14 October 2012

What Should Be the Ideal Domain Name Strength?

Domain Booking
Domain Booking

Basically there are three approaches to determine a good domain name. The keyword, the brand and a broad keyword domain to match are the three approaches. For SEO or search engine optimization, a domain name that is branded is required which targets the right kinds of keywords. Name of a domain shouldn’t be difficult to remember or too long.

A succinct and short one is very easy to remember. Name of the site should provide an idea on the kind of service or product you are selling. The next thing is that it should be easy to read and spell. Hyphens and numerals should be strictly avoided unless it is completely unavoidable. If in case numbers and hyphens are used then you will need to be prepared to face issues related to navigation and also make the site appear less important.

Unique and Straightforward Domains
Strength of a brand name is seen when it is straightforward and unique. Again just having a brand name will not do since it may not have the kind of SEO value you have been looking for. It should have necessary links that point towards it as well. If this is not so, then no attention will be paid to the site by the search engines.

At the time of domain registration to ensure that best of the two worlds is incorporated, the ideal domain name would be one which is branded and keyword enriched. For businesses that are focused online, such domain names are most needed since performance on the internet is of utmost significance which can have positive effects in the longer run.

Better Links and Optimized Content
Some of the examples where keywords become a brand are about.com, hotels.com etc. A combination approach also works where keywords and brand names are used together for example, HomeDepot.com. If you are looking towards quickest growth in organic marketing then domain name with keyword and brand in combination is best to consider along with following strategies for optimized content and better link building.

The only thing is that it is difficult to find domain names like these types while domain booking as they could also be in used by other kinds of businesses. Secondly the domain cost can be quite high to justify any start up. Domain names having just keywords would be the kind in which there is no tie to the brand or the name of the business.

Keyword Enriched Domain
Relevance of the website is indicated by the kind of keywords used in the name of the domain. Good performance is seen in the search results for domains falling in a category of this kind. TravelandLeisuure.com is an example of a keyword enriched domain. Such domains can get the benefit on search engines due to priority given to keywords. Your website gets all the assistance required for getting off the ground as fast as possible. This also helps in establishing relevance to the queries and subject matter sought by the audience.

The only thing about this kind of an approach is that there is no availability of short keywords and key phrases since they are taken up by other online businesses. Then when the domain names become spammy and long, it becomes difficult to remember them leading to devaluation in search engine ranking. Determining the ideal domain strength always helps in search engine optimization.


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