13 October 2012

Benefit of Transferring Free Blogger Domain to a Custom Domain Name

Domain Name
Domain Name
Domain names work like shortcuts which point towards your blog. Without a domain name, you can own a blog of your own and have a number of domains that point towards one blog which is collection of your theme, your poses, widgets and comments which visitors see when they visit the blog. To get to your blog, the domain is a shortcut.

You could use domain upgrades of the paid variety and add the custom domains as a shortcut to the free address available for blogs. Instead of seeing the free address, the online visitors get to see a domain that is customized. The customized domain is easy to share, shorter, easy to remember and catchy too.

Upgrading Domains with Registration
On registering domains at WordPress.com for example the blog gets linked to the domain. When the domain is entered in address bar of the browser, the blog too shows up. Registering the domain name is an upgrade that is paid for and renewed each year and the blog continues to remain free. Even if the domain is not renewed, the blog continues to work.

If a domain registration has to be transferred to another registrar, then you need to get an authorization code generated by the registrar you have currently. The new code can be then sent to the new registrar. A few days are needed for the transfer. Even name servers can be changed. All that you will need to do is get the appropriate server name from the host and then by using the domain manager the change can be made. It is via the domain name that potential partners and customers can identify you on the internet and in turn you can build up desired credibility.

Getting a Lifetime Address
The task is not easy and hence needs careful attention when you check domain names that are most favorable for your online business. The most essential thing to have in an online business is your very own domain name and a blog as well. If in case you want to have the ISP or the Internet Service Provider moved then problems could be caused without a domain name since emails will not be forwarded properly.

A domain name is basically a lifetime online address, a hidden benefit. Domain registration of longer names is possible, but it is recommended that you keep it short. Short domain names can fetch millions of dollars at the time of being sold. Not only are they easy to remember but allow easy translation from radio advertisements, print and telephone and aren’t prone to typing errors.

Domains at a Close Match with Online Businesses
At the time of checking domain availability ensure that name of the domain is kept at a close match with the online business name. Dot com addresses are popular even if these days new extensions are available. If the domain name is trademarked and not owned by you then at the time of registering you will need to be a bit careful since it is illegal to cyber squat. Being ethical always helps to avoid falling into any kind of pitfall legally.

At the time of a domain purchase ensure that the existing domain being purchased is legitimate enough. Trying to select a domain name can be a frustrating process since most of the time; the best of names are taken away by other online businesses. Avoid grabbing at the very first name you come across. If your domain name is easy to remember then it is worth it.


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