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29 May 2013

How to choose between Windows hosting and Linux hosting?

Hosting Services
Web hosting plays a major role in determining the success of a website. Although there are various types of services offered by service providers, Linux hosting and Windows hosting services are among the most popular. The former is a type of web hosting that runs on Linux, an open source operating system that is cheaper than others. Many of the companies generally offer hosting services that run on the Linux platform. It is cheap and capable of running scripts in varied programming languages. It can also be used for running websites that are developed on platforms like PHP, Joomla and Ruby on Rails. Windows hosting services is a new form of hosting service that is offered by web hosting service providers. It runs on Microsoft Windows platform and has gained popularity as it can run scripts on ASP and .Net.

Linux vs. Windows hosting services

Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems, and among them, the former is the most popular operating system among web servers. Linux-based hosting has a higher number of features than Windows hosting services and thus, a higher preference in users. The major difference between the two operating systems is that Linux is an open source hosting service whereas Windows is not. The security factor usually depends on the quality of the administrator. Although, Linux is more secure than Windows, a similar level of security can be achieved if the latter well administered.

Things to consider while choosing between Linux hosting and Windows hosting 
  1. Reliability: Linux hosting is considered to be more reliable than Windows hosting as it can run several scripts, irrespective of the platform that is used to develop the website. In the case of Windows hosting, it can only run scripts like ASP and .Net.
  2. Price: Windows hosting is costlier than Linux hosting as it is not an open source OS, which makes the latter more preferred than the former.
  3. Control Panels: Linux hosting has a more user-friendly interface with respect to control panels than Windows. However, Windows hosting also has a good interface but is relatively less user-friendly.
  4. Security: In terms of security, Linux hosting is more secure than Windows hosting.
There are several aspects of hosting services that need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. Looking from a neutral perspective, both, Linux and Windows hosting, are good in their own right and can be used. However, with constraints like cost, user-friendliness and flexibility, Linux turns out to be the winner if there is a contest.

6 September 2012

How Does Web Hosting Affect The SEO Of Your Websites?

Web Hosting
Web Hosting
There are a number of factors related to search engine optimization and one of the most important ones is web hosting. It is important to know that both SEO and web hosting are linked. It is in two ways that hosting is affected majorly.

If in case your site is on a similar internet protocol address as a website that is spamming on the net it means that a lot of links of low quality are created for linking sites from all over. Maybe the spamming site is a site with a purpose of just generating links only. Search engines are alert to detect such sites.

Effect on Search Engine Ranking
In such a case the search engines will target such an IP address and anyone else that exists on it could also be punished. Even if this does not sound too fair it does happen since for the search engines it gets easier to do this. Your ranking on the search engine could get hurt in a linking between SEO and hosting especially when there are issues with web hosting to keep the site accessible online.

If in case a lot of downtime is experienced by the site then there are two fallouts to face. In the first fall out the search engines will detect that your site is not easily reachable and for this the punishment levied is a lower ranking. This is done to ensure that your site does not direct customers to sites that are not accessible or not easily reachable. This certainly makes a lot of sense to search engines concerned.

Issue of Inaccessible Sites
In the case of the second fallout, the webmasters involved in linking with you, start getting notification about your website being down and the links point out to sites that are not accessible. This leads to removal of links and SERPs boost which can be enjoyed by you. Along with the unreachable links the said links also disappear in the process.

It is in your best interest then to consider services of a good web hosting company which is trustworthy and reliable enough. Take the assistance of a good web hosting service which has never had issues related to downtime. Looking up the internet itself is a great idea to identify a credible good and popular hosting provider.

Lookout for a Good Hosting Provider
Just having a website is not enough. Identifying a good provider for website hosting is equally important for the website owner. It is a perfect investment to be made to ensure at least better ranking on the search engines as compared to other businesses. Finding a good provider is not a difficult task as any number of references is available.

Online businesses are becoming really competent which makes it important for online business owners to pay adequate attention to search engine optimization and web hosting as well. To minimize the negative effect of hosting and SERP ranking the right kind of effort will need to be put in like considering one of the best hosting services.

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5 August 2012

The Benefits Of Windows Hosting Over Linux Hosting

Windows web hosting is being considered by a lot of people these days, over Linux web hosting due to the number of benefits.  One of the most important aspects is the .net framework. If in case your websites needs visual basic or .net framework to rely upon then an excellent choice is Windows web hosting. These hosting services will provide you everything that is required for accomplishing a unique site by selecting the right language.

In the case of Linux web hosting, if in case visual basic or .net has to be used, it becomes essential to use the hosting platform of windows. If you are keen on using an extension for the front page or the Microsoft Front Page which is a popular program for web designing, then windows web hosting makes a perfect choice since it is easier to implement.

No Worry About Support Extensions

There will be no need to worry about support extensions for the server which you would otherwise experience with a Linux web hosting platform.  The best thing about windows web hosting is that it is not at all difficult to use. Process of learning only gets easier if the server is Windows based and you are familiar with the operating system of Windows.

For the sake of having a website maintained, there is no requirement to learn a new language! If you are a beginner, then web hosting on Windows will prove to be of definite advantage for sure. The other benefit of considering Windows web hosting platform is access compatibility. If you connect from an access database, data to be collected by your site via the windows server is accomplished via seamless database integration.

Developmental Services

MySQL is one option for database preferred by people for access. One of the biggest advantages of a windows web hosting services is development in case Visual Interdev and any other development on the site. Since Linux web hosting doesn’t support this development, most site owners prefer Windows web hosting.

The other advantage is that the pages are dynamically managed and ASP or the Active Server Pages remain driven web pages. A superior choice is considering windows web hosting if the website is to be dynamically driven by database or if the .ASP is to be used for the website.  .ASP is not supported well by the Linux server which is a clear indication that windowshosting is a better choice in such a case.

Usage of Scripting Languages
If on your site, scripting languages that are very popular have to be implemented then the right hosting is certainly the call of action.  .ASP has been gaining lots of popularity due to which a large number of website owners consider a change to the Windows hosting platform. Some of the site owners make a new change with the help of hosting providers even if Linux hosting platform has been used for a good number of years. Depending on your need the hosting needs to be addressed.

9 July 2012

Which It the Best Location for Windows Website Hosting

Windows Hosting
Windows Hosting

If for your website you require a service for Windows hosting in India or website hosting services then you will also want to know where exactly the server would be. If you are looking for a great loading time then you need to know that an important role is played by the location of an Indian server for web hosting.

Presently, there are thousands of business owners and individuals keen on hosting websites and the main concern is whether a web hosting company in another country or in India should be selected. If you reside in a particular company then the belief is that the targeted market too will be in that very same company.

Extra Juice Added To Your SEO Efforts
Targeted market being in the same place where you reside is one of the main reasons why a Windows hosting companygoogle in that country needs to be selected. Juice to your efforts on search engine optimization is added when websites are hosted in the very same country where the business is. This is also the opinion of some of the leading SEO authorities and well known makers of SEO software.

Having domains of top level including .org or .com proves to be advantageous at the actual location for website hosting. If the audience to be targeted is located in other parts of the world as well then this can be a moot point for you. When there are plans for hosting websites in multi language then thinking about other parameters is also important.

Meeting Web Hosting Standards Well
When the target is localized then only a big decision will have to be made. These are some of the technical details that are very important but it is the actual effort put in SEO which is helpful as compared to the web server’s location. One of the biggest advantages of considering an Indian hosting service is the affordable price.

Required hosting standards should be met with fully by the web hosting company. Most of the well-known web hosting companies will have some of the best reviews which can help in considering a good company. Making a decision that is well informed is sure to help. Speed of the website gets positively affected depending on the server location of the Windows hosting in India service.

Location Closer To Targeted Visitors
Make sure that the server is located closer to the targeted audience or the visitors to your website. If this is ensured then the website will load faster. One of the biggest benefits of speedier website loading is that multimedia and graphic files can be seen without taking up too much time, when a local web hosting company is considered.

However if you have just simple text to load then it does not matter if the web hosting company is located in India or abroad. If these things are kept in mind then accordingly a decision can be made on whether the web hosting company is best located within the country you reside or anywhere else in the world.

19 April 2012

How do I pick a Web Hosting Company?

Since the inception of Web Hosting it has seen several new changes. Choosing a hosting company can be really confusing with so many things to consider.  Narrowing it down to one company is tough nut to crack, especially for a novice. Here are few tips that will help you in choosing the right web host for your business or personal website.

The first thing that a user must look for in a hosting service provider in the uptime guarantee it offers. The user must pick a company that offers the highest uptime. Disk space and bandwidth offered by the web host also plays a pivotal role and must never be overlooked by the user. Web hosts today offer several add-on features that are mostly not required by users. It is suggested that a user must go through the hosting plans thoroughly and ensure that there are no unnecessary charges.

With more than 80,000 websites hosted on its servers, Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting companies. Net4 offers its clients with high-end multi core/ multi processor servers, instant activation and dedicated key account manager. With Net4’s hosting solutions, customers also get unlimited data transfer and back-up, multi redundant bandwidth network and many other attractive add-ons. Net4 offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting as well as VPS Hosting plans among various others.

18 April 2012

Why Windows Hosting is most recommended?

In order to have a successful website it is vital for a user to select the best possible service provider, as there are not one but many affordable Website Hosting companies available in the market today. This is because quality web hosting is as important as affordable website hosting.

Windows Hosting is one such web hosting plan that is very popular among hosting service providers. This hosting solution is not only compatible with .NET and .ASP programming capacities, but also with other open source technologies, such as Perl, PHP and MySQL. Though Windows Hosting is a costly hosting solution in comparison to other popular hosting services like Linux Hosting, it is the most suggested service when a user thinks of using windows-based products, services and applications on the website.

Net4 India is one of the leading domain registration and web hosting company in India. The company offers affordable Linux Hosting as well as Windows Hosting plans in India. Net4’s hosting packages are highly customizable are very redundant. All the hosting plans come along with limitless data transfer and up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. Net4 also provides its clients with 24/7 support via phone or helpdesk, dedicated account manager and several other add-ons.

11 April 2012

Making a choice of Web Hosting package

Whenever you are seeking to launch a new website on web, one of the vital things that you need to take care of is the type of hosting solution you will use for the website. This is considered very crucial as a right Web Hosting plan can immensely help in the success of the website. There are various kinds of hosting solutions available today, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Shared hosting refers to a hosting environment where several websites exist on single web server. A web host basically allocates small amount of disk space to several customers. Dedicated hosting is one in which a web host allocates the complete server to a single user. VPS Hosting is a website hosting solution where the hosting service provider can divide and make multiple virtual servers from one physical server. Cloud Hosting is a website hosting solution that allows its user to host the website on multiple connected servers.

Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting service providers in India. The company offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and java hosting plans to its customers. Net4’s hosting plans guarantees its user up to 99% uptime and unrestricted data transfer.

10 April 2012

Cloud Hosting: Helping business in evolving

Cloud hosting has now become as one of the premium website hosting services. With the due change in technology, this hosting solution has become easily available to users. Organizations, who previously used to use dedicated servers for its hosting requirements, have now switched to this Web Hosting Service because of various advantages.

The biggest benefit of using this Web Hosting solution is that a website has computing powers of several connected servers. A website that is hosted on cloud servers has the ability to run on a number of servers at any point of time. This hosting solution rarely has any type of downtime. Another advantage of this plan is that its user needs to only pay for the amount of computing power it uses.

Net4 India is one of the leading web hosting company in India. The company offers premium and affordable Web Hosting plans to its customers India. Net4’s web hosting packages are not only affordable for users, but also provide them with the option to further customize these hosting plans according to their needs. All the hosting plans come with unrestricted data transfer and 99.9% uptime assurance. Net4 also provides its customer with 24/7 support via phone or helpdesk.