12 October 2012

Step By Step Guide to Select A Search Engine Friendly Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names
Businesses and large companies have earned name and fame on the internet and established their identity with their business names on a domain name that does not express anything about the business they conduct. When you want to start a business on the internet you should make sure that your website can be easily located. This will enable potential customers to visit the same.

There are easy to remember, catchy and brand specific domain names. These brand names such as YouTube.com, Amazon.com, and ebay.com have become at present household names. These companies have invested huge amount of money in branding and marketing these domain names. If your budget is in a medium range, you can still reach the status of these big companies by selecting a keyword driven domain name.

A Friendly Name for Your Domain
Exact match domain names are good for your website or block as the search engines rank them high. To get such a name, you will need to use word order and identical spelling; you cannot use more than 2 hyphens. You can buy domains extensions such as .org, .net or .com.

There is a great demand that will enable you to sell your website with a .com extension at a profitable rate.  You can also select extensions such as .Edu. .Info or .US. These extensions will earn you high ranks on the SEO. There are some experts who are of the opinion that hyphens should not be used at all, as they cannot be considered as exact match domain names.

Making It Unique
If you want to make domain names unique, then you will have to use a modifier. This will help you make your keyword exact-match unique. Instead of hyphens you can use a word in inverted commas such as ‘Top’ umbrellas.com. This will make your product unique. The spellings of domain names should be grammatically correct and match the keyword.

If you want to target Web Design Tools then the keyword that you use should be WebDesignTool.com, thus the name of your domain should not be Web Design Tools.com that should be the keyword. If you use the keyword search tool it will help you locate a good exact match name for your domain for your important keywords. 

Improve Your Websites search Ranking
You should register domains names. This will make you a legal owner of the name. You can buy domains on the internet, at first you should select a particular keyword combination. Once you type these keywords you will come to know the extensions that these keywords already have. Utilize an Excel document to download all the keywords. When you select from the list an Excel spread sheet will open.

Once you have completed this you can log on to Google and search for register domains or get a list of top bulk domain search tools. You can get hold of the currently used keyword driven domains. Searching for domain names may be slightly stressful but the right process is sure to benefit you and your business at the end.

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