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19 April 2012

How do I pick a Web Hosting Company?

Since the inception of Web Hosting it has seen several new changes. Choosing a hosting company can be really confusing with so many things to consider.  Narrowing it down to one company is tough nut to crack, especially for a novice. Here are few tips that will help you in choosing the right web host for your business or personal website.

The first thing that a user must look for in a hosting service provider in the uptime guarantee it offers. The user must pick a company that offers the highest uptime. Disk space and bandwidth offered by the web host also plays a pivotal role and must never be overlooked by the user. Web hosts today offer several add-on features that are mostly not required by users. It is suggested that a user must go through the hosting plans thoroughly and ensure that there are no unnecessary charges.

With more than 80,000 websites hosted on its servers, Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting companies. Net4 offers its clients with high-end multi core/ multi processor servers, instant activation and dedicated key account manager. With Net4’s hosting solutions, customers also get unlimited data transfer and back-up, multi redundant bandwidth network and many other attractive add-ons. Net4 offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting as well as VPS Hosting plans among various others.

11 April 2012

Making a choice of Web Hosting package

Whenever you are seeking to launch a new website on web, one of the vital things that you need to take care of is the type of hosting solution you will use for the website. This is considered very crucial as a right Web Hosting plan can immensely help in the success of the website. There are various kinds of hosting solutions available today, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Shared hosting refers to a hosting environment where several websites exist on single web server. A web host basically allocates small amount of disk space to several customers. Dedicated hosting is one in which a web host allocates the complete server to a single user. VPS Hosting is a website hosting solution where the hosting service provider can divide and make multiple virtual servers from one physical server. Cloud Hosting is a website hosting solution that allows its user to host the website on multiple connected servers.

Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting service providers in India. The company offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and java hosting plans to its customers. Net4’s hosting plans guarantees its user up to 99% uptime and unrestricted data transfer.

7 April 2012

Importance of Web Hosting for an online presence

Users require reliable website hosting services today for a successful web presence. Once a user gets his domain name registered through a domain registrar, the next logical step that he needs to follow is to select a Web Hosting company. Finding the right hosting deal is not that easy today, as there are several companies available in the market. The user must choose the hosting plan depending on the type of website he has.

There are various types of hosting solutions available to users nowadays. The user must keep few key factors in mind while choosing a website hosting plan. As this service enables the user to set up an identity on the internet, it is very crucial for him to make the right choice. A strong web presence has unlimited advantages and can place a business on the path to success.

Net4 India is among the biggest Web Hosting service provider in India. The company, which has over 80,000 websites hosted on its servers, offers high-quality hosting solutions to individuals and enterprises. Net4 offers unlimited data transfer and backup along with other exciting features to its hosting customers. The company offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Java Hosting and Cloud Hosting among others.

30 March 2012

How to find a reliable Web Hosting company?

If you are one of those who is trying to build an online identity for your business, then you must be having several questions and concerns about how to go about it. Once you have registered your domain name and have also built your website, the next thing to look for is website hosting. As there are many web hosts offering a range of hosting plans, it could be really difficult for a novice to choose an apt Web Hosting service provider.

One of the most efficient ways to find out about the creditability of a web host is to look at how long it has been in business. Another way of finding a reliable hosting service provider is by reading reviews of the web host’s customers. Another crucial aspect to look for in a hosting service provider is the quality of customer service provided. As an entrepreneur you will never want your business website to have any kind of downtime, as that can severely impact your business. Hence it is recommended to pick a hosting company that offers maximum uptime assurance.

Net4 India, a leading domain registrar and Web hosting service provider, offers a range of hosting plans, such as Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Java Hosting.

28 March 2012

Web Hosting types

The field of Web Hosting is considered to be very vast. There are various kinds of options available for a user to choose from. So let us go ahead and discuss in brief about few of them.

Windows Hosting is a hosting solution especially designed for users who wish to use Microsoft applications, such as Active Server Pages (ASP), and plan to build the website with Microsoft FrontPage. The biggest benefit of using this hosting solution is that a user can easily integrate any Microsoft product into his website.
Linux Hosting is known to be among the most cost-effective hosting solutions available in the market today. It is also commonly referred to as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) and is considered very flexible in nature. The biggest advantage of this hosting solution is that it is highly flexible in nature.
Cloud Hosting is one of the latest technologies in the website hosting field. This hosting plan comes along with various distinctive advantages which makes it stand out from others. The biggest benefit of using this hosting plan is its scalability. Users can easily increase or decrease their hardware inventory.

Net4 India, a leading domain registrar and Web Hosting services provider, offers a range of hosting plans to its customers.

26 March 2012

How to choose Web Hosting Services

The significance of Website Hosting is growing on a daily basis. Now more and more enterprises are seeking to build an online presence to give a boost to their business. As the industry has developed several hosting companies have come into the market. These companies offer professional Web Hosting Services that are customized and designed to meet the needs of different customers.

When choosing a web host the user must make sure that he selects a company that has good customer support in place. Once the user has adequate support behind him, the chances of the website going down are minimal. Other things that a user must also consider are the speed provided by hosting company and the uptime assurance. So if you are aiming to build a website for your business, it is advised to opt for a professional Website Hosting company.

Net4 India is a leading Web Hosting company in India. The company offers high-quality Windows Hosting plan in India. Net4 also offers high-class Linux Hosting plans in India. The company assures 99% uptime guarantee along with 24/7 support helpdesk. Net4’s servers are hosted in ISO 27001 certified Data Centres in India. The company offers Unlimited Data Transfer along with instant activation.

Significance of Web Hosting

Managing an online business is not at all easy. There are several things that a user needs to look into and Web Hosting is of them. This service is very crucial when a user thinks of building a web identity. Website hosting basically allows individuals and enterprises to publish their websites on the internet. The companies that provide this service are known web hosts, who basically allocate space on their web servers.

Before purchasing any type website hosting services, the user must do a thorough research on his requirements. The user should also go ahead and understand all the hosting packages before selecting any one. The user should not rush into buying hosting services and choose his plan only after evaluating his requirements. The one thing that a user must do is pick that service provider that offers maximum uptime assurance.

Net4 India, a leading Web Hosting service provider, offers 99% uptime assurance. The company offers a range of hosting plans to its customers. Net4 offers high-quality Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting and Java hosting packages. The company also offers advanced Cloud Hosting solutions to its clients. Net4 offers cloud solutions on windows 2003 & 2008, Red Hat Linux and Cent operating systems. Users get unrestricted data transfer and a multi redundant bandwidth network with Net4’s hosting packs.