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7 February 2013

How to choose Professional Web Hosting Services provider for medium sized business

Web Hosting Services
Web Hosting Services
An official or business website is the first thing that catches the attention of your customers. No matter how small or big an organization is, it is essential to have a credible and user friendly website to get an edge over competitors. It's not only an inexpensive business tool, but also marks the internet presence of the company irrespective of its size. Having a strong web presence helps in the expansion of your business and easily provides information about your company profile and its portfolio to potential customers. Moreover prospects who visit your business site, have specific interest in your services, and a user-friendly website can make a lot of difference to your business. A fast and reliable web hosting service is very important factor for a website to be successful. Therefore, it's highly advisable to go with a professional web hosting service provider that can guarantee your site with high uptime.

When it comes to choosing an efficient and reliable web hosting provider, it is advisable to explore your options well. Before making any decision, it is imperative to know your company's business requisites. Furthermore, it is important to know what to expect from an enterprise web hosting services. Small and medium enterprises, which have limitation on resources, must pay special attention while making a decision on web hosting provider. The hosting server must be strong enough to handle the sudden increase in the traffic. Also, while choosing the web hosting provider it is better to opt for someone who has been in the market for the longest duration and has good experience. Some of parameters which must be taken into consideration before finalising the service provider include uptime equal to or in excess of 99.9% and efficient 24x7 customer support to meet customer needs quickly. To host an e-commerce site, it's highly recommended to choose a professional web hosting service, as excess downtime can seriously hurt your business.

Design and development is also a major factor for a business website. A professional website builder must understand the marketing strategy of the business and design the website accordingly. The web designer and programmers should offer simple and easy to use web interface to make your site user-friendly. Choosing an efficient website builder is as challenging as choosing the right web hosting service.

For small and medium enterprises, it is very crucial to have a website that has high uptime so that potential customers are not diverted to competitors. It is preferable to lay emphasis on factors like after-sale service, customer service and uptime assurance for complete peace of mind. Enterprise web hosting can be the right choice for small and medium sized businesses. Also, if the company is a start-up, it's better to choose a service provides who has expertise in domain registration, web design as well as web hosting, to get every solution under one roof.

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9 January 2013

Factors to Consider While Picking a Web Host

3 January 2013

How to Choose your Web Host

22 November 2012

Start your personal blog by developing your own website

Create a Website
Create a Website
There are many reasons why you may want to start your personal blog by developing your own website. If you think you have a talent that you can show off to the whole world, a website should help you bring it out in the right manner. For website building, you can take help from free web hosts available online. Yes, that's pretty much all you will need to create a website.

When making your website for your personal blog, you can consider taking help from a number of hosting sites online. Your website should typically help your audience understand your content through your personal blog. When you make a website from your blog, you can keep a few things in mind like simplicity of content and layout. Obviously, your blog will undergo a few changes keeping a website requirement in mind. But, there's really no reason why you should complicate things for your readers and visitors.

Create a website with your blog easily
If you're wondering why you should convert your blog to a website, the reasons are many. The most obvious one is that you get a lot of flexibility with your content. Building your website with an online builder tool assures that you are able to enhance and upgrade your blog for no cost at all. The best part is that you have complete control over how you would want your website to appear, and that too without taking much trouble. There are a number of creative templates that you can take your pick from. With these templates at hand, you can begin sharing content in a couple of minutes including videos, images and everything else. The first step is to choose the right layouts and design elements to help you understand placement of content on your website.

With a host of online tools, you can choose the design and colors for your website in a few simple clicks. You must however pay much attention to how you would want the homepage of your website to look like. When you develop your website, planning appropriately can make the process seamless.

Online website builder
An online website builder can help you convert your blog to a website in a few simple steps. Many free online builder tools have functions like drag and drop and easy navigation that should further simplify things for you. The packages include inbuilt editors that can actually be quite simple to use. More often than not, you can make your website with these bundles without any programming or coding.

With almost everything needed to get your business online in a jiffy, website building can be a really easy process.

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21 November 2012

The success of your website depends on your hosting plan

Web Hosting Service
Web Hosting Service
Gone are the days when people flocked stores to get the latest in town. It's the internet age and almost everything you want is available at the click of a button. In times like these, it is all the more important that you offer consumers the best and in the most efficient manner to keep your business going strong. If you wish that your business works at a skyrocketing pace online, it's precisely why quality website hosting plans come into the picture.

Linux hosting
For novice users, a large amount of disk space isn't a necessity at all, value-for-money website hosting plans are more important. Most efficient Linux hosting plans serve the purpose right. What you must do however, is check whether your provider has bundled a few important things. The first in your list should be the control panel. Essentially, this is the crux of your website and allows you to make modifications and everything else, in an effortless manner. The control panel is important to help you take care of your online storage space as well.

Another important thing to check for with Linux-based web hosts is availability and access of FTP Accounts. Having a couple of sub-accounts for file transfer can help in the long run. Password protection of all your accounts including virtual ones is mandatory. The ability to take back-ups without any hassles should also be among your priorities when choosing a web host. A good hosting service will feature automated backup facility. You must also check for PHP and MySQL support when zeroing down on a Linux web host. Quality services offer this feature for free.

Windows hosting
When you go for Windows hosting for your website, most of the included features are the same as Linux-based ones. You can however also check for all-round technical support. In the initial stages of website development at least, your provider should be there for you 24*7. You can test and check the customer services of your host before you begin using it. Both, the time and way in which you get a response is important. Speed of your host is another important factor to keep in mind. Slow access to websites can be a turn-off for most customers. Along with functionality, ensure that you pick a host which has reliable speed.

Value-added services of a web host may look like a waste of money initially. But rest assured that they can make or break your website functionality in the long run. Check for the inclusion of email support, scripting, storage space on disk, uptime and bandwidth before choosing the website host. Lastly, make sure that you have thoroughly researched your web hosting provider's background and online reputation. Look up reviews of the host to ensure that you aren't tricked into paying for something you aren't prepared for.

Making the right choice as far as your website host is concerned is one of the most important factors that will determine how successful your website is. Even the most cleverly designed web pages are futile if they aren't supported by a competent host. Hence, choose smartly so that you hit the target audience and meet potential customers effortlessly.

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14 November 2012

Web Hosting- Choose your hosting company carefully before it is too late

Web Hosting
Web Hosting
The market is crowded with web hosting services and sometimes making the appropriate choice can be quite tricky. It is hence essential that you pick your hosting company carefully, early on, rather than regret later. The main reason for this is that changing a host is definitely not one of the easiest things around and best avoided. What’s more, a reliable hosting company will only work in favor of your business.

Having to choose web hosting in India is no different than having to make a choice anywhere across the globe. When you pick a website hosting company, you can keep a check for the following points so that you don’t regret your choice:

  • Obviously, the pre-requisite of a website, especially one for your business, is that it should be online for most parts. You must hence ensure that the web hosting services you pick are running on most occasions. While it’s okay to have a website down for a couple of hours once in a blue moon, if it happens more often, you definitely need to rethink your choice of web host provider. Downtime often leads consumers to jump to competitors, causing much loss to your business. 
  • Expensive web hosting in India doesn't necessarily translate to better features. Check for reviews of the company you choose while also ensuring that all costing details are clearly communicated right from the word go. When you start off, it’s best to incur minimum costs. Typically, a good host will offer bandwidth, online storage and customer service for one flat price. 
  • The security offered by your website hosting company should be clear. You must double check the policy your host offers. The company in question must not only be able to keep hackers at bay, but should also have all the necessary protection to keep customer information confidential. 
  • The amount of bandwidth your hosting company offers you is another important aspect that should determine your choice of the provider. With less bandwidth at hand, you could be putting an unexpected cap on the traffic to your website, which in turn could damage your business. In addition limited bandwidth automatically means a slow website, which can put customers off. Imagine having to wait until eternity for a website to load! Keeping a track of your online visitors will help in this department.
  • Another important pointer to keep in mind when you choose your web host provider is the email services offered. Make sure that you get enough resources to handle emails, since most communications in online businesses happen via email. 
  • Yes, 24*7 customer service at your beck and call by your web host is as important as any of the things mentioned in this list. When you’re running a business online, you don’t want to be left in the lurch in times of crisis.
  • Lastly, having the support of a host that gives you a free hand to add domains later will only be of much help. With this feature, you not only save on the money you spend, but can also organize your website constructively. 

The success of your online business can more often than not depend on your choice of web hosting provider. So, make the right pick, and give your business a much needed online boost. 

12 November 2012

Web Hosting options for your online travel portal

Hosting Services
Hosting Services
If you’re a travel company, and still haven’t taken your business online, the right time to do so is now. There’s no dearth of hosting services in India to help you with this, and your journey to build your website can be a rather seamless one. Windows hosting in this respect is easy to understand and implement. It should hence be of much help to you.

Website hosting is offered by a number of companies with a range of options to choose from. The host provider you decide to go with should not only be efficient but also user-friendly. The latter is important, particularly, if you are a novice user. A good host can boost your website and give your travel business a whole new meaning. Sky is the limit really, if you give it a try.

Key points to check for when you choose from among hosting services in India

  • As a travel business, you will already know that your services and products undergo constant changes. When you choose your website hosting company, it is hence very important to pick one that stays abreast with the said changes. It should be able to support continuous upgrades to not just designs but also developments.
  • In the event, your business is at its peak, your host provider should be able to meet the increasing needs of your customers. It must be fully equipped to meet all the desired requirements, irrespective of the size of your business. 
  • When you choose windows hosting, keeping the price in mind is very important. Your hosting company should offer you the best services at a competitive price. 
  • Self-booking is now the norm, whether users are traveling on a personal vacation or for work. It thus becomes essential, that your travel portal is easy to navigate, making online bookings a breeze. This can happen only when you have the required support from your hosting provider. What’s more your website should offer a number of options that users can choose from. Receipts to confirm or cancel bookings on-the-fly are also important. 
  • The search options offered on your website should suit all kinds of users. Budget is very important for frequent travelers  Your portal should be resource – rich in this respect. This can only happen when your host provider lends a helping hand. 
  • With almost everything available on the internet with the mere click of a button, the way your host helps your travel portal provide online status for consumers is very important. The information provided should be complete, including hotel bookings in the desired locations. 
  • Ask any frequent traveler and he/she will promptly tell you why the ability to chat or get instant email responses from travel companies is important to them. There’s no reason why your hosting company shouldn’t be able to help in this regard. 
  • Databases are another important aspect of any travel website considering that you will be dealing with scores of hotels and customers. Ensure that your host is capable of reliably offering this information too. 

Easy editors, constant upgrades and connected customer service are some other things that you can check for when choosing your web host provider. With a good host to support all the features and functionalities your travel portal offers, your business can reach new levels within no time.

9 November 2012

10 Tips to Follow When Switching a Web Host

Web Hosting Tips
Web Hosting Tips

You are unhappy with your provider and have made up your mind to switch your web host. This is definitely not one of the easiest jobs around. Nevertheless, if you remember a few things, you can almost certainly avoid pitfalls. Here are 10 tips that should ease the transition process:

Back-up: Transfer of a hosting service will have you looking at many things simultaneously. Hence taking a back-up of your web files and pages before you get started can help you in the long run. You don’t want to be worrying about lost files and misplaced pages, when there are other important things that demand attention.

Operating System: It is very important that you check the hosting plan of both your current and new provider. Often, if not paid attention to, this can lead to a broken website. Check and compare the similarities and differences in functionality as far as operating system of the hosts is concerned.
Storage: Assess the storage of your existing website much in advance. This will allow you to choose the correct web host to make the desired switch. Your new plan should have the ability to store not just your current website storage needs, but a little bit more too. The storage plan should typically be your total storage, log files and emails included.

Bandwidth: When you buy hosting, it is inevitable that you check for the amount of bandwidth offered. It should be at least on par with your existing provider. Not knowing about your bandwidth details can see you spend extra money with a new web host.

Shopping Cart: If yours is purely a business website, your new provider must be capable of either accommodating your shopping cart from your previous host or offer a new one that suits your requirements. This feature is essential if your site requires visitors to add their purchases to a shopping cart before proceeding further.

Mail Support: Another often ignored feature is that of email accounts. You must know in advance whether your new hosting provider will offer email accounts in the same quantity as your current provider. You may also want to check for mail forwards and auto responses.

Uploading Content: Hosting a website on a new provider can make you quite hassled, if you didn’t already check for the ease at which you can upload content. The functions and features of different hosts are obviously going to be different. It is important for you to check the know-how of your new provider as far as file uploads to the server is concerned. Most hosts offer to help you transfer your files.

FrontPage support: If your existing website deploys FrontPage, it is only essential that you check whether your new provider does so too. In addition to this, make sure that you check the version of FrontPage supported by both hosts is the same as well.

Email Set-up: Before you transfer your website to a new host, you must have your current email accounts set up on the new server. This ensures that there are no hassles and confusions later.

Script support: Lastly, your new provider must lend a helping hand to all your existing scripts on your website. Hosting a website on a new provider may require you to make relevant changes to your current scripts for smooth functioning.

5 November 2012

Build your own website for your Local Manufacturing business

For a local manufacturing business, you can be really successful if you decide to take your business online. With the ever-increasing competition, a neatly built website gives you that extra edge to stay ahead in the game. If you’ve always been wary of building a website due to cost and technical issues, you can rest assured that there are various tools to take care of these very problems. 

To build your own website, you must first have a fair idea of the pre-requisites. One of the most important tasks at hand is to identify the correct html website builder tool that will help you mark your presence online in an easy manner. You may want to research and plan way in advance before you actually decide to jump the gun. The internet is growing with each passing day, and there is ample choice for you to get started with the right tools in hand.

After you’ve zeroed down on the html website builder to help you get your business online, you must know and understand your target audience. Simplicity is the best way ahead and your initial goal must be to attract the desired customers. To do this efficiently, you can select from various html website templates. They are available both for free and as paid tools. 

Benefits of HTML Website Templates
The obvious advantage of using a template for your website is that it helps you save money. You don’t need to pay a developer separately to build your own website. Another often ignored aspect, is the fact that you know right when you start, what the end result is going to be like. Keeping your products and services in mind, you have the choice of picking a template that fits your online business requirements just right. In addition to this, you also have the freedom to customise your website as per your whims and fancies. A simple text editor should help you do the needful. Besides, with most templates, you can relax about the visual appeal of your website. There’s no denying that almost all website templates offer a better look and feel in comparison to conventional programming. 

Content and Search Engines

Even if your business requires you to display a larger number of photos and videos, content descriptions are definitely not something that can be ignored. The key to work around the best content is keeping your descriptions to the point while also making for a good read. Have a bank of articles prepared in advance to ensure that there are no lags. A friendly and informal tone allows customers to be comfortable about sharing their feedback with regards to your products and services. With the scores of businesses online, having a fair understanding of search engines will ensure that your website is not lost in the crowd. Ensure that you use keywords beneficial and relevant to both your product and services. Indexing on search engines is all about the right use of keywords, and there’s no reason why you should be left behind. 

The above are just a couple of reasons why you should build a website for your business. Remember your need and the type of business should help you make the right choice with respect to the tools that are to be used.

3 October 2012

Shared Web Hosting - The Best Small Business Hosting Solution

Hosting Services
Hosting Services

One of the best solutions for web hosting for small businesses is shared hosting especially if you need to have your site on the web within twenty four hours. Shared hosting is a low cost hosting solution which most of the small businesses prefer since they are not able to set aside a big sum to consider another hosting solution.

Another reason why small businesses consider shared web hosting is that the business owners have absolutely no technical experience. To get moving in the shortest possible time and get a startup on the web the crucial key is shared web hosting.

Best to Kick Start Your Business 
To launch your small business site on the internet you need an ideal solution that helps to get into the domain of the web. To kick start, finding the right partners is also vitally important for business owners. Solutions are available at the right time if the right partners on the web are selected.

This in turn will help you to attain high growth, in the fastest time possible also along with returns on investment that are very high. To ensure a successful business a few vital steps need to be followed. Just designing and hosting the website is not enough over the web.

Boost in Business Prospects 
A great deal also depends on how at each step partners are selected for developmental purposes. Prospects in business see a boost, brand image is build, online presence increases, and higher ranking is attained if the right partners are available on the web as part of hosting solution.

Successful websites are created when a few important steps are followed. They include purchasing a domain, selecting a host, website designing, and website promoting and revenue generation from the site. Selecting a website provider is a crucial element for website success.

Faster Downloading and Uploading
A good partner for hosting is vital for ensuring smooth running of the website, faster downloading and uploading which in turn attracts visitors and retains them.   Aspects of the technical kind like requirements of disk space, for example 200 mb is considered quite alright for shared hosting, will also need to be looked into.  It is always better to have good support than expensive and bad support.

Your website could be down for few days or hours with small servers. To avoid this you need stable and reliable windows hosting offering best support when required. Bandwidth transfer is another aspect to consider in web hosting for small businesses.  It is not necessary to select a bad web hosting bandwidth if a low cost web hosting is chosen.

High Performance Services 
The good thing about web hosting solutions that are shared is that they offer high performance services in web hosting when a powerful web server is shared with other servers.

Lots of space to store projects of other kinds and your website is also offered many of the shared plans and packages in web hosting besides adequate bandwidth to help deliver your website to a large number of visitors each month.