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20 December 2012

Website Builder - The best way to design a website for Fashion Designers

Website Builder
Website Builder

Fashion is a major passion for most of the people.  Fashion is an exciting, ever changing key element becoming a part of our daily lives, making people to have a great deal of pride.
What is the key of Fashion Industry? It’s all about designs. Naturally, the major and popular fashion labels would want to have a great looking unique websites.
A fashion website has to follow popular and quite latest trends in the industry. It is obvious that appearance is crucial for fashion industry. The fashion websites are expected to be an excellent source of design inspiration.  Photography, Model images, Product images play a major role in fashion website.  Different kinds of approaches and design styles are imparted by online fashion shops to remain ahead and leading in the industry.
We can now go over the key factors that make a fashion website appealing, amazing as well as creating enormous opportunities for small and big businesses.
Key Factors for designing a website for Fashion Designers
1. A fashion website aims to showcase large photos of clothes, models and accessories etc. which is quite essential and logical. Thus avoiding huge blocks of text and mainly showcases the latest collections.
2. The homepage of the fashion website has photos and videos of latest collections and minimal text content. Blogs and websites of Fashion news have large blocks of text content.
3. Color themes in Fashion websites: There are two main color themes, (1) black and white (2) very colorful. Most of the websites either go for black and white or go for very colorful photos like eye candy. 
The fashion websites or blogs are expected to be unique and are really nice with certain qualities such as perfect designs, theme reflecting designs, more technical, vivid colors or black and white with brake of complement color, user friendly, elegant and trendy photos, simplicity and minimalism.
Fashion Website for Fashion Conscious Customers
The online store or website of the fashion designers should be easily navigable for the customers so that they can go through the products page by page like going through a fashion magazine. It should cater to the items of latest trends and fashion. The fashion designers can capture the fashion frenzied people of different gender, age in different countries of the world. People who cannot visit their boutiques can have a look of the products by visiting their fashion websites. The fashion websites increases the business networks, making a better place for the fashion designers.
The website builder has to take into account the following Salient Features of Websites of Fashion Designers
1. The website should be made unique, attractive by using up-to-date designing tools.
2. The customers or visitors should find it easy to navigate through the website while viewing the products/ Model images
3. Design a website with minimal content and  useful information.
4. Improve the Visibility of the website by Search Engine Optimization.
5. Use standard and good quality photos and images in the website especially in the home page.
6.  Use of Attractive colors and designs increases the visibility and traffic of the website.
7. A portfolio website is a valuable aid to give more description about the fashion designs to the visitors.
8.  The products and designs displayed in the website should be properly categorized for easy understanding of the visitors and have more information of the products and designs.
9. The website should be custom designed according to the products design to make it unique and professional.
10. The website design and style must fit the aesthetic of the product images and fashion designs.
11. Think about the aim and use of the website and design a website so that people take full advantage of the website. For example Blog, newsletters can be included in the website, which can give up-to-date information and personal touch to the visitors. 
 12.  The visitors will leave the website if they are not able to understand within the first five seconds of their visit. So make sure that the website easy to understand as well as easy to use.
Hope the discussed matters would have given an idea about the essentials of a website for fashion designers. It is the worst of all for a fashion designer to have a terrible website with great fashion designs. So, be sure to have a professional website design, matching aesthetically with your fashion designs.