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2 May 2013

Reseller Hosting: Best Options to start your own business

Reseller Hosting Service
Reseller Hosting Service
The trend of reseller business is growing today owing to its convenience. Reseller business does not require a huge investment that is otherwise required. Moreover, physical existence is also not necessary for such businesses unless and until there is a need of keeping stocks of material items. The most popular among all reseller businesses are domain reseller and web hosting reseller. The popularity of these reseller businesses is because of the least requirement of infrastructure investment as it can b as well as does not need any kind of technical know-how. However, reseller hosting business can be a profitable one and proves to be one of the best options for those who aspire to start their own business.

What is reseller hosting?
Many might be thinking what does reseller hosting mean. It is a business that deals in web hosting. In web hosting reseller business, an individual purchases web hosting account from companies providing web hosting and by using a reseller hosting account, one can host websites of others using the space and bandwidth allotted to the one who purchased reseller hosting account. A web hosting reseller buys the hosting space at a wholesale rate and further sells it to customers at a relatively higher price. Furthermore, a hosting reseller can either rent a dedicated server from a company offering web hosting services or can even buy some space and bandwidth and further rent or sell it to those who require it.

Benefits of starting web hosting reseller business
For starting your own business as a hosting reseller all that is needed is a website that will help you in promoting your business as well as magnetize potential customers, facilitating in increasing your revenue. Reseller hosting business is gaining immense popularity today, as it is easy to start and is also a lucrative business that can be carried out from home with minimum investment on infrastructure and this investment is required only for buying the hosting space for further selling. Some of the benefits that can be availed by starting web hosting reseller business are:

* Reseller hosting business has no infrastructural cost as it does not need employing a host of employers for selling products from door to door as it can be easily done on the web.
* It is an easy means of earning a good amount of money as you have the authority to decide on the reselling price of the hosting space without any interference.
* There is no responsibility on the part of the reseller after selling the web space to the client. All the responsibility lies on the web hosting company that has authorized you as the hosting reseller.
* As reseller accounts generally have unlimited hosting space, it can be sold to any number of clients you wish to with having any constraint on space, at your own decided price.

Owing to several benefits of becoming a web hosting reseller, it is the best option for you to start your own business. Hence, you can kick start your reseller hosting toady with the bare minimum investment and increase your income with your new business.

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28 March 2013

Why Become a Domain Reseller?

Become A Reseller
Become A Reseller

There are an endless number of websites on the World Wide Web today. It is quite difficult to choose an appropriate domain name for one's website, considering that common names have already been used. In such a situation, it is wise to become domain reseller, as it gives the freedom to purchase domain names in bulk and these can be sold at a later date.

How to start a domain name reseller business

Domain names are available at discounted price when purchased in bulk. To begin selling, the domain name reseller has to register with a registration company, certified by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This business is best for companies that are already offering hosting services. Marketing for such companies can be done in the form of a one-stop shop for domain names, website designing and web hosting. Through domain reselling, individuals can sell domain names to either companies or entrepreneurs as well. Bandwidth and space could be divided between different parties who wish to purchase domain names, according to their use. To become domain reseller, an individual does not need to be a technical expert or invest too much money. Instead, he has to purchase a large hosting package from a reputed web hosting company. After payment, the buyer can access the control panel from the domain name reseller.

As the business of domain reselling gains popularity, prices of domain names continue to go down. While domain reselling, the credibility of a seller also gets established over a period of time. It is natural that when popularity increases, more number of buyers will be attracted.

Popularizing domain reselling

An important factor for success of the domain name reseller is marketing. Those who provide web designing and hosting services are ideally suited to take up this business. While offering hosting services, domain names can be integrated to build identity on the internet. This business has tremendous earning potential and the process is similar to selling real estate in the physical world. However, initial investment in domain reselling is very less as compared to the real estate. The reason for tremendous scope of this business is due to the importance of a website for any business in today's world. Every company wants its website to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. In addition, it wishes to do so at a minimum price.

For security and privacy of domains, facilities like Domain Name Server (DNS) are provided by resellers. Clients are also sold webmail facilities, spam protection, virus protection and unlimited memory space under one roof. It definitely makes sense to combine all these facilities in a package.

13 September 2012

How Much Role The Domain Name Plays In SEO?

Domain Name
Domain Name
If you are looking to the success of your site on the search engine without wasting too much time you will need to assess the crucial role played by the domain. The name of the domain has to be given its due importance which not many people do. While selecting the domain name a few important characteristics will need to be considered. The first thing to do is keep the domain name short.

In the present times it is seen the domain names with three or four letters are being considered by businesses and the ones having five letters are gradually depleting. Ideally, the experts feel that the domain should be less than ten letters long and if this is not possible, then you should not go for more than twenty letters at least.

Selecting Number of Words
It is excellent to have one word domain names, good to have two letter words, average to have three letter words and if the domain name has more than three words then this is termed as bad. Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that it should also be easy to recall.

Most of the time, the site name is memorized and whenever it is required, the name is typed on the search engine. If the domain name is easy to remember then the user is able to recollect it faster and type it on the search engine. Hence long domain names are not recommended.

Easy Spelling
Another important aspect to keep in mind in a domain search process is the spelling. If the domain name is misspelled then the chances of reaching another site instead of your site will increase. It is advised to not use foreign and complex words.

Extension of the domain name is another important aspect that needs consideration at the time of domain registration. The .org extension is preferred by most companies at the time of developing the site. One of the most popularly used domain name extensions is the .com extension amongst users of the internet.

Descriptive Domains
There is also another important thing to keep in mind which is to keep the domain name descriptive. The domain name will be effective if it describes the products or services of the business to customers. Much before entering into the site, the visitor is able to get an idea on the kind of product or service you are offering.

Also try to avoid use of number and hyphens in the domain name to avoid confusion in the mind of the visitors. Just as the right kind of location is most important for any real estate business in the same way for a website's success, the main corner stone is the domain name.

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30 July 2012

What Are The Benefits Of Reseller Hosting?

To attract a larger number of customers and increase the margin of profits, there are a range of services related to Windows reseller hosting available. Charges are levied for transferring data per month, hosting domains, MySQL databases of clients, etc. by many of the dealers which end customers have to pay.

There are a number of benefits to reseller hosting. To drive traffic to the website and optimize the live account the reseller control panel offers related services to service providers. It is the file manager, the mailing system of the reseller, the directory of web application, custom error page, and folders for protecting passwords and administrator support for MySQL and PHP database, which are the performance features that are most important in reseller mailing system that is clever enough.

Anti-Virus and Anti Spam Resistant
Providers of the Windows email reseller hosting service are much more resistant to antivirus, anti-spam emails etc. On the internet, service packages related to windows reseller hosting have sub domains in unlimited numbers, unlimited protocols for file transfer and databases of MySQL and unlimited emailing accounts.

Servers like high speed dual core or the powerful Intel Xeon Quad core offer a higher performance generally. In many of the scripting languages including CGI, ASP.NET, Perl, AJAX etc., support is offered 24x7 from the windows reseller hosting service. A lot of reliability is offered by these servers and platform in different versions ranging from NTE, 3.5, 2 and 3 are offered.

To ensure that accurate loading of data base takes place, incremental backup at unlimited levels is also offered by the data bases. It is the powerful servers that are able to equip the email reseller hosting service with a data centre that is well served. User and a reseller control panel, tool for designing HTML, efficient and complex management system of files making accessories in addition are the exclusive services offered.

Bulk Packages
If you consider a MySQL hosting service then it tends to be a bit expensive but is quite compatible with the standard edition of Windows 2003. Definition of reseller hosting has reference to a company or an individual initiating a business in web hosting, purchasing a package for web hosting and then selling it off to customers.

Web space is sold by the domain reseller hosting company in a bulk package. The package is purchased from the intermediate user, domain resellers or the provider of web hosting services. There is hardly any need to know about the network or the management server, which proves to be advantageous in this service.

Lots of Time Saved
Due to the time saved, you are able to focus on the core issues of your business instead. Depending upon the choice and need the service can be chosen for Windows or Linux. The windows domain reseller hosting plan suits fine for running the database server and operating system related to windows.

All that needs to be kept in mind while considering services from domain resellers are that an open source OS like Linux will be needed or Windows having a genuine license from Microsoft. Both these systems have the best to offer. In the present times, it is the reseller hosting plans that are affordable enough that are considered by many.

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8 May 2012

Why is Domain Name Search so important?

Domain Name Search is one of the most vital factors to follow in the process of domain name registration. Various domain registration companies allow its users now to Check Domain Name availability. This has become very vital today as millions of domain names get registered on a daily basis. By using such tools users can Check Domain availability very easily and save their time. The availability of a domain primarily depends on how unique and creative the name is. By using such tools the user can never run out of ideas and therefore can register unique domain names.
The next obvious step is to register a domain name. There are numerous domain registrars out there trying to attract customers by offering cheap domain registration. Users are advised not to fall in their trap and instead search for a company that has a good reputation in the market and is known for providing quality services.
Net4 India is one of India’s leading ICANN and .IN accredited domain registrars. Along with every domain registration the company provides 10 free Sub Domains, Free Domain/URL Forwarding, Free Domain Theft Protection, Free DNS Management, Free 24x7x365 telephone & web support. Net4 also provides 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage with every domain.

11 April 2012

Steps to Register a Domain name

In order to set up a website for a personal or a business purpose, you need to Register a Domain. Here are few basic steps that you can follow to set up a website. The first thing that you need to start with is to find out whether your desired name is available for registration or not. This can be done by performing the task of Domain Name Search on any domain registrar’s website.
Once you have the checked the availability of the domain name, you can get it registered trough a domain registrar. It is however strongly recommended that you must contact a certified registrar, possibly ICANN, for your registration requirements. Domains are generally registered for a minimum one year, post which they need to be renewed. Some registrars also provide various add-on services, such as free hosting and email with regular registration services. So try going for a company that fulfills your requirements.
Net4 India is an ICANN and .IN accredited domain registrar. The company provides domain registration services on all major domain extensions, such as .com, .org, .in, domain among several others. Net4’s customers can also Check Domain Name availability on simply entering their desired name in search bar of the website. Net4 offers 2 free Email ids with 1 GB Mailbox for 1 year and 50 sub Domains free with every domain.

10 April 2012

Tips to register Domain Names

Internet users still have a number of combinations of words and phrases available to register as Domain Names. But it is very crucial for the user to pick a powerful name for the website, as that is likely to attract more traffic. There are a number of ways that one can follow while selecting a perfect domain. These are:
  • Basic purpose of the website
  • The targeted audience
Many users have also started following the approach of using keywords in their Domain Registration. By having a keyword rich domain the website tends to get better search engine rankings. Other things that a user must also keep in mind are that he should keep the name as simple as possible. The users should also try to keep the name short as well as crisp.
If you are seeking to get domain for yourself contact Net4 India. Net4 is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and web hosting service provider. The company offers its customers with economical Domain Name Registration services. Net4 also offers its clients with free sub-domains and URL forwarding. Along with this the company also offers 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage and free domain parking service.

17 March 2012

Why pick a keyword rich Domain Name?

A Domain Name plays a crucial role for a user seeking to set up a website or a blog. When a user thinks of building an online presence, the first thing he needs is a Domain Name. Ever wondered how do few people manage to get great names for their business or personal websites? Intensive search and thorough review is what needs to be done in order to attain a great and an exclusive name.
One of the main things that a user must consider while picking the name for a business website is that he must think of a keyword rich name. Keywords are nothing but the words that internet users use to search for any specific info, product or service on the internet. As there are several keywords that a user can incorporate in the name, the user needs to be a little creative in picking up the right keywords.
Net4 India is a leading ICANN accredited Domain Name Registration company. The company offers its customers with premium registration services. Net4 also provides its clients with other services, such as domain forwarding and masking, DNS control and domain parking. With every domain Net4 offers 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage. Users can also conduct their own Domain Search on Net4’s website.