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9 January 2013

Factors to be evalued before choosing hosting services

Hosting Solutions
Hosting Solutions
Similar to many other things selecting a web hosting company is also a very tough task. Out of many companies almost each company promises to have 99 percent uptime, knowledgeable technical support and unlimited resources. But there has to be a way to cut through the jargon and make an informed decision.

Guide for choosing best hosting solutions 
By following the below guidelines you will be able to decide that which hosting service company and package best suits your requirements.

1. Price: This is the most important factor when selecting a hosting provider but it should not be the deciding factor. Going with the cheapest offer you see in the market is not always the best idea particularly if you rely on your site to earn money. Remember the very old saying that we get what we pay for. Take a deep look at the features that different hosting services offers, and then only compare prices.

2. Area of specialties: It is true that for different kinds of customers not all web hosting services are right. Some hosts offer great plans but do not have the solutions that are good for growing businesses, whereas others have great enterprise way outs but are not the right choice for someone with a very small recipe blog. Therefore it is always advisable that before buying you should always verify the specialty of the company and its area of expertise. You can Google to find the reviews and recommendations.

3. Technical Limitations: Figure out what you exactly want you want to do with your website. If you are looking to host a blog, rich content, e-commerce, videos then you should try to find out the best web hosting company or hosting package.

4. Technical Support: In most people’s views, this is the biggest one. When my website, for some unidentified reason, goes down, can I call up and get a real, live technical person on the phone? And, more than that, can they figure out what’s incorrect and fix it, or at least tell me what I need to do to get my website back online? Before going with hosting solutions always look into their reputation for customer support.

5. Features and Add-ons: This area of concern comes down to the following queries – What makes this web hosting company extraordinary? What additional incentive do they offer to make hosting your website with them just a touch additionally more nice-looking? Whether it is an energy-saving performance, various data centres or extra features such as standard data backups or hosting companies often provide other than just servers. If you observe one that give something you require or find vital, that can be a first-rate pointer that you should look into using that particular company.

6. Customer Reviews: This is one of the best factors that you’ll have to get a little creative to get the real story on. Do a Google Blog search for a particular hosting company and find out what former customers are saying about them.

5 January 2013

Developing a website in three easy steps

Website Building
Website Building
Thinking of developing a website and not sure where to start from, then you have surely landed at the right place. Here is a step by step guide on How to Build a Website from scratch.

Step 1: Buy or register a domain name
Domain Names are nothing but addresses of different websites. There are a lot of things that a user must consider while registering the name of the website. First of all the user needs to understand the purpose of having a website. He needs to find out whether the website he is building is for a recreational purpose or for a business purpose. Once he ascertains that, he needs to start looking for an appropriate domain name. Domain registration is a very important task and needs to be taken up very seriously. If the website is meant for a personal or a recreational use the user can register any name, but if it is meant for a business purpose, the name needs to be selected only after a careful review.

Step 2: Website designing
This is one of the most essential tasks of developing a website. As the internet industry has developed considerably in the last few years, various new methods of designing a website have come into the market. Among them using an Online Website Builder is known to be the most easy and uncomplicated method. This tool basically allows you to build the website on your own. Any website creator comes with ready-made templates and designs, where you just need to edit the content. These tools are designed for users who wish to design their own websites and do not wish to incur high designing costs. With the advent of technology, several web designing firms have now started to offer ready-made website builders.

Step 3: Web hosting
This is the last and the most crucial step of developing a website. This service basically allows the user to make his web pages available on the internet. Companies that offer website hosting solutions are known as web hosts. These companies basically provide space on their servers, so that users can upload their web pages and make them available for others to see on the Internet.
Building a website quickly today is no longer a difficult task, as there are several tools available that can help you to Make a Website with ease. Several domain registrars and web hosting companies now offer their clients with easy-to-use website builders.

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29 July 2012

The Benefits of Using Tomcat with VPS Hosting

Java Hosting
Java Hosting
If you are a webmaster and you intend to get a very stable virtual private server hosting, then you need to look for a web hosting company that provides VPS hosting services. Individuals as well as online business websites use this service as it is quite affordable and offers something better than the regular fare.

A web hosting company will also provide you with additional features like greater disk space, more bandwidth, and flexibility of having more advanced web application and advanced web security. The virtual private server hosting has also made the dedicated server hosting reasonably affordable. The virtual private server today offers many more advantages than the normal VPS.

Advantages of Virtuozzo
In the Virtuozzo VPS system, the physical web server is separated into 3 virtual layers. This helps all the VPS partitions on the VPS server to become unaffected in the face of poorly performing VPS that may exist on the same physical server. This is a major advantage and there are also many add-on web applications that can be used to make it an extremely powerful web hosting application.

Many web masters are now opting for the advance Virtuozzo VPS hosting over the shared web hosting and other similar services. This is due to the extreme reliability and advance features offered by it. Being quite inexpensive the service is becoming a preferred choice of hosting, replacing the popular shared web hosting and even the reseller web hosting packages.

Free Hosting Service
There are a variety of hosting services available such as hosting that supports the latest technologies. You may try this application with a little help, even though you may not have an initial budget for the same. It is available in the paid and free version. The free version of hosting will provide you certain benefits and some of its features.

This hosting service provides features without ads. It supports all versions with latest technologies. It will provide you with free unlimited access for data base and free My SQL server hosting. Apart from full support CGI-bin, PHP and ASP, it also fully supports features of Silverlight.

Advantages of Tomcat Server
There are several groups of commercial enterprises and business organizations that are using Tomcat hosting on a variety of wide ranging web applications. Its start up speed is fantabulous. It provides consistent performance over other technology. You may use a Resin power server as an option to Tomcat. Tomcat hosting is reliable and flexible as it has its own internal web server.

It can run as a standalone host or it can also be merged with other web servers such as Netscape, Microsoft personal web server and internet information server and Apache to offer sound web hosting service. Tomcat is an open source application that attracts some of the best developers in the world to take part in the project and coagulate Tomcat’s functionality. Every open development project enjoys contributions from some of the best and most dedicated programmers from all over the world.

25 July 2012

Why Should Move Your Small Business to the Cloud Server?

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Shared hosting and dedicated hosting were the two main choices for business owners and individuals to select in the previous years, for websites. As of now however, to the fore has come a hosting type that is quite different.

It is called cloud hosting, an option for hosting websites. It has been seen that in the recent years, that the largest of internet companies have adopted cloud hosting. Besides this, a small beginning has also been made by the smaller companies due to the benefits this hosting system offers. Now what exactly is cloud server hosting? A customer is allowed dedicated use of a plan for dedicated hosting.

Greater Reliability 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? One server is rented out to the company for website hosting. In cloud hosting, across a number of servers, the resources are spread across which work together and are termed as a cloud. When a group of servers are used then the reliability is more, which is one of the main benefits of hosting on the cloud. Slack can be picked up by another server, just in case malfunctioning of a particular server takes place.

It is the group of servers that proves to be advantageous. In a dedicated web hosting server, when the cloud server goes down, the website too goes down with it. Uptime at very high levels can be enjoyed when a cloud service is used for website hosting while the downtime is minimized.

Bandwidth Benefit

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Servers in highest quality and advanced technology can be accessed in cloud hosting. As far as bandwidth is concerned, it is advantageous to consider cloud hosting. If high traffic levels are attracted by websites unexpectedly then their performance could get reduced besides slowing down of websites in case of dedicated hosting but this does not happen in cloud server hosting.

Additional resources needed are provided by another server in cloud hosting India. This is a good option for businesses that are small especially when their website grows. The plan for hosting can grow well and adapt to it. Costs related to cloud hosting are not too high considering the kind of services they offer. Besides this depending upon the resources used, charges will be levied by the cloud hosting company.

Best for Companies with Limited Resources 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? A cloud server is beneficial for smaller companies looking for limited resources and those who are good in resource management at a competitive cost. The prices are not too high as compared to dedicated hosting. Since the server is offsite, the IT professionals within the company are able to dedicate time to other key areas in business.

Cloud hosting India is not only a reliable and prominent service these days it also helps prove ‘green’ credentials indicating reduction of impact on the environment. Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? It is because energy costs, time and manpower are saved when services of a cloud hosting company are considered.