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6 July 2012

Why Linux Hosting?

Linux Web Hosting
Linux Web Hosting

A trend that has been noticed of late is the booming demand for Linux web hosting. There are several reasons for that and they are easy to spot. Linux hosting bestows several benefits on establishments which choose it.

For an establishment perhaps the most important advantages are the durability that Linux has. Once installed it goes on and on. Comparisons are odious; nevertheless, Linux outlives Windows every time. Linux also lines up a stable performance with little or no variations at all.

Robust Performance
Customers who choose Linux hosting are attracted by its robust performance.  Apart from this, there is the round the clock tech support and customer care that is guaranteed and can be taken for granted all year round. Linux gels with most programs and hardware that is now around. Linux has in its kitty a range of hardware that has been programmed to function as back up whenever an emergency arises.

If you are looking for another advantage of Linux web hosting, that is its ease of administration and operation. A Linux server has the ability to function in isolation across many regions using only a phone cable or the web. This translates into savings for the user as there is no need to invest in extra software or other technical tools to enable smooth functioning. For Linux hosting in India, this is an important advantage as many government departments depend on Linux hosting.

For departments that deal with sensitive data and classified information, the security that Linux guarantees is reason enough to choose it. It is for this reason that even the NSA has chosen to implement the “Secure Linux” package which will protect sensitive department from a cyber-attack. With more and more data and nuclear information being stored digitally, this aspect of security is of paramount importance.

Part of the popularity of Linux is that it is very flexible and can be used in conjunction with virtually all the software hosting and hardware that is currently in existence. For this reason, Linux can also be customized to suit individual needs. To achieve the best results, Linux hosting's source code can be changed by users.

Open Source Software
Linux is the original open source software which means that people can use free and software developers have the freedom to use it to modify applications as their desire or need. This is one aspect where Linux scores above Windows. Developers who use the Linux package are able to get the entire lot free of cost while at the same time having the flexibility to make changes. Many web users who are skilled in programming choose Linux for all these reasons.

If you wish to spend next to nothing for your software package and its applications, this is the course to take. A developing country cannot afford to spend large amounts on software and many educational institutions prefer Linux hosting in India. Several departments to use as it can be customized to suit their needs. Rather than pay and get Windows solutions, the web users depend upon Linux because the entire package is available free of cost.