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11 July 2012

ICANN New gTLDs (new generic Top Level Domains)

Get ready for the next big .thing
An overview of New gTLD's (new generic Top Level Domains).
The Internet is about to experience a dramatic and important change that will effect every user.

Today, web addresses end with familiar extensions such as dot com and dot org. Soon there could be hundreds more of these dot extensions. Their called generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs.

What do new gTLDs mean for you? This video will help you find out. In order to understand what exactly is changing and how it will effect you lets look behind the scenes at how domain names work. This is what is known as a generic Top Level Domain. Today there are only twenty two such TLDs, After the top level comes the second level. When you register a domain name you are actually creating a unique combination of a first and second level name. Lets say you want to register "I'll register!" You are the registrant and you acquire the name using a registrar accredited by ICANN.

Registrant -- Registrar -- Registry

The registrar checks with the registry and if the name you want is available then you get to use it. Note that the registry is who makes your domain name function technically. The registry puts your domain name in the right databases so that the rest of the Internet can find you. Until now, there have been millions of possible domain names on the second level but fewer than two dozen generic domain possibilities at the top level and that's what about to change.

With ICANN's new gTLD program the Internet name space will expand.