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4 February 2013

All about .ORG Domain Names

4 January 2013

Importance of Picking a Right Domain

Buy Domain Names
Buy Domain Names
One of the most crucial aspects of any Internet marketing system is to learn how to register a fitting domain name. We all know the importance of registering domains. These names act as the web address for a website that people usually use to find a web page or a website. Selecting an appropriate domain is the first thing that you as a user must do after deciding on the basic purpose of having a website. What the user is selling or giving away or what information he is offering through the website plays a major role in selecting a domain for a website.

The first step in creating an effective online presence is to register a great name for the website. As you plan to launch a business website, using a few keywords in it makes it simpler for others to figure out what the website is all about and what you are offering. Once you have finalized the name you wish to register finding a domain registrar will not be very tough as there are many registrars available in the market. These domain registrars try to woo customers by offering cheap and affordable services. In order to win more customers registrars have also started offering several add-ons.

Most people, who already have multiple domains registered and are planning to register more, do not think beyond registering .COM Domains. It is rather true that .COM domain names are among the most registered top-level domains (TLD), in fact of all the domains registered till date majority of them are .COMs. Although .COM domains were initially intended for commercial entities only, this restriction was lifted later and it became open for everyone. The gTLD is now managed by Verisign and its registrations are processed via registrars certified by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or more popularly known as ICANN.

Another gTLD that has gained a lot of popularity is .NET. .NET Domains are also among the most registered TLD. .NET domain names were originally meant for businesses engaged in networking technologies, however these restrictions were later lifted and the extension became open for everyone. The gTLD is still in demand among networking companies and is considered as a favored alternative of .COM.

.ORG domain names are also counted among the most popular domain extensions among users. The extension was initially created for non-profits organizations or those who have non-commercial way of operations, but now is being mainly used by non-profit organizations.

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30 November 2012

How To Register .In Domain Name?

Domain Name
Domain Name
On the web one of the domains at the topmost levels is .in. Just like other .com domain names, .in domain can be used for different kinds of applications, e-mail and websites. This symbol is a unique one and plays an important role all over the world. A simplified process is followed for registering .in domain name. Through a number of registrars, signing up for .in name is possible.

They are not only reliable and fast but simple to use and easy to purchase. The domain name is purchased from an official registry. The opportunity of .in domain name application before the general public was provided to owners of service marks or trademarks. The domain name .in can be obtained by anyone whether it is an organization, company or individual. This name gives the owner a sense of pride.

Accredited Registrars
To consider domain names registration it is very necessary to consider registrars that are accredited only since authority of .in domain name selling to the general public is provided only to such companies. Before you select a registrar it is important to look for detailed information, the rates charged, the background of the company and different kinds of extensions available.

For different kinds of registrants, the terms and conditions offered at the .in registry are also different. The .in registry makes amendments from time to time. You need to compare the rates offered at different registrars and try to select the most affordable rate. Steps for domain names registration are very simple.

Identifying the Right One
A domain name that is well chosen indicates that the website is professional. It just takes a few minutes to register the domain name. You need to first select the name, identify a domain registrar, register it and then finally point it to an appropriate server of a website. A selected domain name can be brand centric or keyword centric.

It can be composed of letters or numbers or in a combination. In some cases there could be dashes also. More focus is laid on keyword in a domain name that is keyword centric for the purpose of search engine optimization. Such domain types are used by smaller websites. You will first need to check whether the domain name you are considering is already taken up by another company before you buy domain.

Avoiding Trademarked and Copyrighted Names
More focus is laid on selling and making of the brand in a brand centric domain name. Phrases that are copyrighted or trademarked should be completely avoided. If another domain name is copied, legal action can be taken by the holder of that particular name. Since there are so many companies offering services for a domain name the chances of finding an affordable company always exists.

To buy domain names there are other kinds of extensions available besides .in, like .org, .net, .com, .biz etc. Major domains at top level include .edu and .gov especially for schools, universities and sites of governments, respectively. Staying away from .info domain names which are also less costly is advised since spammers could use them and this is the last thing any owner of a website would want.

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19 September 2012

Beginners Guide on Domain Name Registration

Domain Names
Domain Names
One of the most crucial requirements for establishing an online identity is registering a domain name. Domain names are considered very vital for any website, as it is the web address that others will use to track your website. People who would want to visit your website will type in this address in the address bar of their web browsers. Most people who seek to build a great online presence tend to overlook the process of selecting a domain, which is rather not a right strategy to follow. A domain must always be selected only after a careful review and consideration.

Selection of Domain Names
Most people tend to overlook the process of selecting an appropriate name, as they just focus on the way their websites are designed and hosted. There are some basic set of principles that one must follow while picking any domain name. The user first needs to define the aim of having a website. If he plans to build a website for a recreational purpose, he can get away with any name, but if the website is meant for a business purpose the name should only be selected after a cautious evaluation. Several things go into making an ideal domain name, these are:
  • It should be unique & short
  • It should be rich in keywords
  • It should be suggestive to the nature of business
  • It should be simple and easy to memorize
  • It should be easy to spell and should not complicated
Domain Registration
When you have actually selected the name that you wish to register, it is time for you to register it. Domain name registration is one of the most crucial steps in building an online identity, as a registered domain becomes a legal entity of the domain registrant and no other part has any right to it. The process of registering a domain has become much simpler over the past few years. Here are the steps that need to be followed:
  • Select the name you want to register 
  • Choose a domain registrar to register the name
  • Provide your basic information to the registrar (name, address, phone number, email id, etc)
  • Make the payment for registering the domain
Domain Registrar
A domain registrar is basically a registered organization that is authorized by domain governing bodies to register domains. As there are several companies that provide this service, choosing one will not be difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow while selecting a registrar:
  • Choose a ICANN accredited domain registrar
  • Choose a registrar that offers reasonable prices
  • Choose a registrar that offers complete customer support
  • Choose a registrar that offers add-on services
All these above tips will surely help you in registering a great domain name, which will eventually help you to build a great online presence.

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28 August 2012

7 Must Have Features of a Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names

In an online business, there is no point just owning a domain name especially if you are looking at achieving uniqueness and individuality in the quickest time possible. Success in the online business is possible with one of the best domains.  These are seven must-have features of a domain.

1. Uniqueness
By nature the domain should exclusive or unique which is a very important feature of a domain. People too prefer an exclusive domain and hence in comparison to other domains they are sure to consider yours.

2. Memorable One
The domain should be one which is very easy and simple to recollect. If it is a complex or a difficult one to remember then visitors will not attempt to visit the site again and will move on to another site. Visitors are very impatient by nature and would like a domain that is easier to spell. If the spelling is a bit difficult then they will find difficulty in reaching your site. You will lose traffic besides which the visitor leaves irritated and looks for another site.

3. Informative and Short
The domain can attain success online if the name is not lengthy and descriptive at the same time. Even the minutest details of the product or service should be well explained by the domain. Everything that a visitor might want to know should be on the first page.

4. Captivating, Catchy and Creative Enough
To make an effective mark in the market, it is helpful if you toy with the domain name a little bit. Once a visitor lands on your domain then he should not forget the name for long. If the domain is creative, captivating and catchy enough, then only the users will be able to remember it well.

5. Topic Relevant
Visitors to the site need to relate well with the content on the site. It is this quality that ensures the goodness in a domain. The product offered online needs to be reflected in the domain name as well. There is no point if the product and the domain are different.

6. Domain Extension
Having a good extension is very important for the domain. Generally used domains include .in and .com which are effective in gaining the attention of users. The other thing about these extensions is that they are popular, being used for a long time now and very simple to remember.

7. Dissimilar and Distinct
The domain should different, distinct and dissimilar from the rest of the domain names. This will prevent the user or the visitor from getting confused with the rest of the domains. If there is a similarity in the names of domains, the desirability in using the domain is lost by users and they will not prefer to use it.

An easy to recognize domain is equally important especially for the domain buyer who is keen on marketing a service or product in the niche market. If your domain has relevance to that service or product then it gets easier for the buyer of the domain to ensure better marketing.

7 July 2012

Finding Your Own Place on the Web with Domain Name Registration Guide

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

One of the biggest challenges could be identifying a cheaper service for domain name availability and registration that also offers superior services. Hundreds of competitors prevail in the market and to make a decision as to with whom you should conduct business, becomes a bit difficult.

You may want to save some money but at the same time you may be looking for a domain booking that is reputed and excels in providing services. There are a number of reputed names to identify if you look up the internet. All that you need to do is type out a few words like ‘best domain name registration service’ and you will get an extensive list to make your selection.  The only thing is that the features and benefits offered by each of the options will need to be discovered.

Reserving the Address First
The first step to register a domain name is to have your address reserved if a new internet site is to be created. The new address is the domain name for your site. You can call it your very own since it occupies a unique space on the web. Hence an appropriate name needs to be picked up. If you are creative enough you can create a domain name. It must be remembered that the kind of domain name you are considering may be used by another user already.

Using a unique name to suit your needs will help. One method that is excellent to use in the process of domain name availability is the .org, or .net or .info or .biz which is an option that is less popular in comparison to the .com option. This is because a better chance is provided to select desired domain names in this option since greater focus is laid on the area or region you are located in.

Upfront Pricing 
Users of your website are able to get a better idea on where you are located and besides this you too can target the right kind of audience as well.  One you have decided which domain booking option to select the next thing to do is find a good domain name registration company. Find one that offers upfront pricing since this helps in getting an idea on cost of each service.

If the company is a reputed one then your mind is put at ease. There is no worry about overcharging and hidden expenses. The process followed by them is fully automated which helps in cost reduction and the savings are passed on to the customers.

Powerful Features 
Many of the registration services offer features that are powerful enough in their package like free parking of domain name, forwarding domain name or option of stealth forwarding. This allows users greater flexibility. Free DNS is also offered besides hosting of single page with no fee charged in addition. You are given complete charge to control the name server and have all your vital information well protected.

The domains can also be efficiently and easily updated with the menu options provided for modification. No unauthorized party will be able to gain access since it is possible to lock the domain. If such great benefits are to be offered, it is very necessary for you to conduct proper research to find a good domain name registration company to register a domain name.

28 June 2012

Factors to Consider For a Domain Name Registration in India

Author: Jass Sawhney

If you have a website then you will need a domain name for it via protocol for domain name registration in India. Some of the website owners consider purchasing domain names that already exist for their websites. Endless numbers of websites are found on the internet with each of them having a domain name of their own. However some of the sites have domain names that are very similar to each other.

The first thing required for a website that is brand new is unique domain availability. A website owner has two choices. One of the choices is to register the website with a domain name that is new and the other choice is to buy a domain name that already exists. The fact remains that there are too many sites on the internet with diverse domain names and hence finding one that is completely different can be a bit difficult.

Advantageous or Not
It is both disadvantageous and advantageous to purchase an existing domain name. It is advantageous to purchase an existing domain name if it is one visited by huge traffic.

News about the renewal of domain name may not always reach the previous website customers and in time, they will start visiting your website. Chances of converting these customers are higher when they visit your site. From the point of search engine optimization you can avail this benefit.

A Word of Caution
The owner of the previous website could have put in efforts in selecting appropriate keywords for the domain name that you have now purchased prior to attempting to register domain name options. Your website will enjoy a higher web page ranking due to this. Such a domain name is an already optimized one and within the shortest time possible it helps you attain higher ranking on the search engine.

A word of caution for those who purchase an existing domain name is to ensure that SEO tactics of the black hat type are not used at all. Besides this, the existing domain name should not have been penalized by the search engines at any point in time. All these pointers should not be ignored at the time of purchasing the domain name. Negligence could result in issues with the domain name registration in India.

Present Ranking of Domain Name
Before considering domain availability a number of such important things need to be kept in mind. The domain name's present ranking must be considered. Conduct a check on whether or not there are any page links internally or to any other link. Age of the domain name is another important point to consider before purchase. Also, check whether the amount calculated for link and content building services is valid or not.

Also ensure that there is no penalty associated with the domains before you register domain name options. If you go through the traffic that exists on the previous URL, you will come to know whether or not there is any fraud to watch out for. Credibility of the back links and incoming links also needs to be checked. If these points are kept in mind then it is easy selecting a domain name that already exists.

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About the Author

Jass Sawhney specialises in writing for services in the IT sector. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of web hosting, windows hosting, Linux web hosting, domain names, domain availability, SSL certificates, domain reseller, reseller hosting, website builder, website creator, business emails and email services among others.

8 May 2012

Why is Domain Name Search so important?

Domain Name Search is one of the most vital factors to follow in the process of domain name registration. Various domain registration companies allow its users now to Check Domain Name availability. This has become very vital today as millions of domain names get registered on a daily basis. By using such tools users can Check Domain availability very easily and save their time. The availability of a domain primarily depends on how unique and creative the name is. By using such tools the user can never run out of ideas and therefore can register unique domain names.
The next obvious step is to register a domain name. There are numerous domain registrars out there trying to attract customers by offering cheap domain registration. Users are advised not to fall in their trap and instead search for a company that has a good reputation in the market and is known for providing quality services.
Net4 India is one of India’s leading ICANN and .IN accredited domain registrars. Along with every domain registration the company provides 10 free Sub Domains, Free Domain/URL Forwarding, Free Domain Theft Protection, Free DNS Management, Free 24x7x365 telephone & web support. Net4 also provides 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage with every domain.

4 May 2012

Functionality of a Domain Name

A web identity of any individual or a business is dependent on the Domain Name. This is why most web experts also say that it is crucial to select a name that depicts you or your business and tell others what it is all about. Keeping it short is the first effective tip that will work wonders for your business website. A short and simple name is the best way of keeping your customers and other visitors at your website, as it is easy to recall.
Selecting a name that is related to a business is likely to create more traffic on the website. A business related Domain Nameprovides a website with better search engine results, which eventually lead to better traffic. The choice of extension is also one of the factors that can’t be ignored by the user. As there are several TLDs to choose from, the user is always advised to pick a one that is related to his/her forte.
Net4 India is one of the leading Domain Registrar in India. The company offers cheap and affordable Domain Registration services. Net4 provides its customers with a range of services, including free Forwarding and masking, Total DNS control along with free domain parking and 2 email ids of 1GB mailbox storage.

18 April 2012

Which domain names are the best?

The Domain Name one selects should not only leave an impact on the user, but also on search engines. There are several things that constitute a great name. A Domain Name that is easier for people to recall is generally considered to be best name one can have for the website. If a user registers a name with the aim of turning it into a great brand, then stuffing the name with certain keywords is a must. The user should also avoid replacing words with numbers or special characters, unless very necessary, as that is likely to further confuse the visitor. Keeping the name short and simple is the key to success of any website. If your first preference is not available, one should try to look for other alternatives.
Net4 India is a leading ICANN and .IN accredited Domain Registration service provider. The company offers cheap and affordable Domain Registration services for all major TLDs (top-level domains) to its customers. Net4 also offers Domain Hosting solutions to its customers. The company provides domain forwarding and masking, DNS control and domain parking services to its customers. With every domain the company offers 2 free email ids with 1GB mailbox storage.

11 April 2012

Steps to Register a Domain name

In order to set up a website for a personal or a business purpose, you need to Register a Domain. Here are few basic steps that you can follow to set up a website. The first thing that you need to start with is to find out whether your desired name is available for registration or not. This can be done by performing the task of Domain Name Search on any domain registrar’s website.
Once you have the checked the availability of the domain name, you can get it registered trough a domain registrar. It is however strongly recommended that you must contact a certified registrar, possibly ICANN, for your registration requirements. Domains are generally registered for a minimum one year, post which they need to be renewed. Some registrars also provide various add-on services, such as free hosting and email with regular registration services. So try going for a company that fulfills your requirements.
Net4 India is an ICANN and .IN accredited domain registrar. The company provides domain registration services on all major domain extensions, such as .com, .org, .in, domain among several others. Net4’s customers can also Check Domain Name availability on simply entering their desired name in search bar of the website. Net4 offers 2 free Email ids with 1 GB Mailbox for 1 year and 50 sub Domains free with every domain.