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29 May 2013

How to choose between Windows hosting and Linux hosting?

Hosting Services
Web hosting plays a major role in determining the success of a website. Although there are various types of services offered by service providers, Linux hosting and Windows hosting services are among the most popular. The former is a type of web hosting that runs on Linux, an open source operating system that is cheaper than others. Many of the companies generally offer hosting services that run on the Linux platform. It is cheap and capable of running scripts in varied programming languages. It can also be used for running websites that are developed on platforms like PHP, Joomla and Ruby on Rails. Windows hosting services is a new form of hosting service that is offered by web hosting service providers. It runs on Microsoft Windows platform and has gained popularity as it can run scripts on ASP and .Net.

Linux vs. Windows hosting services

Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems, and among them, the former is the most popular operating system among web servers. Linux-based hosting has a higher number of features than Windows hosting services and thus, a higher preference in users. The major difference between the two operating systems is that Linux is an open source hosting service whereas Windows is not. The security factor usually depends on the quality of the administrator. Although, Linux is more secure than Windows, a similar level of security can be achieved if the latter well administered.

Things to consider while choosing between Linux hosting and Windows hosting 
  1. Reliability: Linux hosting is considered to be more reliable than Windows hosting as it can run several scripts, irrespective of the platform that is used to develop the website. In the case of Windows hosting, it can only run scripts like ASP and .Net.
  2. Price: Windows hosting is costlier than Linux hosting as it is not an open source OS, which makes the latter more preferred than the former.
  3. Control Panels: Linux hosting has a more user-friendly interface with respect to control panels than Windows. However, Windows hosting also has a good interface but is relatively less user-friendly.
  4. Security: In terms of security, Linux hosting is more secure than Windows hosting.
There are several aspects of hosting services that need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. Looking from a neutral perspective, both, Linux and Windows hosting, are good in their own right and can be used. However, with constraints like cost, user-friendliness and flexibility, Linux turns out to be the winner if there is a contest.

27 June 2012

Different Reasons to Select a Linux Web Hosting Company

Lots of people prefer Linux server hosting in the present times and you may wonder why this is so. What exactly is Linux? It is software for which no license is required for purchasing. It is an open source OS or operating system. Hence as compared to a server that is based on Windows, it is much more competitive.

If you are looking towards combining cost effectiveness with reliability then seeking solutions of Linux hosting makes greater sense. If for your website you are considering a web hosting server of the Linux type then these should be the important reasons. The first thing is that it offers a hardy platform. Under no circumstances, is strength compromised upon by the Linux system.

Most Flexible and Efficient Hardy Platform
To work, one of the most efficient and flexible platforms is the internet in the present times and this is fact that is well known amongst people. Even if there is a duress situation, Linux has the greatest ability to perform superbly. The other best factor about using Linux is its cost effectiveness. To remain competitive in the web business one of the main thing is to cut down on costs.

If you are looking towards combing cost effectiveness with reliability then seeking solutions of Linux server hosting makes greater sense.

Fast Loading and Super Quick
Considering Linux web hosting is better since it is super quick and allows faster loading. As compared to the rest of the platforms Linux system runs 40 to 50 percent faster. Perl, PHP and MYSQL are a host of reliable and powerful solutions that help compliment Linux quite well.

A package that is simply unbeatable is formed by this host of solutions which prove to be very heavy in terms of functionality but lighter on the purse. If you are looking towards customization then it is possible to customize Linux. As per the expanding needs of your business, functionalities that are new can be easily added by the users. One of the biggest benefits of Linux web hosting is that it is highly secure.

Highly Stable and Secure
This operating system is highly stable and time and again it has proven itself extremely well. Many of the web masters understand that Linux is very secure and hence are partial to it. Hardly any downtime or rebooting is necessary due to which Linux is able to perform for very long periods as well.

Stability and uptime offered by Linux hosting is comparatively higher than other operating systems. This is also a customer friendly OS and is an open source. It belongs to no specific identity. If you are considering Linux web hosting then you can feel assured it is going to offer excellent customer support for sure.

4 May 2012

Importance of reliable Web Hosting services

Most people find Web Hosting as an extremely technical domain that requires a lot of learning. Though this industry has grown very rapidly in the past few years, very few people seem to have the in-depth knowledge about it. Shopping for a reliable hosting service provider can sometimes be very complicated, as there are not one but many service providers available in the market. With such a large range to choose from, at times it becomes a daunting task to find a reliable hosting company.

Reliability of the service provider is the most important and vital criteria that a user must look for when shopping for a hosting service provider. Having a website will practically be of no use if the website is constantly plagued with problems. A reliable website hosting company will always make sure that your website has a very low downtime.

Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting Company in India. The company offers reliable hosting solutions in the form of up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. It also provides its customers 24/7 support and unlimited data transfer. Net4 offers all major types of hosting plans, such as Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Server Hosting.

2 May 2012

Things to consider while buying Website Hosting

In order to buy a good Website Hosting plan it is necessary for a user to keep several critical things in mind. As web hosting is considered to be of great significance, it is very essential that a user must consider several hosting options before making any choice. Features such as customer service, bandwidth, disk space, as well as the set up process are among the most crucial things to consider when picking a web host. The software and hardware used by the hosting service provider is also a major factor that needs to be considered. Once the user has complete knowledge about the software and hardware being used, he can easily compare it with other web hosts and see which suits him the best.

Another vital factor that needs to be assessed carefully is the uptime guarantee offered by the website hosting company. A web host that can keep the website operational for the maximum duration is recommended to users. These features not only constitute a reliable hosting plan but also play a significant role in comparing different types of hosting solutions.

With more than 80000 websites hosted on it servers, Net4 India is considered among the pioneers of the Indian hosting industry. The company offers affordable windows hostingLinux Hosting as well as Java Server Hosting solutions to its customers.  

18 April 2012

Why Windows Hosting is most recommended?

In order to have a successful website it is vital for a user to select the best possible service provider, as there are not one but many affordable Website Hosting companies available in the market today. This is because quality web hosting is as important as affordable website hosting.

Windows Hosting is one such web hosting plan that is very popular among hosting service providers. This hosting solution is not only compatible with .NET and .ASP programming capacities, but also with other open source technologies, such as Perl, PHP and MySQL. Though Windows Hosting is a costly hosting solution in comparison to other popular hosting services like Linux Hosting, it is the most suggested service when a user thinks of using windows-based products, services and applications on the website.

Net4 India is one of the leading domain registration and web hosting company in India. The company offers affordable Linux Hosting as well as Windows Hosting plans in India. Net4’s hosting packages are highly customizable are very redundant. All the hosting plans come along with limitless data transfer and up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. Net4 also provides its clients with 24/7 support via phone or helpdesk, dedicated account manager and several other add-ons.

11 April 2012

Making a choice of Web Hosting package

Whenever you are seeking to launch a new website on web, one of the vital things that you need to take care of is the type of hosting solution you will use for the website. This is considered very crucial as a right Web Hosting plan can immensely help in the success of the website. There are various kinds of hosting solutions available today, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.

Shared hosting refers to a hosting environment where several websites exist on single web server. A web host basically allocates small amount of disk space to several customers. Dedicated hosting is one in which a web host allocates the complete server to a single user. VPS Hosting is a website hosting solution where the hosting service provider can divide and make multiple virtual servers from one physical server. Cloud Hosting is a website hosting solution that allows its user to host the website on multiple connected servers.

Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting service providers in India. The company offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting and java hosting plans to its customers. Net4’s hosting plans guarantees its user up to 99% uptime and unrestricted data transfer.

7 April 2012

Importance of Web Hosting for an online presence

Users require reliable website hosting services today for a successful web presence. Once a user gets his domain name registered through a domain registrar, the next logical step that he needs to follow is to select a Web Hosting company. Finding the right hosting deal is not that easy today, as there are several companies available in the market. The user must choose the hosting plan depending on the type of website he has.

There are various types of hosting solutions available to users nowadays. The user must keep few key factors in mind while choosing a website hosting plan. As this service enables the user to set up an identity on the internet, it is very crucial for him to make the right choice. A strong web presence has unlimited advantages and can place a business on the path to success.

Net4 India is among the biggest Web Hosting service provider in India. The company, which has over 80,000 websites hosted on its servers, offers high-quality hosting solutions to individuals and enterprises. Net4 offers unlimited data transfer and backup along with other exciting features to its hosting customers. The company offers Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Java Hosting and Cloud Hosting among others.