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4 January 2012

Insight on Domain Reseller business

Reselling domain names is extensively being endorsed as a rewarding online money-making venture. However to successfully manage a Domain Reseller business a reseller needs to make certain important decisions. The most crucial decision the user will have to make is about the parent provider or the main domain registration company from whom the user will buy the reseller plan. One of the most basic aspects that can majorly add to the success of the reseller business is to partner with an ICANN accredited domain registrar.
The biggest advantage of this business is that a reseller will to get in maximum benefits by just making a small investment. Neither does this reseller business need any huge investment, nor does it require any expertise in this field.
Net4 India is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and a leading web hosting company. Net4 offers various types of Domain Reseller and Reseller Web hosting plans, via which a user can resell web services. The company does not charge any registration or setup fee to become its reseller. Net4 India also offers a free wallet bonanza to its resellers, wherein for every domain booking, the company provides an equal amount to the reseller to buy Email and Web hosting services.