17 July 2012

Five Tips to Select an Effective Domain Name

Have you ever wondered how do some websites get so much traffic on them, while the rest remain as it is? There must be something that these websites would be doing that attracts so many visitors. Yes, there are certain things that the owners of these websites do, in order to get more website traffic. Let us accept the fact that most of the website owners just focus on the way their websites are designed and hosted, very few of them actually focus on choosing the right domain name for their websites. Here are five easy tips that anyone can follow to register an efficient and a suitable domain name.
  1. Keep it Short & Simple: The user must always try to keep the name short and simple. Short and simple names are always easier to remember for others. Users generally find it difficult to remember long or complicated names.
  2. Incorporate Relevant Keywords: The user should always include relevant keywords in the domain name. This allows the website to have high-rankings on various search engines. Keywords incorporated websites always tend to rank up on search engines.
  3. Keep it Unique & Exclusive: The user must always think of a unique name that should not be confused with someone else's website.
  4. Avoid Numbers & Special Characters: As far as possible, the user must try to avoid numbers and special characters in the domain name. By having them the domain name gets more complicated and further confuses the website visitor.
  5. Choose the Right Extension: The user should always know what type of visitors he is targeting before selecting the extension. Though it is usually advised to for the most popular .com domain extension, the user can also select region specific extensions for targeting local markets.
By following these basic tips, the user can also ensure his website to get good amount of web traffic.

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