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26 June 2012

Understanding Reseller Web Hosting

Affordable reseller web hosting services are easily available these days, due to the competition prevailing in the market. The companies offer best pricing, flawless web hosting with the help of professionals in the field. Demand for companies offering web hosting is increasing over the years and many of them offer special packages and plans.

At the best price in the market and with almost a 99.9% uptime the companies offer 24x7 customer support in web hosting. What exactly is this business of domain reselling? In the last few years it has become a profitable and easy venture. Anyone keen on setting up a small business that is web based can consider this reseller domain business.

Selling Process Is Simple
Thousands of websites have flooded the internet these days and each of the sites need a domain which the reseller can provide. Some fear that the process of reseller web hosting is complex but this is no so. As the name suggests, a domain reseller is someone who sells names of domains. They have a number of choices to select from.

Domain names are purchased in bulk quantities from a domain registrar that is registered and later on they are sold to personal computers. A reseller can purchase domains at affordable prices and in order to earn a profit can sell them at a higher price. Besides offering registration services for domain names, the reseller also purchases domains that have expired from the registrar and put them up for resale later on.

Not Much Technical Know-how Needed
A user interface is provided to the reseller via which he can transfer, register and even renew the domains by using systems of the registrar. The reseller too gets payment from the end user; actually registration of the reseller domain is done with the parent registrar of the reseller.

Hardly any knowledge is needed on the special techniques of the process since such tasks need not be performed by the domain reseller. The only difference between purchasing from the registrar of domains and the domain reseller is the price. Since the domain names are purchased in bulk quantities from the domain registrar it becomes possible for them to sell the names to interested customers at comparatively affordable rates.

Profitable Business in Domain Reselling
If you are keen on becoming a reseller of domain names, then there are many benefits to it especially for an entrepreneur who is new in the field. Setting up a business in domain reselling is quite an easy one. Huge investments in terms of capital need not be made, nor is any technical know-how needed for business establishment. All that you need to do is search for a domain registrar that is ICANN certified and who is able to offer a good reseller package.

Besides offering the domain names at discounted prices they also offer advanced and expert technical services. If you are a young entrepreneur then there is great potential in the domain reselling business. If competitive services are offered to customers at the best rate possible, then you are sure to succeed as a domain reseller.