10 July 2012

How To Become A Domain Reseller In Five Easy Steps?

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting

The concept of domain selling is easy to understand. It is the basic trade mechanism of buying from person A in order to sell to person B. Here what is being bought and sold are domains. A domain reseller purchases domains from a domain registrar and sells them to individuals who are on the lookout for domains. Domain reselling as a money making venture is gathering speed as the number of individuals looking for sites are increasing all the time. Domain resellers make the task of renewing, registering and transferring a simple affair by providing an easy interface for users.

This interface could, sometimes, be connected to the registrar’s own system but that does not matter as the person who buys it will vest complete control over it. A domain reseller or a hosting reseller may also extend hosting packages which can also be accessed through the user interface. A reseller India is not difficult to find.

ICANN Accreditation
What you need to do to be a domain reseller is to first find a registrar who is accredited by ICANN. This organization that works on a no-profit basis supervises matters related to the internet that was previously handles by IANA. ICANN concerns itself with IP addresses and domains and other matters connected to the internet.

Buy and Sell
To be a hosting reseller, it is necessary to buy a vast quantity of bandwidth and then portion them off and resell them to buyers who are looking manageable quantities of bandwidth. Web host providers are always on the lookout for resellers hosting services because they do not want to invest in their own server but need additional bandwidth. The notion of reseller hosting has found easy acceptance because it is flexible and fills a void that exists.

Reseller hosting providers are in a position to offer their clients several options. The packages that they offer has combinations of features and choices that appeal to customers. Reseller India manages all the work connected to web hosting, maintenance and administration leaving the clients to manage their business.

Common Features
Some of the common features that are offered by hosting resellers are web space that is unlimited, limitless email accounts, many websites, limitless domains and round the clock maintenance. What customers look for is dependable service and support round the clock. What’s great for the customer is that hosting plans are available to them in Linux and in Windows.

Anyone who is interested in starting a domain reselling business or entering into a partnership with an existing domain reseller should scout around to see if this is the best offer they ate getting. There are a whole lot floating around and there may be disparities. Once you find something that suits you perfectly, you can go ahead.

The internet industry is a flourishing one and one can make a living milking it to one’s advantage. People who want their own domains are always looking for cheap buys and inexpensive registrars. If as a domain reseller, you can offer them inexpensive offers, you will never lack customers.


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