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20 September 2012

Raining Discounts on Domains@ Net4

Here is your chance to grab your favorite domain names at huge DISCOUNTS. Net4 India, which is one of India’s leading domain registrar and web hosting service provider, is offering a special limited time discount on various domains. The company is offering discounts of up to 80% on various domain extensions.

The ICANN accredited domain registrar is offering a FLAT 30% OFF on registering a .NET Domain. .NET has become one of the most popular generic top-level domain names (gTLDs). According to a report by SEDO, .NET was amongst the most registered gTLDs in the second quarter of 2012.

Net4 is also offering a 50% discount on .ORG Domains. .ORG is also one of the most popular domain extensions available for registration. The extension was initially introduced for non-profit organizations, but later on became a favored alternative for other popular gTLDs.

Net4 is also offering 47% discount on .CO domain names. .CO is a country code top-level domain for Columbia. .CO domain offers an instant recognition to all the Internet users globally who are looking to find and use your products online.

Net4 is offering 83% discount on .ASIA Domain registrations. .ASIA domains can provide you with a regional recognition, which can further increase your exposure to the growing number of Internet users in the Asia.

Net4 has also come out with an exclusive offer for people who wish to register both .COM and .NET domain names. The company is offering FLAT 25% OFF on .COM+ .NET domain registration.

Not only this, there is a long list of FREE extras- 2 Email Ids of 1GB each, Privacy Protection, 50 Sub-domains and DNS services with every domain name.

So don’t wait, hurry & register now . All these offers are valid for a limited period  only.

16 September 2012

25% discount on .COM+.Net domains @ Net4

3 September 2012

Is It Beneficial To Have A Domain Name For A Commercial Purpose?

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

To have a successful website like many other requirements such as hosting sites, using services of a website builder, registration of domain too is an important part. If adequate care is not taken then this could have repercussions on many of the aspects of the online business including SEO.

Your web address is basically the name of the domain. Besides this, it is also your online business slogan holding lots of information about the kind business you have on the web. It does not matter whether you have just initiated an online business or you already have a website, a good domain name matters a lot for your web business.

Ranking Depends On Domain
Clients put their trust in your business depending on this domain. Your ranking on the site depends on the kind of website you have. For both, the robots of the search engine and the owners of websites, a domain needs to cover aspects of different kinds to be termed as a good domain. There is no need to religiously follow each point at the time of new domain registration, but if important aspects are noted, then that is enough.

Length of the name of your domain needs to be given due consideration. Keeping it as short as possible is important for the search engine robots as well as the visitors to the site. Potential clients will want to remember your site, if they have been able find their topic of interest at your site.

Short and Memorable Domains
Hence, if domain names are short and easy to recollect, the visitors will find it easy to get back to your site. If the URL is lengthy then there are increased chances of being penalized by some of the search engines. It is better to maintain shorter URLs. It does not matter if you are targeting to rank for a keyword that is long tailed. All that is important is avail a domain that matches perfectly well. 

TLD or the top level domain is another important aspect that needs to be kept in mind.  .net or .com is the most commonly used TLDs by masters on the web. Some others prefer TLDs that are country specific too. .info an affordable option is also considered by many others. A lot of studies have been conducted to determine domain names that are effective.

Esthetic and Professional Domain
Reports indicate that .net and .com are the oldest and most trustworthy choices in general TLD category. Another important aspect to look into is the domain registrar from where the domain is to be purchased. Make sure you consider services of good registrar or provider for web hosting. The domain should remain as esthetic and professional as possible.

It will be a memorable one only if use of special characters is avoided. All that is needed is a little bit of effort and care while having a domain for your web business and make it successful. There is already a lot of competition prevailing online which makes this necessary.

1 September 2012

Impact of Domain Names on SEO

Domain Name
Domain Name

A lot of online businesses have to have websites to ensure presence of an online business. While there are some websites that perform well there are others which are not able to do too well. One of the factors that need consideration is SEO or search engine optimization before you register domain names.

It does have a positive impact in the way your site performs on the web. At the time of constructing and maintaining the website, it is SEO, an important factor that will need to be kept in mind. The domain name is definitely important and does have an impact on SEO. When it comes to a selection of domain names, there are four basic types that you could consider.

Domain Choices
To choose from, there are generic domains, branded domains, combination domain and geographical domains before a domain registration process. As far as branded ones are concerned they are represented in a manner that with the kind of services provided they too become synonymous. On their own, they have no meaning basically. or is two examples of branded domains.

The other domain is generic domain which incorporates keywords like Such domains have meaning in a broad range. Some of the domains are geographical domains which pin point to particular locations. These domains, narrow down to being location-specific rather than generic-specific. The other domain choices are combination domains which can be a mixture of geographical and branded or branded and generic.

It is important to know that each of them have a different kind of impact and are so viewed by the search engines. Domains and backlinks are also related. Keywords play a vital role in SEO. You will definitely gain a leg up while competing with other sites and being impacted by search engines if appropriate keywords are used in the backlinks.

If appropriate keywords are used within the web text then every time a backlink is created with use of anchor text which could also be the text for anchoring then the keywords too become a part of the backlink. This is a great way to have the backlinks optimized besides results on the search engine.

Keyword Usage and Branding
Some of the domains not having any meaning actually could also do extremely well on the search engines. The thing is that it is all about branding and keyword usage. All through the site if a particular keyword is used, the domain is branded with that keyword and quality backlinks are created then it is possible to have a great domain. Just the domain hosting is not sufficient.

At the same time it is necessary to have a website that is successful enough too on the internet. Finally it can be said that SEO does get impacted by the domain. It is important to create highest quality backlinks and utilize appropriate keywords in the text of your website. Any domain can become successful with these aspects and branding as well to become successful. 

17 August 2012

How to Make Money from Your Own Domain

Domain Names
Domain Names

By creating your very own website a good amount of money can be made online. The job is not difficult nor do you have to be a technical expert to make your own domain and then earn money from it. Skills related to programming are not needed to create a website of your choice. A lot of people are getting into affiliate marketing these days to earn money online.

Requirements for creating the domain are an HTML editor and a web application for designing. Many web designs are available free of cost on the internet using which you can design a website without any computing skills. The web page should be all about the kind of website you want to have.

Identify a Niche Product or Service
The first thing to do is identify the niche like having a website on pets, a particular game, gardening, hobby, etc. For the site a domain name will be needed for which all you have to do is type out ‘buy domain’ on a preferred search engine and get a list from where the name could be purchased. There are a number of popular sites where a domain search for a domain name could be done.

For domain name hosting an account for website hosting too will be required and this list can be availed by conducting a search on the search engine. While there is hosting that is limited in some, the domains are unlimited in the others but you will need to select what is best for you and your needs. Domain registration is not a complicated affair.

Web Hosting With Popular Providers
Make sure you consider popular providers for web hosting only. On doing this, the next thing to do is uploading web pages on the internet by using an FTP program available for free. Once this is done, you can start using the website to start earning money. Some affiliate programs will have to be joined or some niche goods will need to be identified for the purpose of selling.

These can be included in the website links for selling. Again make sure that affiliate programs that are popular enough only are selected. Money can be earned once the visitors come to your site and start clicking on the link for buying products. For each of the sale that occurs, a commission will be earned.

Increased Visitors Leads to Generation of More Money
If your website has more visitors then there is an increase in sale and more money is generated. There are different ways of earning money on the online source. One of the most popular methods is affiliate marketing. All that you have to do is sell the products and services of other people on your site and in the process earn a commission on the same.

Everything depends on the number of visitors getting attracted to your site or domain and hence makes sure that an attractive website is created and the products and services are advertised in the most effective manner to draw customers to the website and increase sales to generate money.

23 July 2012

What Makes a Good Domain Name?

Domain Registration
Domain Registration
What makes a good domain name on the internet? For the success of your website a good name is very necessary just as a proper location is needed for conducting a business in brick and mortar. There are a few characteristics which are important which should be kept in mind when you buy domain name. Domain names should be nice and short.

There is no need to aim at a definite number of characters, in a domain name search but try to maintain a shorter domain name as this is better.  It’s a bad idea to have a domain name, in more than three words. Instead of having a worthless domain name, try creating a short one. Ensure that it can be memorized or remembered at the time of domain name purchase.

Easy To Pronounce and Remember

Remember that visitors will not be too keen on remembering a complex domain name. What makes a good domain name? The next characteristic to keep in mind is avoid use of foreign words, difficult pronunciations, a letter combination that is strange, etc. which could lead to misspelling the online address. One of the best ways when you buy domain name is to have the .com extension registered.

If the business is going to be conducted at geographical regions that are specific, then the .org extension in domain name suits everyone. .com extension is popular worldwide and easy to register in people’s minds. When via the organic links or search engines, the visitors try to each your site a lot of attention is given to the domain name and not the URL. .com extension is so popular that after typing the company name, this extension automatically follows which should again be remembered in a domain name purchase spree.

Appealing and Descriptive Names

What makes a good domain name - A characteristic to keep in mind while determining domain name availability is that the domain name should be as descriptive and appealing as possible. It is easier for visitors to get attracted to an attractive website when they try to visit you via direct links via other sites and search engines. Besides this visitors are able to get a better idea of the business if the domain name is descriptive.

Better ranking on the search engine is possible if relevant keywords are used in the domain name. Before visiting the site itself, the visitors are able to get an idea on what the site is all about. What makes a good domain name? One of the other characteristics to keep in mind is the domain name pronunciation or a brandable domain, since can prove to be efficient quite equally.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers 

Content and name of the website can be associated well by visitors with brandable domain names which can be descriptive enough. At the time of domain name search make sure that numbers or hyphens are not contained in the domain names when you look for domain name availability.

Overall just remember that the domain name should contain most characteristics and even if your present domain name does not have some of the characteristics, it is alright. What makes a good domain name? There are a large number of domain names already doing well if without some of the characteristics, so there is no need to worry.

11 July 2012

ICANN New gTLDs (new generic Top Level Domains)

Get ready for the next big .thing
An overview of New gTLD's (new generic Top Level Domains).
The Internet is about to experience a dramatic and important change that will effect every user.

Today, web addresses end with familiar extensions such as dot com and dot org. Soon there could be hundreds more of these dot extensions. Their called generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs.

What do new gTLDs mean for you? This video will help you find out. In order to understand what exactly is changing and how it will effect you lets look behind the scenes at how domain names work. This is what is known as a generic Top Level Domain. Today there are only twenty two such TLDs, After the top level comes the second level. When you register a domain name you are actually creating a unique combination of a first and second level name. Lets say you want to register "I'll register!" You are the registrant and you acquire the name using a registrar accredited by ICANN.

Registrant -- Registrar -- Registry

The registrar checks with the registry and if the name you want is available then you get to use it. Note that the registry is who makes your domain name function technically. The registry puts your domain name in the right databases so that the rest of the Internet can find you. Until now, there have been millions of possible domain names on the second level but fewer than two dozen generic domain possibilities at the top level and that's what about to change.

With ICANN's new gTLD program the Internet name space will expand.