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29 October 2012

Domain Registrar - An Insight on Domain Registrars

13 September 2012

Private domain registration: Another marketing trick?

Private Domain Registration
Private Domain Registration

On the internet privacy comes at a premium. Websites are open to scrutiny and comment; it cannot be kept away from curious eyes. The only way you can conceal your identity is by doing a private domain registration. If someone wants to know who owns a domain name, what they need to do is look up the WhoIs service. When they do this they will not get your personal information but they will get the name and address of the forwarding service.

Many website owners register domain names privately because they find several advantages attached to it. Marketers are always on the lookout for names and other information they can use are leads and discovery lists. They create bots that lurk on domain websites and seek out information that is listed and later sold to companies. Registering your name privately keeps your name safe from such prying eyes.

Private registration is perfect if you want to outsmart your competitors.  All you have to do to keep your venture a secret is to register it privately. No matter how much sneaking the competitor does, there will be no tell-tale signs of your venture. It is a good idea to register the domains before you buy the hosting space as doing this will give you the chance to look around for the best web hosting service.

Domain name registrations are generally done for a year’s period. When the time is up, you must remember to renew it before it becomes dead. If you renew it for a long period you will get a handsome discount. You can dabble in domain name trading where you can make money if you have domain with catchy names.

Before you buy domains run a check to make sure it is a clear one that does not contain trademarked information.  Using a public domain rather than a private web hosting means that you are not making an all-out effort to make your venture a success! Public domain names are perceived as mere hobbies and not serious pursuits like a business.

If you want your website to come alive and be successful, registering a private domain name is the way to go. When you use a free website builder the domain name can be registered as soon as the website is designed. At this point you will have to decide whether you need a public domain or a private one.

Choosing a public domain is fraught with the danger of losing your personal data to telemarketers and spammers who will fill your email with worthless spam. Paying money for private domain registration is for the purpose of keeping all this information safe. But in reality after taking your money many of these private domain name registrars sell the data to marketing firms. The downside is that you pay these registrars and yet have your personal data sold for others to exploit.

Now ICANN requires that the mailing address, email address and phone number should be on the WhoIs list. This makes things very easy for spammers to steal data.  Right now it would seem that private domain registration is a slick marketing ploy.

10 September 2012

5 Steps to protect your DOT Pro Domain Name

.pro Domain Registration
.pro Domain Registration
A lot of money and time goes into the investment of a great website for to generate revenue for your business. Your website is a valuable asset and your domain on the web becomes an important brand on the internet. Nobody would ever want the address of the site at a parked page.

The domain remains inactive at this placeholder page. If your .pro domain name is not protected the site would not remain active any longer and potential customers would only move on to another site to get their business needs fulfilled. Many of the owners of small businesses fail to realize that the domain is left unprotected on the web.

For securing the brand online a few precautions that are simple could be followed.
* Be the actual registrant of the .pro domain
* Determining who the registrant is if you are not the one
* Keep the registrar updated
* Renew on time
* Make the most of grace period

The first thing is ensuring .pro domain registration in your name which may be a bit tricky but straightforward. At times when a locally available website designer is hired by business owners, for creating a site, registration of the domain address is done as part of services rendered. However if the designer gets the domain registered in his very own name, then problems could arise.

Importance of Registrant
In certain organizations the employees may use their own name for domain registration where again a problem could occur. It is only a person having a trademark on the name who gets the right to the domain, actually. In the above mentioned cases, the employee may leave the organization and take the domain or the web designer can have access and control over the content or renew it in his or her name especially if you stop hiring the service.

Hence it is important that you only be the actual registrant while you book .pro domain. The next thing is to get an idea of who the domain registrant is if you have not registered the site. Contacting the registrar and looking up the WHOIS database can help make the changes in your favor.

Keep In Touch With the Registrar
Another thing to ensure is keeping the registrar updated with change in email addresses, contact numbers, location you are moving to, etc. You will need to keep in touch with the registrar for domain name renewal or without you realizing this, it could expire. Grace period for renewal are also offered which you can make the most of, but after that the .pro domain could be sold to another party and lost for good.

In an instant all the effort, money and time gets wasted. So make sure you protect the domain at all costs. In the world of online businesses, the most valuable asset you could have is the domain which can be continually used for your business for years together. So, effort is needed, just a little bit, and in that too at the right time.

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7 September 2012

Is Your Domain Name Hurting Your Traffic?

Domain Booking
Domain Booking
The search engine gives you the opportunity to browse through numerous websites to avail fantastic information. Thousands of sites are found on the search engines at different ranking positions. After conducting an extensive search you may find the kind of information you are looking for and after exiting the site you may even want to recollect the name of the domain.

If the domain name is quite easy to remember then you are sure to recollect it. However if it is complicated involving hyphens etc then it get a bit difficult to easily type out the name and conduct the search. Even if people type fast, there is a difficulty faced while typing in a hyphen. They avoid this most of the time and instead move on looking for another site. This means, loss of traffic for that particular site.

Important Role
The computer keyboard offers a lot of shortcuts to make things easy and people are not willing to type in hyphens and sometimes even numbers. Visitors want to complete their task of searching as fast as possible. As far as branding is concerned, the domain name plays a very important role.

On the internet there are millions of customers logging in, every day for the first time to look for desired information. The information obtained is to help them in some form, way or shape. Hence if an effective bonding has to be created with customers then it is important as the name of the domain plays a major role in this.

Avoid Too Many Keywords
Marketing a free website where the spelt out name does not attract desired traffic, makes no sense at all. It would be better if at least an effective keyword is utilized in the name. Ensure avoiding usage of too many keywords as this could be quite a turnoff at times.

Besides this if the name of the domain does not sound professional it could even affect the credibility being created. Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that it is as short as possible. There is no point having very long domain names. If you do not wish to hurt the traffic, make sure that all these points are kept in mind while creating the name for the domain. A good idea would be to check domain name availability online itself.

Ensure Short Domain Names
Some of the domain names could be very long and for branding purposes as well as search engine optimization the domain name does gel well. The only thing is that it involves a hassle in typing, besides which a lot of space is taken up on material for promotion and business cards.

A name of such type can help you online only to some extent. Websites owners thus can make an effort do domain name registration in another name that is not only short to type in but memorable as well. This can benefit both your online business and you. It is important first to focus well on visitors to the site and then the search engines.

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3 September 2012

Is It Beneficial To Have A Domain Name For A Commercial Purpose?

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

To have a successful website like many other requirements such as hosting sites, using services of a website builder, registration of domain too is an important part. If adequate care is not taken then this could have repercussions on many of the aspects of the online business including SEO.

Your web address is basically the name of the domain. Besides this, it is also your online business slogan holding lots of information about the kind business you have on the web. It does not matter whether you have just initiated an online business or you already have a website, a good domain name matters a lot for your web business.

Ranking Depends On Domain
Clients put their trust in your business depending on this domain. Your ranking on the site depends on the kind of website you have. For both, the robots of the search engine and the owners of websites, a domain needs to cover aspects of different kinds to be termed as a good domain. There is no need to religiously follow each point at the time of new domain registration, but if important aspects are noted, then that is enough.

Length of the name of your domain needs to be given due consideration. Keeping it as short as possible is important for the search engine robots as well as the visitors to the site. Potential clients will want to remember your site, if they have been able find their topic of interest at your site.

Short and Memorable Domains
Hence, if domain names are short and easy to recollect, the visitors will find it easy to get back to your site. If the URL is lengthy then there are increased chances of being penalized by some of the search engines. It is better to maintain shorter URLs. It does not matter if you are targeting to rank for a keyword that is long tailed. All that is important is avail a domain that matches perfectly well. 

TLD or the top level domain is another important aspect that needs to be kept in mind.  .net or .com is the most commonly used TLDs by masters on the web. Some others prefer TLDs that are country specific too. .info an affordable option is also considered by many others. A lot of studies have been conducted to determine domain names that are effective.

Esthetic and Professional Domain
Reports indicate that .net and .com are the oldest and most trustworthy choices in general TLD category. Another important aspect to look into is the domain registrar from where the domain is to be purchased. Make sure you consider services of good registrar or provider for web hosting. The domain should remain as esthetic and professional as possible.

It will be a memorable one only if use of special characters is avoided. All that is needed is a little bit of effort and care while having a domain for your web business and make it successful. There is already a lot of competition prevailing online which makes this necessary.

30 August 2012

How to Change Your Domain Name without Losing Your Website's Ranking?

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

If in case the domain name of you site is changed it can have an adverse impact on the online traffic as well as SEO. For the purpose of search engine optimization, actually this is unadvisable. It is important to know that that the domain is linked with a range of metrics including authority, hyperlinks, characteristics and trust.

There certainly are a few risks involved if you are considering changing or transferring the domain to a new one. This change is alright if a few important aspects are taken care of. As far as traffic on the search engine is concerned the losses can definitely be minimized.

Understanding Technologies
Whenever the change is made, you will need to have a better understanding on various technologies of the web since they are responsible in affecting the status of SEO. The change is best done by an expert or a tech savvy individual who knows what exactly is being done.

At the time of registering an old domain or registering the new one at the domain registrar, obtain a new name for the domain. The common TLDs used are .net, .gr, .com etc which are utilized as GEO location signal. Rankings could be affected when a new TDL is used. If an aged or old domain is being purchased, be careful since there could be a risk of it being banned by some of the search engines.

Research on Previous Records
It is best if some research is done to determine its history and previous records. A site called could be best utilized to get an idea on how the site looked like in the past. If spamming is the reason for the domain being banned then a request for reconsideration can be filed.

Another aspect to keep in mind is ‘coming soon’ page uploading. Even if a single page is uploaded on new domains the crawlers on the search engines have the new site indexed. If there is a parked domain then this is identified by the search engine which you will need to keep in mind. Some content can be placed on the new pages where a mention is made that, this is going to be the new website location. This will surely help the search engines in identifying the new domain.

Aspects to Consider
There are other aspects to keep in mind like having just small parts of the site transferred which is of course optional. The next thing is get the files, images and web pages uploaded to the new site, record the changes if made in the paths, structure or folders which enables better mapping of URLs of old pages. The old pages will have to be redirected to the new web pages.

The best use of the tool for a change of address will have to be made in Google Webmaster Console.  A specification will be needed that the old domain has been transferred to a new one. Ensure that all the backlinks are promptly updated. If you are patient and keep up to date then you can ensure a good transition or domain name transfer from the old domain to a new one. 

28 August 2012

7 Must Have Features of a Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names

In an online business, there is no point just owning a domain name especially if you are looking at achieving uniqueness and individuality in the quickest time possible. Success in the online business is possible with one of the best domains.  These are seven must-have features of a domain.

1. Uniqueness
By nature the domain should exclusive or unique which is a very important feature of a domain. People too prefer an exclusive domain and hence in comparison to other domains they are sure to consider yours.

2. Memorable One
The domain should be one which is very easy and simple to recollect. If it is a complex or a difficult one to remember then visitors will not attempt to visit the site again and will move on to another site. Visitors are very impatient by nature and would like a domain that is easier to spell. If the spelling is a bit difficult then they will find difficulty in reaching your site. You will lose traffic besides which the visitor leaves irritated and looks for another site.

3. Informative and Short
The domain can attain success online if the name is not lengthy and descriptive at the same time. Even the minutest details of the product or service should be well explained by the domain. Everything that a visitor might want to know should be on the first page.

4. Captivating, Catchy and Creative Enough
To make an effective mark in the market, it is helpful if you toy with the domain name a little bit. Once a visitor lands on your domain then he should not forget the name for long. If the domain is creative, captivating and catchy enough, then only the users will be able to remember it well.

5. Topic Relevant
Visitors to the site need to relate well with the content on the site. It is this quality that ensures the goodness in a domain. The product offered online needs to be reflected in the domain name as well. There is no point if the product and the domain are different.

6. Domain Extension
Having a good extension is very important for the domain. Generally used domains include .in and .com which are effective in gaining the attention of users. The other thing about these extensions is that they are popular, being used for a long time now and very simple to remember.

7. Dissimilar and Distinct
The domain should different, distinct and dissimilar from the rest of the domain names. This will prevent the user or the visitor from getting confused with the rest of the domains. If there is a similarity in the names of domains, the desirability in using the domain is lost by users and they will not prefer to use it.

An easy to recognize domain is equally important especially for the domain buyer who is keen on marketing a service or product in the niche market. If your domain has relevance to that service or product then it gets easier for the buyer of the domain to ensure better marketing.

11 July 2012

How to Choose a Domain Registrar to Buy a Domain?

Domain Name
Domain Name

While selecting a domain name registrar for purchasing a domain name, you need to make a wise decision. Anyone would get tempted into searching for a domain registrar that is one of the cheapest. This registrar does the job of having your name saved which is your company or organization actually. It is from here that the marketing aspect starts.

When your website is looked up it is the name of the domain that is first seen, your website’s most important part. There is no point risking this part of the site to one of the lowest bidders. There are different things you will need to know in a domain name search like where the domain name has to be registered, how a good domain name has to be selected, which address is better, which is the topmost level domain names to select etc.

To find inspiration for registration of new domain names at the domain name registrar, there are different methods for researching. Registration will depend a lot on extended usage for the name, whether it is for an existing site or a new site, for the purpose of investment or for protection of a trademark or a brand that has been established. An important thing to do is identify suitable key phrases and keywords for the domain name.

Instead of single words, it is much better to consider key phrases. Even 67 keyword enriched characters are allowed in domain names for registration which in turn helps in better ranking on different search engines. If the domain name in India is loaded with appropriate keywords then surely any search engine would love such a name.

Suffixes and Prefixes for Keywords
To ensure a better placement on the search engine, it is better to conduct adequate domain name search first and get the right keywords and phrases which are used widely in the kind of business you are in. If for your new website, you are looking for a domain name then there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Reduce the website’s description into two lines first and underline the main words that describe the site.

You could then come up with a suitable cheap domain name to address the site’s fundamental concept. After this, it is time to test availability of such a name. For this, a search program for domain names will have to be looked up. You will have to use your judgment to add a particular suffix or prefix to the selected keyword.

Look For Extensions 
It is necessary to note that in all situations not all the suffixes or prefixes are appropriate. If you are ready to spend then there is no restriction in availability of a new domain name in India that is perfect. If the domain name to be selected is for an existing site and you plan to start from scratch, then limited options will be available.

A good idea would also be to look for an extension like .net, .org etc. alternatively. As per the old rule, only 23 characters could be used in domain names but now since there are changes in the rules, 67 characters can be used in the cheap domain names thus presenting a great opportunity. Hyphens too could be used to make the site more appealing to the average person at the time of web surfing.