23 July 2012

What Makes a Good Domain Name?

Domain Registration
Domain Registration
What makes a good domain name on the internet? For the success of your website a good name is very necessary just as a proper location is needed for conducting a business in brick and mortar. There are a few characteristics which are important which should be kept in mind when you buy domain name. Domain names should be nice and short.

There is no need to aim at a definite number of characters, in a domain name search but try to maintain a shorter domain name as this is better.  It’s a bad idea to have a domain name, in more than three words. Instead of having a worthless domain name, try creating a short one. Ensure that it can be memorized or remembered at the time of domain name purchase.

Easy To Pronounce and Remember

Remember that visitors will not be too keen on remembering a complex domain name. What makes a good domain name? The next characteristic to keep in mind is avoid use of foreign words, difficult pronunciations, a letter combination that is strange, etc. which could lead to misspelling the online address. One of the best ways when you buy domain name is to have the .com extension registered.

If the business is going to be conducted at geographical regions that are specific, then the .org extension in domain name suits everyone. .com extension is popular worldwide and easy to register in people’s minds. When via the organic links or search engines, the visitors try to each your site a lot of attention is given to the domain name and not the URL. .com extension is so popular that after typing the company name, this extension automatically follows which should again be remembered in a domain name purchase spree.

Appealing and Descriptive Names

What makes a good domain name - A characteristic to keep in mind while determining domain name availability is that the domain name should be as descriptive and appealing as possible. It is easier for visitors to get attracted to an attractive website when they try to visit you via direct links via other sites and search engines. Besides this visitors are able to get a better idea of the business if the domain name is descriptive.

Better ranking on the search engine is possible if relevant keywords are used in the domain name. Before visiting the site itself, the visitors are able to get an idea on what the site is all about. What makes a good domain name? One of the other characteristics to keep in mind is the domain name pronunciation or a brandable domain, since can prove to be efficient quite equally.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers 

Content and name of the website can be associated well by visitors with brandable domain names which can be descriptive enough. At the time of domain name search make sure that numbers or hyphens are not contained in the domain names when you look for domain name availability.

Overall just remember that the domain name should contain most characteristics and even if your present domain name does not have some of the characteristics, it is alright. What makes a good domain name? There are a large number of domain names already doing well if without some of the characteristics, so there is no need to worry.

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