5 October 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting Your Own Website

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

At the time of hosting the website you will first need to make a decision as to whether you would like to do the hosting yourself or get in touch with a hosting company that is well established to outsource it.

In both these options there are some disadvantages and advantages. Hosting a site on your own has its own advantages the first being having good control over the hosting, monitor each and every thing related to hosting and the site.

Cost Effective Option 
It is good hosting solutions if changes are to be made on a regular basis. You will need to have your own server, otherwise hosting the site on your own is a cost effective option. There is no need to make a payment to anyone at all for hosting the site.

Flexibility is offered to an unlimited extent, you can select your own tools, database and hardware, no need of understanding procedures of another company providing website hosting etc. or pay extra for use of bandwidth or space for disc storage.

Earn Income In Addition
Since you have the expertise and the equipment for hosting sites then you could do the job on behalf of others and in the process earn income in addition too. Hosting sites on your own can have some disadvantages too. The alternative is cheaper but you may need to hire staff, and expertise related to hosting can be a costly affair.

Equipment and server are also needed and to operate this, expertise and technical knowhow is required as well. Instead of concentrating on your business you would pay more attention to these issues. Fast and reliable connection is available but at an expensive rate. To outsource hosting is an advantageous idea. The experts handle the entire task when the web hosting task is outsourced.

Peace of Mind 
The companies offer 24x7 customer support thus giving you peace of mind. This is an important need for some of the sites. As per choice servers can be shared too if you find that it is adequate to have shared hosting. The disadvantage of considering an outsourcing company is taken away if collocation is the option considered.

The server can be maintained with collocation. As compared to hosting, a collocation center is much cheaper since a number of variables and bandwidth is shared with customers. Managed hosting can be purchased with outsourcing which can help take away all your worries.

Potential Security Risk 
Outsourcing has some disadvantages. Due to the hosting package limitation, things are dictated to a certain extent. You could land in trouble if the outsourcing company runs out of business. If for your company the major issue is security then there can be potential risk in outsourcing.

While outsourcing is a good option for a good number of businesses, for others it is not.  For those not having the experience of hosting their own website, the best way to go is considering services of an established company or web hosting services. Most important is to consider you needs first before settling on outsourcing services.


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