27 April 2012

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Most people, who do not follow the Internet industry that keenly, are not too familiar with Reseller Web Hosting. Though you would have surely come across this term several times before, you would not have given it a serious thought. It is basically defined as a business where a user resells Web Hosting plans by purchasing a large plan from a website hosting company. Reseller Web Hosting has quickly come up as a great business venture for budding entrepreneurs in last few years. This is due to the fact that starting this business does not require a hefty investment, nor does it require any technical expertise.

A reseller does not have to buy web servers used in hosting and nor does he have to maintain them. Both these tasks are generally performed by the main hosting company from whom the reseller buys the hosting plan. The only investment a reseller needs to make is the reseller hosting plan he purchases from the web host. All the remaining tasks, such as server management and support will be performed by the main hosting company.

Net4 India is one of the leading website hosting companies in India. Net4 offers all the major types of hosting plans, such as Windows hosting, Linux Hosting, Java Hosting, and Cloud Hosting among several others.

25 April 2012

Traits to look for in a Web Host

One of the biggest concerns an online marketer has is the way his website is hosted on the web. For any online business to have successful operations, it is a must that they have high-quality web hosting services. Finding a hosting solution that can provide you with all the features you require at the prices you want can be difficult at times, but if a user keeps certain important factors in mind he can surely get the best services.

First and foremost the user should know what his hosting needs are. The kind of website a user is aiming to build also plays a crucial factor in deciding a web host. Once the user has laid down his hosting requirements, it’s time to look at the hosting service provider. Factors such as reliability, reputation, uptime, support and above all price plays a crucial role in deciding which web host to select.

Net4 India is one of the leading website hosting company in India. The company offers cloud hosting, Java Hosting, Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting Services. All the hosting plans come with up to 99% uptime assurance, unlimited data transfer, dedicated account manager and instant activation along with multiple other valuable features.

23 April 2012

Cloud or VPS Server: Which one’s better?

The web hosting industry had very few hosting options on offer in its initial stages, but things have surely changed now. Several types of website hosting plans are now available to cater specific customer demands. Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting are among the two hosting solutions that have earned the most publicity.

Cloud Server hosting is considered by several organizations as a very dynamic hosting platform. Depending upon the changing needs a business can add or cut its server resources. Cloud Hosting is not only highly scalable to use, but is also considered very safe.

VPS Hosting has also quickly come up as a very common web hosting solution for enterprises. The main advantage of using a VPS Server is that can virtually be divided into several web servers. Every server has the ability to run on its own operating system and provide its users with benefits of traditional dedicated hosting, but at much cheaper rates.

Net4 India, which has more than 80,000 websites hosted on it servers, is among the leading web hosts in India. The company provides all major types of hosting solutions, including Cloud Hosting Services. Net4’s web hosting plans provide customers with unrestricted data transfer along with a range of other benefits.

20 April 2012

How to find a quality Domain Registrar?

Registering a Domain Name is in fact one of easiest and simplest parts of setting up a website, be it for a business or personal use. In order to have a great website, the first thing a user needs to do is to find out keywords that he wishes to incorporate in name of the website. Once the user has decided on the name he wishes to register, the next thing he needs to do is find out its availability.
There are quite a few Domain Registrars in the market right now. Users are always suggested to thoroughly consider the offers made by all the companies and then only register a Domain Name. When selecting a registrar it’s best to pick that Domain Registration Company that has a good reputation in terms of customer support and above all pricing.
Net4 India is a leading ICANN and .IN accredited Domain Registrar and web hosting service provider. Net4 offers affordable Domain Registration of all popular TLDs to its customers. The company also provides its clients with other attractive solutions, including domain forwarding and masking, DNS control and domain parking services. Net4 also offers 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage with every domain.  

19 April 2012

How do I pick a Web Hosting Company?

Since the inception of Web Hosting it has seen several new changes. Choosing a hosting company can be really confusing with so many things to consider.  Narrowing it down to one company is tough nut to crack, especially for a novice. Here are few tips that will help you in choosing the right web host for your business or personal website.

The first thing that a user must look for in a hosting service provider in the uptime guarantee it offers. The user must pick a company that offers the highest uptime. Disk space and bandwidth offered by the web host also plays a pivotal role and must never be overlooked by the user. Web hosts today offer several add-on features that are mostly not required by users. It is suggested that a user must go through the hosting plans thoroughly and ensure that there are no unnecessary charges.

With more than 80,000 websites hosted on its servers, Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting companies. Net4 offers its clients with high-end multi core/ multi processor servers, instant activation and dedicated key account manager. With Net4’s hosting solutions, customers also get unlimited data transfer and back-up, multi redundant bandwidth network and many other attractive add-ons. Net4 offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting as well as VPS Hosting plans among various others.