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2 August 2012

5 points to consider before you start a reseller web hosting business

Web Hosting Reseller
Web Hosting Reseller

Are you planning to start a reseller web hosting business? Well, it would be advisable to ponder over a few things that are going to be crucial for your reseller web hosting business.

Here are the points you should consider before kick-starting your web hosting reseller account…

Before you start off, it is important to make a business plan that will talk about all the essential features and requirements of your business, your strategic goals and objectives; and strategic plan on how you are going to achieve those objectives. Think of a suitable name for your company-something that will make you stand out, and good for SEO too. Don’t forget to bear in mind the resource constraints that will come in your way and how you are going to deal with them. Hence, it would be quite important to do a proper SWOT analysis for your business.

Secondly, it’s important to understand which hosting platforms you are planning to provide to your clients.  Generally, there are windows and Linux based platforms available for hosting; and plans for shared hosting, virtual private servers, or dedicated hosting provided by the most of the service providers. Depending upon your technical expertise and what your clients are most comfortable with, and their specific requirements, you may provide any number of hosting plans to your clients. Most of the service providers give you a number of hosting plans to offer to your clients; however, you may also design your specific plans tailored for your clients’ specific requirements.

Secondly, you have to decide on what services apart from web hosting that you would be selling. Most likely, your clients would require a host of other services too apart from just a hosting. For example, someone looking for hosting, should have a domain name first, and in case your clients doesn’t have it yet, you would have to get it for him; either providing it yourself, or refer him to a domain name reseller/registrar. And, it wouldn’t make business sense to lose an opportunity to provide more services to your clients. Hence, you would have to provide a wide range of services that will cover all your clients’ requirements, be it domain names, security solutions, email solutions and so on; hence, select a service provider that gives you a large portfolio of services to sell to your clients.

Thirdly, it’s important to know how you are going to sell the services meaning if you would be using a white labeled reseller panel or simply in your service provider’s name. Many a times, web hosting resellers do not want to disclose their parent service provider’s details to their clients to avert any conflicts whatsoever; yet at other times, there are some resellers who don’t want their clients to know who the parent service provider is. You must be very sure, which way you would be reselling to avoid any sort of miscommunication or conflicts.

Fourthly, you must ensure you have the necessary technical expertise and the skilled manpower to manage hosting accounts of your clients and provide them the support in case they face any technical issues. It would be advisable to have a proper support team to assist you clients with their technical or service issues; you wouldn’t definitely want dissatisfied clients.

Lastly, and most importantly, success of your web hosting reseller business will be largely dependent upon the service provider that you are going to be associated with. Always associate with the best and the one which can gives you a number of options of not only what services to sell, but also how to sell. Many service providers have excellent reseller plans that give you a lot of ease and convenience to manage reseller accounts.

Having considered all the points discussed above, you can now launch a successful web hosting business and write your own growth story…!

1 August 2012

Kick-starting your Domain Reseller Account

Domain Reseller
Domain Reseller
Every business today needs an online presence with a website that can easily establish its online identity in the world of internet. Any business without a professional website stands to lose a lot in terms of lost business opportunities as well as the serving the existing client base optimally. A website is an excellent tool to market your services to a large pool of prospective clients, especially when the number of internet users is increasing by leaps and bounds. According to the latest figures, the number of internet users in India has crossed 100 million marks, and the number will triple itself in three years from now. Hence, building a website is no longer an option but a necessity.

This translates into a huge potential for entrepreneurs to provide a wide spectrum of web services like domain names, web hosting, email solutions, SSL certificates and the like. As the rapid market growth will increase the demand for these services, it makes an excellent business proposition to start a domain reseller business to provide a host if web related services to a large number of users looking for an online identity. The opportunity lies not just in businesses and the professionals looking for a website, but also for the individuals who would like to create their online presence.

Starting a domain reseller account is very simple. All it requires is to sign up for a reseller account for any of the registrars providing web services in your country and use the reseller panel to start booking the services to your clients.

Most of the registrars have various membership grades and require an initial deposit of certain amount which, generally, can be used to purchase services from the reseller panel. Once you sign up and activate your account, you can start registering the services for your clients. Almost all the registrars provide a dynamic and user-friendly interface generally called a ‘Reseller Control Panel’ for you to register and manage the services for your clients. As a domain name and web hosting reseller, you are, mostly, given the freedom to decide on the pricing of the services that you are going to resell according to your agreement with the service provider. Many service providers also provide you a White label reseller account wherein you can sell and market all their services in using your own name.
Although terms of service differ from one registrar to the other, the basic features of a reseller hosting account remains essentially the same.

Hence, step into the world of internet and be a part of the growth story…!

4 July 2012

Making Profits By Starting a Domain Reselling Business Successfully Online

Domain Resellers
Domain Resellers

Nowadays everyone is quite aware of what domain reselling is and the profits this business can bring in. When marketing or promoting of domains is done, there is a lot of profit to gain. The business is worth dollars in millions and the best way to start is, on a small scale. Effort needs to be put in to find resellers or agents who are ICANN accredited.

Besides this you will need to see how you can get into a partnership with agents who are accredited and can offer the best of rates to help increase the income. If you are into a program of reselling domains then special care needs to be taken. In a business like reseller domains, it is also important to be strategic. Whether domains will be flipped or help will be provided to others in domain acquirement is the factor to be considered.

Consider Adequate Research and Right Keys
The domain market is a lucrative one in which money can be made in many different ways. One great option is to become a domain reseller for which adequate research and right keys need to be considered for generating decent income. In this industry it has been seen that a lot of effort is taken by domain holders to position themselves.

Support can be best sought from friends and relatives by contacting them. Domains can also be selected as part of a great alternative but it is necessary to maintain consistency in the business and fast delivery should be offered to get more clients. What must you understand about the domain reselling business? Thinking out of the box helps greatly when a living has to be made through the web.

Offer Affordable Solutions
Every online business needs to have a dedicated website of its own so that services and products can be advertised and promoted. Many registrars are present in the market so it is not tough to find one. Almost every business is on the lookout for affordable services in domain registration. If domain resellers offer affordable solutions then the chances of getting more customers will increase.

When this happens then the business is able to blossom well. To become a domain reseller the user needs to sign up with the domain registrar. Names are purchased in bulk by the reseller with the main intention of reselling the names later on to interested buyers.

Offer Attractive Packages
When bulk purchases of domain names are made then you can get them at affordable rates. Profits can be earned by selling the names at a higher rate. An ICANN accredited registrar should be selected which offers some of the best professional services. Besides offering exceptional services, the reseller domains packages offered should also be attractive enough.

This helps in retaining old customers and identifying new customers. Effective marketing of business is also a must. If you have already been a user providing web designing, web hosting or web services then reselling domains is a perfect business for you. An identity can be built online as a one stop solution for all needs in an online business.

21 June 2012

The Need for Reseller Hosting Services

Domains Reseller

Many businessmen and individuals need the services of reseller hosting. A reseller host provider purchases a huge space on the server from the main web host provider. He then splits this space into smaller spaces and sells them to business houses and individuals who wish to host their products or services on the website. This concept is found to be very flexible, effective and easy to operate.

Today, many web hosting companies are providing such services by reselling the bandwidth and service space of other companies to their customers. This is more in demand because the end users require relatively a very small server space to use for their business purpose. There are many web host providers who find reseller hosting more convenient as they do not wish to buy their own server.

Services Provided By the Reseller

The reseller host will provide you services that will take care of all the tasks that pertain to server maintenance activities, administrative tasks, house-keeping and web hosting. You will be provided with a wide range of options to choose from, that will cater to all that you require according to your needs. You will be able to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web.

You can take on lease server space and will be provided with internet connectivity just as it is done in a data center. You can also get connected to their data center on other servers. For the success of your website, you can get a good domain name from a domain name reseller who will help you in choosing the perfect name for your online business. It should be one that will help you attract visitors and promote your site.

Additional Advantages

The reseller host provider, provides additional advantages to the customer such as 24/7 comprehensive reseller support, web hosting reseller account can be activated instantly. Unlimited domains are provided to select from, multiple websites and unlimited email accounts are also provided along with unlimited bandwidth and web space. In this way he provides you also the services of a domain reseller.

The most basic service provided is small scale file and web page hosting. With the use of File Transfer Protocol or web interface, files can be uploaded. Some providers provide these services free of cost. Normally business website hosting is a little more expensive. For personal web pages a single page hosting will suffice.

Helps Promote Your Services

The reseller host provider acting in the capacity of a domain reseller and a domain name reseller will not only provide you with a prominent domain name, but will keep track of the date of renewal of the same and do the needful before the due date. People these days buy and sell domain names, but your reseller host will do the same for you free of cost.

You should well understand by now that by availing of the services by a reseller host provider, you will be better off in conducting your business and marketing your product on the internet. You need not bother to go through all the formalities as the same will be handled by the provider who will shower upon you a multitude of services to facilitate conducting your business on the internet. You will find this a very economical affair.