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19 March 2015

Choosing a fully managed VPS hosting

Signing up for web hosting can be pretty confusing with so many variations in features and pricing. For those with little knowledge about how hosting works, it can be daunting to choose the right package to avoid wasting money on services that you will never need. Most experts say that if you are looking to run a heavy website make use of fully managed VPS hosting for best results.
The main reason why experts advise on using a manage
VPS Hosting India
d virtual private server is because it provides all the benefits and features of a dedicated server but at lesser prices. The functionality offers more freedom to the users. When you pay the said price for managed VPS it includes- monitoring, management, expert service, repairs, and infrastructure. This makes it a very appealing option for those who are too busy to handle their servers on their own or are unsure if their limited know-how will help them in case there is a technical difficulty. With a managed linux or managedd windows VPS hosting India all you have to worry about is the site you host there. Dropping service, adding services, functionality issues, and increased disk space are only a service ticket away.
While an unmanaged hosting can save you money, managed windows or managed linux VPS hosting India will give you the convenience of having a technical expert during all times, to fix your server problems or add more functionality to your server. You will not have to fuss over things such as configurations, performance, etc. However, it is important to choose a hosting company wisely. Make sure their staff is knowledgeable and they are not charging more than the market rate. You must also discuss the type of services you will be offered. Make sure you shortlist and compare at least three hosting companies before settling for one.  

29 July 2012

The Benefits of Using Tomcat with VPS Hosting

Java Hosting
Java Hosting
If you are a webmaster and you intend to get a very stable virtual private server hosting, then you need to look for a web hosting company that provides VPS hosting services. Individuals as well as online business websites use this service as it is quite affordable and offers something better than the regular fare.

A web hosting company will also provide you with additional features like greater disk space, more bandwidth, and flexibility of having more advanced web application and advanced web security. The virtual private server hosting has also made the dedicated server hosting reasonably affordable. The virtual private server today offers many more advantages than the normal VPS.

Advantages of Virtuozzo
In the Virtuozzo VPS system, the physical web server is separated into 3 virtual layers. This helps all the VPS partitions on the VPS server to become unaffected in the face of poorly performing VPS that may exist on the same physical server. This is a major advantage and there are also many add-on web applications that can be used to make it an extremely powerful web hosting application.

Many web masters are now opting for the advance Virtuozzo VPS hosting over the shared web hosting and other similar services. This is due to the extreme reliability and advance features offered by it. Being quite inexpensive the service is becoming a preferred choice of hosting, replacing the popular shared web hosting and even the reseller web hosting packages.

Free Hosting Service
There are a variety of hosting services available such as hosting that supports the latest technologies. You may try this application with a little help, even though you may not have an initial budget for the same. It is available in the paid and free version. The free version of hosting will provide you certain benefits and some of its features.

This hosting service provides features without ads. It supports all versions with latest technologies. It will provide you with free unlimited access for data base and free My SQL server hosting. Apart from full support CGI-bin, PHP and ASP, it also fully supports features of Silverlight.

Advantages of Tomcat Server
There are several groups of commercial enterprises and business organizations that are using Tomcat hosting on a variety of wide ranging web applications. Its start up speed is fantabulous. It provides consistent performance over other technology. You may use a Resin power server as an option to Tomcat. Tomcat hosting is reliable and flexible as it has its own internal web server.

It can run as a standalone host or it can also be merged with other web servers such as Netscape, Microsoft personal web server and internet information server and Apache to offer sound web hosting service. Tomcat is an open source application that attracts some of the best developers in the world to take part in the project and coagulate Tomcat’s functionality. Every open development project enjoys contributions from some of the best and most dedicated programmers from all over the world.

15 July 2012

What Is Cloud Server And How Is It Different From Dedicated Server?

Cloud Server Hosting
Cloud Server Hosting
Over the traditional or the dedicated server the technology related to cloud server has numerous benefits. In the networking business the next big thing for a lot of people is the cloud server. In the market, available these days are numerous companies that are dedicated to hosting of cloud servers.

Due to the availability of these VPS hosting companies it is now possible for both individuals as well as businesses to utilize cloud servers. A number of things can be virtualized by the truly innovative cloud server technology. Many more resources can be added, virtual resources can be used with the help of cloud servers if you have insufficient physical resources.

Incredible Option for a Server
For most people this proves to be an incredible solution for obtaining a server and for the purpose of networking. A fair amount of money can be saved on costs related to networking if a subscription is made to a server for cloud hosting. One of the reasons is that in cloud services there is lesser involvement of physical hardware.

At a remote destination all functions are handled by the cloud server. In comparison to alternatives available in the marketplace of networking and in the server these services are considered to be quite affordable. In different countries across the world a host of VPS hosting companies offer cloud server services.

Freedom of Choice
Even if you own just one computer you are provided the ability of getting on to the cloud besides the freedom of choice. In the initial stages when this cloud hosting technology was available a lot of business had fears on security and safety of cloud servers. However in the present times due to vast advancements made in technology, the cloud servers are able to offer security and safety to the highest level possible just as in the case of an option of any other server.

Lots of valuable time is saved, since the ability of handling regular applications and programs in virtual environment only increases with cloud hosting. Automation ability is also offered by the cloud server which is an average requirement of any business on the internet. Endless resources are offered by the private and secure clouds. The market has been taken up aggressively by the cloud servers these days.

No Hardware Needed
Worthiness of the claims is best proved by this technology’s proponents. There is no requirement of various solutions in hardware at all. Better functionality and add-ons are available for optimizing the server to suit specific needs of your business. A lot of people are gradually getting drawn away from their dedicated servers and are making a transition to cloud services in the present times.

The technology is quite simple to use and hence you need not be an expert in information and technology to utilize it. For making such a switch from a dedicated server you are sure never to make such a decision. In terms of capabilities and costs, a lot of benefits are offered by the cloud server. Costs on web hosting can be saved and the most of cutting edge technology also can be made in this way.

3 July 2012

Cloud Hosting vs. Other Types of Hosting

There are many types of hosting services on the Internet. In recent years, one of the more popular types of hosting is cloud hosting. There are different types of hosting available to suit different user needs. Cloud hosting comprises of many users on one server. The server spans across many different computers and allows hosting companies to have more clients on fewer servers. There are several different types of cloud computing online. Users may not realize that they are probably already using a cloud of some kind. Internet email is an example of cloud computing. If you have an online email account, it is likely that your data is stored on a variety of different computers on interlinking servers.

What hosting service is chosen for a website will depend greatly on what services the webmasters require. Larger dedicated severs are expensive and are popular with large corporations; shared hosting is the most common type of paid hosting on the Internet and is fairly cheap. VPS hosting provides a bridge between shared and dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting
Shared hosting occurs when many users share the same server. Alternatively, cloud hosting is when users share the same server space on a variety of machines. In a way, cloud server hosting is an updated version of simple shared hosting. The great thing about cloud hosting is that users only pay for what they use. It is a flexible system where users can extend hosting services whenever they like.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting is attractive as it is a brilliant way of keeping large quantities of clients’ information on multiple computers. There are some advantages to cloud hosting, but some clients may wish to opt for dedicated hosting services. A dedicated hosting server is a type of hosting server that allows a client to be in control of their own private server. This type of web hosting has its pros and cons, but in general, dedicated servers are more expensive than cloud web hosting services. Dedicated servers also require more management and maintenance. Cloud hosting allows users to use an enormous amount of disk space. It takes time and money to set up an entire dedicated server. Clients have to install the server and maintain it; a cloud server is easy to set up and does not have such high costs.

VPS server vs. Cloud Hosting
A VPS server or a Virtual private server is a server that has been divided into individual virtual servers. Each user will get his or her own private section of the server. This section is private and secure. This has its advantages and can be a cheaper option than dedicated servers. Cloud hosted servers are cheaper than both dedicated and VS web hosting. Cloud servers can be modified easily especially with regard to size. It is very easy to enlarge a cloud server hosting package. Choosing to use cloud hosting will enable users to have a better shared online hosting service that is cheap and easy to use.

5 May 2012

VPS or Cloud Hosting: Which one’s better?

The demand for VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting Services has gone up considerably in the past few years. Number of individuals have now started going for Cloud Server hosting and VPS Server hosting over other popular hosting plans. Both these plans offer its users with several attractive benefits which makes them very popular among internet marketers. Here’s a brief description on both these website hosting plans.

Features like lower cost, easy expansion, trouble-free maintenance and great flexibility are some of the common advantages that a user gets to enjoy with Cloud Hosting. Easy expansion is in fact among the most popular features of a Cloud Hosting package. The user also has the liberty to add additional servers at will and also does not have to spend extra money for the infrastructure. It generally provides its user with computing power of several interconnected servers.

VPS Server is basically a single physical server that has been divided into a several virtual servers. VPS Hosting is known to be the perfect solution for users who wish to have the control and flexibility of dedicated hosting at the cost of shared hosting. 

Net4 India is a leading web hosting service provider that offers all major types of hosting solutions, including Cloud Hosting Services.

4 May 2012

Importance of reliable Web Hosting services

Most people find Web Hosting as an extremely technical domain that requires a lot of learning. Though this industry has grown very rapidly in the past few years, very few people seem to have the in-depth knowledge about it. Shopping for a reliable hosting service provider can sometimes be very complicated, as there are not one but many service providers available in the market. With such a large range to choose from, at times it becomes a daunting task to find a reliable hosting company.

Reliability of the service provider is the most important and vital criteria that a user must look for when shopping for a hosting service provider. Having a website will practically be of no use if the website is constantly plagued with problems. A reliable website hosting company will always make sure that your website has a very low downtime.

Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting Company in India. The company offers reliable hosting solutions in the form of up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. It also provides its customers 24/7 support and unlimited data transfer. Net4 offers all major types of hosting plans, such as Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Server Hosting.

23 April 2012

Cloud or VPS Server: Which one’s better?

The web hosting industry had very few hosting options on offer in its initial stages, but things have surely changed now. Several types of website hosting plans are now available to cater specific customer demands. Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting are among the two hosting solutions that have earned the most publicity.

Cloud Server hosting is considered by several organizations as a very dynamic hosting platform. Depending upon the changing needs a business can add or cut its server resources. Cloud Hosting is not only highly scalable to use, but is also considered very safe.

VPS Hosting has also quickly come up as a very common web hosting solution for enterprises. The main advantage of using a VPS Server is that can virtually be divided into several web servers. Every server has the ability to run on its own operating system and provide its users with benefits of traditional dedicated hosting, but at much cheaper rates.

Net4 India, which has more than 80,000 websites hosted on it servers, is among the leading web hosts in India. The company provides all major types of hosting solutions, including Cloud Hosting Services. Net4’s web hosting plans provide customers with unrestricted data transfer along with a range of other benefits.