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7 August 2012

Why .PRO is a domain of choice for Professionals?

.PRO is the only generic top level domain extension which is meant for an exclusive use by service professionals like Doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, educators, etc and is the domain of choice for these professionals who are looking to create an online identity built on trust.

.PRO works just like a .COM domain with the ability to create fully featured websites and email addresses.
.PRO was originally launched in 2004 with registrations open to only lawyers, accountants, physicians, and engineers in France, Canada, Germany, UK and US. Later on it was relaunched in 2008 after consultation with ICAAN to include a wider range of government certified professionals in all countries. According to data released by registryPro (the registry for .PRO) by 10 March 2011, total PRO registrations worldwide had crossed 1, 00,000 mark.

All licensed service professionals can either register a second level domain name like john.PRO or a suitable and easily identifiable third-level domain like .law.PRO, .med.PRO, .aca.PRO, cpa.PRO, and so on.

According to the eligibility criteria released by registryPro, only certified professionals who are in good standing with their licensing authority are permitted to apply and register a .PRO domain extension. This criterion makes .PRO an exclusive domain for service professionals who can use it to launch their certified online identity.

.PRO follows a simple registration process.

Step 1: You need to self-certify and indicate your profession at the time of registration to activate your domain.

Step 2: The self-certified data provided by you is randomly verified against an appropriate certification or accreditation database.

In case you are looking for a third level domain, you need to provide your license information that can be independently cross-verified.

With the advent of internet and exponential increase in internet users worldwide, it has become paramount for service professionals to have an online identity both to serve their clients, and to build new clients. There can’t be a better domain extension than .PRO to launch your online presence that is built on trust and credibility.

.PRO is an excellent way to tell the world that you are a licensed professional which goes a long way in establishing trust with your clients online. It’s easier to build trust face-to-face but in the anonymous world of internet trust is hard to come by. .PRO helps you do just that-Build trust with your clients.

For more details about .PRO and its eligibility criteria, you may visit