31 August 2012

How to Move Your Wordpress Blog to a New Domain?

Domain Name
Domain Name

If you have decided to move your Wordpress blog to a web domain that is new, you will need to keep in mind a few aspects about this process. If you as a blogger have been self-hosting the publishing system of Wordpress blog on a server for web hosting with a domain name that is registered, then the blog link URL will need to be organized again to make it look tidy.

Besides this you may even want to have a new focus reflected or a theme reflected, on the concerned blog. At the time of making the change you will need to ensure that no links are broken and proper migration is ensured. A transition could be made to have the URL changed, or link the Word Press blog location due to the changes being made in the domain. There could even a change where the blog is transferred to another directory.

Use an Online Guide
One of the trickiest things about moving the WordPress blog to a different directory or location is that instead of the relative path being used, it uses the absolute path. The old URLs may also be used by users within contents of blog posts while generating backlinks for reference. In the database a few changes will be needed in these values when the WordPress blog is being moved.

An online guide can be best made use of to get an idea of which of the fields in the database having values or references related to the URL blogs require modifications. When the WordPress blog is moved the next thing to do is to inform WordPress about the location of the new blog. The WordPress Options page can be best used to make relevant changes in the value.

Modification Using MySQL Database
However if it is difficult accessing URL of the old blog or domain name then necessary modifications will have to be made in the value using MySQL database.  SQL statements used in the guide are on the basis of MySQL replace () function for database modification. You will have to login to MySQL database for running queries on SQL which houses tables of WordPress.

To run the MySQL client as root you could also login into the DB server.  URLs of pages and posts related to WordPress will have to be fixed. These are the posts and pages which translated from the post slug and were stored as guide field in the wp posts table database.

Browse Through the WordPress Blog
Instead of being stored as relative URLs they are stored as absolute URLs and hence the changes are needed. An important thing to do to is to find out if everything is alright by browsing through the WordPress blog. 

Logging in into WordPress administration may be needed, since due to a different domain now the authentication cookie is not valid anymore. Moving the Wordpress blog to a new domain can be an easy process only if the basics are understood well and a step by step procedure is followed for website registration as well.

30 August 2012

How to Change Your Domain Name without Losing Your Website's Ranking?

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

If in case the domain name of you site is changed it can have an adverse impact on the online traffic as well as SEO. For the purpose of search engine optimization, actually this is unadvisable. It is important to know that that the domain is linked with a range of metrics including authority, hyperlinks, characteristics and trust.

There certainly are a few risks involved if you are considering changing or transferring the domain to a new one. This change is alright if a few important aspects are taken care of. As far as traffic on the search engine is concerned the losses can definitely be minimized.

Understanding Technologies
Whenever the change is made, you will need to have a better understanding on various technologies of the web since they are responsible in affecting the status of SEO. The change is best done by an expert or a tech savvy individual who knows what exactly is being done.

At the time of registering an old domain or registering the new one at the domain registrar, obtain a new name for the domain. The common TLDs used are .net, .gr, .com etc which are utilized as GEO location signal. Rankings could be affected when a new TDL is used. If an aged or old domain is being purchased, be careful since there could be a risk of it being banned by some of the search engines.

Research on Previous Records
It is best if some research is done to determine its history and previous records. A site called archieve.org could be best utilized to get an idea on how the site looked like in the past. If spamming is the reason for the domain being banned then a request for reconsideration can be filed.

Another aspect to keep in mind is ‘coming soon’ page uploading. Even if a single page is uploaded on new domains the crawlers on the search engines have the new site indexed. If there is a parked domain then this is identified by the search engine which you will need to keep in mind. Some content can be placed on the new pages where a mention is made that, this is going to be the new website location. This will surely help the search engines in identifying the new domain.

Aspects to Consider
There are other aspects to keep in mind like having just small parts of the site transferred which is of course optional. The next thing is get the files, images and web pages uploaded to the new site, record the changes if made in the paths, structure or folders which enables better mapping of URLs of old pages. The old pages will have to be redirected to the new web pages.

The best use of the tool for a change of address will have to be made in Google Webmaster Console.  A specification will be needed that the old domain has been transferred to a new one. Ensure that all the backlinks are promptly updated. If you are patient and keep up to date then you can ensure a good transition or domain name transfer from the old domain to a new one. 

29 August 2012

Enhance Your Professional Image on the Internet With A .PRO Domain

.Pro Domain Name
.Pro Domain Name

On the internet one of the most important and recognized parts is the domain name. To identify a good domain you can consider competent services of the domain registrar. The most distinct and valuable domains can be availed from the registrar. Without a good domain, survival in a web business is a bit difficult. There are different TLD .pro domains to select from.

A .pro domain offers a platform that is trusted and secure, enough for professionals. For an effective presence on the web such a domain provides professionals with desired leverage. There are different variations in .pro domains, like first level names, second level names and third level names.

Distinguishable Domain
These levels can be considered as the creation of scalable and identifiable addresses on the web. From other kinds of extensions of domains the .pro TLD or the Top Level Domain is a distinguishable one. This is because its requirements for registration are unique.

Process of verification in registration of a .pro domain runs to two steps - the first step is the information on identity self-certified and provided by the registrant for activating the .pro domain. The second step is a random verification or professional data self-certified and provided by the registrant. Verification is done against appropriate database that is accredited and licensed.

An Indicator of Credibility and Professionalism
It is the professionals and owners of businesses who make use of a .pro domain. Such a domain is an indicator of credibility as well as professionalism. It is a perfect choice to have your professional image enhanced on the internet. It also includes verification as well as authentication. It does not matter from which industry you come from since this domain is available to all professionals and owners of businesses. All that is required is a license specific to the profession for eligibility for a .pro registration.

There are domains that are profession specific called third level .pro domains. Third level domains suit those having specific professions. With .pro domains it gets easier to establish trust in the business.  While establishing your online business it gives confidence and credibility in addition. Amongst the rest of the top level domains, one of the fastest growing ones is the .pro domain.  You can register them immediately.

Registering With the Registrar
Registration process is quite simple. Information on your profession or business type will have to be provided, besides server and contact information for domain registration.  It is up to the registrar to ask for additional information if required. Business owners and professionals will have to self-certify themselves and provide information related to licensing to the registrar to ensure requirements of the jurisdiction and profession are well met.

There are a number of registrar’s available online offering genuine and trustworthy services. On conducting a detailed research to buy.pro domains you are guaranteed to find a reliable registrar for sure. They are quick to ensure immediate processing in real time once the order is submitted. 

28 August 2012

7 Must Have Features of a Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names

In an online business, there is no point just owning a domain name especially if you are looking at achieving uniqueness and individuality in the quickest time possible. Success in the online business is possible with one of the best domains.  These are seven must-have features of a domain.

1. Uniqueness
By nature the domain should exclusive or unique which is a very important feature of a domain. People too prefer an exclusive domain and hence in comparison to other domains they are sure to consider yours.

2. Memorable One
The domain should be one which is very easy and simple to recollect. If it is a complex or a difficult one to remember then visitors will not attempt to visit the site again and will move on to another site. Visitors are very impatient by nature and would like a domain that is easier to spell. If the spelling is a bit difficult then they will find difficulty in reaching your site. You will lose traffic besides which the visitor leaves irritated and looks for another site.

3. Informative and Short
The domain can attain success online if the name is not lengthy and descriptive at the same time. Even the minutest details of the product or service should be well explained by the domain. Everything that a visitor might want to know should be on the first page.

4. Captivating, Catchy and Creative Enough
To make an effective mark in the market, it is helpful if you toy with the domain name a little bit. Once a visitor lands on your domain then he should not forget the name for long. If the domain is creative, captivating and catchy enough, then only the users will be able to remember it well.

5. Topic Relevant
Visitors to the site need to relate well with the content on the site. It is this quality that ensures the goodness in a domain. The product offered online needs to be reflected in the domain name as well. There is no point if the product and the domain are different.

6. Domain Extension
Having a good extension is very important for the domain. Generally used domains include .in and .com which are effective in gaining the attention of users. The other thing about these extensions is that they are popular, being used for a long time now and very simple to remember.

7. Dissimilar and Distinct
The domain should different, distinct and dissimilar from the rest of the domain names. This will prevent the user or the visitor from getting confused with the rest of the domains. If there is a similarity in the names of domains, the desirability in using the domain is lost by users and they will not prefer to use it.

An easy to recognize domain is equally important especially for the domain buyer who is keen on marketing a service or product in the niche market. If your domain has relevance to that service or product then it gets easier for the buyer of the domain to ensure better marketing.

27 August 2012

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Website

Website Builder
Website Builder

Websites in thousands are available on the internet these days catering to a huge range of products and services. Accordingly millions of people access this online source each day and look forward to accessing information without wasting too much of time.

In a website building process, one aspect that needs to be given utmost importance is making the website appealing as well as user friendly. This is a tricky job and mistakes have to be avoided to ensure visitors are retained. There shouldn’t be any kind of technical difficulties which could ward off visitors to your site.

Mistakes Highlighted
To understand more on this, listed here are the five most common mistakes that take place when you builda website.
  • Slow loading time due to videos and audios
  • Weird or quirky domain names
  • Lay major emphasis on customers
  • Auto play music
  • Improper color schemes
The first is the loading time. In this fast paced life, no visitor is going to wait for too long for your web pages to load. Some sites take forever just to load a single page. So, make an easy to load business website. Keeping options available like skipping the introduction section for including a particular feature or video for introduction etc which in the process could reduce loading time. On the site there could be other places for the audio and video clippings thus ensuring faster loading. The next thing to do is get the plans for web hosting updated to ensure an efficient website. Another option is switching over to new website builder for web hosting.

Don’t Undermine Your Brand Identity
Using a weird or quirky name for the domain is another mistake that is committed. The name may not have anything to do with the service or product sold online. Keeping an extra-large domain and using hyphens unnecessarily can make it even more difficult to remember and type on the search engine. Identity of your brand could be undermined in this process, hence select a domain that highlights your brand easily. All the creativity you are thinking of can be saved for the website’s other aspects.

Laying major emphasis on customers is very important. Visitors look for content online, but make sure it is interesting, topic specific and not too lengthy. Provide resourceful help to them. Adding bulleted points, catchy sub headings, adding a picture, etc are some of the methods of keeping customers engaged at your site. If this is kept in mind then traffic towards your site is sure to increase.

Manual Option to Play Music
A large number of visitors prefer a private visit to your site and will not want the rest to know what they are researching upon. If you use the auto play music option on your site then at the time of homepage loading the music can attract the attention of co-workers etc. Keep the manual option available for visitors where they can listen to the music only if needed.

Some for the website designers may not use appropriate color schemes which makes viewing of content difficult. Selecting basic color is essential to allow easy text reading. Professionalism is invoked on using basic colors. Customers will go away to another site if they see the quirky colors. If the above five mistakes are taken care of then you can createa website worth visiting thousands of times. 

24 August 2012

Different types of website Hosting Services

Web Hosting is one of the key elements that can immensely affect the performance of a website. This is main reason why hosting service providers have now started to offer a range of hosting solutions. By doing so they are able to entertain needs of people who have different types of websites. Generally web hosts off two types of hosting services free hosting and paid hosting. Free hosting is mainly recommended to a user who is new in this field and does not have much knowledge about how to manage web servers. If we talk about paid Hosting Services there are several types of hosting solutions available in the market, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, Windows Hosting, Linux hosting and many others.

When we talk about cheap or affordable hosting solutions, shared hosting is the one that is most talked about. In shared website hosting several users share server resources among them. It is considered very economical and a great option for users that have a limited budget to spend on hosting. In fact it is known to be among the most cost-effective solutions one can go for. It is better than free hosting and is considered suitable for websites that do not expect too much traffic on them.

When we talk about expensive Hosting Services, dedicated hosting is one that comes to my mind. With this Web Hosting solution users get additional security and enhanced application support. It is known to be a highly secure and stable hosting server, which ensures complete support for web application and scripts. By using this web hosting solution, user has the complete authority over the server, which further allows him to have his own operating system, security software and other applications.

Cloud hosting is one which has taken the benefits of both shared and dedicated server hosting. This hosting solution basically provides the benefits of dedicated server hosting, but at the prices of a shared hosting. Cloud hosting allows a user to enjoy resources of several interconnected servers.
When choosing a website Hosting Provider, there are several aspects that a user needs to take care of. Among them price, reliability, uptime guarantee are major points of consideration. Customer support is also one of the crucial factors that can never be ignored. Companies, which provide quality support services and give a timely response to their customers, are generally the ones that should be chosen by a user.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/different-types-of-website-hosting-services-5927828.html

23 August 2012

How Domain Names and Landing Pages Help In Website Marketing

Domain Names
Domain Names
To market your website you will need to make the best use of landing pages and domain names. For your online business, they are the best marketing tools. The domain name is very important to enable customers to find your business. You site needs to be located easily on the web, right?

You need to make sure that you select words or a set of words that are easy to remember and use via the address of Internet Protocol. In this address, numbers are used in a series which are designed to allow communication from one computer to another, over the online resource.

Easy To Use Domain Names
To enable communication between computers, an IP or the Internet Protocol address is required in the very same way people need mailing addresses to post their letters at the post office. The domain name should not be too difficult to remember; hence conducting an extensive domain search is important. Registration of the domain name can be done at reputed domain registration companies online but you will need to identify a suitable one first.

The other effective tool that is to be used in marketing websites is the landing page. Squeeze page is the other term for the landing page. It is for the purpose of acquiring leads that the creation of this single web page which is called the squeeze page is done. Information provided on the landing page should be attractive enough to compel and motivate the readers to investigate the benefits of the service or the product.

In return a free video or a free report that is useful to the visitor is offered when you invest in the address for emailing. For the landing page the header should be simple, with no sidebar. The main aim of creating the landing page is to get the desired specific response. Ensure that there are no distractions on this page.

Beside this there are other tools like the Auto Responder also which can help in lead generation to ensure that the online business works well. Before you get started with the online business it is best to get things sorted out first, determine the best marketing tools, check domains and accordingly work towards success. Try to gain from the experiences of other people running online businesses by networking.

Make the Most of Online Business
Once you determine the best method you will be in a better position to help others to make the most of their online businesses, using effective marketing tools. Owning and setting up a presence on the web is the core function while marketing over the web, in an online business. The landing page and the domain name help in creating a great website.

The website becomes the base rostrum of your business on the web so you need to ensure the best of care while upgrading it. Take a look at the branded domain names of other businesses; this also proves to be effective for your online business address. All that matters is the effort made to spread the name of your web business. Creating your own brand is very important.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/how-domain-names-and-landing-pages-help-in-website-marketing-6109822.html

22 August 2012

Convert your blog into your personal website

Build a Website
Build a Website
If you have been a blogger with a good number of visitors to your blog, then you can start or convert it into your personal website using website templates. Generally blogs are offered for free but many facilities are blocked in a blog. You cannot advertise in a blog which is done for free. There is a restriction on the themes that can be used and also software that can be used. When you convert your blog into a website all restrictions are removed.

Search for good domains
By creating a website using an html website creator your visitors get to experience the blog and the site at one go. Your blog will feature on the search engine faster when a web site is created. The conversion of the blog to the website is quite easy. It is easier than creating a website afresh. You only have to choose the correct domain to change over your blog.

Some domains give you space with an expiry date and you will have to keep renewing your space booked almost every year. Look out for domains that will give you life time space. This way once you have taken your space it is yours for lifetime. You have to keep it alive and interesting with your articles, advertisements and other interesting information.

Look for FTP
The conversion from blog to website is possible only when the server has FTP which is File Transfer Protocol. This is a network protocol which is standardised to transfer files from one host to another. Choose the correct setting of FTP needed for your website. You have to then log into the hosting service and create a file where your blogs will appear after the site is created. The file should be named similar to the blog name you had already created.

After this you have to log into your blogger. Click on ‘settings' under which you will find a link saying ‘publishing'. When this link is clicked another link which says FTP is shown. Once this is clicked you are close to combining your blog and website. The address of this combined version will be like this, http://servername.com/blog.

Create a unique name
The blog file name should be created so that the index for your blogs can be created. It is easy to scroll down the index list and choose the blog required. Ensure that there is no other page with the name you give for the blog file name. If the same name is give then all the files will be overwritten.

The FTP password is something that you get when you sign up with a hosting server. This password has to be entered correctly and should not be disclosed. Like the function of any other password it has to be remembered to gain entry into your website. Then you will get an option of making your blog public. This is optional and can be skipped if you do not need to go public.

When you are through with all these steps then just click on ‘save settings button' and your blog is converted into website. There are many companies who will do the conversion for you. Take their help and build your own website.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-design-articles/convert-your-blog-into-your-personal-website-6124988.html

21 August 2012

Work from home: build your own personal website

Build a Website
Build a Website
More and more individuals are choosing to work from home. The reasons for this are not hard to find. People do not want to face a long commute in the morning, women may have young children at home, individuals want to be their own bosses, they want to turn hobbies into their profession etc. There are times when individuals lose their jobs and then try their hand at something new in a small way working out of their homes.

Broadcast Your Business
No matter what you plan to do you need to tell the world about your business. You may walk dogs, bake cakes, make chairs, give lessons in music- but if you don’t have customers, you can’t get very far in your business. A personal website constructed using a website builder will solve this problem for you. You can convey in it all that you want to say about your work.

Keep Things Simple but Effective
Make sure the website projects the image of your business that you would like the world to see. The great thing about designing your web site using the easysite builder is that you can control the image. The logo you choose, where you position it are all under your control. Do not cram too much information on one page as that only serves to confuse the reader.

Make your domain name reflect what you do. If the thrust of your business is cushion covers, the domain name should reflect that. The brand message that you send out should be strong and clear. Make sure that your telephone numbers and email address stand out so that it is an invitation to action.

Newsletters Are Effective
Design a newsletter as it is an effective way to stay in touch with customers. When you launch a new product or announce discounts, let them be the first ones to know. E-mails are environmentally friendly because they use no paper that goes into a landfill. A website has about five seconds to make an impression so use it wisely.

Build awebsite that is personal and connected. Testimonials from happy clients go a long way in convincing others. Let your customers know that you can be contacted if they need to. That’s like saying you are in charge and responsible. Ensure the navigation method you follow is precise and clear. Use only one navigation menu which is used throughout the site. Users should be able to chart their way, hassle free.

Visitors are a capricious lot and they can exit your site in the blink of an eye if they find the going tedious. The navigation buttons need to be placed where they can be easily found. Research has it that the top of the page, preferably the left hand side is ideal. The links should lead from page to page so that when something catches their eye, they can switch over smoothly.

Keep your keyword research up to date. Before you put the web site together, have at least 6 or 8 keywords chosen that you can weave into your text effortlessly. Keep the tone and style of the writing consistent. Keep the site professional and project the image of being serious and committed about what you do. 

20 August 2012

Website Design With SEO In Mind

Online Website Builder
Online Website Builder

Designing a website is an important search engine optimization factor. The web is filled with thousands of websites already and new ones are getting added each day. With website templates available easily, people cab build their own. This means that there is a lot of competition amongst sites and it is very essential to be ranked high on the search engine. Just as any store has to be organized well for selling purposes in the same way the website has to be a well-organized site.

Visitors should find exactly what they are looking for at your site. If they do not find it then they can get irritated and leave your site to go and search for another one.  Chances are there that they may not even want to return back again to your site, which means it is your loss. So why not have your website, SEO optimized in the very first place itself. You can do that using an html website builder.

Optimizing Websites
The search engine will negatively react if the website contains no substance, is automated overly, is just flashy with no effective content or is outdated. Hence for optimizing the site and designing the site a few things will have to be considered and visitors can have a shopping experience that is the best possible ever. In SEO or search engine optimization the website size matters a lot.

To attain a higher ranking the brochure site should have adequate number of pages. Those who have a site with just one page will not have an effective site at all. When people conduct a search on the search engine, they should be able to find a site as per their choice providing relevant information on a service or product. Remember that besides your site there are millions of other sites made using online website builder, in competition with you on the web and many of them are robust sites.

Competing With Robust Sites
Competing with robust websites can be a tough task. In such a case it is unlikely that your site containing a single page will be able to survive. To understand this better, you can take the example of two businessmen, out of who hands over a business card while the other offers a colorful brochure containing detailed content in it.

This information can include details of product, service, testimonials, credentials of the service provider, etc which gives a complete overview on the kind of services he is offering. It is but natural that the detailed brochure will have a better and effective impact as compared to the just one single business card.

Better Chance With Multiple Pages
In the very same way a one page site does not stand a very good opportunity against many other robust sites on the web.  Make sure that there aren’t too many pages and it offers relevant content only and that too in detail so that the visitor does not have to go searching elsewhere. 

Ensure relevant keywords, fresh content, key phrases, graphics, photos, images, back links, meta tags etc so that an attractive and creative website is created. Also avoid using frames as far as possible as this can affect ranking on the search engine. Hence SEO will have to be given prime importance while designing websites using easy website builder.

19 August 2012

Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Own Website

Website Design
Website Design

While undertaking website building, some mistakes are made due to which visitors leave the site and go to other sites. Visitors need to find the right kind of information they are looking for. Lots of time is wasted by visitors if navigation is difficult due to which there is frustration leading to loss of money, visitors and productivity.

The ecommerce website design should be easy to navigate, so that a large number of visitors can get attracted to the website without having to waste too much time. Navigation that is designed badly can prove to be harmful to the site. A lot depends on the website design. The common mistake web designers make is not having relevant and adequate content on the site. Use the site builder that will appeal to you as a user.

No Updated Content and Complex Web Design
At times there is outdated content which has no place in the technological advancement taking place at rapid speed on the internet. If there is no updated content, it is an indication that the website owner hardly cares for its visitors or those reading the information. Hence you will need to ensure that only updated content is published on a regular basis to keep visitors attracted to the website.

One of the commonest mistakes is having a site with complex web design. The site turns out to be a slow site due to difficult designs. Visitors do not want to wait if uploading time is too much. They prefer to visit sites that have web pages that upload in just a few seconds and have access to relevant content they are looking for.

Using Flash, Pop Ups and Sounds
Some of the sites are based on Flash. This is also one common mistake in a web design. When Flash is used, indexing is not properly done by the search engines. Textual content is indexed on the search engines to ensure search engine ranking. At times the arrangement of the navigation bar is poor, at times too big or too small which cannot be read or is positioned wrongly leading to inconvenience to the website visitor. People generally prefer web applications that allow easy usage and hence you will need to identify a web design that is not puzzling.

The other common mistake is having pop ups and auto sound which can be annoying to the visitor. The pop ups, increase the loading time of web pages, due to which visitors want to move to another site for browsing. Even sounds and videos increase loading time.

Using Broken Links, Graphics and Videos
Another common mistake is not looking into issues related to broken links and slower time for loading. Visitors want to save time too and hence will not keep waiting to get through a link or for a page to upload. Usage of photos, images or graphic can lead to slower loading of sites.

The other mistake that is common is usage of tiny text and errors and typos. There could be other mistakes too which give the impression that the site is not professional. Usage of fonts has to be professional which can have a better impact on the visitor. If all the above mistakes are avoided while creating website online then the chances of increasing the number of visitors and sales will increase, overall.

18 August 2012

Launch your own professional website with .in domain

Domain Name
Domain Name

With the Indian market booming with the use of net, .in domain has been introduced and already there are many takers for this domain. It is indeed a domain solely created for India. It gives many facilities for Indians, be it a business house, institutions, organizations or individuals. Indian government had the .in registry which gives a list companies authorised to sell the .in domains.

Choose a name

Launching a professional website with .in domain name is not very different from other domains. Choose a domain name that is appropriate for your work and register. Generally a fee will have to be paid for the registration. For each level there is a domain registration charge. The registration can be done for a period of minimum 1 year and a maximum for 10 years. Some authorised .in domain sellers offer free registration. You do not have to pay for a year. Government of India has reserved some names for its use and these names cannot be used.

The next step is hosting which is also followed like any other hosting companies. Here too there are many big players who are offering the hosting of website also free of cost for one year. Getting a domain name is akin to getting your company registered with the government body. Hosting is like renting a place to run your business. The host company stores all the matter for the world to see.

Design your page

To design the web pages professional help can be taken or you can use a website builder. To encourage more Indians into this domain some of the big accredited sellers of the domain offer to develop the web pages also free of cost. You can avail this opportunity or create the web pages with the help from the professionals. As soon as the web pages are designed a trial run of the pages must be done before the final hosting.

Once this is done make the website SEO enriched. There are many tips for making your website search engine optimized and you can follow that after the launch of your website with .in domain. There are some rules to be adhered to while hosting a website with .in domain.

Certain rules

The domain names should have minimum 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. The names can have digits, letters and hyphens but the name cannot begin or end with a hyphen.  There are unreserved zones and reserved zone in .in domain. Some of the unreserved registrations are .in, .co.in, org.in, com.in, firm.in, gen.in and ind.in. Gen.in is for general category and ind.in is for individuals.

Name transfer within these unrestricted zones is permitted. But you cannot do it in the restricted area. The restricted areas are ac.in for academics, res.in for research institutes, edu.in for colleges and universities, gov.in for government and mil.in for military. All these names are only for India while the unrestricted zones names are available for anyone in the world. 

All facilities like other domain are available here too, the only difference being it is India friendly. Many businesses and individuals have registered with this domain and many more are to add their names soon.

17 August 2012

How to Make Money from Your Own Domain

Domain Names
Domain Names

By creating your very own website a good amount of money can be made online. The job is not difficult nor do you have to be a technical expert to make your own domain and then earn money from it. Skills related to programming are not needed to create a website of your choice. A lot of people are getting into affiliate marketing these days to earn money online.

Requirements for creating the domain are an HTML editor and a web application for designing. Many web designs are available free of cost on the internet using which you can design a website without any computing skills. The web page should be all about the kind of website you want to have.

Identify a Niche Product or Service
The first thing to do is identify the niche like having a website on pets, a particular game, gardening, hobby, etc. For the site a domain name will be needed for which all you have to do is type out ‘buy domain’ on a preferred search engine and get a list from where the name could be purchased. There are a number of popular sites where a domain search for a domain name could be done.

For domain name hosting an account for website hosting too will be required and this list can be availed by conducting a search on the search engine. While there is hosting that is limited in some, the domains are unlimited in the others but you will need to select what is best for you and your needs. Domain registration is not a complicated affair.

Web Hosting With Popular Providers
Make sure you consider popular providers for web hosting only. On doing this, the next thing to do is uploading web pages on the internet by using an FTP program available for free. Once this is done, you can start using the website to start earning money. Some affiliate programs will have to be joined or some niche goods will need to be identified for the purpose of selling.

These can be included in the website links for selling. Again make sure that affiliate programs that are popular enough only are selected. Money can be earned once the visitors come to your site and start clicking on the link for buying products. For each of the sale that occurs, a commission will be earned.

Increased Visitors Leads to Generation of More Money
If your website has more visitors then there is an increase in sale and more money is generated. There are different ways of earning money on the online source. One of the most popular methods is affiliate marketing. All that you have to do is sell the products and services of other people on your site and in the process earn a commission on the same.

Everything depends on the number of visitors getting attracted to your site or domain and hence makes sure that an attractive website is created and the products and services are advertised in the most effective manner to draw customers to the website and increase sales to generate money.

16 August 2012

Have a business idea: Get a website

HTML Website Builder
HTML Website Builder
To start a business there are many prerequisites starting from money to invest to the drive to carry on the business facing all odds. Also very essential for the business to flourish is innovation and the ability to adapt to the changing times. With the presence of internet looming all over the world all businesses look to it as the latest and best way to do business.

A wider reach

When you create a website creating a website for your business you are announcing to the world about your products. With advertisements in papers, magazines, televisions, banners, hoarding and sign boards the reach of your business is restricted. Maybe the whole country will know about your product but with a website the world will know; this is the reach of a website.

The truth is that business growth is getting more dependent on websites. People all over the world are looking for products through their pc, laptop and even their mobile phones. So if your business does not have website then you will lose it to your competitor. So along with the commencement of your business, launch an attractive and informative website using a website creator.

Cheapest form of advertising

The best thing about creating a website for your business idea is that it is much cheaper than other forms of advertising. The initial cost of creating a website and hosting it might be a little high but it is almost one time investment. And even this will be much lesser than creating an ad film. You can create pay per click advertising and get traffic to your website.

With a website for your business you can avoid printing costs and postage charges. Generally when a new business is to be launched the media is the first launch pad and then pamphlets and brochures are distributed. To keep the business going the same procedure has to be repeated. This can be avoided when you launch a website. The first publicity material should provide the website details.

Create user friendly websites

You can easily expand your customer base with a website and outdo your competitors. As a step to further business, these websites are offering online sales. This makes it easier for the customers and the sellers to carry on business without much hassle. The internet creates a level playing field for the business. You can compete with the big names in your business.

Once you have decided to create your website using an html website builder for your business idea the next step is to do it effectively. The best thing about the internet is that you can sell anything; your products, ideas, service, anything. The site should reflect the purpose of your business. The website should be simple and attractive. The domain name should be catchy. The content should be crisp and informative and browsing through the website should be easy.

Update your website as often as possible. Add customer testimonials. New visitors will definitely go through the customer testimonials. Make it SEO friendly. The latest on website selling is linking your websites to social networking sites. The websites look better with visuals and it has to be user friendly. So if you have a business idea, link it with your website and it is bound to grow.

14 August 2012

It’s Time To Go Professional: Go .PRO

.pro domain name
.pro domain name

For your website on the internet you will need one of the best domain name extensions. If you want to go professional then the best way to go is the .pro extension. A number of roles are played by the website’s domain name. Visibility extent of the website can be best determined with a good domain name extension in the world of the internet.  Yours may be a new website hence understanding availability of different extensions is necessary. They range from a generic to the code of a particular country.

Domain names in top level
Some of the domain names in top level and fall in the generic core group are.com, .info, .net, .name, .org and .biz.  The other generic domain names are .job and .pro; however there are some restrictions in their designations. Eligibility proof is necessary for registrations done within the set guidelines for each one of them. Restrictions on the codes of the country also prevail. The most popular of all the domain extensions is the .com recognized by most of the search engines.

Without a domain name, the website is incomplete hence an effective domain name will have to be purchased for the site. It should also be a memorable one. As compared to the rest of the domain names, the selected domain name should ensure higher ranking on the search engine. It will not do any good if in case, the selected domain name is wrong.  Efforts need to be put in, in finding a good domain name for the purpose of registration. A combination of dual words is considered a better choice.

Testing on the registry
Before anything else, it is best to try out your very own name, if a professional site is being put together. As far as numbers are concerned, the number 1 is preferable. The name of the service or the product being offered can also be tried out which visitors can find it easy to remember. After short listing a few names, they can be tested on the registry. As far as the .com domain name extension is concerned there is a lot of competition. A good idea would be to try out other extensions too.

Expenses towards registration of a domain name are not too much. Registration at a better price is possible if registration is done in bulk. For conducting businesses in a particular country, an extension for that particular country is best to consider. Some of the business owners consider the .com and other extensions for a specific country as well. Both domain extensions can be purchased if it does not cost too much.

The .pro domain name will help provide your professional identity on the internet. Once the website is ready, domain name registration is the next important step to take and submission to the search engines. Traffic forwarding is possible with two or more domain name extensions. On the server, the domain name is parked and for forwarding web services online another site is used.

13 August 2012

HOW-TO: Secure Your Email Using SSL

Email Solutions
Email Solutions
How is it possible to keep your email using SSL well secured? Personal and important messages, corporate information, sending important data, financial transactions etc are done on electronic mail. This information needs to be kept private and exclusive in the owner's hands. Greater security levels will have to be maintained which is not at all an easy process. This is especially when the storage of data is on the internet on remote servers. It is for this reason an email service provider is required.

Some of the latest tools for protecting passwords and filtering spam available are AOL and Hotmail. With these kinds of tools around, breaking into vital information is completely impossible and secure email hosting is encouraged. Technology of the next generation is used in the protection of servers that are firewalled for data packet analysis and IP address monitors. Besides this a number of tools are also used for ensuring that codes malicious in nature are not used for deploying fake identifications.

Avoid Malicious Practices
Even after a number of protective measures are taken the threat of spyware and hackers are faced constantly due to which huge losses are experienced. All this is due to the malicious practices being adopted on the web source. To secure data and identity, and prevent theft of any kind, there are a number of things that users can do. One of them is the secure email server.

The password could be unique for remaining safe and protecting data and identity. To ensure mailbox security, it is best to change the password each month and use unique symbols, letters and numbers. Your site could be redirected to you or to the Hotmail page for login or the AOL.

Technology for Spam Filtering
This information can be held by the tracking cookies which makes it easy for chain mails and spam for inbox targeting. Spam filter technology in advanced form is used by service providers of emails to prevent mails that are unsolicited from reaching your inbox. Identity theft risk and stealing of financial and personal information by spyware is also prevented.

If in case a request for financial and banking details is made then this should be reported immediately. Officials of the bank can be consulted first through the phone after which the transaction can be made. To protect financial and personal information considering important measures of security is very important.

Microsoft Outlook Benefits
You must understand that if the correspondence is authentic then such kind of information is not requested for. The security measures taken will redirect you to the Https site location that is well secured. The latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 is introduced for the Windows operating system. This is also the latest version of the desktop mail introduced for clients.

Sync contacts and every corporate email can be configured besides other information with the desktop mail by users of Windows 7. Features in topmost class are offered by Microsoft Outlook when it comes to Windows operation integration for accessing emails directly. For reinstalling components of software that is damaged and for configuring outlook, the support of Hotmail can also be considered.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/how-to-secure-your-email-using-ssl-6112258.html

11 August 2012

Mobile Email Will Overtake Webmail And Desktop Email

Studies indicate that mobile email will overtake webmail and desktop email by June 2012. As compared to webmail clients and the desktop computer, it is indicated that mobile devices will be used extensively for reading emails. A lot of people are also are already making extensive use of ipads to view emails.

This is due to the surge in usage of mobile devices. The number of people using the Smartphone has tripled. It has been found that an approximate 87% of people use their mobiles daily to check emails. This is just an indication for email providers, manufacturers of mobile phones, the Smartphone and ipads that the brands created by them should be optimized well for viewing emails on mobiles.

Optimizing Mobile Presence
In fact the web presence of the mobile should be optimized extensively as stated by the experts. Optimization of websites will help greatly to view the websites with great ease on mobile devices and it is commonplace understanding that if this does not happen they will not want to visit the website!
The operating systems for mobiles and the browsers unfortunately prove to be detrimental for the brands to make any kind of investments right away. It becomes essential for the brands to maintain cognizant attitude about rendering effective webmail hosting, images as well as text on devices like mobile phones, the Smartphone and ipads.

Role Of Designers And Marketers
For profiles of different kinds and email messages being viewed on mobiles, the brands will also need to account for applications. To do this, adequate resources will be needed. Across platforms of different kinds, the websites and emails will need to be optimized by the email service providers. This needs to be kept in mind by marketers and designers who are already have extra burden of designing sites and emails.

Besides this, the marketers also have a lot work to do in this respect including optimizing email servers. The experts are of the belief that that the whole industry of mobile devices, needs to adopt standards. Extensive collaboration will be needed by a number of platform providers including Microsoft, Apple and Google and many others.

Push From Certain Organizations
Amongst many of these companies there already exists power play. However for creating one of the best standards a lot of effort will be put in by the marketers, as stated by experts. Some push has been offered by organizations like DMA and the EEC or the Email Experience Council. A lot is being expected the world over.

In some of the elements of standardization, documents that are web based are visually presented in the Cascading Style Sheet new version called the CSS3. The mobile emailing uptake is already significantly in use by a number of noted brands since the past few months. With this in mind there are increased chances of the mobile email overtaking the desktop email and webmail, very soon.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/email-articles/mobile-email-will-overtake-webmail-and-desktop-email-6106428.html