25 July 2012

Why Should Move Your Small Business to the Cloud Server?

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Shared hosting and dedicated hosting were the two main choices for business owners and individuals to select in the previous years, for websites. As of now however, to the fore has come a hosting type that is quite different.

It is called cloud hosting, an option for hosting websites. It has been seen that in the recent years, that the largest of internet companies have adopted cloud hosting. Besides this, a small beginning has also been made by the smaller companies due to the benefits this hosting system offers. Now what exactly is cloud server hosting? A customer is allowed dedicated use of a plan for dedicated hosting.

Greater Reliability 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? One server is rented out to the company for website hosting. In cloud hosting, across a number of servers, the resources are spread across which work together and are termed as a cloud. When a group of servers are used then the reliability is more, which is one of the main benefits of hosting on the cloud. Slack can be picked up by another server, just in case malfunctioning of a particular server takes place.

It is the group of servers that proves to be advantageous. In a dedicated web hosting server, when the cloud server goes down, the website too goes down with it. Uptime at very high levels can be enjoyed when a cloud service is used for website hosting while the downtime is minimized.

Bandwidth Benefit

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Servers in highest quality and advanced technology can be accessed in cloud hosting. As far as bandwidth is concerned, it is advantageous to consider cloud hosting. If high traffic levels are attracted by websites unexpectedly then their performance could get reduced besides slowing down of websites in case of dedicated hosting but this does not happen in cloud server hosting.

Additional resources needed are provided by another server in cloud hosting India. This is a good option for businesses that are small especially when their website grows. The plan for hosting can grow well and adapt to it. Costs related to cloud hosting are not too high considering the kind of services they offer. Besides this depending upon the resources used, charges will be levied by the cloud hosting company.

Best for Companies with Limited Resources 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? A cloud server is beneficial for smaller companies looking for limited resources and those who are good in resource management at a competitive cost. The prices are not too high as compared to dedicated hosting. Since the server is offsite, the IT professionals within the company are able to dedicate time to other key areas in business.

Cloud hosting India is not only a reliable and prominent service these days it also helps prove ‘green’ credentials indicating reduction of impact on the environment. Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? It is because energy costs, time and manpower are saved when services of a cloud hosting company are considered.

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