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16 January 2013

Keyword Rich Domains: Why choose them?

30 November 2012

How To Register .In Domain Name?

Domain Name
Domain Name
On the web one of the domains at the topmost levels is .in. Just like other .com domain names, .in domain can be used for different kinds of applications, e-mail and websites. This symbol is a unique one and plays an important role all over the world. A simplified process is followed for registering .in domain name. Through a number of registrars, signing up for .in name is possible.

They are not only reliable and fast but simple to use and easy to purchase. The domain name is purchased from an official registry. The opportunity of .in domain name application before the general public was provided to owners of service marks or trademarks. The domain name .in can be obtained by anyone whether it is an organization, company or individual. This name gives the owner a sense of pride.

Accredited Registrars
To consider domain names registration it is very necessary to consider registrars that are accredited only since authority of .in domain name selling to the general public is provided only to such companies. Before you select a registrar it is important to look for detailed information, the rates charged, the background of the company and different kinds of extensions available.

For different kinds of registrants, the terms and conditions offered at the .in registry are also different. The .in registry makes amendments from time to time. You need to compare the rates offered at different registrars and try to select the most affordable rate. Steps for domain names registration are very simple.

Identifying the Right One
A domain name that is well chosen indicates that the website is professional. It just takes a few minutes to register the domain name. You need to first select the name, identify a domain registrar, register it and then finally point it to an appropriate server of a website. A selected domain name can be brand centric or keyword centric.

It can be composed of letters or numbers or in a combination. In some cases there could be dashes also. More focus is laid on keyword in a domain name that is keyword centric for the purpose of search engine optimization. Such domain types are used by smaller websites. You will first need to check whether the domain name you are considering is already taken up by another company before you buy domain.

Avoiding Trademarked and Copyrighted Names
More focus is laid on selling and making of the brand in a brand centric domain name. Phrases that are copyrighted or trademarked should be completely avoided. If another domain name is copied, legal action can be taken by the holder of that particular name. Since there are so many companies offering services for a domain name the chances of finding an affordable company always exists.

To buy domain names there are other kinds of extensions available besides .in, like .org, .net, .com, .biz etc. Major domains at top level include .edu and .gov especially for schools, universities and sites of governments, respectively. Staying away from .info domain names which are also less costly is advised since spammers could use them and this is the last thing any owner of a website would want.

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14 October 2012

What Should Be the Ideal Domain Name Strength?

Domain Booking
Domain Booking

Basically there are three approaches to determine a good domain name. The keyword, the brand and a broad keyword domain to match are the three approaches. For SEO or search engine optimization, a domain name that is branded is required which targets the right kinds of keywords. Name of a domain shouldn’t be difficult to remember or too long.

A succinct and short one is very easy to remember. Name of the site should provide an idea on the kind of service or product you are selling. The next thing is that it should be easy to read and spell. Hyphens and numerals should be strictly avoided unless it is completely unavoidable. If in case numbers and hyphens are used then you will need to be prepared to face issues related to navigation and also make the site appear less important.

Unique and Straightforward Domains
Strength of a brand name is seen when it is straightforward and unique. Again just having a brand name will not do since it may not have the kind of SEO value you have been looking for. It should have necessary links that point towards it as well. If this is not so, then no attention will be paid to the site by the search engines.

At the time of domain registration to ensure that best of the two worlds is incorporated, the ideal domain name would be one which is branded and keyword enriched. For businesses that are focused online, such domain names are most needed since performance on the internet is of utmost significance which can have positive effects in the longer run.

Better Links and Optimized Content
Some of the examples where keywords become a brand are, etc. A combination approach also works where keywords and brand names are used together for example, If you are looking towards quickest growth in organic marketing then domain name with keyword and brand in combination is best to consider along with following strategies for optimized content and better link building.

The only thing is that it is difficult to find domain names like these types while domain booking as they could also be in used by other kinds of businesses. Secondly the domain cost can be quite high to justify any start up. Domain names having just keywords would be the kind in which there is no tie to the brand or the name of the business.

Keyword Enriched Domain
Relevance of the website is indicated by the kind of keywords used in the name of the domain. Good performance is seen in the search results for domains falling in a category of this kind. is an example of a keyword enriched domain. Such domains can get the benefit on search engines due to priority given to keywords. Your website gets all the assistance required for getting off the ground as fast as possible. This also helps in establishing relevance to the queries and subject matter sought by the audience.

The only thing about this kind of an approach is that there is no availability of short keywords and key phrases since they are taken up by other online businesses. Then when the domain names become spammy and long, it becomes difficult to remember them leading to devaluation in search engine ranking. Determining the ideal domain strength always helps in search engine optimization.

13 October 2012

Benefit of Transferring Free Blogger Domain to a Custom Domain Name

Domain Name
Domain Name
Domain names work like shortcuts which point towards your blog. Without a domain name, you can own a blog of your own and have a number of domains that point towards one blog which is collection of your theme, your poses, widgets and comments which visitors see when they visit the blog. To get to your blog, the domain is a shortcut.

You could use domain upgrades of the paid variety and add the custom domains as a shortcut to the free address available for blogs. Instead of seeing the free address, the online visitors get to see a domain that is customized. The customized domain is easy to share, shorter, easy to remember and catchy too.

Upgrading Domains with Registration
On registering domains at for example the blog gets linked to the domain. When the domain is entered in address bar of the browser, the blog too shows up. Registering the domain name is an upgrade that is paid for and renewed each year and the blog continues to remain free. Even if the domain is not renewed, the blog continues to work.

If a domain registration has to be transferred to another registrar, then you need to get an authorization code generated by the registrar you have currently. The new code can be then sent to the new registrar. A few days are needed for the transfer. Even name servers can be changed. All that you will need to do is get the appropriate server name from the host and then by using the domain manager the change can be made. It is via the domain name that potential partners and customers can identify you on the internet and in turn you can build up desired credibility.

Getting a Lifetime Address
The task is not easy and hence needs careful attention when you check domain names that are most favorable for your online business. The most essential thing to have in an online business is your very own domain name and a blog as well. If in case you want to have the ISP or the Internet Service Provider moved then problems could be caused without a domain name since emails will not be forwarded properly.

A domain name is basically a lifetime online address, a hidden benefit. Domain registration of longer names is possible, but it is recommended that you keep it short. Short domain names can fetch millions of dollars at the time of being sold. Not only are they easy to remember but allow easy translation from radio advertisements, print and telephone and aren’t prone to typing errors.

Domains at a Close Match with Online Businesses
At the time of checking domain availability ensure that name of the domain is kept at a close match with the online business name. Dot com addresses are popular even if these days new extensions are available. If the domain name is trademarked and not owned by you then at the time of registering you will need to be a bit careful since it is illegal to cyber squat. Being ethical always helps to avoid falling into any kind of pitfall legally.

At the time of a domain purchase ensure that the existing domain being purchased is legitimate enough. Trying to select a domain name can be a frustrating process since most of the time; the best of names are taken away by other online businesses. Avoid grabbing at the very first name you come across. If your domain name is easy to remember then it is worth it.

19 September 2012

Beginners Guide on Domain Name Registration

Domain Names
Domain Names
One of the most crucial requirements for establishing an online identity is registering a domain name. Domain names are considered very vital for any website, as it is the web address that others will use to track your website. People who would want to visit your website will type in this address in the address bar of their web browsers. Most people who seek to build a great online presence tend to overlook the process of selecting a domain, which is rather not a right strategy to follow. A domain must always be selected only after a careful review and consideration.

Selection of Domain Names
Most people tend to overlook the process of selecting an appropriate name, as they just focus on the way their websites are designed and hosted. There are some basic set of principles that one must follow while picking any domain name. The user first needs to define the aim of having a website. If he plans to build a website for a recreational purpose, he can get away with any name, but if the website is meant for a business purpose the name should only be selected after a cautious evaluation. Several things go into making an ideal domain name, these are:
  • It should be unique & short
  • It should be rich in keywords
  • It should be suggestive to the nature of business
  • It should be simple and easy to memorize
  • It should be easy to spell and should not complicated
Domain Registration
When you have actually selected the name that you wish to register, it is time for you to register it. Domain name registration is one of the most crucial steps in building an online identity, as a registered domain becomes a legal entity of the domain registrant and no other part has any right to it. The process of registering a domain has become much simpler over the past few years. Here are the steps that need to be followed:
  • Select the name you want to register 
  • Choose a domain registrar to register the name
  • Provide your basic information to the registrar (name, address, phone number, email id, etc)
  • Make the payment for registering the domain
Domain Registrar
A domain registrar is basically a registered organization that is authorized by domain governing bodies to register domains. As there are several companies that provide this service, choosing one will not be difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow while selecting a registrar:
  • Choose a ICANN accredited domain registrar
  • Choose a registrar that offers reasonable prices
  • Choose a registrar that offers complete customer support
  • Choose a registrar that offers add-on services
All these above tips will surely help you in registering a great domain name, which will eventually help you to build a great online presence.

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30 June 2012

Get a Domain Name at an Attractive Price Range

Before you plan to do anything about your website, the first and foremost essential is to have it registered and that too at an affordable rate. Without assistance from service providers of website registration in India, putting the next step forward becomes a bit challenging and there could be obstacles.

Some of the domain name registration companies have a lot of names on record and offer them at cost effective prices. But the only thing is that you need to identify them correctly. These companies also offer DNS management absolutely free of cost, besides the control panel. This helps clients interested in getting the domain name transferred to any server name on the internet, from the control panel that is web based.

Find a Suave Company
It hardly takes a few hours for the registration companies to get the domain name registered once they receive your payment. An affordable service that is easy to use is delivered by the company to assist businesses to build successful online presence. It is important to find an efficient company for domain purchase, one that works with multi-currencies and offers support to clients 24x7.

Benefits of Public Domain Registry and Open SRS are provided for successful registration of the domain name by companies. Different kinds of packages are offered by domain registration companies. While some of them are for a period of twelve months there are others for a five year period. Within just a short time span, a number of issues of technical nature are handled by them.

Attractive Features
To allow you to expand your internet business, the companies offering website registration in India services, offer a layout that is very impressive. Some of the other features that are really attractive and provided by the domain registration companies include submissions to search engines, Management of DNS and Meta Tags, Homepage builder, email aliases up to unlimited extent, masked forwarding and a range of other features as well.

Some of them also provide free hosting of websites, forwarding URLs and emailing with and devoid of FTPs, Domain parking and cloaking. Besides the domain name being registered at a very affordable rate, no fuss is made in transferring rights of hosting to a different host.

Questions Asked By the Host
Two things are generally quizzed by a host. The first thing is that whether the registration should be under the client’s ownership or not and whether the transfer process will be accepted by the registrar. All that you need to do is to make a simple application to the registrar to process the domain name transfer.

The form in which the option has to be filled is provided by the company offering domain purchase. Once the option is selected, the client is directed to the confirmation page where via email the registrar can be contacted. To get the services, the rate is not very high. Some of the best deals are offered by domain name registration companies in India.