often than not cloud computing is cost – effective. Nevertheless, scanning through reviews across the web hurt no one in particular, and there’s no reason why it should be any different for you. In addition to this, speed is one of the primary reasons why business users decide to make the move. So ensure that you have understood the bandwidth package offered by your potential host in totality. Lastly, the resources offered in the complete bundle must be checked by you carefully. Will your host cater to the specific needs of your business in terms of resources is an important question that needs to be answered.

If you keep the above pointers in mind and choose a good host, making the transformation from a regular host to one on the web should really be no hassle as far as cloud hosting in India is concerned. So get started.

5 December 2012

Cloud Hosting – Is It The Best Hosting Solution Available

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most efficacious option for those individuals who are on the lookout for an ideal innovation to increase productivity of their company. A client should see that the hosting solution is secure and reliable and it is effectively managed with nil downtime. Besides, there should be dedicated servers that offer the best possible opportunities to the site of business.

A business owner has not to worry for the physical failure of a server since he could easily move on a virtually new server in a flash of time. This relates to the basic cloud hosting of the web which is effectively utilized by the small offices and professionals with a marginal monthly payment. Here they avail space starting from 250 MB space with free MySQL database, statistics utilization and 24 X 7 email as well as phone support.

However, for hosting the activities there is a windows cloud hosting which is considered as a novel software solution specifically for the Hyper-V since it provides the most advanced feature to users who avail virtual services of the windows. The high advantage of choosing the cloud hosting is innumerable especially if one selects the services from Net4. They offer a server that is hosted in ISO27001 with efficacious data centers in India.

Besides, a user avails not only the most trusted but also the largest hosting deliverer of India. Good companies offer guarantee of 99.9% up-time with unlimited data transfer, free sub domains, multi-redundant bandwidth network, free DNS management, instant activation, closely monitored security of the server, a dedicated manager of key account and many more. These cloud servers are green and efficient and bring the highest growth scope to the businesses.

This new windows cloud hosting has offered an easy option to user to get adapted. This trust-able hosting is easily accessible and avail a totally hassle free execution. Nevertheless, cloud services can undoubtedly offer much better results to the companies if they consider few invaluable factors. These are the efficacious utilization of the services and smart investing to gain the perfect services. A company should spend a good capital to train its workforce to make them learn the best use of cloud services.

Next, a company owner should find that whether the services of cloud web hosting have a viable significance on the company. The choice of choosing a cloud service highly depends upon the requirement of a company and the expectations of its employee. An organization must avail the flawless services of cloud to increase the future perspective of its business and simultaneously bring about considerable positive outcomes that are flexible.

4 December 2012

7 Must Know Facts about Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Server
Cloud Server

Though cloud server hosting has become a recent talking point but it is not a new technology. In fact, without even knowing it, you are already a part of cloud services.
What is cloud server hosting?
Cloud server hosting is the hosting of a website on cloud servers that are delivered over a network. Cloud servers are virtual systems accessible online that store files and perform other IT tasks. They can be accessed anywhere and anytime through an internet connection. Here a user gets unlimited processing power because he can always add new servers.
Some facts about cloud server hosting
There are a few characteristics of all cloud solutions. It is important to know the seven most important characteristics and facts about cloud technology to get a better idea about it. Here are some facts:
  1. It has a dynamic computing infrastructure: This characteristic is very important because it allows the cloud system to meet the growing and changing demands of the users without modifying the architectural framework. As the cloud server hosting is provided through virtual servers that can be controlled remotely it becomes more flexible and achieves high degree of stability.
  2. It has an IT service centric approach: The traditional system of computing worked on the service-centric or system–centric models. On the contrary it gives priority to the IT services they provide. From the customer point of view it means that the customer can reach his desired application more quickly and easily.  
  3. It provides self managed on demand service platform: these characteristics provide the user with the freedom of choosing and managing his accounts in his own way. He has full administrative control over his account. This reduces the cost of the user because the need of manpower to monitor and manage the account is reduced.
  4. Cloud services are cost effective: This makes this technology an ideal choice for web hosting and is the most important factor due to which more and more users are moving from regular hosting to cloud hosting. With cloud hosting users have to pay for what they have actually used and consumed. This results in great cost cutting for businesses.
  5. Cloud solutions can be easily accessed through broadband internet: This is another major characteristic that cloud technology provides. It can be easily accessed through internet. The latest innovations have made it easier to be accessed through any device that is internet enabled. Besides computers some other latest devices through which cloud can be accessed are notebooks, tablets and smartphones.
  6. Another major fact is that all the resources of the cloud hosting provider can be pooled at one place. Some of such resources like memory, email services and other data can be used by different users at the same time. These resources can be allocated to the users as per the requirements of the client.
  7. Cloud hosting has rapid flexibility: It means it can be easily be configured as per the modified requirements of the clients. Processing speed, bandwidth and data storage etc. can all be changed as per desire of a client. 

27 November 2012

Benefits of cloud hosting for your online venture

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

For the uninitiated, cloud hosting is a network of services inclusive of data integration, customer support, server access and lots of other things available to online businesses across the web. The advantage of such a service is that you can keep all your data in one central location without really having to worry about access. Yes, even authorization becomes obsolete in most cases. Whether it’s hardware or platforms and software that need to be taken care of, cloud services are more than a helping hand. Listed below are some benefits of cloud hosting for your online venture:
1.      One of the biggest upsides of a cloud server is that it keeps at bay the hassles of managing a physical device. Cloud literally means virtual services, so both the infrastructure and services you use will not be dependent on any hardware. Service providers employ robust servers to businesses for premium amounts, allowing them to not just store their data but also carry on the complete operations of their website. Users are free to upscale or downgrade the capacity and size on offer as per their requirements.
2.      There’s a crowd of cloud services that work as fine replacements for software on servers. Computing services over the cloud give you the option of having subscription based supplies. In the long run, this means you aren't spending precious money on hardware outlay. This could directly impact your monthly accounts and investments.
3.      When you decide to go for hosting over the cloud, you have a choice between committed and shared web hosting. With the former type, you are ensured of having a server leased out completely to your business. It may be however stored at an external center  As far as the latter is concerned, it shares your service capacity among many other businesses and users.
4.      High scalability is without doubt one of the biggest advantages of a cloud service provider. Whether its storage or your CPU and RAM capacity, they can all be adjusted to suit your requirements just right. What’s more, you also have the option of throwing in an additional functionality or two as per your system needs.
5.      Low cost and maintenance further means you are optimizing your investments in the right manner. It also frees resources for other tasks. Business users can thus arrange for applications to be executed in quick manner. The information at hand and data transfers are almost immediate. An expanding online business would directly translate to an expanded cloud.
6.      Having to constantly worry about hardware among other things can be a spoiler for sure. That’s precisely where cloud internet providers can prove to be really handy. The cost you end up incurring with cloud as opposed to hardware can really make much difference. Besides, it will also keep you stress free.
7.      Businesses, irrespective of their size can make the most of cloud hosts if their needs are varied. Professionals who experience huge spikes at certain periods of the year, depending on the nature of their business can benefit the most. Flexible infrastructure means the ability to stretch your capacity in a particular time limit.
8.      Lastly, the use of cloud host providers gives a free hand for use of and integration of other useful services like VoIP. You can’t ignore the advantage of having Google Docs to manage your business too. If expansion and growth are among your top priorities for your business, managing your website over the cloud can play a key role in how you get there.
As mentioned above, your online venture can actually make the most of a host provider over the cloud. Most companies offering this service provide bundles for almost every business type. Just figure out your requirements in advance to know if and whether the service suits your taste buds. 

10 November 2012

Grow your ecommerce business with reliable hosting

While there are a number of hosting services available at the drop of a hat, the one you choose can make or break your business. In an ecommerce business, it’s all the more necessary that you go with reliable hosting. Doing this is never an easy job, but there are a number of hosting providers in India that assure to make the entire process a seamless one.

Making the right choice among Indian hosting providers

No matter how good your brand and how salable your product, an unreliable site can spell doom for your business. Hence making the right choice in the sea of hosting services is important. You can check for the following when you make a pick from among the various hosting providers in India to ensure that you have nothing but the best:

Security: One of the most important aspects of an ecommerce business is maintaining security, and the best one, if you must. Since online businesses rely heavily on transactions across the web, you must ascertain the dependability of your host provider in terms of the security it offers.

Server: Even if you don’t have much technical know-how of a server and the hardware specifications, looking at it in detail will only be of much help. You must understand that it is the server which is ultimately going to be hosting your business online. Knowing the technical details will allow you to measure your website’s overall performance and better allocate resources in the long run.

Handling Traffic: What really makes your server reliable is the way it handles website traffic. Typically, your hosting provider should be capable of handling peak traffic effortlessly, to allow smooth function of your ecommerce website.

Uptime: It’s only obvious that a reliable host is one that offers more uptime than downtime. You must research and check reviews of the host you’ve zeroed down on for your business to keep a tab on the maintenance routine followed. Most server performances are after all maintenance-dependent. Your server is dependable if it has transparently kept a track of user experiences. Among the reviews, keep an eye on hardware problems with servers. A log in real-time, depicting the status of your host server will also be helpful.

Customer Care: A hosting company providing customer services 24*7 either through telephone, email or video calls is best. Considering that your online business will involve your finances, there is no reason why you should take a risk in this department. Sufficient customer support is among the most important things that you must check for.

In addition to the above points, a reliable hosting provider will also take care of your merchandising needs. In this respect, an internet merchant account which is able to process not just credit cards but other payment gateways too is important. A good host will also ensure that you have a range of shopping cart options to choose from for your online business.

An online business if managed properly can be quite profitable. Remember, sometimes it’s all about the choices we make.

17 August 2012

How to Make Money from Your Own Domain

Domain Names
Domain Names

By creating your very own website a good amount of money can be made online. The job is not difficult nor do you have to be a technical expert to make your own domain and then earn money from it. Skills related to programming are not needed to create a website of your choice. A lot of people are getting into affiliate marketing these days to earn money online.

Requirements for creating the domain are an HTML editor and a web application for designing. Many web designs are available free of cost on the internet using which you can design a website without any computing skills. The web page should be all about the kind of website you want to have.

Identify a Niche Product or Service
The first thing to do is identify the niche like having a website on pets, a particular game, gardening, hobby, etc. For the site a domain name will be needed for which all you have to do is type out ‘buy domain’ on a preferred search engine and get a list from where the name could be purchased. There are a number of popular sites where a domain search for a domain name could be done.

For domain name hosting an account for website hosting too will be required and this list can be availed by conducting a search on the search engine. While there is hosting that is limited in some, the domains are unlimited in the others but you will need to select what is best for you and your needs. Domain registration is not a complicated affair.

Web Hosting With Popular Providers
Make sure you consider popular providers for web hosting only. On doing this, the next thing to do is uploading web pages on the internet by using an FTP program available for free. Once this is done, you can start using the website to start earning money. Some affiliate programs will have to be joined or some niche goods will need to be identified for the purpose of selling.

These can be included in the website links for selling. Again make sure that affiliate programs that are popular enough only are selected. Money can be earned once the visitors come to your site and start clicking on the link for buying products. For each of the sale that occurs, a commission will be earned.

Increased Visitors Leads to Generation of More Money
If your website has more visitors then there is an increase in sale and more money is generated. There are different ways of earning money on the online source. One of the most popular methods is affiliate marketing. All that you have to do is sell the products and services of other people on your site and in the process earn a commission on the same.

Everything depends on the number of visitors getting attracted to your site or domain and hence makes sure that an attractive website is created and the products and services are advertised in the most effective manner to draw customers to the website and increase sales to generate money.

8 August 2012

Advantages of Hosting On A Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server

If you are looking towards reaping benefits of reliable hosting of websites and peace of mind the best choice is hosting with managed dedicated server. Response time is excellent and is one of the characteristic of this server. Besides this services in premium quality and configuration of custom server can obtained.

The website and the business both will be able to benefit from hosting solutions that are stable and reliable in comparison to shared hosting. To meet the needs a dedicated server is needed so that it need not be shared with any other. All the resources offered by virtual servers can be controlled best by using it to the maximum extent possible.

No Disruption in Resource Sharing
It ensures that due to resource sharing there is no disruption of any kind on the website. As per your choice you can select and install applications and software as per your choice and requirement. You will no longer have to depend upon the host of the website. Time delays are also bypassed and so are the expenses related to VPS and shared web hosting.

On all the functionalities related to the email greater control can be exercised by the managed dedicated server. In the quickest possible time the static Internet Protocol addresses and accounts can be removed with the greatest ease. If in case you are running a website with a resource intensive that is large, then one of the best options is the dedicated server.

Adding Up To the Website’s Uptime
If a managed dedicated hosting is considered, your concerns will be treated at topmost priority. This is in comparison to other issues of customers that would enhance the stability as well as performance of the hosting solutions. Over a period hosting a dedicated server helps in adding to the website’s uptime as well.

Finding dedicated server hosting provider is an easy process if you are willing to take the pains on researching for one. The internet is the best source to identify a good provider of managed dedicated hosting service. The next thing to do once a suitable provider is identified is service and product comparison.

Besides this you will need to lay particular emphasis on certain factors which include solution reliability, satisfaction of customers, cost as well as experience. It is always better to make a decision that is well informed while selecting cheap dedicated servers. To get the facts and truths right, looking up the website of the provider makes greater sense. You can even look up reviews to check whether customers who have considered the provider’s services before are satisfied with their services or not.

Another wise thing to do is access social networking sites, blogs and online forums, read testimonials of existing and past customers and their feedback. You can also check opinions of experts.  You should attain complete peace of mind while handling your website and its needs. There are a number of genuinely managed dedicated servers having cloud hosting providers available online for you to make the best choice.

27 July 2012

7 Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server

A dedicated web hosting is taking the entire server for hosting your own site on rent. When compared to the shared web hosting the dedicated web hosting gives better benefits. A dedicated server means you will have web administrators and they will have total control over the software, scripts and programs. They can do the uploading and updating of these software, scripts and programs.

The owners of a dedicated hosting will have full access and control over the applications and programs uploaded and updated on the server. The most advantageous matter is that the server becomes highly secure and virus attacks will be less.

7 benefits of a dedicated hosting server
  • It is very cost effective
  • Gives you higher speed and more bandwidth
  • It is highly efficient
  • Gives you complete privacy
  • It offer better security for your business
  • You will have total control of the server
  • Customization
The dedicated server allows you or your clients to open the site much faster than the shared server. Opening of the site fast is very important if your business is facing heavy traffic. Many business houses lose a number of potential customers because of the delay in opening the site.

There is no question of anything going out of control in dedicated server hosting. The reason of your server not opening or slow speed is mainly because of some other site getting overloaded. When you have total control of your server these inane reasons can be avoided. On a dedicated hosting server, the control over the server’s specification is total.

Privacy is the other main feature guaranteed by the dedicated server hosting. There will be lots of space in the dedicated web server. The data on your dedicated server cannot be accessed or touched by anybody unauthorised.  On the shared server you have to push and shove with other sites which make it very inconvenient for you.

Even though the initial cost is a bit higher than the shared server, in the long run you will get your money’s worth by going in for dedicated web servers. It provides a faster, reliable and extra efficient working platform for your site. This is apart from the savings on the expenses acquired due to site corruption, virus attacks and delays. The dedicated hosting will provide better support and capable interface to your visitors. They will help you generate conversions and client trustworthiness.

Cloud server hosting solutions reduces the cost of server hardware and other applications. Cloud server hosting is a centralized computing technology which provides scalable and virtual resources on the internet as a service. Cloud hosting service is delivered from a group of network connected web servers. Cloud hosting service has eased out the tedious process of individual installation of application.

Virtual private server or VPS server does not use shared RAM through different machines and will use individual CPU cores. The VPS server even though running in software on the same computer is in many ways equivalent to a separate computer. It does the functions of a cloud server.

26 July 2012

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers for SMBS

As part of a server management, the virtual server management is important in the business world today especially in the small and medium sized businesses. In many of the services related to web hosting, a VPS server plays a major role which is also one of the benefits of a service related to virtualization management.

Resources in a limited set are available with SMBS or small and medium sized business, and the virtualization management proves to be helpful to a great extent. Companies are able to fulfil every kind of technicality with the help of services related to virtual cloud server hosting, and without having to make huge investments in hardware.

Connection Reliability Maintained

From a VPS server which is located at a remote location, the virtual management services can be taken and virtual server can be configured separately for them. To ensure that services of the best quality are offered, resource maximization is very necessary. Just a single dedicated server is able to manage a number of virtual servers individually.

OS or operating systems of their very own type are contained by the virtual private server so that they are able to function like individual dedicated servers. Connection reliability is taken care of in the best way possible by providers of IT support. In just one single system there are a number of servers that run and hence even if crashing of one single server takes place or a computer does not work then, business could be lost by a number of business days. No company can afford that even if they are not large companies.

Security of System

For the virtual management software provider, the system’s security proves to be of prime priority. There are different tools related to security that work on an environment that could be used for maintaining health of server by the technicians. Scanning of temperature near the server is done by the cloud server management tools and affects the process’s performance.

Generation of alerts and signals by the tools is possible which are then sent to respective engineers who look into the concerned issues. The central virtual private server should be able to manage the individual servers in an efficient and intelligent manner. The main server should be associated well with the fixed number of servers.

Easier To Deal with Heavy Traffic

If the number of servers increases then problems could occur with respect to website speed and space used which is especially the case with cloud hosting services. A particular company can have its registration completed at more than one domain without any extra cost, simultaneously. Instead of having a number of dedicated servers, it is best to consider virtual server management.

When a number of servers run on a similar platform the same services and applications are not shared with each other. Dedicated servers are of importance to organizations having to deal with huge traffic and larger business operations. A virtual cloud hosting service can be made use of by both the medium as well as small sized businesses.

25 July 2012

Why Should Move Your Small Business to the Cloud Server?

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Shared hosting and dedicated hosting were the two main choices for business owners and individuals to select in the previous years, for websites. As of now however, to the fore has come a hosting type that is quite different.

It is called cloud hosting, an option for hosting websites. It has been seen that in the recent years, that the largest of internet companies have adopted cloud hosting. Besides this, a small beginning has also been made by the smaller companies due to the benefits this hosting system offers. Now what exactly is cloud server hosting? A customer is allowed dedicated use of a plan for dedicated hosting.

Greater Reliability 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? One server is rented out to the company for website hosting. In cloud hosting, across a number of servers, the resources are spread across which work together and are termed as a cloud. When a group of servers are used then the reliability is more, which is one of the main benefits of hosting on the cloud. Slack can be picked up by another server, just in case malfunctioning of a particular server takes place.

It is the group of servers that proves to be advantageous. In a dedicated web hosting server, when the cloud server goes down, the website too goes down with it. Uptime at very high levels can be enjoyed when a cloud service is used for website hosting while the downtime is minimized.

Bandwidth Benefit

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Servers in highest quality and advanced technology can be accessed in cloud hosting. As far as bandwidth is concerned, it is advantageous to consider cloud hosting. If high traffic levels are attracted by websites unexpectedly then their performance could get reduced besides slowing down of websites in case of dedicated hosting but this does not happen in cloud server hosting.

Additional resources needed are provided by another server in cloud hosting India. This is a good option for businesses that are small especially when their website grows. The plan for hosting can grow well and adapt to it. Costs related to cloud hosting are not too high considering the kind of services they offer. Besides this depending upon the resources used, charges will be levied by the cloud hosting company.

Best for Companies with Limited Resources 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? A cloud server is beneficial for smaller companies looking for limited resources and those who are good in resource management at a competitive cost. The prices are not too high as compared to dedicated hosting. Since the server is offsite, the IT professionals within the company are able to dedicate time to other key areas in business.

Cloud hosting India is not only a reliable and prominent service these days it also helps prove ‘green’ credentials indicating reduction of impact on the environment. Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? It is because energy costs, time and manpower are saved when services of a cloud hosting company are considered.

24 July 2012

Tips For Small Businesses To Adapt Cloud Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting
Cloud Server Hosting
The biggest buzz is cloud computing in the world of technology as of today and hence there is need for a few tips to follow for small businesses to adapt to cloud hosting for website owners. At a remote computer, which is not owned by you, computing of online data takes place, which is termed as cloud computing.

Flexibility of business operations have to be maximized by managers of businesses who are always on the lookout to cut costs. One effective way to do this is make the most of utility of computing resource by taking the server out of the datacenter. Organizations that need to expand their services and have to cater to the needs of a client base that is broader need to consider the cloud server hosting services.

Iaas, Saas or Hosted Services
The biggest advantage of this is that costs related to purchasing, repairing and maintaining the desktop computers is eliminated. Employees are allowed to access all their corporate systems in a secure manner through their very own mobile devices, desktops at home and laptops used for travelling. A few important tips to follow for small businesses to adapt to cloud hosting will have to be kept in mind by business managers looking for a cloud hosting provider.

The first thing is determining the cloud server hosting type since there are a number of cloud topologies and services to avail. The choices of cloud based services are hosted services, Infrastructure As A Service or the IAAS service and the Software As A Service or the SAAS service. In the case of hosted services, a server of business class enterprise type will need to be rented on a monthly basis that can handle employees in large numbers to ensure security controls that are tight, collaboration is smoother and governance is strict.

Determine the Right Type
A provider for cloud hosting manages these services. Hosted Exchange and SharePoint are the hosted services that are commonly considered by the medium and growing companies. Applications that are powerful are utilized in cloud based services without having to appoint special staff and there is no need to purchase expensive hardware which is also one of the tips to follow for small businesses to adapt to cloud hosting.

In the case of IaaS, at the datacenter or a machine in bare metal of a remote host is considered. This machine has to be managed and configured at your end for which a professional and a license for the software will be needed. In the case of SaaS only the program can be accessed with no control on the computer running the program and best suited for individual and small business enterprises. Related SaaS applications may need an upgrade with growth of business.

Certifications, Location and Experience
The advantage of SaaS is that no hardware investment or support of technical staff is required for managing servers that are complex. At the time of picking a host a choice between self-service hosts and managed hosts have to be made. The other important tips to follow for small businesses to adapt to cloud hosting are to keep in mind determining certifications of the cloud hosting provider.

Find out where exactly data storage takes place as the business can be well impacted by this. Issues related to connection will be lesser in a datacenter located close by. One of the last tips to follow for small businesses to adapt to cloud hosting is to find out how long the cloud hosting service has been in the business so that it offers competitive services to customers.

20 July 2012

Different types of website Hosting Services

Web Hosting
Web Hosting Types
Web Hosting is one of the key elements that can immensely affect the performance of a website. This is main reason why hosting service providers have now started to offer a range of hosting solutions. By doing so they are able to entertain needs of people who have different types of websites. Generally web hosts off two types of hosting services free hosting and paid hosting. Free hosting is mainly recommended to a user who is new in this field and does not have much knowledge about how to manage web servers. If we talk about paid Hosting Services there are several types of hosting solutions available in the market, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, Windows Hosting, Linux hosting and many others.

When we talk about cheap or affordable hosting solutions, shared hosting is the one that is most talked about. In shared website hosting several users share server resources among them. It is considered very economical and a great option for users that have a limited budget to spend on hosting. In fact it is known to be among the most cost-effective solutions one can go for. It is better than free hosting and is considered suitable for websites that do not expect too much traffic on them.
When we talk about expensive Hosting Services, dedicated hosting is one that comes to my mind. With this Web Hosting solution users get additional security and enhanced application support. It is known to be a highly secure and stable hosting server, which ensures complete support for web application and scripts. By using this web hosting solution, user has the complete authority over the server, which further allows him to have his own operating system, security software and other applications.

Cloud hosting is one which has taken the benefits of both shared and dedicated server hosting. This hosting solution basically provides the benefits of dedicated server hosting, but at the prices of a shared hosting. Cloud hosting allows a user to enjoy resources of several interconnected servers.
When choosing a website Hosting Provider, there are several aspects that a user needs to take care of. Among them price, reliability, uptime guarantee are major points of consideration. Customer support is also one of the crucial factors that can never be ignored. Companies, which provide quality support services and give a timely response to their customers, are generally the ones that should be chosen by a user.

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18 July 2012

How to Save Money on Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server
When you are using a shared web from your web hosting provider, you are sure to get the best of their services. If you want to increase the bandwidth and opt for a greater space then you may shift to a dedicated server. This may cost you a little dearer. If you rationally plan your requirement you can easily cut down on costs.

When you use such a server there will be no one else using that server. You will be able to store your entire data on it. If your business expands you can use the same server for the extra work load created. If you have a managed dedicated server then you can be assured that the server will provide you maximum features at optimum level.

Use Only the Services That You Need
If you want to cut down on the cost of your server, you should opt for a server which will provide you limited control panels. It should provide you solid state drives and ram that is very necessary for your business. All these systems will cost you more money. You should be capable of working with minimum gigabytes and save a lot on your monthly bill.

You can also save on server rent by paying an annual rent instead of monthly. This will help you save a decent percentage on your rent and maybe even a waiver on setup fees. So remember to pay in advance and gain advantage.

Search for a Dedicated Host
A stable web hosting company should be preferred over an ill reputed one, who may lure you with lower cost. You never know when such a company may shut down and leave you in a lurch. You should be very cautious is such a case. Only a reputed host with a strong back ground will provide you with excellent support and service. For this purpose you should go on the internet and conduct a thorough search by reading web hosting reviews.

If you compare the pros and cons of a shared server to a dedicated one, you will realise that both of them have similar advantages. Advantages those are totally dependent on your work requirements. Dedicated servers is hosted by companies of international fame providing the best services to each and every client of theirs.

Get Someone to Share Your Server
At a certain stage you feel that your websites or sites permit you to share your private server, you may share with one person. A person who is ready to pay you rent. Your operating cost will be reduced by 50%.

You can also tune into web hosting forums and connect with other web masters who will gladly share a server. There are web hosting companies who present special discounts or sale offers at certain times during the year. You should bargain with them and get special prices. There are web hosting companies who will reduce their rates just to stay in the market as there is healthy competition in this industry.

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15 July 2012

What Is Cloud Server And How Is It Different From Dedicated Server?

Cloud Server Hosting
Cloud Server Hosting
Over the traditional or the dedicated server the technology related to cloud server has numerous benefits. In the networking business the next big thing for a lot of people is the cloud server. In the market, available these days are numerous companies that are dedicated to hosting of cloud servers.

Due to the availability of these VPS hosting companies it is now possible for both individuals as well as businesses to utilize cloud servers. A number of things can be virtualized by the truly innovative cloud server technology. Many more resources can be added, virtual resources can be used with the help of cloud servers if you have insufficient physical resources.

Incredible Option for a Server
For most people this proves to be an incredible solution for obtaining a server and for the purpose of networking. A fair amount of money can be saved on costs related to networking if a subscription is made to a server for cloud hosting. One of the reasons is that in cloud services there is lesser involvement of physical hardware.

At a remote destination all functions are handled by the cloud server. In comparison to alternatives available in the marketplace of networking and in the server these services are considered to be quite affordable. In different countries across the world a host of VPS hosting companies offer cloud server services.

Freedom of Choice
Even if you own just one computer you are provided the ability of getting on to the cloud besides the freedom of choice. In the initial stages when this cloud hosting technology was available a lot of business had fears on security and safety of cloud servers. However in the present times due to vast advancements made in technology, the cloud servers are able to offer security and safety to the highest level possible just as in the case of an option of any other server.

Lots of valuable time is saved, since the ability of handling regular applications and programs in virtual environment only increases with cloud hosting. Automation ability is also offered by the cloud server which is an average requirement of any business on the internet. Endless resources are offered by the private and secure clouds. The market has been taken up aggressively by the cloud servers these days.

No Hardware Needed
Worthiness of the claims is best proved by this technology’s proponents. There is no requirement of various solutions in hardware at all. Better functionality and add-ons are available for optimizing the server to suit specific needs of your business. A lot of people are gradually getting drawn away from their dedicated servers and are making a transition to cloud services in the present times.

The technology is quite simple to use and hence you need not be an expert in information and technology to utilize it. For making such a switch from a dedicated server you are sure never to make such a decision. In terms of capabilities and costs, a lot of benefits are offered by the cloud server. Costs on web hosting can be saved and the most of cutting edge technology also can be made in this way.

14 July 2012

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Server Over Dedicated Server?

Cloud Server
Cloud Server
People who intend to make use of the internet for commercial purposes and generate sales need to have a dominant presence online. For this, the best thing to do is have one's own website. Even if an individual or a company has their own websites, a hosting service is required to keep it going. A dedicated server hosting was how most people used to manage it till now. The new entrant in the field of hosting is cloud computing. There is a lot of discussion about which is better-dedicated server or the cloud server.

Faster Service
For most people what is in short supply is time. On this point a cloud server scores above dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are not ready-made but need to be configured-an activity that calls for time and advanced computing skills. Cloud storage on the other hand comes with a ready-to-use advantage and what's more there are numerous options to pick and choose from. People for whom time is scarce will naturally opt for a cloud server.

Another point of contention between the two is the point of scalability. Scalability can be vertical where hardware is added. It could be horizontal where network is joined to even out the load. Cloud servers which are virtual server have the advantage of scaling fast. Dedicated servers can consume time because the creation of back up takes time.

Then there is the question of reliability. There are many opinions regarding this. Some swear by cloud servers whereas the advocates of dedicated servers favor them. What matters here is how good the provider of the service is. Both cloud storage and dedicated server hosting are comparable in this aspect but the provider can make or mar the service.

Cloud servers face immense pressure as the number of clients can balloon and go out of control. But that does not happen in dedicated servers as the numbers are manageable. The management of virtual servers take on more customers than they can handle and are found wanting in crunch situations.

Cheaper Service
Cloud servers have the advantage of pay as you use service. This means that you spend far less on the service. Dedicated servers are paid for whether one uses it or not. So in terms of money, cloud servers give better value for money. Dedicated servers mean loss of resources too as the servers may not be used all the time. Cloud servers are virtual servers so there is no loss of resources.

Both these have individual advantages and it is difficult to say that one is better affirmatively. This is perhaps the reason why many are going for hybrid systems that combine the benefits of the two without most of their drawbacks.

Cloud hosting works well for entrepreneurs who have businesses that are growing fast! It is a flexible system and can be upgraded fast. Cloud hosting is the latest in a growing and fast changing field. Until the next entrant comes in and proves to be better, cloud is the current favorite among large users.

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4 July 2012

Cost Effective Hosting Of Websites with a Perfect Cloud Hosting Solution

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting

One of the subjects that was anticipated the most before a debut was made by in the world of web hosting was cloud hosting.  Masters of the web had been waiting eagerly for such a service which as of now has shown its magic in the internet world. Cloud hosting has a range of additions being made to it each and every day. This has tremendously helped in transforming the scenario of traditional hosting of websites.

In website hosting the real heroes are the servers in cloud hosting. A service related to cloud hosting is a range of servers, in a collection tuned to help overcome issues like overload of traffic, crashing of servers, fluctuations in network and any other activity of a similar kind which could hamper the performance of websites in the same cloud that have been hosted over any of the servers. Linux hosting is also a stable and reliable web hosting service to consider.

Easier To Manage Websites
When a cloud hosting service is considered, the clients find it extremely easy to manage their own websites well. With your business venture online you are able to gain performance that is better and that too with security measures that are better off. You need to select flexible, secured and highly reliable Windows hosting services on the web.

These cloud hosting services are extremely productive and quite affordable considering the benefits they offer. Cloud services can be considered by both the larger corporations as well as the smaller corporations as well. To support the server, there is no infrastructure of any kind needed. Besides this you do not have to worry about any issues related to maintenance as well.

Manages Everything from Start to Finish
Hosting providers manage everything right from the start that is from web servers to services related to web hosting. If you are a newbie in the online world then cloud hosting will surely prove to be a great blessing. It does not matter if the necessary finance to build the website right from scratch is not available. The websites can be hosted in space simply.

Within the most affordable rate, everything is made available, in a nutshell. In hosting websites, the best known are the servers for cloud hosting. This is not because of the rates they offer but the freedom offered to websites. Websites no longer have to face the brunt when a downtime is faced by the cloud and there are issues of networking, traffic overload, etc.

Easy Handling of Faulty Servers
It hardly takes a few minutes for the cloud hosting services or for the Linux hosting services to handle the load of a faulty server and that by not affecting the websites performance. Various applications of the website too run well, while the cloud hosting service manages the load and various other issues.

A server related to cloud hosting can be a virtual private one, a dedicated one or a shared one offering high level performance to the business sites of web masters, depending upon their requirement. These services are sold in the form of software, platform or infrastructure to clients located all over the world. You can hire web hosting or traditional cloud windows hosting depending upon your need. Make sure that the service packages are flexible and prices affordable.

3 July 2012

Cloud Hosting vs. Other Types of Hosting

There are many types of hosting services on the Internet. In recent years, one of the more popular types of hosting is cloud hosting. There are different types of hosting available to suit different user needs. Cloud hosting comprises of many users on one server. The server spans across many different computers and allows hosting companies to have more clients on fewer servers. There are several different types of cloud computing online. Users may not realize that they are probably already using a cloud of some kind. Internet email is an example of cloud computing. If you have an online email account, it is likely that your data is stored on a variety of different computers on interlinking servers.

What hosting service is chosen for a website will depend greatly on what services the webmasters require. Larger dedicated severs are expensive and are popular with large corporations; shared hosting is the most common type of paid hosting on the Internet and is fairly cheap. VPS hosting provides a bridge between shared and dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting
Shared hosting occurs when many users share the same server. Alternatively, cloud hosting is when users share the same server space on a variety of machines. In a way, cloud server hosting is an updated version of simple shared hosting. The great thing about cloud hosting is that users only pay for what they use. It is a flexible system where users can extend hosting services whenever they like.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting is attractive as it is a brilliant way of keeping large quantities of clients’ information on multiple computers. There are some advantages to cloud hosting, but some clients may wish to opt for dedicated hosting services. A dedicated hosting server is a type of hosting server that allows a client to be in control of their own private server. This type of web hosting has its pros and cons, but in general, dedicated servers are more expensive than cloud web hosting services. Dedicated servers also require more management and maintenance. Cloud hosting allows users to use an enormous amount of disk space. It takes time and money to set up an entire dedicated server. Clients have to install the server and maintain it; a cloud server is easy to set up and does not have such high costs.

VPS server vs. Cloud Hosting
A VPS server or a Virtual private server is a server that has been divided into individual virtual servers. Each user will get his or her own private section of the server. This section is private and secure. This has its advantages and can be a cheaper option than dedicated servers. Cloud hosted servers are cheaper than both dedicated and VS web hosting. Cloud servers can be modified easily especially with regard to size. It is very easy to enlarge a cloud server hosting package. Choosing to use cloud hosting will enable users to have a better shared online hosting service that is cheap and easy to use.