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7 April 2013

IN Domains : Your True Indian Online Identity

4 January 2013

Importance of Picking a Right Domain

Buy Domain Names
Buy Domain Names
One of the most crucial aspects of any Internet marketing system is to learn how to register a fitting domain name. We all know the importance of registering domains. These names act as the web address for a website that people usually use to find a web page or a website. Selecting an appropriate domain is the first thing that you as a user must do after deciding on the basic purpose of having a website. What the user is selling or giving away or what information he is offering through the website plays a major role in selecting a domain for a website.

The first step in creating an effective online presence is to register a great name for the website. As you plan to launch a business website, using a few keywords in it makes it simpler for others to figure out what the website is all about and what you are offering. Once you have finalized the name you wish to register finding a domain registrar will not be very tough as there are many registrars available in the market. These domain registrars try to woo customers by offering cheap and affordable services. In order to win more customers registrars have also started offering several add-ons.

Most people, who already have multiple domains registered and are planning to register more, do not think beyond registering .COM Domains. It is rather true that .COM domain names are among the most registered top-level domains (TLD), in fact of all the domains registered till date majority of them are .COMs. Although .COM domains were initially intended for commercial entities only, this restriction was lifted later and it became open for everyone. The gTLD is now managed by Verisign and its registrations are processed via registrars certified by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or more popularly known as ICANN.

Another gTLD that has gained a lot of popularity is .NET. .NET Domains are also among the most registered TLD. .NET domain names were originally meant for businesses engaged in networking technologies, however these restrictions were later lifted and the extension became open for everyone. The gTLD is still in demand among networking companies and is considered as a favored alternative of .COM.

.ORG domain names are also counted among the most popular domain extensions among users. The extension was initially created for non-profits organizations or those who have non-commercial way of operations, but now is being mainly used by non-profit organizations.

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24 September 2012

How to Transfer Your Domain Name between Hosts

Domain Registration
Domain Registration
A domain name is basically your business address on the internet. Organizations as well as individuals can register their business names online as part of the domain name which in turn helps in increasing productivity in business. In a DNS or the Domain Name System, the name of the domain is used for linking the text address to the server that handles this information for example the IP address or the Internet Protocol address.

The IP address is nothing but the mail server location that receives the sub domain or the domain messages besides elements of obscure nature like a signature of cryptographic type that helps in confirming who exactly the domain’s rightful owner is. The domain name can be hosted and registered both.

Registering Of a Domain
The middleman is the registrar who allows you to put in request for the name on the domain and accordingly interacts for a TLD or the top level domain or the TLD with a central registry. This also helps in ensuring that the registration is not done twice in the same name.  A fee has to be paid initially for domain registration.

While a part of the fee goes to the central authority of the TLD, a part of it also goes to the international body that manages names of domains called the ICANN. On registration of domain name it is then hosted at DNS name servers which may be one or two in number.

Reasons for the Transfer
There are certain people who may register with a particular firm, have the DNS hosted with another, have the mail located at another firm and have the website put an another place wherein, all are independently operational.

However handling of all this is done by one single firm. A domain transfer will be necessary since web hosting, domain registration and hosting, email hosting etc have to be dealt with and you will need to ensure where each of the functions is being handled.

New Service for Hosting
If a website or the email has to be moved along with domain hosting then a complete new service for hosting will be needed which is set up at a new location. This will help in eliminating or reducing any kind of interruption in visitor handling or receiving emails at the site. For moving email, at the new host all the accounts will need to be recreated again. If needed you could have a single account too. In the case of moving the website to another location, the process is quite easy.

If in case special configurations, other programs or scripts are needed then ensure that the new host is able to handle them. Besides this you will need to also set aside time to test this. As compared to changes in mail servers, the switchover of website is easier. Visitors are not lost in between since they get the new or the old site.

When to Make the Changes
If at all any changes are required then they need to be best made before moving the registration and hosting of domain names. This can be done since you are in proper control of the DNS records as well as the registration. On setting up of the new account, the listed DNS servers can be accordingly changed much before the registrars are swapped. The next thing is switching over for registration and hosting.

It is a bit of a hassle trying to switch the registrar for the domain name because of the checks conducted against transfers that are fraudulent. Remember that the transfer cannot be done within the first two months. The private registration is to be removed, the domain name unlocked, a request for authorization code is to be made for the domain transfer.

15 September 2012

Advantages Of Keyword Rich Domain Names

Domain Registration
Domain Registration

There is no debate whether domain names that are rich in keywords will make a difference to the traffic that flows into a website. As everyone knows, having a domain name that has all the relevant keywords will rank really high in the search engines and that will translate into instant traffic into your website.

While you undertake a domain name search, make sure the name that you zero on has most of the keywords that are important to you. If you cannot find domain names that are short, you will have to settle for long tailed keyword phrases as they are more likely to be available.

With millions of websites jostling for space on the net, landing a .com name is not likely these days, but using one of the tools available you can still be able to get a catchy one that is keyword rich. Domain seekers have many tricks up their sleeve but they don’t reveal these as they are trade secrets.

Having a great name is not enough though we do hear of websites getting a high rank based on the title alone though the content is meagre and sketchy. Good content and an exact match domain name are a winning combination. If you want a high CTR, having an exact match domain and high value content is important. Your campaign for higher ranking by search engines will depend largely on the keywords used.

Before you fix on a domain name, it is a good idea to short list a few keywords that are germane to your business. Make sure the names that the name you finally choose prominently feature the keywords that you have shortlisted. Almost all websites will display on its front page its primary keywords. If you make a study of successful domains and websites you will see that the keywords figure prominently in them. The successful websites that have completely different words as in for example would have in the initial stages had to do aggressive marketing.

If you have not already chosen the domain name and you want to search domain names keep in mind that you get some extra power by having keywords included in the domain name. If you get a flash of inspiration but you are not too sure whether you can use the name, it is best to a domain name availability check.

Domain names have to be chosen after some forethought as changing them at a later date is not easy. Even when you do manage it what you lose are your old customers and the incoming links. It is best to remember the 80% rule that qualifies optimization. The 100% of optimization is made up of keyword rich domain name, domain age, expert title tags, numerous inbound links etc. It is impossible for anyone to have all these. But if you can manage 80% of all this, you are almost there.

A search engine’s main purpose is to deliver a client answers to a query made by them. For this to be easy, keywords are very important. In a market where every little extra bit matters, a keyword rich domain name will give your website that extra push.

10 September 2012

5 Steps to protect your DOT Pro Domain Name

.pro Domain Registration
.pro Domain Registration
A lot of money and time goes into the investment of a great website for to generate revenue for your business. Your website is a valuable asset and your domain on the web becomes an important brand on the internet. Nobody would ever want the address of the site at a parked page.

The domain remains inactive at this placeholder page. If your .pro domain name is not protected the site would not remain active any longer and potential customers would only move on to another site to get their business needs fulfilled. Many of the owners of small businesses fail to realize that the domain is left unprotected on the web.

For securing the brand online a few precautions that are simple could be followed.
* Be the actual registrant of the .pro domain
* Determining who the registrant is if you are not the one
* Keep the registrar updated
* Renew on time
* Make the most of grace period

The first thing is ensuring .pro domain registration in your name which may be a bit tricky but straightforward. At times when a locally available website designer is hired by business owners, for creating a site, registration of the domain address is done as part of services rendered. However if the designer gets the domain registered in his very own name, then problems could arise.

Importance of Registrant
In certain organizations the employees may use their own name for domain registration where again a problem could occur. It is only a person having a trademark on the name who gets the right to the domain, actually. In the above mentioned cases, the employee may leave the organization and take the domain or the web designer can have access and control over the content or renew it in his or her name especially if you stop hiring the service.

Hence it is important that you only be the actual registrant while you book .pro domain. The next thing is to get an idea of who the domain registrant is if you have not registered the site. Contacting the registrar and looking up the WHOIS database can help make the changes in your favor.

Keep In Touch With the Registrar
Another thing to ensure is keeping the registrar updated with change in email addresses, contact numbers, location you are moving to, etc. You will need to keep in touch with the registrar for domain name renewal or without you realizing this, it could expire. Grace period for renewal are also offered which you can make the most of, but after that the .pro domain could be sold to another party and lost for good.

In an instant all the effort, money and time gets wasted. So make sure you protect the domain at all costs. In the world of online businesses, the most valuable asset you could have is the domain which can be continually used for your business for years together. So, effort is needed, just a little bit, and in that too at the right time.

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30 August 2012

How to Change Your Domain Name without Losing Your Website's Ranking?

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

If in case the domain name of you site is changed it can have an adverse impact on the online traffic as well as SEO. For the purpose of search engine optimization, actually this is unadvisable. It is important to know that that the domain is linked with a range of metrics including authority, hyperlinks, characteristics and trust.

There certainly are a few risks involved if you are considering changing or transferring the domain to a new one. This change is alright if a few important aspects are taken care of. As far as traffic on the search engine is concerned the losses can definitely be minimized.

Understanding Technologies
Whenever the change is made, you will need to have a better understanding on various technologies of the web since they are responsible in affecting the status of SEO. The change is best done by an expert or a tech savvy individual who knows what exactly is being done.

At the time of registering an old domain or registering the new one at the domain registrar, obtain a new name for the domain. The common TLDs used are .net, .gr, .com etc which are utilized as GEO location signal. Rankings could be affected when a new TDL is used. If an aged or old domain is being purchased, be careful since there could be a risk of it being banned by some of the search engines.

Research on Previous Records
It is best if some research is done to determine its history and previous records. A site called could be best utilized to get an idea on how the site looked like in the past. If spamming is the reason for the domain being banned then a request for reconsideration can be filed.

Another aspect to keep in mind is ‘coming soon’ page uploading. Even if a single page is uploaded on new domains the crawlers on the search engines have the new site indexed. If there is a parked domain then this is identified by the search engine which you will need to keep in mind. Some content can be placed on the new pages where a mention is made that, this is going to be the new website location. This will surely help the search engines in identifying the new domain.

Aspects to Consider
There are other aspects to keep in mind like having just small parts of the site transferred which is of course optional. The next thing is get the files, images and web pages uploaded to the new site, record the changes if made in the paths, structure or folders which enables better mapping of URLs of old pages. The old pages will have to be redirected to the new web pages.

The best use of the tool for a change of address will have to be made in Google Webmaster Console.  A specification will be needed that the old domain has been transferred to a new one. Ensure that all the backlinks are promptly updated. If you are patient and keep up to date then you can ensure a good transition or domain name transfer from the old domain to a new one. 

18 August 2012

Launch your own professional website with .in domain

Domain Name
Domain Name

With the Indian market booming with the use of net, .in domain has been introduced and already there are many takers for this domain. It is indeed a domain solely created for India. It gives many facilities for Indians, be it a business house, institutions, organizations or individuals. Indian government had the .in registry which gives a list companies authorised to sell the .in domains.

Choose a name

Launching a professional website with .in domain name is not very different from other domains. Choose a domain name that is appropriate for your work and register. Generally a fee will have to be paid for the registration. For each level there is a domain registration charge. The registration can be done for a period of minimum 1 year and a maximum for 10 years. Some authorised .in domain sellers offer free registration. You do not have to pay for a year. Government of India has reserved some names for its use and these names cannot be used.

The next step is hosting which is also followed like any other hosting companies. Here too there are many big players who are offering the hosting of website also free of cost for one year. Getting a domain name is akin to getting your company registered with the government body. Hosting is like renting a place to run your business. The host company stores all the matter for the world to see.

Design your page

To design the web pages professional help can be taken or you can use a website builder. To encourage more Indians into this domain some of the big accredited sellers of the domain offer to develop the web pages also free of cost. You can avail this opportunity or create the web pages with the help from the professionals. As soon as the web pages are designed a trial run of the pages must be done before the final hosting.

Once this is done make the website SEO enriched. There are many tips for making your website search engine optimized and you can follow that after the launch of your website with .in domain. There are some rules to be adhered to while hosting a website with .in domain.

Certain rules

The domain names should have minimum 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. The names can have digits, letters and hyphens but the name cannot begin or end with a hyphen.  There are unreserved zones and reserved zone in .in domain. Some of the unreserved registrations are .in,,,,, and is for general category and is for individuals.

Name transfer within these unrestricted zones is permitted. But you cannot do it in the restricted area. The restricted areas are for academics, for research institutes, for colleges and universities, for government and for military. All these names are only for India while the unrestricted zones names are available for anyone in the world. 

All facilities like other domain are available here too, the only difference being it is India friendly. Many businesses and individuals have registered with this domain and many more are to add their names soon.