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7 June 2013

Benefits of dedicated server hosting for SME

Dedicated Server Hosting
Websites are the best means to build an online presence for business enterprises as they can easily display their products and services. Having a website has become quite easy with several free tools that are available online that helps in creating a professional and attractive website even without having any technical know-how. However, having a website is not enough if it is not available on the Internet. This is where web hosting comes up, wherein the website is hosted on a server and the website goes live on the Internet that can be accessed and visited by people. There are different web hosting services that are provided by hosting service providers. Among many, dedicated server hosting, shared hosting and Virtual Private Server hosting are the most commonly used services. Among shared and cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting is beneficial for SME as it gives an opportunity to manage high-traffic website and provides high-quality performance.

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is one of the types of web hosting, wherein a server is completely dedicated to one buyer. It can host a single website as well as multiple websites at the same time with a single hosting account. Unlike shared and VPS hosting, dedicated server is not shared with other users and is capable of maintaining high-traffic and running huge websites seamlessly. To be more precise, in dedicated server hosting, a single computer is used in a network that is solely reserved for a serving the needs of that network. These servers are generally rented out but at times sold as per the requirement.

Benefits of dedicated server hosting

Dedicated web hosting offers you the resources of a whole server that is not shared with anyone else. With a server that is absolutely dedicated to you and your websites, you will always have sufficient bandwidth and disk space to handle huge amount of traffic along with any kind of multimedia and interaction. Dedicated server hosting is the best option for SME over other server types owing to its various benefits.

  1. Reliability: Dedicated server hosting is reliable in comparison to other type of servers. In this, there is less or minimal probability of website having downtime. Even in case of VPS server, your site can crash since it does not have access to all the resources it requires to stay online, especially when the site is flooded with traffic.
  2. Performance: Without any doubt in terms of performance, dedicated servers are the best ones. Since they are not shared with anyone else, the websites hosted on these servers rarely face downtime and thus are perfect for SME, helping them to grow by generating more and more revenue.
  3. Secure: Dedicated server hosting is more secure that other types as dedicated servers are monitored by the technical support team 24x7. Thus, there is no chance of website crashing, DDoS attack or hacking.

Owing to the various benefits, companies offering web hosting in India provide dedicated hosting services to SME. The web hosting India is increasing with the growing demands of hosting services by business organizations.

23 October 2012

Cloud Hosting - Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting

24 August 2012

Different types of website Hosting Services

Web Hosting is one of the key elements that can immensely affect the performance of a website. This is main reason why hosting service providers have now started to offer a range of hosting solutions. By doing so they are able to entertain needs of people who have different types of websites. Generally web hosts off two types of hosting services free hosting and paid hosting. Free hosting is mainly recommended to a user who is new in this field and does not have much knowledge about how to manage web servers. If we talk about paid Hosting Services there are several types of hosting solutions available in the market, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, Windows Hosting, Linux hosting and many others.

When we talk about cheap or affordable hosting solutions, shared hosting is the one that is most talked about. In shared website hosting several users share server resources among them. It is considered very economical and a great option for users that have a limited budget to spend on hosting. In fact it is known to be among the most cost-effective solutions one can go for. It is better than free hosting and is considered suitable for websites that do not expect too much traffic on them.

When we talk about expensive Hosting Services, dedicated hosting is one that comes to my mind. With this Web Hosting solution users get additional security and enhanced application support. It is known to be a highly secure and stable hosting server, which ensures complete support for web application and scripts. By using this web hosting solution, user has the complete authority over the server, which further allows him to have his own operating system, security software and other applications.

Cloud hosting is one which has taken the benefits of both shared and dedicated server hosting. This hosting solution basically provides the benefits of dedicated server hosting, but at the prices of a shared hosting. Cloud hosting allows a user to enjoy resources of several interconnected servers.
When choosing a website Hosting Provider, there are several aspects that a user needs to take care of. Among them price, reliability, uptime guarantee are major points of consideration. Customer support is also one of the crucial factors that can never be ignored. Companies, which provide quality support services and give a timely response to their customers, are generally the ones that should be chosen by a user.

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8 August 2012

Advantages of Hosting On A Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server

If you are looking towards reaping benefits of reliable hosting of websites and peace of mind the best choice is hosting with managed dedicated server. Response time is excellent and is one of the characteristic of this server. Besides this services in premium quality and configuration of custom server can obtained.

The website and the business both will be able to benefit from hosting solutions that are stable and reliable in comparison to shared hosting. To meet the needs a dedicated server is needed so that it need not be shared with any other. All the resources offered by virtual servers can be controlled best by using it to the maximum extent possible.

No Disruption in Resource Sharing
It ensures that due to resource sharing there is no disruption of any kind on the website. As per your choice you can select and install applications and software as per your choice and requirement. You will no longer have to depend upon the host of the website. Time delays are also bypassed and so are the expenses related to VPS and shared web hosting.

On all the functionalities related to the email greater control can be exercised by the managed dedicated server. In the quickest possible time the static Internet Protocol addresses and accounts can be removed with the greatest ease. If in case you are running a website with a resource intensive that is large, then one of the best options is the dedicated server.

Adding Up To the Website’s Uptime
If a managed dedicated hosting is considered, your concerns will be treated at topmost priority. This is in comparison to other issues of customers that would enhance the stability as well as performance of the hosting solutions. Over a period hosting a dedicated server helps in adding to the website’s uptime as well.

Finding dedicated server hosting provider is an easy process if you are willing to take the pains on researching for one. The internet is the best source to identify a good provider of managed dedicated hosting service. The next thing to do once a suitable provider is identified is service and product comparison.

Besides this you will need to lay particular emphasis on certain factors which include solution reliability, satisfaction of customers, cost as well as experience. It is always better to make a decision that is well informed while selecting cheap dedicated servers. To get the facts and truths right, looking up the website of the provider makes greater sense. You can even look up reviews to check whether customers who have considered the provider’s services before are satisfied with their services or not.

Another wise thing to do is access social networking sites, blogs and online forums, read testimonials of existing and past customers and their feedback. You can also check opinions of experts.  You should attain complete peace of mind while handling your website and its needs. There are a number of genuinely managed dedicated servers having cloud hosting providers available online for you to make the best choice.

29 July 2012

The Benefits of Using Tomcat with VPS Hosting

Java Hosting
Java Hosting
If you are a webmaster and you intend to get a very stable virtual private server hosting, then you need to look for a web hosting company that provides VPS hosting services. Individuals as well as online business websites use this service as it is quite affordable and offers something better than the regular fare.

A web hosting company will also provide you with additional features like greater disk space, more bandwidth, and flexibility of having more advanced web application and advanced web security. The virtual private server hosting has also made the dedicated server hosting reasonably affordable. The virtual private server today offers many more advantages than the normal VPS.

Advantages of Virtuozzo
In the Virtuozzo VPS system, the physical web server is separated into 3 virtual layers. This helps all the VPS partitions on the VPS server to become unaffected in the face of poorly performing VPS that may exist on the same physical server. This is a major advantage and there are also many add-on web applications that can be used to make it an extremely powerful web hosting application.

Many web masters are now opting for the advance Virtuozzo VPS hosting over the shared web hosting and other similar services. This is due to the extreme reliability and advance features offered by it. Being quite inexpensive the service is becoming a preferred choice of hosting, replacing the popular shared web hosting and even the reseller web hosting packages.

Free Hosting Service
There are a variety of hosting services available such as hosting that supports the latest technologies. You may try this application with a little help, even though you may not have an initial budget for the same. It is available in the paid and free version. The free version of hosting will provide you certain benefits and some of its features.

This hosting service provides features without ads. It supports all versions with latest technologies. It will provide you with free unlimited access for data base and free My SQL server hosting. Apart from full support CGI-bin, PHP and ASP, it also fully supports features of Silverlight.

Advantages of Tomcat Server
There are several groups of commercial enterprises and business organizations that are using Tomcat hosting on a variety of wide ranging web applications. Its start up speed is fantabulous. It provides consistent performance over other technology. You may use a Resin power server as an option to Tomcat. Tomcat hosting is reliable and flexible as it has its own internal web server.

It can run as a standalone host or it can also be merged with other web servers such as Netscape, Microsoft personal web server and internet information server and Apache to offer sound web hosting service. Tomcat is an open source application that attracts some of the best developers in the world to take part in the project and coagulate Tomcat’s functionality. Every open development project enjoys contributions from some of the best and most dedicated programmers from all over the world.

27 July 2012

7 Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server

A dedicated web hosting is taking the entire server for hosting your own site on rent. When compared to the shared web hosting the dedicated web hosting gives better benefits. A dedicated server means you will have web administrators and they will have total control over the software, scripts and programs. They can do the uploading and updating of these software, scripts and programs.

The owners of a dedicated hosting will have full access and control over the applications and programs uploaded and updated on the server. The most advantageous matter is that the server becomes highly secure and virus attacks will be less.

7 benefits of a dedicated hosting server
  • It is very cost effective
  • Gives you higher speed and more bandwidth
  • It is highly efficient
  • Gives you complete privacy
  • It offer better security for your business
  • You will have total control of the server
  • Customization
The dedicated server allows you or your clients to open the site much faster than the shared server. Opening of the site fast is very important if your business is facing heavy traffic. Many business houses lose a number of potential customers because of the delay in opening the site.

There is no question of anything going out of control in dedicated server hosting. The reason of your server not opening or slow speed is mainly because of some other site getting overloaded. When you have total control of your server these inane reasons can be avoided. On a dedicated hosting server, the control over the server’s specification is total.

Privacy is the other main feature guaranteed by the dedicated server hosting. There will be lots of space in the dedicated web server. The data on your dedicated server cannot be accessed or touched by anybody unauthorised.  On the shared server you have to push and shove with other sites which make it very inconvenient for you.

Even though the initial cost is a bit higher than the shared server, in the long run you will get your money’s worth by going in for dedicated web servers. It provides a faster, reliable and extra efficient working platform for your site. This is apart from the savings on the expenses acquired due to site corruption, virus attacks and delays. The dedicated hosting will provide better support and capable interface to your visitors. They will help you generate conversions and client trustworthiness.

Cloud server hosting solutions reduces the cost of server hardware and other applications. Cloud server hosting is a centralized computing technology which provides scalable and virtual resources on the internet as a service. Cloud hosting service is delivered from a group of network connected web servers. Cloud hosting service has eased out the tedious process of individual installation of application.

Virtual private server or VPS server does not use shared RAM through different machines and will use individual CPU cores. The VPS server even though running in software on the same computer is in many ways equivalent to a separate computer. It does the functions of a cloud server.

26 July 2012

Advantages of Virtual Private Servers for SMBS

As part of a server management, the virtual server management is important in the business world today especially in the small and medium sized businesses. In many of the services related to web hosting, a VPS server plays a major role which is also one of the benefits of a service related to virtualization management.

Resources in a limited set are available with SMBS or small and medium sized business, and the virtualization management proves to be helpful to a great extent. Companies are able to fulfil every kind of technicality with the help of services related to virtual cloud server hosting, and without having to make huge investments in hardware.

Connection Reliability Maintained

From a VPS server which is located at a remote location, the virtual management services can be taken and virtual server can be configured separately for them. To ensure that services of the best quality are offered, resource maximization is very necessary. Just a single dedicated server is able to manage a number of virtual servers individually.

OS or operating systems of their very own type are contained by the virtual private server so that they are able to function like individual dedicated servers. Connection reliability is taken care of in the best way possible by providers of IT support. In just one single system there are a number of servers that run and hence even if crashing of one single server takes place or a computer does not work then, business could be lost by a number of business days. No company can afford that even if they are not large companies.

Security of System

For the virtual management software provider, the system’s security proves to be of prime priority. There are different tools related to security that work on an environment that could be used for maintaining health of server by the technicians. Scanning of temperature near the server is done by the cloud server management tools and affects the process’s performance.

Generation of alerts and signals by the tools is possible which are then sent to respective engineers who look into the concerned issues. The central virtual private server should be able to manage the individual servers in an efficient and intelligent manner. The main server should be associated well with the fixed number of servers.

Easier To Deal with Heavy Traffic

If the number of servers increases then problems could occur with respect to website speed and space used which is especially the case with cloud hosting services. A particular company can have its registration completed at more than one domain without any extra cost, simultaneously. Instead of having a number of dedicated servers, it is best to consider virtual server management.

When a number of servers run on a similar platform the same services and applications are not shared with each other. Dedicated servers are of importance to organizations having to deal with huge traffic and larger business operations. A virtual cloud hosting service can be made use of by both the medium as well as small sized businesses.

25 July 2012

Why Should Move Your Small Business to the Cloud Server?

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Shared hosting and dedicated hosting were the two main choices for business owners and individuals to select in the previous years, for websites. As of now however, to the fore has come a hosting type that is quite different.

It is called cloud hosting, an option for hosting websites. It has been seen that in the recent years, that the largest of internet companies have adopted cloud hosting. Besides this, a small beginning has also been made by the smaller companies due to the benefits this hosting system offers. Now what exactly is cloud server hosting? A customer is allowed dedicated use of a plan for dedicated hosting.

Greater Reliability 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? One server is rented out to the company for website hosting. In cloud hosting, across a number of servers, the resources are spread across which work together and are termed as a cloud. When a group of servers are used then the reliability is more, which is one of the main benefits of hosting on the cloud. Slack can be picked up by another server, just in case malfunctioning of a particular server takes place.

It is the group of servers that proves to be advantageous. In a dedicated web hosting server, when the cloud server goes down, the website too goes down with it. Uptime at very high levels can be enjoyed when a cloud service is used for website hosting while the downtime is minimized.

Bandwidth Benefit

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? Servers in highest quality and advanced technology can be accessed in cloud hosting. As far as bandwidth is concerned, it is advantageous to consider cloud hosting. If high traffic levels are attracted by websites unexpectedly then their performance could get reduced besides slowing down of websites in case of dedicated hosting but this does not happen in cloud server hosting.

Additional resources needed are provided by another server in cloud hosting India. This is a good option for businesses that are small especially when their website grows. The plan for hosting can grow well and adapt to it. Costs related to cloud hosting are not too high considering the kind of services they offer. Besides this depending upon the resources used, charges will be levied by the cloud hosting company.

Best for Companies with Limited Resources 

Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? A cloud server is beneficial for smaller companies looking for limited resources and those who are good in resource management at a competitive cost. The prices are not too high as compared to dedicated hosting. Since the server is offsite, the IT professionals within the company are able to dedicate time to other key areas in business.

Cloud hosting India is not only a reliable and prominent service these days it also helps prove ‘green’ credentials indicating reduction of impact on the environment. Why should you move your small business to the cloud server? It is because energy costs, time and manpower are saved when services of a cloud hosting company are considered.

18 July 2012

How to Save Money on Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server
When you are using a shared web from your web hosting provider, you are sure to get the best of their services. If you want to increase the bandwidth and opt for a greater space then you may shift to a dedicated server. This may cost you a little dearer. If you rationally plan your requirement you can easily cut down on costs.

When you use such a server there will be no one else using that server. You will be able to store your entire data on it. If your business expands you can use the same server for the extra work load created. If you have a managed dedicated server then you can be assured that the server will provide you maximum features at optimum level.

Use Only the Services That You Need
If you want to cut down on the cost of your server, you should opt for a server which will provide you limited control panels. It should provide you solid state drives and ram that is very necessary for your business. All these systems will cost you more money. You should be capable of working with minimum gigabytes and save a lot on your monthly bill.

You can also save on server rent by paying an annual rent instead of monthly. This will help you save a decent percentage on your rent and maybe even a waiver on setup fees. So remember to pay in advance and gain advantage.

Search for a Dedicated Host
A stable web hosting company should be preferred over an ill reputed one, who may lure you with lower cost. You never know when such a company may shut down and leave you in a lurch. You should be very cautious is such a case. Only a reputed host with a strong back ground will provide you with excellent support and service. For this purpose you should go on the internet and conduct a thorough search by reading web hosting reviews.

If you compare the pros and cons of a shared server to a dedicated one, you will realise that both of them have similar advantages. Advantages those are totally dependent on your work requirements. Dedicated servers is hosted by companies of international fame providing the best services to each and every client of theirs.

Get Someone to Share Your Server
At a certain stage you feel that your websites or sites permit you to share your private server, you may share with one person. A person who is ready to pay you rent. Your operating cost will be reduced by 50%.

You can also tune into web hosting forums and connect with other web masters who will gladly share a server. There are web hosting companies who present special discounts or sale offers at certain times during the year. You should bargain with them and get special prices. There are web hosting companies who will reduce their rates just to stay in the market as there is healthy competition in this industry.

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15 July 2012

What Is Cloud Server And How Is It Different From Dedicated Server?

Cloud Server Hosting
Cloud Server Hosting
Over the traditional or the dedicated server the technology related to cloud server has numerous benefits. In the networking business the next big thing for a lot of people is the cloud server. In the market, available these days are numerous companies that are dedicated to hosting of cloud servers.

Due to the availability of these VPS hosting companies it is now possible for both individuals as well as businesses to utilize cloud servers. A number of things can be virtualized by the truly innovative cloud server technology. Many more resources can be added, virtual resources can be used with the help of cloud servers if you have insufficient physical resources.

Incredible Option for a Server
For most people this proves to be an incredible solution for obtaining a server and for the purpose of networking. A fair amount of money can be saved on costs related to networking if a subscription is made to a server for cloud hosting. One of the reasons is that in cloud services there is lesser involvement of physical hardware.

At a remote destination all functions are handled by the cloud server. In comparison to alternatives available in the marketplace of networking and in the server these services are considered to be quite affordable. In different countries across the world a host of VPS hosting companies offer cloud server services.

Freedom of Choice
Even if you own just one computer you are provided the ability of getting on to the cloud besides the freedom of choice. In the initial stages when this cloud hosting technology was available a lot of business had fears on security and safety of cloud servers. However in the present times due to vast advancements made in technology, the cloud servers are able to offer security and safety to the highest level possible just as in the case of an option of any other server.

Lots of valuable time is saved, since the ability of handling regular applications and programs in virtual environment only increases with cloud hosting. Automation ability is also offered by the cloud server which is an average requirement of any business on the internet. Endless resources are offered by the private and secure clouds. The market has been taken up aggressively by the cloud servers these days.

No Hardware Needed
Worthiness of the claims is best proved by this technology’s proponents. There is no requirement of various solutions in hardware at all. Better functionality and add-ons are available for optimizing the server to suit specific needs of your business. A lot of people are gradually getting drawn away from their dedicated servers and are making a transition to cloud services in the present times.

The technology is quite simple to use and hence you need not be an expert in information and technology to utilize it. For making such a switch from a dedicated server you are sure never to make such a decision. In terms of capabilities and costs, a lot of benefits are offered by the cloud server. Costs on web hosting can be saved and the most of cutting edge technology also can be made in this way.

14 July 2012

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Server Over Dedicated Server?

Cloud Server
Cloud Server
People who intend to make use of the internet for commercial purposes and generate sales need to have a dominant presence online. For this, the best thing to do is have one's own website. Even if an individual or a company has their own websites, a hosting service is required to keep it going. A dedicated server hosting was how most people used to manage it till now. The new entrant in the field of hosting is cloud computing. There is a lot of discussion about which is better-dedicated server or the cloud server.

Faster Service
For most people what is in short supply is time. On this point a cloud server scores above dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are not ready-made but need to be configured-an activity that calls for time and advanced computing skills. Cloud storage on the other hand comes with a ready-to-use advantage and what's more there are numerous options to pick and choose from. People for whom time is scarce will naturally opt for a cloud server.

Another point of contention between the two is the point of scalability. Scalability can be vertical where hardware is added. It could be horizontal where network is joined to even out the load. Cloud servers which are virtual server have the advantage of scaling fast. Dedicated servers can consume time because the creation of back up takes time.

Then there is the question of reliability. There are many opinions regarding this. Some swear by cloud servers whereas the advocates of dedicated servers favor them. What matters here is how good the provider of the service is. Both cloud storage and dedicated server hosting are comparable in this aspect but the provider can make or mar the service.

Cloud servers face immense pressure as the number of clients can balloon and go out of control. But that does not happen in dedicated servers as the numbers are manageable. The management of virtual servers take on more customers than they can handle and are found wanting in crunch situations.

Cheaper Service
Cloud servers have the advantage of pay as you use service. This means that you spend far less on the service. Dedicated servers are paid for whether one uses it or not. So in terms of money, cloud servers give better value for money. Dedicated servers mean loss of resources too as the servers may not be used all the time. Cloud servers are virtual servers so there is no loss of resources.

Both these have individual advantages and it is difficult to say that one is better affirmatively. This is perhaps the reason why many are going for hybrid systems that combine the benefits of the two without most of their drawbacks.

Cloud hosting works well for entrepreneurs who have businesses that are growing fast! It is a flexible system and can be upgraded fast. Cloud hosting is the latest in a growing and fast changing field. Until the next entrant comes in and proves to be better, cloud is the current favorite among large users.

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