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5 July 2013

Online Website Builder: Build Your Very First Website Without Any Risk

Online Website Builder
Online Website Builder
With the advancement of technology, use of the internet is increasing as it is a medium to connect to people. Moreover, with the coming of social media networking sites, use of the internet has increased to a great extent. Owing to this reason, having an online presence have become vital for all kinds of business and organization in order to increase their sales as well as return on investment (ROI) by magnetizing customers online. However, merely by having fan pages in social networking sites will not be beneficial for building a web presence with the motive of increasing revenue. Having a website is essential for a business that covets to make their presence felt in the web world. Moreover, having a website has become very easy today and even you can build your own website with several online website builder tools that are free-of-cost.

Website building made easier

The advent of online website builder, website building has become quite easier as well as cost-effective. It is said to be an easy solution for building web properties as well for promoting a website in the online world. These website building tools does not require the need of knowing coding languages and comes with other advantages. The online website builder allows building of multiple sites and you can benefit from it as you will be able to generate revenue from multiple websites. For adding graphics to your website, the graphic designers that you will hire will charge you with huge amounts. However, the website builders that are available online gives you access to superior quality graphics for your website free-of-cost. With the website builder tools that are available, online Internet marketers are no longer dependent on the website designers and developers for building web properties. It allows the addition of Meta tags, links to the main site, addition of graphics and designs, which helps in better marketing.

Benefits of html website builder

Websites need to be really attractive and good as it is a means to create your online presence. HTML website builder and Flash website builder are structures of two kinds used by professional to create a website. Each of these has their own place, but it is quite important to get a better and comprehensive understanding about the distinction amongst both Flash and HTML. Both of these has their own share of advantages and disadvantages and by combining the advantages of both, you can create a great website for your online business.

Web site created by using HTML can be very easily understood by most browsers, and for downloading, no computer software is required. Search engines appreciate as well as accept the versatility of a site constructed by HTML website builder. It is for reading the HTML code, is enough as search engines are programmed accordingly. In addition, using an html website builder will make your website building job even easier. An added advantage of the sites created using this is that the loading time of these websites is faster owing to the structure of the site.

28 June 2013

Free website builder: How to choose the best one for your small business success

Online Website Builder
Online Website Builder
Today, there are several companies in the market that provide tools  in order to create a website in the minimum possible time. The presence of a comprehensive website is important for the success of any business, whether small, medium or large. For this reason, certain companies on the internet provide free builder tools for making websites, without the knowledge of programming or coding.

How a free website builder is suitable for a small business

For a small business that is in the initial stages of development, a free website builder would be most suitable. These builder websites offer a variety of templates that can be chosen, based on desired appearance. The user interface is quite simple and convenient for most, with step-by-step instructions on how to create a website.

At an initial stage, storage space requirements would not be much for a small business website. It is true that the free website builder package provides limited storage space for files on the internet, but space can be increased at a later date.

What to remember while looking to build your website

While making one's website, an important thing to remember is that a unique domain name must be chosen and booked as early as possible. The reason for this is the limited availability of domain names, which are the names given to websites that denote IP addresses of servers. If these names are not booked on a timely basis, a suitable name for the business may not be available.

Most reputed business owners look to hire high quality web designers to create a website for themselves. However, this is an expensive proposition which may not be suitable for every business, especially at the initial stages where costs need to be minimized. Instead of this, one could look to customize website content, font and layout with the help of a free website builder. With a higher budget, it would always be possible to upgrade at a later date.

Online tools or software that help to build your website are usually sold as a package, which also includes tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With SEO and the explanation for the same, it is possible to create a website that can consistently rank high on search engines so that it is noticed by targeted clients. Promotion for the same can also be done through Facebook, Twitter and other handles of social networking. After all, network building forms the essence of any successful venture.

There are many different sites on the internet which enable an individual to rate different   that look to build your website. Some of the website companies offer free website builder tools with higher level of customization than others. To get high quality website building services in the market, one must know the reputation of these sites before choosing them. This can be often be known through customer recommendations. In totality, most people look at available budget in order to create a website, based on which they select free or paid website building services.

25 June 2013

5 Reasons to Use Net4's EasySite Builder to Build Your Websites

Build Your Website
Build Your Website
Net4 is the highest ranked Network Services Provider in India at present, with enviable experience in cloud hosting, apart from other networking solutions. The company is present across 11 business cities in India and many top corporate firms are its clients. Solutions provided from the company, in order to create a website, apart from others, are the top in this industry. Websites are important for the growth of any business, whether small, medium or large. For this reason, Net4 provides simple and customized website builder solutions for different types of companies. All the company needs to know is the business profile of its client and its budget.

How to build a website in four simple steps

Net4 enlists four steps in order to create a suitable website for any company. At first, a domain name has to be selected. This would be based on availability and suitability to the business. After this, the easy site package has to be purchased, which is available at a nominal price. With the help of the copyrighted EasySite editor, one's desired website can be easily created. So another reason to choose Net4 is that the website builder creates a unique design every time, which implies that no other firm can copy the same. Though this package gives step-by-step instructions to create a website, 24x7 technical support is also available.

Unique free website builder offer given by Net4 

The third reason for purchasing the Net4 site builder package is the number of features offered, such as a free domain name, 5 email ids with 1 GB storage space each, along with which 250 MB of web hosting space. The minimum contract to be signed with Net4 is for one year. But if the number of contract years are increased, charges automatically go down. In addition, the best reason is that knowledge of web designing tools is not important to create an attractive website using website builder.  

The important thing to remember here is that the unique domain name must be booked as early as possible, due to their limited availability. Once domain registration has been done, work on create a website can continue at a fast pace. Net4 ensures that it gives best tips to keep its client websites at the top of search engines.

Features offered by Net4 apart from website builder

Yet another reason to choose Net4 services is that the company also makes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that helps to encrypt and protect online transactions for safety purposes. In other words, not only does Net4 provide high quality designs, but it also ensures the safety of client data. Apart from the tool itself, one certainly has to commend the way in which the step-by-step manual for using EasySite editor has been given.

10 June 2013

Is it possible to create your own website without technical knowledge?

Website Builder
Website Builder
Internet has turned the world into a Global Village, where people can get any information as well as remain connected with friends and family who are staying miles away. Today, internet has become part and parcel of people's life and thus for every business venture, in order to become successful, online presence is highly imperative. In this process, the impact of a website is stronger than having fan pages on social networking sites. However, creating a dynamic and professional website is no longer portentous with the availability of free website builder. With the site builder that is available online, you can easily make your own website even without having any technical knowledge.

Benefits of using online website builder

With the advancement of technology, today even without having technical knowledge, you can easily create a dynamic website with the help of website builder tools that are available online. These tools are gaining popularity over professional website designer as they come with several advantages that are beneficial for your business. These include:

1. Convenience: Using website builder tools available online is easier and more convenient as you can make your own website without the help of any professional developer. It is also fun and extremely easy as there is no need of knowing any kind of PHP or HTML language to create your own website and you can also give it a professional touch.

2. Saves Time:  Time is precious in today's busy world where time means money. With the help of website building tools, you can create a website that is attractive, well designed and professional within minutes. This will help you in saving a lot of time, and you can make your own website live on the internet in not time.

3. Saves Money:  Money is important to run a business and building a website using a cost-effective way can be profitable for your business venture. The website builder tools that are available online are free of cost and are capable of yielding effective results. Thus by using online website builder, you can save on the expenses that you would have to spend on designing and developing to create a website.

How to create a website with site builder?

You can easily create your own website using site builder by following certain steps. First and foremost is that you will need to register yourself with the service provider, whose services you are availing. After registering, follow the below mentioned procedures and create a website that will help you in building your online presence.

1. Log in to the control panel and click on the “create a website” option. Once you click on the option, you will be redirected to Step 1 and follow the instructions given there. When done, click on “save and continue to Step 2”.

2. The second step involves selecting a template design for your website. Choose the one that complies with your business type.

3. The next step involves choosing the color, the layout, font, navigator, etc. After selecting, click on the save button and proceed.

4. The next step involves structuring the pages like making web pages for your website that include About Us, Services, Products / Services, etc.

5. Once the pages are created, upload the content.

6. The last step is to provide a title to each of the Web Pages, and your website is ready to go live in the Web World.

20 May 2013

Build your own website in minutes

Website Builder: A powerful tool to build your online presence

Website Builder
Website Builder
As the use of Internet is getting popular day by day, it has become important for business entities to build their online presence in order to attract more and more online customers to increase their sales and revenue. Having a website has now become essential as a website can be used to promote the products and services offered by the organization. In new age, with a number of online website builder tools, having a website has become easier. Moreover, most of these tools are available free-of-cost on the Internet. Now, you might be thinking about what these website builder tools are? These are tools that lets you create and build a website without manual coding. These tools are provided by web hosting service provider, which are designed for making personal website but can also be used for making professional websites as well as e-commerce websites. These tools work on different platforms and the most commonly used tools are Flash and html website builder.

Difference between Flash and html website builder
Although with both Flash and html website builder, you can build static websites that does not require CMS (content management system), however, html is today more preferred than flash for its added advantages. The html website builder that is available today is no longer confined to building static websites and is more interactive than flash. The websites that are built using html website builder are SEO friendly and thus helps in improving ranking of websites in search engines. Furthermore, these websites are compatible with mobile devices, which facilitates in better reach and also helps in enhancing the online presence. The websites that are built using flash can only be edited by using Flash CS6, whereas, an html site can be easily edited with the help of text editor. Thus using html website builder is more beneficial and effective as it helps in enhanced search engine visibility, which leads to building better online presence.

How to build a website for free?
With online website building tools, building a website has become easier as it does not require any technical know-how or knowledge of coding languages. These tools are available on the Internet for free and assist in building a website conveniently. To build a website using these website builders, all that you need is a computer that is connected to the Internet, a domain name for the website, which generally comes free with the website builder tool. However, if already own one you can easily connect it to your website and lastly, you will need to register yourself with the website builder that you have selected. After these requirements are fulfilled, you will need to follow three simple step to build your website.

Thus, it can be concluded that website builder is a powerful tool to build your online presence. By using this tool one can create an attractive website for free, which is the reason why it is quite popular now days.

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22 April 2013

Online website builder: Build Websites with Usability & Reliability

Website Builder
Every start up business wishes to stand out among the competition with the help of its online profile on the World Wide Web. In order to accomplish this objective, the usual process is a little time consuming and sometimes requires professional insight. Hence, an online website builder comes into picture and allows achieving the same within confines of the available budgets. In fact, the best thing about professional website builders is that it eliminates the knowledge and technical expertise, which is generally required to create a website in today's world.

There are many benefits of hiring the services of a free website builder. Some entrepreneurs like to create their own designs by choosing from a variety of available templates that can be customised depending upon the need. Further, the seamless integration, low cost, adequate space for data storage, control of the website and technical support are some of the advantages provided by an online website builder.

Succeeding in a start up business with an online website builder
The success of a start up business is determined by the usability and accessibility of its website. This means that the online website should meet requirements of its target audience. Sometimes the businesses are also required to tie up with a hosting provider for putting their websites on the World Wide Web. For this service, a certain fee needs to be paid, depending on the provider. However, some sites also offer a free hosting account and a domain registration service, but their reliability needs to be checked beforehand. Experts believe that data storage forms an important part of website building. The necessary information is needed to be stored in a safe and secure manner, so that quick uploading can be done at any instant time. It would also ensure that data is usable and reliable at the same time, besides can be backed up in case of emergency.

Advantages of an online website builder
A typical online website builder makes use of Drag and Drop editors. This helps in fast HTML page creation, without using programming. Templates of choice can be chosen, along with other elements of web designing. Updating, maintaining and promoting these sites is also easy, since reputed sites provide tutorials for the same. During the course of making websites using a free website builder, help can also be availed from qualified professionals. For example, individuals need to know which elements of their website would attract maximum number of visitors. It should be prepared in such a manner that search engines are easily able to locate them. After the primary process to create a website has been followed, steps to augment its popularity can also be carried out using the social media.

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19 April 2013

Start Your Online Business Today - Use Online Website Builder to build your website

Website Builder
Website Builder
The objective of any company website is to provide easy access to it's products and services, which can help buyers in making present or future purchase decisions. As many companies have their own websites, it is important to stand out from the rest. But for this, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money and hire the best web designers. In fact, with the help of an online website builder, it is possible to create portals within available budgets.

One way used to build a website that stands out is to make use of several images. Using pictures with unique compositions would help in one website getting noticed better than others. Hosting companies also provide photo editing facilities, so that additional software does not have to be purchased. Today, minimum of technical expertise is required to build your own website. Different options for website templates are already provided by website builders. Many benefits can be availed by using the services of an online website builder. Adequate space is provided for storage, along with higher control of website, seamless integration and continuous technical support is made available by the builder.

Some tools that are commonly incorporated in an online website builder are Drag and Drop editors. Such editors allow you to create HTML pages within minimum time, without making use of programming techniques. In addition to templates, other elements of web design can also be chosen to make your own website.

How to succeed in a startup by using an online website builder
There are many different factors that could determine the success of a new business. One of these is the accessibility of its website. The easier it is to access and navigate, the more customers will be attracted, which in turn would lead to an increase in profits. Once you able to build your own website, it then has to be uploaded with the help of a hosting provider.

As you look to make your own website, it would also be important to store images and text files that are used. This storage has be done in a manner such that files can be easily accessed for modification of the website. However, adequate security in the form of firewalls and virus protection need to be provided such as unauthorised changes are not made.

While looking to build your own website, help can also be taken from qualified professionals. There are different elements on a website that help in attracting the maximum number of visitors. For this purpose, Search Engine Optimisation can be deployed, which will keep the website healthy over a long period of time.

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12 April 2013

How to Choose a Right Website Builder that Fulfil Your Business Needs

Website Builder
Website Builder
Be it social networking or doing business, today everything is happening online as websites are the order of the day. Nowadays, social networking sites, e-commerce portals, business networking, recruitment portals and online advertising have become immensely popular. More and more people are making a foray on the Internet and it is not just limited to business professionals but anyone who wishes to create their online presence. For people who do not have the technical know-how, there are services like online website builder and free website builder. For example, if you run a food chain and want to build your own website that lets customers have access to menu and also enable them to order food, you would need to choose a right website builder to guide you through.

First and foremost, it is imperative for anyone who wants to build their own business website to research, analyse and contemplate the main motive. The target of a website could vary from marketing online to increasing clientele and from advertising to doing hardcore online sales. It is essential for an online business to carefully determine their targeted audience, available cost and the benefits it would want to derive from the website. If you want to run an e-commerce portal that sells merchandise and products to people then it becomes necessary to have the vision, assistance and expertise of someone who has industry knowledge. After research is complete, the next decision that needs to be made is choosing the kind of software that would help you to design exactly what you want. A user-friendly interface is something that one should always look for while choosing the right software. It not only simplifies the building task but also is ideal for people who do not have HTML knowledge. Features like pre-programmed template and starter kits are really helpful as they help you to get a peek into the necessary programs. The other important thing that needs to be in kept in mind is whether the online website builder allows you to incorporate multimedia elements, such as photographs, animation and videos on the site. If these are allowed then it automatically improves the quality and receptiveness of the site.

There are other factors that are helpful when you want to build your website. It is certainly advantageous if the online website builder provides a free domain name, free disk space and a high number of pages. Lastly, the opinions of consumer reviews and group forums help you to get knowledge about the effectiveness of the site along with identifying the areas that required for improvement.

8 April 2013

Start Your Online Business Today: Use a Website Builder to build your Web Presence

How to build a website
How to build a website

Building a sound web presence has become quite important today with the increasing use of internet. It plays a vital role in the growth of a business as it helps in increasing sales and helps in magnetizing potential customers. However, having pages in social media sites like facebook, google+ and twitter, among others, is not enough. In order to let your web presence felt, an individual should have a website. Today, one can even think of starting his online business by building a website.

Build your website using website builder

You must be pondering over the fact that how to build your website. It is now easy to build a website and that to free of cost. This is possible with the availability of a number of free website builder tools available online. Building web presence is no longer a difficult task nowadays as various online website builder tools are available in the market. However, there are certain things that you need to consider before building your website. It is necessary to identify the traffic an individual wish to target with his website.

Industry experts believe that one should also look for an online website builder suite, which will help in designing a website and build your website for free. Anyone can use these free website builder tools to build your website without any hassle. There are several online companies that offer website builder trial pack to business owners. These trial packs can be tried for a limited period and once you get acquainted to these tools, you can purchase it for building a complete website. Furthermore, these online website builder tools can be even used for building shopping portals and other such websites.

Necessary things for building your web presence

Building a website is just a small part of the whole process. The process of starting an online business and building your online presence include several other things that need to be considered. Online website builder will help you in designing and developing your website. After designing and developing the website, individuals need to register the domain name with a domain registration company and then choose a good web hosting service provider for letting your website go live on the internet.

Furthermore, individuals need to optimize their website for attaining a sound visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to market your products and services. This is possible by hiring a search engine optimization expert, popularly known as SEO. SEO is a key element of internet marketing and it plays a major role in building your online presence using your website.

1 March 2013

How to Make Your Own Website with Online Website Builder Tool?

Build Your Own Website
Build Your Own Website
So, you are ready to make your own website. Great! The only worry remains the technical part, you don’t know how to write that HTML code for making a website. In fact, that should not be a matter of worry at all. Have you heard about website builder tool? If yes, it’s good, you can just start and make your own website using one of these website creators provided by various web hosting companies, most of the time, free of charge. However, if you are not aware of the online website builder tools, here we are to help you!

What is a Website Builder?
A website builder can be defined as an online tool to create website. While using HTML code or other computer languages is basic to make a website, these tools do not require you to do manual coding. You just need to choose a template (website design) from among many designs and add content at the appropriate places that might include text, images, videos etc. HTML or other coding is done behind the scene. This means when you enter your content and apply easy-to-use features provided in the website builder, the tool automatically does the coding part. It sounds very easy to build your own website with these builders, isn’t it? Is it really that easy? Let’s know.

How Website Builder Works to Create Website? 
Online website builders are usually provided by web hosting companies. When you go to these sites to make your own website with the help of their website builder, you need to register yourself there. To sign up with these sites is very easy as you have to just enter your email ID and set a password. After you get registered, you can see the examples of the kind of websites they make for you by going through the available resources like ‘How to make your website video’ or ‘user manuals’. Many web hosting companies that provide website builder also let you use their ‘free trial’ offers.

If you wish, you can get the free trial and make a demo website to get an understanding about creating your website. This also instills confidence in you so that you can use these website builders to create a website.

What are the Steps to Make Your Own Website with Website Builder?
After taking the free trial, when you are ready to make your actual website, you are prompted to follow some steps. These steps are almost similar in all website builders.

Select a Domain Name
First of all, you have to search and select a domain name. Domain name is the website URL, the link or address that has to be entered in the address bar of your browser to open a website. They have the extensions like dot com, dot co, dot in, dot org, dot net and the less common ones like dot pro, dot name, dot me, dot info etc. You have to pay the cost for registering the domain name of your choice. Sometimes, these companies offer you a package where everything needed for making a website is included in the package like domain name, hosting space, and the website builder tool.

Select Website Template Using the Website Builder Tool
Website builder has many website templates within itself. You have to choose a template which appeals you or the one that you think is appropriate to project the subject of your website properly. Some companies provide very basic templates while others provide even advanced website templates that can help you make your business or e-commerce website too.

Add Content to Your Website
After selecting the template, you just need to add content, images, videos or any other thing that you want to present to your viewers. All the website builders have a WYSIWYG mode- ‘What You See is What You Get’ mode. This means whatever you type in whichever way; it will look like that only when published on your website. It is like using the word document for typing where you can make fonts bold or italicize them or place bullets or even give them numbering. All is done without any hassle and the coding is done in the background though you have the option to edit HTML source code too if you so wish.

Publish and Make Your Own Website Go Online
After adding content, you have to hit the publish button and your website is ready to be viewed by the world. It is that simple! If you want to actually experience how a website builder tool works and how you can make your own website, get this free trial to build your own website.

22 January 2013

Steps to build a website using a website builder

Website Building
Website Building
A high quality website plays an important role in a business marketing plan. To build a website, one needs proper guidance. Businesses without websites are potentially losing money nowadays because of minimum online presence. This is where a website builder comes into the picture. A website builder tool breaks down the process of website making into easy and simple choices. A website builder can make a business website look professional and elegant. The biggest advantage of a builder is that create website quickly and easily and therefore cuts down the time taken to create a website. 
Website hosting is easy using a website builder. Some of the other benefits include:  
  • Has built in website templates 
  • Information can be changed and updated as when required
  • No maintenance fee
  • The owner has full control over the site

There are several reasons as to why a business firm selects a website builder when compared to other software.

Professional: A good website builder improves the online presence of a website and makes it look professional. Many builders have more than hundreds of designed templates to select from.
Inexpensive: A website builder offers good value for money. Design cost, website hosting, and maintenance fee are included in the pricing package. No additional fee is charged for special features. 
Quick: Using a website builder tool, a website can be built in less than a day. When using traditional software, building a site usually takes weeks.
Accessibility: User can work on the site anytime he or she wants from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. The user just needs to log on to the builder for instant access. 
Easy: A website builder is easy to use. Making changes to the site is easy and quick with not much strain.

Business Advantages of Using a Website Builder:
  • Provides a professional outlook
  • Price 
  • Already prepared graphics and design
  • Easy credit card process
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable, flexible and fast 
  • Sets email accounts

When preparing to build a website, a business should select a good host. Once a good website builder is selected, a business can go ahead and select the design it likes to use. Once this step is accomplished, a business can go ahead and add its logo, text and graphics. The email account is included in the website builder.

Once the planning for the website is done the second step is to organize and develop the website and the content followed by designing and structuring of the site. Some website building hosts offer a free trial period for a month and if satisfied the business can opt for package. While, few other service providers do not offer any trial. It is always advisable to select a host offering a trial period before paying up.

A good website builder allows easy updating of information, delegate tasks without compromising on security, offers security to the site, easy maintenance and allows the possible addition of a new functionality.

8 January 2013

Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Own Website

Create a Website
Create a Website
While undertaking website building, some mistakes are made due to which visitors leave the site and go to other sites. Visitors need to find the right kind of information they are looking for. Lots of time is wasted by visitors if navigation is difficult due to which there is frustration leading to loss of money, visitors and productivity.

The ecommerce website design should be easy to navigate, so that a large number of visitors can get attracted to the website without having to waste too much time. Navigation that is designed badly can prove to be harmful to the site. A lot depends on the website design. The common mistake web designers make is not having relevant and adequate content on the site. Use the site builder that will appeal to you as a user.

No Updated Content and Complex Web Design
At times there is outdated content which has no place in the technological advancement taking place at rapid speed on the internet. If there is no updated content, it is an indication that the website owner hardly cares for its visitors or those reading the information. Hence you will need to ensure that only updated content is published on a regular basis to keep visitors attracted to the website.

One of the commonest mistakes is having a site with complex web design. The site turns out to be a slow site due to difficult designs. Visitors do not want to wait if uploading time is too much. They prefer to visit sites that have web pages that upload in just a few seconds and have access to relevant content they are looking for.

Using Flash, Pop Ups and Sounds
Some of the sites are based on Flash. This is also one common mistake in a web design. When Flash is used, indexing is not properly done by the search engines. Textual content is indexed on the search engines to ensure search engine ranking. At times the arrangement of the navigation bar is poor, at times too big or too small which cannot be read or is positioned wrongly leading to inconvenience to the website visitor. People generally prefer web applications that allow easy usage and hence you will need to identify a web design that is not puzzling.

The other common mistake is having pop ups and auto sound which can be annoying to the visitor. The pop ups, increase the loading time of web pages, due to which visitors want to move to another site for browsing. Even sounds and videos increase loading time.

Using Broken Links, Graphics and Videos
Another common mistake is not looking into issues related to broken links and slower time for loading. Visitors want to save time too and hence will not keep waiting to get through a link or for a page to upload. Usage of photos, images or graphic can lead to slower loading of sites.

The other mistake that is common is usage of tiny text and errors and typos. There could be other mistakes too which give the impression that the site is not professional. Usage of fonts has to be professional which can have a better impact on the visitor. If all the above mistakes are avoided while creating website online then the chances of increasing the number of visitors and sales will increase, overall.

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7 January 2013

How to Build a Website for Business Promotion

Build a website
Build a website
One of the most useful sources to avail information is the website, in the current times. With the help of a website, you can buy, sell, find information and reach people from different places in the world and that too with the greatest ease. For sharing knowledge and business promotion, you will have to know how to build a website.

It has to be a choice that suits your business requirements well. Every website is not the same since each one that is accessed on the internet has features that are unique which in turn makes them different from the rest. Strategies need to be well thought of if you are keen on constructing your own unique website. For this you can use free website templates available online.

Website Builder Free Of Cost
It is possible to make use of a website builder or a web hosting service, where it is possible to get the services, free of cost. If you are knowledgeable about programming, then the better it is since it is advantageous to know how to build a website for your own business needs.

Even if you are not aware of any languages for programming, it does not matter, since you can avail services of a creator of websites. The website creator is a perfect tool to aid the website construction process. It eliminates the need of using program editing or coding.

Offline and Online Providers
To use a builder for creating websites there are two ways actually. It can be used either offline or online. If in case you are looking towards creating a website free of cost, then you may have to sign up with a provider offering web hosting services. On signing up, you get the chance of accessing that company's site and create a website of your own in an easy and fast process.

Accessing an offline website builder can be a bit of a complicated thing since the user will need to have knowledge on HTML and CSS to make the website unique and creative. This does not happen in the case of a website builder available on the internet. There are a number of designs and website templates that can be downloaded on your computer which can then later be edited on the computer as per your needs.

What Next After a Website Creation
Once the website is designed, the next process is a web hosting company selection so that the site becomes accessible on the internet. There are numerous web hosting types to avail but you need to select the one that suits your needs perfectly. Once the process of creating a website is mastered you could start with shared hosting, reselling or cloud web hosting as well.

It does not matter if you have a business of your own that is big, new, small or mid-size or are offering specialized professional services individually online since a website is an important factor to ensure online presence. Once it is created with the help of a website creator, promoting your business can become much easier.

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3 January 2013

How web hosting can kill your search engine ranking?

Web Hosting Services
Web Hosting Services
World Wide Web (www) has become a revolutionary source of information now days. Everyone, from an individual to an organinization is connected to the web through websites. Websites provide an interface to the users for interacting with each other. To become the part of the web, a website has to be hosted through web hosting.

Web hosting is a service provided by the web to the user in which it provides a space to them for unloading their websites. By uploading the website on web, the other users accessing the web are able to see the hosted site.  In addition, the web crawlers, which are the part of the search engine index the hosted website on their system. The web crawlers rank to site based on various parameters, one of which is website hosting.

The choice of the web hosting affects the search engine ranking of the website. If the website is hosted correctly and appropriately there it will be ranked well by the search engine that site will get maximum user traffic on it. However, if the website is not hosted correctly there it may affect the ranking of the site. There are a number of ways of website hosting available. One of them is the free web hosting. This type of hosting is easily available but pays afterwards. The content of the free web hosted sites is eliminated by the search engines from its list of sites. Therefore, the unavailability of site on the search engine list restricts it to reach to the users, resulting in minimum user traffic.

Secondly, the server location for the website matters during the web hosting. If the site is hosted at the location, where it has least users then the site will suffer from less traffic, resulting in the low search engine ranking. However, if the website is located near the server where it is to be accessed to the maximum, it will get good user traffic resulting in good rank.

The next parameter is uptime of the website. Uptime is the amount of time for which a website remains live. Sometime, due to a problem at server, the website becomes inaccessible to the users thus affecting search engine ranking. In such a scenario, even the web crawlers mark that website as unreliable. Another issue is the speed of the website while being browsed between web pages. Sometimes the web pages take too long to get downloaded at user`s side which results in delay causing unreliable link. Due to these delays, both users and search engines avoid visiting such websites, resulting in low traffic.

Last but not the least is the shared space parameter. Some users prefer to take the shared space for web hosting. Shared space refers to the space on the web shared by more than one website for hosting. This is a good method in one way as the shared space is in one way as the shared space is utilized to the maximum .However sometimes the shared may have any spam or porn website which is marked as spam by the web crawlers. They usually ignore visiting the area of the shared space, which affects the good websites also. They get least users reducing the overall traffic at that site. This causes low ranking of the website in search engines.

Apart from the above-explained factors, there could be more parameters that kill the search engine ranking of website while web hosting. Hence, the two terms, web hosting and search engine ranking are interlinked to each other.

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2 January 2013

Myth of Using Website Builder

Website Building
Website Building
It is perhaps human psyche not to value anything that comes free. That maybe the reason why we pollute our rivers, the seas and even the air we breathe. All of these are not paid for. Unless we can see a price tag dangling we don't know the worth of a product. Website builders that are free fall in this same category.

The Many Myths
Myth #1 - A Free website builder is only for a newbie. Granted these are easy and simple to use, but does that alone qualify them as for beginners only? While a fresher will find it easy to navigate through the various, an experienced hand will also delight in the comfort with which it can be put to use.

Myth # 2 - You website will look like a clone of all the sites made using the same software. Nothing could be further from the truth. All these web building tools permit so much customization that the end product will bear your signature and not the creator's. It is the owner's creativity that will shine through as there are many ways in which you can make your own changes.

Leave Your Stamp
As an example, look at the website templates. These can be changed simply by tweaking the HTML code. The header too can be moved about according to your taste. You can help yourself along by having ideas about what you want your website to look like before you build a website.

Your Site Can Grow
Myth # 3 - The scalability of the website will be very difficult. That is the next myth that has been doing the rounds. This may have been true in the early days of building tools but things have changed a lot since.

That is the reason why widgets and HTML codes have been added as features so that owners can have their own creativity woven into the sites. Using the flash generator, one can have a flash banner. And if you fancy having a You Tube button, all you need to do is copy its code and stick it in your website's HTML code and viola, you can place it where you want it on your website.

Myth # 4 - Website built using a builder will not figure high in SEO rankings. SEO ranking hinge on keyword rich content, content that is attractive, informative and fun. There is much you can do to make your site noticed by search engines. Meta tags are one for example.

Keywords, Keywords
Relevant keywords are another. Site builders have the perspicacity to understand what search engines look for and they provide that. Beyond it, there is much you can do for your site. In fact using a website builder allows you to concentrate on other things that will help push your site along.

Myth# 5 - Website building tools are tough to use. This myth is way off the mark as they are about as difficult as MS Word. Anyone not familiar with technical language can follow the tutorials that come with these builders.

Websites built using these tools do not bear any mark that makes them proclaim, "Built using a website builder". For all those who need a little help, website builders are just the thing.

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