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2 July 2012

Understanding the Domain Name Registration process

Author: Jass Sawhney

Domain Name Registration is the most basic step in setting up a website. Like every individual has a unique name, the website also requires a name so that it can be distinguished from others and can be referred to on the internet. By registering a name for your website you basically give an identity to your website on the web.

Most of us somehow think that selecting a domain name is a very easy task, right? Just think of any name and get it registered. This can be a good option if you are planning to use it for your own personal blog. But if you are seeking to register the name for your business website, a good amount of research must be done in order to pick the most suitable name. Therefore it is always advised to a user to carefully assess the name before registering it. Here are some useful tips that can help you to register a great name for your business website.

Ideally the name should be short and simple, so that it is easier for others to recall. It is mostly recommended that a user must think of a generic name, as these are considered very easy to remember. But as the internet industry has expanded considerably in the last few years, most of the generic names are no longer available for registration. Long and hyphenated names are generally not recommended for registration as they tend to confuse users. Moreover, people seldom remember lengthy names. So what to do? You can try to register a name that is either your company's name or a name that is related to your business. In fact it is generally suggested to select a name that reflects about your business. This is considered very important as by doing so you can increase your visibility on search engines and have a high ranking on them.

The process for registering a name is very simple and similar to any online purchase. You can simply visit a website of a registrar, Check Domain for its availability, pick an extension that is available for registration and make a payment. Now you would also be wondering about how to find a suitable registrar. Most registrars offer features like domain parking, locking and access to DNS (domain name server) control panel when you Buy Domain Names from them. These companies are generally the ones that are mostly recommended for registering domains.

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Jass Sawhney specialises in writing for services in the IT sector. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of web hosting, domain registration, cloud hosting, email hosting and VoIP services among others.

30 June 2012

Get a Domain Name at an Attractive Price Range

Before you plan to do anything about your website, the first and foremost essential is to have it registered and that too at an affordable rate. Without assistance from service providers of website registration in India, putting the next step forward becomes a bit challenging and there could be obstacles.

Some of the domain name registration companies have a lot of names on record and offer them at cost effective prices. But the only thing is that you need to identify them correctly. These companies also offer DNS management absolutely free of cost, besides the control panel. This helps clients interested in getting the domain name transferred to any server name on the internet, from the control panel that is web based.

Find a Suave Company
It hardly takes a few hours for the registration companies to get the domain name registered once they receive your payment. An affordable service that is easy to use is delivered by the company to assist businesses to build successful online presence. It is important to find an efficient company for domain purchase, one that works with multi-currencies and offers support to clients 24x7.

Benefits of Public Domain Registry and Open SRS are provided for successful registration of the domain name by companies. Different kinds of packages are offered by domain registration companies. While some of them are for a period of twelve months there are others for a five year period. Within just a short time span, a number of issues of technical nature are handled by them.

Attractive Features
To allow you to expand your internet business, the companies offering website registration in India services, offer a layout that is very impressive. Some of the other features that are really attractive and provided by the domain registration companies include submissions to search engines, Management of DNS and Meta Tags, Homepage builder, email aliases up to unlimited extent, masked forwarding and a range of other features as well.

Some of them also provide free hosting of websites, forwarding URLs and emailing with and devoid of FTPs, Domain parking and cloaking. Besides the domain name being registered at a very affordable rate, no fuss is made in transferring rights of hosting to a different host.

Questions Asked By the Host
Two things are generally quizzed by a host. The first thing is that whether the registration should be under the client’s ownership or not and whether the transfer process will be accepted by the registrar. All that you need to do is to make a simple application to the registrar to process the domain name transfer.

The form in which the option has to be filled is provided by the company offering domain purchase. Once the option is selected, the client is directed to the confirmation page where via email the registrar can be contacted. To get the services, the rate is not very high. Some of the best deals are offered by domain name registration companies in India.

19 June 2012

Domain Name Registration Process

Author: Jass Sawhney

How to go about the domain name registration process for your website? If a few important tips are followed in selecting the right service, then its registration can be done accurately. The domain name is an extension of your image and business. Some people may want to consider a catchy name, may want to use their own name or purchase a domain name hurriedly.

You need to consider a few important things to project the right name when you consider web domain search. You can make a statement to the site user with the extension you select. If for example an extension .ca is used it means that you operate your business out of Canada. If you want to give an impression that you operate globally, then .com can be used as an extension.

Find a Reputed Service

The service selected for registration should be a reputed one. There could be some scam services which you need to beware of, who could charge very high fees for domain name registration. Once you tell them the domain name, it could be misused by providing their own information, after which things could become difficult for you. Before hiring a website registration service, it is vital that you conduct extensive research about it.

In the domain name, it is better to use keywords which in turn help in website ranking on the search engine. The domain name should also be short, with simple spelling and not difficult to recollect. Even by mistake, don't use the trademark of another company which could in turn sue you for copyright and infringement of trademark. It is safer not to play off an already existing business.

Maintain Good Faith

Always maintain good faith while attempting web domain search and registering the domain name. Hyphens should be completely avoided if possible in the domain name since this could cause confusion and the users would not end up visiting your site. At times a name that is straightforward is already used and in such a case you will need to think of a different name completely.

Instead of losing business, it is wise to think of a unique but simple name. To ensure that another company does not eat into the success of your company then there are many different extensions available for consideration. Make sure that the domain name registration company offers support on telephone, so that whenever there is an issue with the domain, you can contact the company.


If the registration service does not give its contact number then it can be an indication that it is not a genuine company. The company should be an accredited one preferably which means it can enforce good practices and ethics. In case it is not accredited for website registration then check procedures of payment, telephone support etc. it has to offer.

If the company you choose appears via Adwords then it could be a new company but if it appears on the first few pages of Google then it can be a reputed one. Check the track record and its ranking before you consider domain name registration services.

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Jass Sawhney specialises in writing for services in the IT sector. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of web hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificates, domain reseller, website builder, email hosting providers and VoIP services among others.

18 June 2012

A Guide On How To Register Domains

A Guide On How To Register Domains

Author: Jass Sawhney

We all have to agree on the fact that an entrepreneur needs to make several vital decisions related to his business. Right from the location, where he will be based to decisions related to finance among many more. But some entrepreneurs tend to overlook the key decision of selecting a suitable domain name for the business website. According to me the decision to pick the website name is as important as any other decision the entrepreneur needs to make. This is because the name of the website is the first thing that a user notices and if he doesn't find it attractive and appealing, he is more likely to go away. Therefore it is rightly said that the name should be chosen only after a thorough research.

Most people tend to make identical mistakes when they Register Domain Names. If you are also seeking to Register a Domain Name, here are some pointers that can help you. The first thing you must remember is that the name you select must be short and unique. It should always correspond with the primary purpose of the business. As the process of Domain Name Registration is an extensive process, it is best for the user to take services from a company that specializes in registering domains.

 If you are already an established brand, it will not be very difficult for you to popularize your brand, as people would already be aware of your existence. But if you are a new business which is trying to create a foothold in the market, it is very essential for you to follow a different route to register a name. A beginner needs to make sure that he is able to incorporate keywords in his website name. Now you must be wondering what these keywords are. Keywords are nothing but words and terms that are related your business and industry. By incorporating these keywords a fresher can immensely increase his chances of getting high search-engine rankings. Once the user is able to achieve high search-engine rankings it would become very easy for him to drive traffic to his website.

 Registering a Domain Name in India is not at all a tough task, as there are several companies who offer registration services. Before you get down to registering your name, you must always make sure that you have selected a trusted and reputed registrar. You must also bring forward all your specific requirements and expectations before selecting the company that provides registration services.
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Jass Sawhney specialises in writing for services in the IT sector. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, reseller hosting, website builder, email hosting and VoIP services among others.

23 May 2012

Understanding the Domain Reseller business

When it comes down to making a living through the internet, it surely pays when a user can think out of the box. There are several ways to make money on the internet, but none can be simpler than starting up with a Domain Reseller business. We all know that almost all businesses now seek to have their own dedicated websites, where they can advertize and promote their products and services. As the market is already flooded with many registrars, finding one is not very difficult. But what most businesses look for are cheap domain registration services. They look for a registrar that can provide them with affordable solutions. And this is where the reseller business can blossom.

By becoming a reseller of domains, a user can effortlessly become a part of the thriving internet industry. It is basically defined as a business wherein a user signs up with a Domain Registrar to become a reseller of domains. The reseller buys names in bulk with the intention of reselling them later to its customers. As a reseller purchases names in a large quantity, he generally gets them at cheap prices. He can then resell them to his own customers at his own prices to earn good profits. As this business has garnered popularity, registration prices for domains have also come down.

In order to start-up with this business the reseller must first find a certified registrar that offers a reseller plan. Selecting an ICANN accredited registrar is the best option a reseller can have. An ICANN accredited registrar can not only offer great professional services, but can also help in building the reputation and the creditability of the reseller. By simply selecting an ICANN accredited registrar, a reseller cannot guarantee himself a successful reseller business. He also needs to make sure that he offers attractive packages along with exceptional support services in order to find new customers and also retain old ones. Another thing that a reseller must to do is market his business effectively.

This business is generally recommended to users who already provide web services, such as web hosting and web design. By integrating domain names in their offering they can promote themselves as the one-stop solution for building an online identity. Nowadays almost all registrars offer reseller plans as it also allows them to boost their revenues. This business with proper planning and execution can be made into a thriving web business.