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7 September 2012

Is Your Domain Name Hurting Your Traffic?

Domain Booking
Domain Booking
The search engine gives you the opportunity to browse through numerous websites to avail fantastic information. Thousands of sites are found on the search engines at different ranking positions. After conducting an extensive search you may find the kind of information you are looking for and after exiting the site you may even want to recollect the name of the domain.

If the domain name is quite easy to remember then you are sure to recollect it. However if it is complicated involving hyphens etc then it get a bit difficult to easily type out the name and conduct the search. Even if people type fast, there is a difficulty faced while typing in a hyphen. They avoid this most of the time and instead move on looking for another site. This means, loss of traffic for that particular site.

Important Role
The computer keyboard offers a lot of shortcuts to make things easy and people are not willing to type in hyphens and sometimes even numbers. Visitors want to complete their task of searching as fast as possible. As far as branding is concerned, the domain name plays a very important role.

On the internet there are millions of customers logging in, every day for the first time to look for desired information. The information obtained is to help them in some form, way or shape. Hence if an effective bonding has to be created with customers then it is important as the name of the domain plays a major role in this.

Avoid Too Many Keywords
Marketing a free website where the spelt out name does not attract desired traffic, makes no sense at all. It would be better if at least an effective keyword is utilized in the name. Ensure avoiding usage of too many keywords as this could be quite a turnoff at times.

Besides this if the name of the domain does not sound professional it could even affect the credibility being created. Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that it is as short as possible. There is no point having very long domain names. If you do not wish to hurt the traffic, make sure that all these points are kept in mind while creating the name for the domain. A good idea would be to check domain name availability online itself.

Ensure Short Domain Names
Some of the domain names could be very long and for branding purposes as well as search engine optimization the domain name does gel well. The only thing is that it involves a hassle in typing, besides which a lot of space is taken up on material for promotion and business cards.

A name of such type can help you online only to some extent. Websites owners thus can make an effort do domain name registration in another name that is not only short to type in but memorable as well. This can benefit both your online business and you. It is important first to focus well on visitors to the site and then the search engines.

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28 August 2012

7 Must Have Features of a Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names

In an online business, there is no point just owning a domain name especially if you are looking at achieving uniqueness and individuality in the quickest time possible. Success in the online business is possible with one of the best domains.  These are seven must-have features of a domain.

1. Uniqueness
By nature the domain should exclusive or unique which is a very important feature of a domain. People too prefer an exclusive domain and hence in comparison to other domains they are sure to consider yours.

2. Memorable One
The domain should be one which is very easy and simple to recollect. If it is a complex or a difficult one to remember then visitors will not attempt to visit the site again and will move on to another site. Visitors are very impatient by nature and would like a domain that is easier to spell. If the spelling is a bit difficult then they will find difficulty in reaching your site. You will lose traffic besides which the visitor leaves irritated and looks for another site.

3. Informative and Short
The domain can attain success online if the name is not lengthy and descriptive at the same time. Even the minutest details of the product or service should be well explained by the domain. Everything that a visitor might want to know should be on the first page.

4. Captivating, Catchy and Creative Enough
To make an effective mark in the market, it is helpful if you toy with the domain name a little bit. Once a visitor lands on your domain then he should not forget the name for long. If the domain is creative, captivating and catchy enough, then only the users will be able to remember it well.

5. Topic Relevant
Visitors to the site need to relate well with the content on the site. It is this quality that ensures the goodness in a domain. The product offered online needs to be reflected in the domain name as well. There is no point if the product and the domain are different.

6. Domain Extension
Having a good extension is very important for the domain. Generally used domains include .in and .com which are effective in gaining the attention of users. The other thing about these extensions is that they are popular, being used for a long time now and very simple to remember.

7. Dissimilar and Distinct
The domain should different, distinct and dissimilar from the rest of the domain names. This will prevent the user or the visitor from getting confused with the rest of the domains. If there is a similarity in the names of domains, the desirability in using the domain is lost by users and they will not prefer to use it.

An easy to recognize domain is equally important especially for the domain buyer who is keen on marketing a service or product in the niche market. If your domain has relevance to that service or product then it gets easier for the buyer of the domain to ensure better marketing.

23 August 2012

How Domain Names and Landing Pages Help In Website Marketing

Domain Names
Domain Names
To market your website you will need to make the best use of landing pages and domain names. For your online business, they are the best marketing tools. The domain name is very important to enable customers to find your business. You site needs to be located easily on the web, right?

You need to make sure that you select words or a set of words that are easy to remember and use via the address of Internet Protocol. In this address, numbers are used in a series which are designed to allow communication from one computer to another, over the online resource.

Easy To Use Domain Names
To enable communication between computers, an IP or the Internet Protocol address is required in the very same way people need mailing addresses to post their letters at the post office. The domain name should not be too difficult to remember; hence conducting an extensive domain search is important. Registration of the domain name can be done at reputed domain registration companies online but you will need to identify a suitable one first.

The other effective tool that is to be used in marketing websites is the landing page. Squeeze page is the other term for the landing page. It is for the purpose of acquiring leads that the creation of this single web page which is called the squeeze page is done. Information provided on the landing page should be attractive enough to compel and motivate the readers to investigate the benefits of the service or the product.

In return a free video or a free report that is useful to the visitor is offered when you invest in the address for emailing. For the landing page the header should be simple, with no sidebar. The main aim of creating the landing page is to get the desired specific response. Ensure that there are no distractions on this page.

Beside this there are other tools like the Auto Responder also which can help in lead generation to ensure that the online business works well. Before you get started with the online business it is best to get things sorted out first, determine the best marketing tools, check domains and accordingly work towards success. Try to gain from the experiences of other people running online businesses by networking.

Make the Most of Online Business
Once you determine the best method you will be in a better position to help others to make the most of their online businesses, using effective marketing tools. Owning and setting up a presence on the web is the core function while marketing over the web, in an online business. The landing page and the domain name help in creating a great website.

The website becomes the base rostrum of your business on the web so you need to ensure the best of care while upgrading it. Take a look at the branded domain names of other businesses; this also proves to be effective for your online business address. All that matters is the effort made to spread the name of your web business. Creating your own brand is very important.

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14 August 2012

It’s Time To Go Professional: Go .PRO

.pro domain name
.pro domain name

For your website on the internet you will need one of the best domain name extensions. If you want to go professional then the best way to go is the .pro extension. A number of roles are played by the website’s domain name. Visibility extent of the website can be best determined with a good domain name extension in the world of the internet.  Yours may be a new website hence understanding availability of different extensions is necessary. They range from a generic to the code of a particular country.

Domain names in top level
Some of the domain names in top level and fall in the generic core group, .info, .net, .name, .org and .biz.  The other generic domain names are .job and .pro; however there are some restrictions in their designations. Eligibility proof is necessary for registrations done within the set guidelines for each one of them. Restrictions on the codes of the country also prevail. The most popular of all the domain extensions is the .com recognized by most of the search engines.

Without a domain name, the website is incomplete hence an effective domain name will have to be purchased for the site. It should also be a memorable one. As compared to the rest of the domain names, the selected domain name should ensure higher ranking on the search engine. It will not do any good if in case, the selected domain name is wrong.  Efforts need to be put in, in finding a good domain name for the purpose of registration. A combination of dual words is considered a better choice.

Testing on the registry
Before anything else, it is best to try out your very own name, if a professional site is being put together. As far as numbers are concerned, the number 1 is preferable. The name of the service or the product being offered can also be tried out which visitors can find it easy to remember. After short listing a few names, they can be tested on the registry. As far as the .com domain name extension is concerned there is a lot of competition. A good idea would be to try out other extensions too.

Expenses towards registration of a domain name are not too much. Registration at a better price is possible if registration is done in bulk. For conducting businesses in a particular country, an extension for that particular country is best to consider. Some of the business owners consider the .com and other extensions for a specific country as well. Both domain extensions can be purchased if it does not cost too much.

The .pro domain name will help provide your professional identity on the internet. Once the website is ready, domain name registration is the next important step to take and submission to the search engines. Traffic forwarding is possible with two or more domain name extensions. On the server, the domain name is parked and for forwarding web services online another site is used.

7 August 2012

Why .PRO is a domain of choice for Professionals?

.PRO is the only generic top level domain extension which is meant for an exclusive use by service professionals like Doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, educators, etc and is the domain of choice for these professionals who are looking to create an online identity built on trust.

.PRO works just like a .COM domain with the ability to create fully featured websites and email addresses.
.PRO was originally launched in 2004 with registrations open to only lawyers, accountants, physicians, and engineers in France, Canada, Germany, UK and US. Later on it was relaunched in 2008 after consultation with ICAAN to include a wider range of government certified professionals in all countries. According to data released by registryPro (the registry for .PRO) by 10 March 2011, total PRO registrations worldwide had crossed 1, 00,000 mark.

All licensed service professionals can either register a second level domain name like john.PRO or a suitable and easily identifiable third-level domain like .law.PRO, .med.PRO, .aca.PRO, cpa.PRO, and so on.

According to the eligibility criteria released by registryPro, only certified professionals who are in good standing with their licensing authority are permitted to apply and register a .PRO domain extension. This criterion makes .PRO an exclusive domain for service professionals who can use it to launch their certified online identity.

.PRO follows a simple registration process.

Step 1: You need to self-certify and indicate your profession at the time of registration to activate your domain.

Step 2: The self-certified data provided by you is randomly verified against an appropriate certification or accreditation database.

In case you are looking for a third level domain, you need to provide your license information that can be independently cross-verified.

With the advent of internet and exponential increase in internet users worldwide, it has become paramount for service professionals to have an online identity both to serve their clients, and to build new clients. There can’t be a better domain extension than .PRO to launch your online presence that is built on trust and credibility.

.PRO is an excellent way to tell the world that you are a licensed professional which goes a long way in establishing trust with your clients online. It’s easier to build trust face-to-face but in the anonymous world of internet trust is hard to come by. .PRO helps you do just that-Build trust with your clients.

For more details about .PRO and its eligibility criteria, you may visit