11 October 2012

How to Pick a Domain Name for Your Ecommerce Business?

Domain Names
Domain Names

For your domain search there are innumerable things that you will have to look into. When you are conducting your business on the internet, you need to have a domain name that will not only give you a different identity but also your business will be distinguished from other businesses on the internet. Web users will conveniently and quickly reach your website.

Domain name registration is a must as otherwise it would be considered illegal. The name that you choose should be a lot different from other domain names on the internet. You should do a proper search on domain availability. Be careful that you do not take up any domains that are already being used.

Name Describing Your Business
A domain name or a keyword base name that gives a general idea about your business can be a trump card for your business. Suppose you are dealing in leather products and your hottest item in leather is ladies handbags, you can use coolhandbags.com instead of naming your company’s HMV leather. 

In ecommerce there are many big companies who have their domain names as the name of their company, but there are a number of them who are successful because of their specialty, to take for example 1800flowers.com and staples.com. Your specialization can allow you to set up an ecommerce network of multiple sites. Each domain name, in case of a network, should be relevant to the product category sold on the website.

A Short Site Name
If you want your customers to remember the name of your site without any difficulty, then the name of your site should be short and easily remembered. This will enable your customers to recommend your site to their friends without putting their memory under stress. It is convenience and speed that internet is all about, thus your domain search for a domain name should be on the same lines.

The domain name should be such that even a new customer should be able to reach your website effortlessly. You should be very careful when you are selecting the domain name from the domain availability list. You should select one that will be best suited for search engine as this is the best place where you will be advertising your products to earn you a good income from your online business.

Protect Your Domain Name
Domain name registration is a must. Whatever name you choose for your domain name, you should not lack in Postscript, domain name protection. You should get relevant anchor text with backlinks which will benefit you. You cannot impress search engines by just having product terms in your domain name. What really matter is that you should have a high rank on the search engines.

If you have a domain name which is rich in keywords, it will not only benefit the SEO but it will also add credit to your business online image. When people see an ad with a domain name that contains relevant terms and looks to be unique, they will definitely click on the link and may be even recommend the same to their friends.

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