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5 September 2012

.Pro Domain: The Identity for Professionals

.Pro Domain Name
.Pro Domain Name

A .pro domain is specifically for professionals like lawyers, doctors, etc and business owners. Just one look at the domain and you will know that it is of a professional. All across the globe business owners, other entities and professionals can consider registering for a .pro domain.
To ensure a perfect identity for you and your business is to book .pro domain for the web. It is also an indicator that you are a professional with a valid license and clients can trust them fully. With this domain you can successfully communicate with clients that you have the essential credentials.  On the internet in the system of domain names, one of the generic TLD or the generic Top Level Domain is the .pro domain.
For Licensed and Certified Professionals
It is derived from the word professionals. It is only professionals having a valid license and certification who can use the .pro domain. Re-launching of this domain took place in September 2008 after ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was consulted. The re-launching benefited government professionals who have necessary certification, in all the countries.
All that registrants need to do before the pro domain registration process is have their professional status verified and also provide information on their license.  There is a particular criterion to be maintained for eligibility to own a domain site, officially. The first thing is that the applicant needs to prove that services of a professional nature are provided.
Good Standing Needed
Accordingly admission is done to an entity related to jurisdictional licensing or a certification body of the government which verifies data accuracy on a regular basis.  To avail the domain .pro, the applicant will need to have a good standing.  Third level domain registration is also allowed by the registry of domain names for professionals in various fields like engineering, law, medical, accountancy, education etc.
Having a .pro domain is great way of establishing trust on the web. Gaining trust of customers is not very easy especially in the anonymous world of the World Wide Web. This domain is a unique one, created exclusively for the benefit of professionals and owners of businesses. Small business owners can make the most of this domain. In your field of work this domain is an indicator that you are a legitimate professional.
Submission of Information
Submission of information like your credentials, certifications, contact details, location etc is required at the time you register domain .pro. Registration process gets completed when this specific information is provided. After this the website can be accordingly launched. It must be noted that registrants are also subjected to sampling and monitoring of the credentials that have been submitted.
As compared to the other commonly and popularly used .net and .com domain, the .pro is definitely one that tops the other domains. This extension is not a new and can be availed by a large number of small businesses for a shorter period. So, in this competitive online marketplace the best way to distinguish yourself is the .pro extension.

3 September 2012


29 August 2012

Enhance Your Professional Image on the Internet With A .PRO Domain

.Pro Domain Name
.Pro Domain Name

On the internet one of the most important and recognized parts is the domain name. To identify a good domain you can consider competent services of the domain registrar. The most distinct and valuable domains can be availed from the registrar. Without a good domain, survival in a web business is a bit difficult. There are different TLD .pro domains to select from.

A .pro domain offers a platform that is trusted and secure, enough for professionals. For an effective presence on the web such a domain provides professionals with desired leverage. There are different variations in .pro domains, like first level names, second level names and third level names.

Distinguishable Domain
These levels can be considered as the creation of scalable and identifiable addresses on the web. From other kinds of extensions of domains the .pro TLD or the Top Level Domain is a distinguishable one. This is because its requirements for registration are unique.

Process of verification in registration of a .pro domain runs to two steps - the first step is the information on identity self-certified and provided by the registrant for activating the .pro domain. The second step is a random verification or professional data self-certified and provided by the registrant. Verification is done against appropriate database that is accredited and licensed.

An Indicator of Credibility and Professionalism
It is the professionals and owners of businesses who make use of a .pro domain. Such a domain is an indicator of credibility as well as professionalism. It is a perfect choice to have your professional image enhanced on the internet. It also includes verification as well as authentication. It does not matter from which industry you come from since this domain is available to all professionals and owners of businesses. All that is required is a license specific to the profession for eligibility for a .pro registration.

There are domains that are profession specific called third level .pro domains. Third level domains suit those having specific professions. With .pro domains it gets easier to establish trust in the business.  While establishing your online business it gives confidence and credibility in addition. Amongst the rest of the top level domains, one of the fastest growing ones is the .pro domain.  You can register them immediately.

Registering With the Registrar
Registration process is quite simple. Information on your profession or business type will have to be provided, besides server and contact information for domain registration.  It is up to the registrar to ask for additional information if required. Business owners and professionals will have to self-certify themselves and provide information related to licensing to the registrar to ensure requirements of the jurisdiction and profession are well met.

There are a number of registrar’s available online offering genuine and trustworthy services. On conducting a detailed research to domains you are guaranteed to find a reliable registrar for sure. They are quick to ensure immediate processing in real time once the order is submitted. 

7 August 2012

Why .PRO is a domain of choice for Professionals?

.PRO is the only generic top level domain extension which is meant for an exclusive use by service professionals like Doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, educators, etc and is the domain of choice for these professionals who are looking to create an online identity built on trust.

.PRO works just like a .COM domain with the ability to create fully featured websites and email addresses.
.PRO was originally launched in 2004 with registrations open to only lawyers, accountants, physicians, and engineers in France, Canada, Germany, UK and US. Later on it was relaunched in 2008 after consultation with ICAAN to include a wider range of government certified professionals in all countries. According to data released by registryPro (the registry for .PRO) by 10 March 2011, total PRO registrations worldwide had crossed 1, 00,000 mark.

All licensed service professionals can either register a second level domain name like john.PRO or a suitable and easily identifiable third-level domain like .law.PRO, .med.PRO, .aca.PRO, cpa.PRO, and so on.

According to the eligibility criteria released by registryPro, only certified professionals who are in good standing with their licensing authority are permitted to apply and register a .PRO domain extension. This criterion makes .PRO an exclusive domain for service professionals who can use it to launch their certified online identity.

.PRO follows a simple registration process.

Step 1: You need to self-certify and indicate your profession at the time of registration to activate your domain.

Step 2: The self-certified data provided by you is randomly verified against an appropriate certification or accreditation database.

In case you are looking for a third level domain, you need to provide your license information that can be independently cross-verified.

With the advent of internet and exponential increase in internet users worldwide, it has become paramount for service professionals to have an online identity both to serve their clients, and to build new clients. There can’t be a better domain extension than .PRO to launch your online presence that is built on trust and credibility.

.PRO is an excellent way to tell the world that you are a licensed professional which goes a long way in establishing trust with your clients online. It’s easier to build trust face-to-face but in the anonymous world of internet trust is hard to come by. .PRO helps you do just that-Build trust with your clients.

For more details about .PRO and its eligibility criteria, you may visit