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17 June 2013

What to check before domain registration?

Domain Names
Domain Names
Domain name is highly critical to a website, and you should take it fervently as it is going to provide identity to the website and be the brand name for your business venture. Thus, it is necessary to think twice before deciding on a domain name for your website. A domain name should always be catchy, describing the business, and SEO compliant as well. Choosing the right domain name is imperative and plays an important role in the online success of a business venture. Before you buy a domain, you should also check for domain name availability with the desired, relevant and popular extensions using various tools that are online. This will help you in procuring the domain name that you want for your website. When the domain name availability is checked and if you find the desired one available, you can buy the domain and register it with a domain registrar.

Things you must know before domain registration
Domain registration is a process of registering the domain name of a website in a database with a domain registrar. Domain registration is mandatory for every website as it secures the name of the website and it cannot be used by anyone else. There are certain important things that one should know before moving ahead for registering a domain name.

  1. Hidden Cost: This is something that almost every company providing domain registration services do. Some registrars hide certain terms and conditions and people tend to overlook those and fall into the trap of the registration company where you will have to pay for every small action that is done while registering the domain name.
  2. WHOIS Lock: WHOIS is a database wherein the domain registration details are available. Some registrar locks it, and you need to pay "administration fee" every time you want to edit the details or you make any change on the database.
  3. Domain Parking: Domain parking is a lucrative business that is being carried out mostly by the domain registrars. There are several domains to be found that are parked and are used to make money. If your domain is capable of making money, then park it and get paid for parking that domain.
  4. Domain Auth-Code: Domain names have auth-code, which is required when you buy domain, and this code consists of 8 characters. Sometimes this code of Top-Level-Domains such as .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG are held back by the domain registrar and charges hefty amount to realize it.

Things to check before you buy domain as well as before you register it
Deciding on the perfect name for your website is as difficult as naming your baby. However, it is essential to carry out a comprehensive search about the meaning of the word that you wish to use for your domain. As your domain name is the brand, you should choose a name that complements your business and is easy to remember. You can use online tools to get the perfect name. Check for the domain name availability with the extension that you desire. Once the domain name is available, you will now buy domain, but before buying it ensure that there are no legal issues with that domain name. For this, you can use the services of WHOIS, which is a database of registered domain names.

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1 January 2013

Create A Place In Indian Marketplace: Register IN Domain

Domain Names Registration
Domain Names Registration
India has many business houses that have passed on their business to their sons and grandsons. There are also many business houses that have sprung up in the recent times and have made their mark in the world. There is no field that India has not got a business in. IT industry, clothing, medicals, automobiles and the list can go on. In both these category of businesses there are many young professionals who are keeping up with the changing times.

An initiative for Indians
These young professionals have made the best use of the .in domain to spread their business and make a mark in the world. Since the business can be registered in any name, it has made it easier for business houses, organizations and individuals to host their websites. And the best part of it is that it is for Indians. The domain name registrar will have to be contacted first. Domain registration is done by accredited domain registrars.

India get your business online, is an initiative by Google which has already entered into competition to get the young Indian professionals. The government of India has given the authority to a few companies to host sites with .in domain. The .in registry has the list of companies that have been accredited to sell the sites. The registry has listed according to alphabetical order and according to the business ranking as well.

All services offered
Internet has shrunk the world, yet a domain solely for India makes an exciting proposition. This has encouraged many young Indian professionals to launch new business and business ideas as well. Indian professionals are tech savvy and are making the best use of websites to sell their ideas. The main aim of .in domain is to make more Indians use the internet.

The web hosting, web builder, server, cloud server services are offered at very competitive rates and this makes it affordable for the Indians to host a website. .in domain is the Indian's internet address. There are sites which give step by step tutorials of how to set up the web, how to upload files, download files, transfer files and many more.

Competitive price
The prices offered are so competitive that it is bound to lure the .com domain holders into this domain. The unrestricted zones can be used by anyone in the world. There are a few names which are only for Indians and that too for certain areas like research, education, military and government. Website hosting in this domain has caught on very well since its launch and many are being added every day.

All the registered .in domain holders and accredited sellers are selling their services very aggressively over the net. They offer all kinds of services once again at very competitive price. The procedures are also simple. Choose names with minimum 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. Two characters names are generally used by the government and will not be available for general users. Check domain availability before finalizing.

With all facilities provided by .in domain young professionals should not find it a hassle to start a website. It is an Indian initiative to help young Indians to launch their business, services at the most affordable rates. Make the best use of it and see the difference in your life.

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27 November 2012

Top 5 Tips to Pick the Best Domain for your Business

Registering a suitable domain name is the first step to get your business online.  A good domain name not just gives your business a unique online identity, but also a platform to reach out to the vast market created by millions of internet users across the world.

12 October 2012

Step By Step Guide to Select A Search Engine Friendly Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names
Businesses and large companies have earned name and fame on the internet and established their identity with their business names on a domain name that does not express anything about the business they conduct. When you want to start a business on the internet you should make sure that your website can be easily located. This will enable potential customers to visit the same.

There are easy to remember, catchy and brand specific domain names. These brand names such as,, and have become at present household names. These companies have invested huge amount of money in branding and marketing these domain names. If your budget is in a medium range, you can still reach the status of these big companies by selecting a keyword driven domain name.

A Friendly Name for Your Domain
Exact match domain names are good for your website or block as the search engines rank them high. To get such a name, you will need to use word order and identical spelling; you cannot use more than 2 hyphens. You can buy domains extensions such as .org, .net or .com.

There is a great demand that will enable you to sell your website with a .com extension at a profitable rate.  You can also select extensions such as .Edu. .Info or .US. These extensions will earn you high ranks on the SEO. There are some experts who are of the opinion that hyphens should not be used at all, as they cannot be considered as exact match domain names.

Making It Unique
If you want to make domain names unique, then you will have to use a modifier. This will help you make your keyword exact-match unique. Instead of hyphens you can use a word in inverted commas such as ‘Top’ This will make your product unique. The spellings of domain names should be grammatically correct and match the keyword.

If you want to target Web Design Tools then the keyword that you use should be, thus the name of your domain should not be Web Design that should be the keyword. If you use the keyword search tool it will help you locate a good exact match name for your domain for your important keywords. 

Improve Your Websites search Ranking
You should register domains names. This will make you a legal owner of the name. You can buy domains on the internet, at first you should select a particular keyword combination. Once you type these keywords you will come to know the extensions that these keywords already have. Utilize an Excel document to download all the keywords. When you select from the list an Excel spread sheet will open.

Once you have completed this you can log on to Google and search for register domains or get a list of top bulk domain search tools. You can get hold of the currently used keyword driven domains. Searching for domain names may be slightly stressful but the right process is sure to benefit you and your business at the end.