30 September 2012

8 Bad Decisions When Starting a New Website

Build a Website
Build a Website
While you build a website some of the best decisions need to be made but still a lot of people make some bad decisions out of which eight are listed here. The decisions made at the time of creating the website will have a huge impact on the site’s success over a longer term. Generally people are in a hurry to finish making the website and end up with some bad decisions. This is because they do not get deserved attention. The chances of creating an effective site get crippled due to such decisions.

Considering Free and Cheap Web Hosting ServicesOne common mistake which aspiring owners of website do is opting for cheap or free web hosting. At the time of starting the website a free or low priced option seems an attractive one but remember the consequence could be serious. Free hosting is slow and will have more advertisements on the site which you cannot control. Inadequate customer support and slow loading are the norm in web hosting that is priced low. Hence ensure good quality and reasonable prices are opted for.

Not Getting an Appropriate Domain NameThe other wrong decision taken is not getting an appropriate domain name. It is better to not purchase a wrong domain name or not have one at all. It is not at all easy to identify a proper domain name especially because already there are websites in millions already on the web. To find the correct domain name a variety of tools are easily available. 

Prioritizing Spiders on Search Engines than VisitorsAnother wrong decision taken is designing sites mainly for search engines for the sake of better ranking. However, visitors to websites are forgotten in the process. Hence the main aim should be to create websites focused on users and yet are friendly towards search engines. This can also help in better search engine ranking too.

Not Purchasing a Domain NameHaving your own domain name is important if you are really serious with your online business. A number of web hosting services are available for free which include Word Press platforms and offer options of owning website without there being any need for purchasing domain names. Actually to have a domain name, is not at all an expensive affair and are crucial for branding the site.

Giving More Importance to Looks than ContentMany of the new owners of websites feel excited about making new site and pay less attention to the success of websites. Paying attention about the looks is important but not at the cost of usability and quality content. Popularity with regard to having minimalistic website designs has become very popular. Just as designing needs to be given importance, the same goes to ensuring good content.

Not Targeting Effective KeywordsSome website owners fail to conduct proper research for effective keywords which negatively affects the traffic towards the website.

Not Keeping the Target Market in MindBy keeping in mind the targeted audience, the websites will need to be created. Giving customers what they need is the best way to attain success with the website.  There is no point creating a website that does not target the audience. Try to get a proper idea of the needs of targeted audience and create it accordingly.

Inefficient NavigationVisitors need to navigate properly through the website and if this does not happen then it can get frustrating. Maneuvering through the pages should be an easy and hassle free experience. If navigation is easy then it proves helpful in conducting a wide search of maps and the sitemaps.

29 September 2012

UNIX Web Hosting the Most Powerful Hosting Solution

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

To various solutions for web hosting, the key components are the web server hosts and the web hosting service. Advancement in the technical world has helped widen the development and horizon of this great software that is operational helping people to do cost effective businesses online these days. 

Service quality gets enhanced with technologies in virtualization and management tools of these companies providing web hosting. To select, there are numerous options in web hosting companies. The internet is the perfect option to avail information on these companies. You will need to identify a web host which is cost effective and works in the best possible way for you.

Most Stable and Reliable Solution
For online businesses one reliable and stable solution in web hosting that can work wonders, is UNIX. It operates on an operating system designed to perform tasks that are demanding enough. On just one single machine, UNIX is able to run on a number of sites.

The administrative control of UNIX web hosting is also good and flexible enough for having the environment programmed. If websites require operations that are automated then the best solution for these sites is the UNIX Web hosting.   It’s a perfect choice for low budgeted self-employed individuals, small businesses and personal sites.

Affordable Packaged Deal
This choice is good for those who are not able to pay for inflated yearly and monthly choices for hosting websites.  A packaged deal is offered by the UNIX windows hosting services which include the miscellaneous unfix hosting service and Linux.

Depending upon your requirements you can make a selection from options in a wide variety. The most reliable services are offered by UNIX. It not only solves your solutions that are database driven but also helps in accommodating languages in programming.

Cheaper Option
There are many more benefits to Linux hosting to UNIX hosting. It is an affordable option, as compared to hosting solutions of other kinds. UNIX’s free version is used by a number of web hosting services and besides this the cost of development plan is very less. Code changing is very easy for people since this operating system source is an open one.

There is no reboot required and it can run for a number of years due to which it is extremely popular. The system offers cost reduction, is user friendly and no need to spend money in addition on technical issues.

Free UNIX Version Also Available
For providing support to Microsoft and for licensing there is no requirement of spending extra money when the free UNIX version is used. Without having to contrive a license updating is possible easily. Another advantage is that it is bug free as well and keeps things clean.

Optimum performance is also delivered by this system which other sites offering web hosting is not able to match. Adequate support is provided by the UNIX community in addition to solve issues round the clock. It is these beneficial features that encourage many websites to use UNIX as the best solution for web hosting. 

28 September 2012

Imaginative website domain names to name your business

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

If you are newly opening a business then you will also need to decide upon an appropriate name for domain booking. For this, tapping your creative side would help in deciding upon a catchy domain name that is not yet taken and related to your particular industry.

If the domain name is a catchy one then customers will be able to remember and recollect it. In a startup business it is critical to have creative business names. With a good name there will no opportunity restriction for the business. For advertising and promoting business, catchy names are the best.

Incorporate the Coolest Names
The company name is used for advertising purposes. Ensure that the first priority for you is to create a good business name as part of business and marketing plan.  Some of the coolest names are incorporated in the web domain and logo of the company.

This is essential for having greatest visibility on the internet and connecting with customers. Instead of having a similar web domain name and a business name, ensure that there is a creative domain name instead. To stand out in any business you will need to select a domain name that is not obvious overly. Avoid generic names that do not have any impact on the customer.

Interesting Names with A Few Tips and Suggestions
Include some cool words in the domain name related to the business that can remain in the memory of customers. If you go with some interesting names for the company then this too can help in coming up with quirky and creative ideas in marketing, campaigns for business promotion and slogan advertisement.

A few tips and suggestions will need to be considered for a great domain name before the website registration. Conduct a survey first, talk to colleagues, friends and business cofounders to check some of the best names. In the effort of searching for creative names for the business, avoid getting personal.

Use Universal Words
Avoid adding your child’s name or the pet’s to the business since no one would be able to relate to that. Make sure universal words that are appealing are used. Creativity can be seen in noun and adjectives used in combination. Take care to see that the formula matches and goes with each other well.

You could use words, phrases and expressions related to the product being sold online. For this a customer research could be conducted regarding your products, the products of other competitors, conducting interviews and recording them, text analysis for standard phrases used etc.

Domain Names with Strategic Meaning
Selecting something vague and generic should help the business in future in case branching out is your next idea. Another great idea is to have a strategic meaning to the domain name so that the domain name is perceived better.

One thing that can come to your mind at the time of domain registration is whether the business name or the sites name should be created first. It is good to consider both the names at one time to ensure a cohesive combination. Conducting a thorough search for domain names is good enough before thinking of a creative name for the company.

26 September 2012

10 Most Popular Creative Domain Name Ideas

Buy Domains
Buy Domains

Once businesses were able to purchase domain names for business and personal use, some of the most straightforward and most simple names of domains were immediately taken up. All through the world, publishing on the internet and web activities have flourished. There is greater increase in demand for simple and some of the best domain names. The thing is that a huge price has to be paid to obtain a great name at TLD or the Top Level Domain. One of the best tools is being able to purchase domain names at top level that are specific from another country.  Registration of these domain names is done in another country, but it is easy to access these sites from the internet, no matter where you are located.

In certain countries there are restrictions on domain name registration only to those who are citizens of that particular country.  Many of the other countries do not have any kind of restriction however. To find a domain name that is creative enough, you can make the best use of web tools available online. As part of a creative strategy for registration, you could consider a few examples as listed below.

.me is one of the best domain names to consider, which has its origins from Montenegro state. With audiences that speak English, .me has great play. This extension is great choice to target companies looking for personalized services in a domain name.

One of the creative domain name seen is Ma.tt. Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress had decided to have his domain name, Ma, registered at Tobago and Trinidad. This domain name Ma.tt is more direct as compared to the domain name Matt.com.

There is also another island chain that uses Top Level Domains names for creating a memorable and a clever domain name over the internet. It is from the Northern Mariana Islands that the Chi.mp a domain name uses the TLD with the .mp suffix.  A deal has been struck with the Northern Mariana Islands government by Ch.imp for offering domain registrations for free with the TLD .mp.  This website has been named cleverly to manage and publish business online.

Another inventive and impressive registration of domain name is the website for Blogs, Blo.gs. The British government owns  small islands in a group called South Georgia as well  as South Sandwich Isles due to which .gs is the suffix made available. This registration is offered by the chain of small islands to anyone over the world. You may need to visit the island to attain the TLD for registration of the website officially.

One case that is increasing significantly is the TV.nu TLD suffix belonging to the Nieu Island located in the Solomon Islands. It targets the audience in Scandinavia.

This TLD is interesting for anyone to access which belongs to the Tonga nation. Over the random TLDs, .to has a linguistic advantage obviously.

Italy uses the suffix .it which is perfect enough for inferring a particular action.  Only European Union and Italian citizens can register to the .it name. However in the native language itself the transactions take place.

The MTV.tv domain name is also widely used with obvious implications to the world of industries. It is used by affiliations and large media companies to offer programming on television or materials related to television.

The .fm TLD power is apparent if you like radio or music. To suggest latest music it serves as an engine for recommendation. This suffix .fm comes from the Micronesia Island dotting the South Pacific.

This is the domain name of the famous producer William of music in America. His brand name was relayed exactly to match the punctuation and spelling with the .am suffix. All that is needed is to type his name in the browser to get to his site.

Lots of creative possibilities exist in domain names that speak in huge volumes of whatever you do which can be considered when you buy domains

25 September 2012

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Style with a Personal Wedding Website

Website Creator
Website Creator

In any person’s life one of the biggest moment to cherish, is the wedding. To make this occasion a memorable one, a lot of effort is put in by the couples worldwide. To ensure that the wedding is a grand one, detailed planning needs to be done along with proper management. A good website creator can be considered to have the wedding website designed. This will help in avoiding any kind of embarrassment on the main day.

Everyone lives busy schedules these days and to make the near and dear ones a part of the main occasion, the right solution is having a personal website for the wedding. Using an ecommerce website builder to build the website is a perfect way of keeping members of the family, colleagues and friends updated about the arrangements being made for the wedding. 

A Perfect Platform for the Big Event Celebration
The website can be utilized for sending out information to relatives, sending invitation etc. By doing this, your friends and relatives also feel that they are actively participating in the grand day celebrations.

At the time of purchasing the package, there are a number of features incorporated into the website. What you need to do is provide the required content for the website. The general features that need to be incorporated are details of the wedding ceremony, online RSVP, the photo gallery, information on registry etc.

Convenient For Guests
Guests find it convenient to view these details. There may be chances that you have forgotten particular details or features and in such a case the guests are more than welcome to provide their opinions, suggestions, etc which can be accordingly, added to the site.

A good thing is to also add a poll or blog feature to the site. With respect to the arrangements made they are also free to provide a feedback as well. In case a design that is extra ordinary is required then assistance can also be taken from expert consultants, and professional website designers.

Expert Assistance Is Also Necessary
There are all the chances of overlooking certain aspects and hence assistance from experts is most necessary. You can also take the help of a good website builder online to create the wedding website.

After the wedding you can even post the wedding and reception photos on the website as well. A lot of couples also have photos of the honeymoon also posted at the site. Later on as the years go by, photos of your new house, kids and photos related to other happy occasions can also be posted on the personal wedding website. 

Use the Website over the Years Too 
Hence over a period of time this wedding website transforms gradually to family website. Some of the finest moments of your life can be shared with friends and family. There are packages offered to make wedding websites with unique domain names. 
The domain name can be retained by the couples besides which they also can have the content updated for which a small sum is required as payment. Couples can take advantage of these affordable packages offered for wedding websites.

24 September 2012

Points to Remember Before Transferring a Domain Name

How to Transfer Your Domain Name between Hosts

Domain Registration
Domain Registration
A domain name is basically your business address on the internet. Organizations as well as individuals can register their business names online as part of the domain name which in turn helps in increasing productivity in business. In a DNS or the Domain Name System, the name of the domain is used for linking the text address to the server that handles this information for example the IP address or the Internet Protocol address.

The IP address is nothing but the mail server location that receives the sub domain or the domain messages besides elements of obscure nature like a signature of cryptographic type that helps in confirming who exactly the domain’s rightful owner is. The domain name can be hosted and registered both.

Registering Of a Domain
The middleman is the registrar who allows you to put in request for the name on the domain and accordingly interacts for a TLD or the top level domain or the TLD with a central registry. This also helps in ensuring that the registration is not done twice in the same name.  A fee has to be paid initially for domain registration.

While a part of the fee goes to the central authority of the TLD, a part of it also goes to the international body that manages names of domains called the ICANN. On registration of domain name it is then hosted at DNS name servers which may be one or two in number.

Reasons for the Transfer
There are certain people who may register with a particular firm, have the DNS hosted with another, have the mail located at another firm and have the website put an another place wherein, all are independently operational.

However handling of all this is done by one single firm. A domain transfer will be necessary since web hosting, domain registration and hosting, email hosting etc have to be dealt with and you will need to ensure where each of the functions is being handled.

New Service for Hosting
If a website or the email has to be moved along with domain hosting then a complete new service for hosting will be needed which is set up at a new location. This will help in eliminating or reducing any kind of interruption in visitor handling or receiving emails at the site. For moving email, at the new host all the accounts will need to be recreated again. If needed you could have a single account too. In the case of moving the website to another location, the process is quite easy.

If in case special configurations, other programs or scripts are needed then ensure that the new host is able to handle them. Besides this you will need to also set aside time to test this. As compared to changes in mail servers, the switchover of website is easier. Visitors are not lost in between since they get the new or the old site.

When to Make the Changes
If at all any changes are required then they need to be best made before moving the registration and hosting of domain names. This can be done since you are in proper control of the DNS records as well as the registration. On setting up of the new account, the listed DNS servers can be accordingly changed much before the registrars are swapped. The next thing is switching over for registration and hosting.

It is a bit of a hassle trying to switch the registrar for the domain name because of the checks conducted against transfers that are fraudulent. Remember that the transfer cannot be done within the first two months. The private registration is to be removed, the domain name unlocked, a request for authorization code is to be made for the domain transfer.

21 September 2012

Raining Offers@NET4

This is the season’s biggest domain sale. With 5 major domain promotions running, it’s an excellent opportunity to make some good savings on your domain purchases.

Here are our current Offers:

.COM+.NET Combo Offer
.COM & .NET domains are the two most popular domain names. According to a source, .COM+.NET registrations crossed 116.7 Million mark in the first quarter of 2012. Here is the chance for you to buy these most popular domains together @ big discounts. Register .COM+.NET Combo @ unbelievable price of just INR 897. You get flat @ 25% off. .COM+.NET Discount offer ends on 30th September 2012

.NET Discount Offer
.NET is the second most popular domain extension after .COM. anyone looking for a .COM would surely look for a .NET also. Net4 brings you an exciting offer on .NET. In this offer, Buy .NET Domain & get FLAT 30% OFF.

.ORG Discount offer
.ORG is a domain of choice for all societies, non-for-profit organizations and communities. NET4 brings you an exciting offer on .ORG. Here you Book .ORG@ unbelievable price of Just Rs.299. so you Get FLAT 50% OFF on your .ORG domain registrations. .ORG offer ends on 31st December 2012

.CO Discount Offer
.CO was originally launched in 1991 by .CO Internet S.A.S-The registry body for administration of .CO. Today .CO has crossed over a million registrations and has become a popular choice for individuals, businesses, professionals etc. Net brings you an excellent offer in which you can register .CO domains & Get FLAT 47% OFF. The Offer ends on 30th September 2012.

.ASIA Discount Offer
.ASIA IS Asia’s regional domain and marks your business presence in the APAC region. (Asia/Australia/Pacific Regions). Asia holds 46% of the world population. .ASIA helps you target the large pool of asian markets for yout services.

In the .ASIA Offer, you buy .ASIA domains @ FLAT 83% OFF at an exciting price of just Rs. 149. The offer is valid till 30th November 2012.

Hurry now and make the most of these Offers. 

20 September 2012

Raining Discounts on Domains@ Net4

Here is your chance to grab your favorite domain names at huge DISCOUNTS. Net4 India, which is one of India’s leading domain registrar and web hosting service provider, is offering a special limited time discount on various domains. The company is offering discounts of up to 80% on various domain extensions.

The ICANN accredited domain registrar is offering a FLAT 30% OFF on registering a .NET Domain. .NET has become one of the most popular generic top-level domain names (gTLDs). According to a report by SEDO, .NET was amongst the most registered gTLDs in the second quarter of 2012.

Net4 is also offering a 50% discount on .ORG Domains. .ORG is also one of the most popular domain extensions available for registration. The extension was initially introduced for non-profit organizations, but later on became a favored alternative for other popular gTLDs.

Net4 is also offering 47% discount on .CO domain names. .CO is a country code top-level domain for Columbia. .CO domain offers an instant recognition to all the Internet users globally who are looking to find and use your products online.

Net4 is offering 83% discount on .ASIA Domain registrations. .ASIA domains can provide you with a regional recognition, which can further increase your exposure to the growing number of Internet users in the Asia.

Net4 has also come out with an exclusive offer for people who wish to register both .COM and .NET domain names. The company is offering FLAT 25% OFF on .COM+ .NET domain registration.

Not only this, there is a long list of FREE extras- 2 Email Ids of 1GB each, Privacy Protection, 50 Sub-domains and DNS services with every domain name.

So don’t wait, hurry & register now . All these offers are valid for a limited period  only.

19 September 2012

Beginners Guide on Domain Name Registration

Domain Names
Domain Names
One of the most crucial requirements for establishing an online identity is registering a domain name. Domain names are considered very vital for any website, as it is the web address that others will use to track your website. People who would want to visit your website will type in this address in the address bar of their web browsers. Most people who seek to build a great online presence tend to overlook the process of selecting a domain, which is rather not a right strategy to follow. A domain must always be selected only after a careful review and consideration.

Selection of Domain Names
Most people tend to overlook the process of selecting an appropriate name, as they just focus on the way their websites are designed and hosted. There are some basic set of principles that one must follow while picking any domain name. The user first needs to define the aim of having a website. If he plans to build a website for a recreational purpose, he can get away with any name, but if the website is meant for a business purpose the name should only be selected after a cautious evaluation. Several things go into making an ideal domain name, these are:
  • It should be unique & short
  • It should be rich in keywords
  • It should be suggestive to the nature of business
  • It should be simple and easy to memorize
  • It should be easy to spell and should not complicated
Domain Registration
When you have actually selected the name that you wish to register, it is time for you to register it. Domain name registration is one of the most crucial steps in building an online identity, as a registered domain becomes a legal entity of the domain registrant and no other part has any right to it. The process of registering a domain has become much simpler over the past few years. Here are the steps that need to be followed:
  • Select the name you want to register 
  • Choose a domain registrar to register the name
  • Provide your basic information to the registrar (name, address, phone number, email id, etc)
  • Make the payment for registering the domain
Domain Registrar
A domain registrar is basically a registered organization that is authorized by domain governing bodies to register domains. As there are several companies that provide this service, choosing one will not be difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow while selecting a registrar:
  • Choose a ICANN accredited domain registrar
  • Choose a registrar that offers reasonable prices
  • Choose a registrar that offers complete customer support
  • Choose a registrar that offers add-on services
All these above tips will surely help you in registering a great domain name, which will eventually help you to build a great online presence.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/domain-names-articles/beginners-guide-on-domain-name-registration-6194162.html

18 September 2012

Value of Disk-Space & Bandwidth in Web Hosting

Web Hosting Services
Web Hosting Services
As there are multiple web hosting companies offering different types of plans, it can become really tricky for a user to choose between different plans and packages. To select a right website hosting plan for your personal website or your business, it is essential to find a company that provides you with ample disk space and bandwidth. When it comes down to differentiating between different hosting plans it is essential for the user to understand his need first. As every website has its own set of needs, selecting a hosting plan depends upon the purpose of having the website. Hosting requirements for a personal website may differ from hosting needs of a business website.

Bandwidth and disk space are two of the most vital elements to look at when selecting hosting services. Disk space is basically defined as the amount of server space that is allotted to the user. Every hosting plan comes along with a pre-defined amount of disk space that can be used for uploading files. Every web hosting company may offer different amount of disk space, therefore the user should be clear about the type of files he wishes to store in that allotted disk space.

Bandwidth is also a crucial feature to look at when selecting a hosting solution. It is defined as the speed at which a website gets connected to the server and uploads. It enables a website visitor to actually view your website. If the website gets loaded quickly the user tends to take more interest in the website. Both these aspects, i.e. disk space and bandwidth are considered crucial aspects of any hosting plan and must never be ignored.

In order to choose between different web hosting companies it is essential to look at what else you are getting with your hosting package. Many companies go ahead and provide their clients with additional add-ons in order to attract them and also to stand out from the sea of competitors. Hosting providers may offer solutions like free domain registration or advanced email solutions with regular web hosting services. Some hosting companies have also started to offer free services like website builders or content management systems. These tools basically allow the users to design the website themselves, change the design and style and also the content of the website. Whenever you sit down to choose a website hosting company other factors like security, budget and reliability must also be kept in mind.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/value-of-disk-space-bandwidth-in-web-hosting-6191554.html

17 September 2012

The Quick And Easy Website

Build a Website
Build a Website

Most people at some time in their life get the urge to have their own websites. But what puts them off is the feeling that the learning curve is too steep for them. This fear is enough to scare most of them for a while until the desire comes creeping again. Actually creating a website is actually quite easy. If you have some knowledge you can create impressive sites of course. But these days there are many WYSIWYG editors which allow you to create a website without knowledge of HTML codes.

Getting Started
Before starting off on the process it is important to think about the final shape your site will have. Time spent planning will always pay at the end. Your website should be easy on the eyes, quick to load, simple to use and go around.  If it is full of interesting information people will return to it time and again something which they will not do if it were a jumble of pop ups and flashing lights. People who are on the net are looking for answers to their questions and the sooner you give it to them, the better your site will do in rankings.

Building your website page by page is the way to tackle it. Give your undivided attention to building the pages logically adding one topic per page. A website continuously evolves as it grows and as you learn fresh things. Keep reviewing as you go.

Use A Website Builder
For those who know precious little about HTML codes and such, a website builder will be the best option. These are free or paid for. The free website creator is very user friendly and a lot of people actually find it easier to use than the paid for ones.

Website builders which can be downloaded for free have professionally designed templates or a drag and drop functions that are easy to use. If you plan to have a site as a sales office, the ecommerce website builder will show you to integrate your sight with Paypal and credit cards so that payments can be made.

A Special Builder
The Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder utilizes cross platform for Linux, Windows and Mac. It supports many versions of HTML and has the facility of easy publishing using FTP. You can drag and drop images anywhere.

There are Paypal tools and slide shows, photo galleries banners etc. Navigation tools available are navigation bars, tab menus, slide menus and dropdown menus. The Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder supports Flash video, YouTube and other video formats. The tutorial that can be accessed online will ‘walk’ you through most problems. There is a page for FAQs that will clarify most doubts that you may have.

Advanced graphics tools such as rotation, shapes, shadows and other special effects are part of this website builder. It has nearly 100 free templates are available. There are unique extensions and add on available that can make the Quick ’n Easy Web Builder really powerful.

15 September 2012

Advantages Of Keyword Rich Domain Names

Domain Registration
Domain Registration

There is no debate whether domain names that are rich in keywords will make a difference to the traffic that flows into a website. As everyone knows, having a domain name that has all the relevant keywords will rank really high in the search engines and that will translate into instant traffic into your website.

While you undertake a domain name search, make sure the name that you zero on has most of the keywords that are important to you. If you cannot find domain names that are short, you will have to settle for long tailed keyword phrases as they are more likely to be available.

With millions of websites jostling for space on the net, landing a .com name is not likely these days, but using one of the tools available you can still be able to get a catchy one that is keyword rich. Domain seekers have many tricks up their sleeve but they don’t reveal these as they are trade secrets.

Having a great name is not enough though we do hear of websites getting a high rank based on the title alone though the content is meagre and sketchy. Good content and an exact match domain name are a winning combination. If you want a high CTR, having an exact match domain and high value content is important. Your campaign for higher ranking by search engines will depend largely on the keywords used.

Before you fix on a domain name, it is a good idea to short list a few keywords that are germane to your business. Make sure the names that the name you finally choose prominently feature the keywords that you have shortlisted. Almost all websites will display on its front page its primary keywords. If you make a study of successful domains and websites you will see that the keywords figure prominently in them. The successful websites that have completely different words as in Amazon.com for example would have in the initial stages had to do aggressive marketing.

If you have not already chosen the domain name and you want to search domain names keep in mind that you get some extra power by having keywords included in the domain name. If you get a flash of inspiration but you are not too sure whether you can use the name, it is best to a domain name availability check.

Domain names have to be chosen after some forethought as changing them at a later date is not easy. Even when you do manage it what you lose are your old customers and the incoming links. It is best to remember the 80% rule that qualifies optimization. The 100% of optimization is made up of keyword rich domain name, domain age, expert title tags, numerous inbound links etc. It is impossible for anyone to have all these. But if you can manage 80% of all this, you are almost there.

A search engine’s main purpose is to deliver a client answers to a query made by them. For this to be easy, keywords are very important. In a market where every little extra bit matters, a keyword rich domain name will give your website that extra push.

14 September 2012

Set Up Your Emails to Look Professional

Email Solutions
Email Solutions

Emails have now become the preferred mode of communication for personal and business needs. It is imperative to learn a few tips to polish them and give them a professional make over. The tips given here will make your business emails clear, polite and friendly. Looking at the emails from the standpoint of the recipient will enable you to view it critically. Would you like to receive these emails, is what you need to ask yourself. 

Start with your name. The “from” field should display your name along with your email address. Very often, people have it set in a way that shows only the email address. Make sure the name displayed is your full name and not just your first name.

A common first name that is displayed is not easily identifiable to the receiver. Never ever use a nickname when sending an email especially when it is a business mail. Weird names are fine among friends but if you want to be taken seriously, you must project the right image.

Keep the formatting simple and businesslike. No matter how much care you take with the formatting what arrives in the receiver’s inbox is what matters. Make the username found formal and professional. If you use something frivolous, keep it only for use among friends. If you run a site make sure you send mails and receive them from that site. You can also get customized versions of mail services for free.

For those who have to send large numbers of very similar emails using a template will make sense. A template will have most of the fields pre-filled and it’s just the message that you will need to actually write and that too if it’s a different one. Having a template is a way of making fewer mistakes because you write fewer details. Templates ensure faster replies as sending these emails are less of drudgery.

If the email services you use have an “undo send” feature, consider getting it as it will help you pull back a mail after you have hit the “send” button. Though there are proof reading services, sometimes typos slip by which becomes clear after the mail has been sent. If you are one of those who forget the attachment even though you mention it in the letter, get yourself a tool that alerts you.

Make sure your email that is about professional matters is sent out only during office hours. Even if you are a night owl, you can’t send a mail at 2 am. If you do send a lot of bizmails its worth getting a digital signature. Make sure you sift through your inbox regularly without letting it get on top of you.

If you do the advertising for your business through emails, you may want to consider email hosting. Custom made emails are the buzzword now. It is possible to get a larger customer base when you consider outsourcing the emails. Email servers control email traffic and they are in charge of delivering and receiving emails.

13 September 2012

Private domain registration: Another marketing trick?

Private Domain Registration
Private Domain Registration

On the internet privacy comes at a premium. Websites are open to scrutiny and comment; it cannot be kept away from curious eyes. The only way you can conceal your identity is by doing a private domain registration. If someone wants to know who owns a domain name, what they need to do is look up the WhoIs service. When they do this they will not get your personal information but they will get the name and address of the forwarding service.

Many website owners register domain names privately because they find several advantages attached to it. Marketers are always on the lookout for names and other information they can use are leads and discovery lists. They create bots that lurk on domain websites and seek out information that is listed and later sold to companies. Registering your name privately keeps your name safe from such prying eyes.

Private registration is perfect if you want to outsmart your competitors.  All you have to do to keep your venture a secret is to register it privately. No matter how much sneaking the competitor does, there will be no tell-tale signs of your venture. It is a good idea to register the domains before you buy the hosting space as doing this will give you the chance to look around for the best web hosting service.

Domain name registrations are generally done for a year’s period. When the time is up, you must remember to renew it before it becomes dead. If you renew it for a long period you will get a handsome discount. You can dabble in domain name trading where you can make money if you have domain with catchy names.

Before you buy domains run a check to make sure it is a clear one that does not contain trademarked information.  Using a public domain rather than a private web hosting means that you are not making an all-out effort to make your venture a success! Public domain names are perceived as mere hobbies and not serious pursuits like a business.

If you want your website to come alive and be successful, registering a private domain name is the way to go. When you use a free website builder the domain name can be registered as soon as the website is designed. At this point you will have to decide whether you need a public domain or a private one.

Choosing a public domain is fraught with the danger of losing your personal data to telemarketers and spammers who will fill your email with worthless spam. Paying money for private domain registration is for the purpose of keeping all this information safe. But in reality after taking your money many of these private domain name registrars sell the data to marketing firms. The downside is that you pay these registrars and yet have your personal data sold for others to exploit.

Now ICANN requires that the mailing address, email address and phone number should be on the WhoIs list. This makes things very easy for spammers to steal data.  Right now it would seem that private domain registration is a slick marketing ploy.

How Much Role The Domain Name Plays In SEO?

Domain Name
Domain Name
If you are looking to the success of your site on the search engine without wasting too much time you will need to assess the crucial role played by the domain. The name of the domain has to be given its due importance which not many people do. While selecting the domain name a few important characteristics will need to be considered. The first thing to do is keep the domain name short.

In the present times it is seen the domain names with three or four letters are being considered by businesses and the ones having five letters are gradually depleting. Ideally, the experts feel that the domain should be less than ten letters long and if this is not possible, then you should not go for more than twenty letters at least.

Selecting Number of Words
It is excellent to have one word domain names, good to have two letter words, average to have three letter words and if the domain name has more than three words then this is termed as bad. Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that it should also be easy to recall.

Most of the time, the site name is memorized and whenever it is required, the name is typed on the search engine. If the domain name is easy to remember then the user is able to recollect it faster and type it on the search engine. Hence long domain names are not recommended.

Easy Spelling
Another important aspect to keep in mind in a domain search process is the spelling. If the domain name is misspelled then the chances of reaching another site instead of your site will increase. It is advised to not use foreign and complex words.

Extension of the domain name is another important aspect that needs consideration at the time of domain registration. The .org extension is preferred by most companies at the time of developing the site. One of the most popularly used domain name extensions is the .com extension amongst users of the internet.

Descriptive Domains
There is also another important thing to keep in mind which is to keep the domain name descriptive. The domain name will be effective if it describes the products or services of the business to customers. Much before entering into the site, the visitor is able to get an idea on the kind of product or service you are offering.

Also try to avoid use of number and hyphens in the domain name to avoid confusion in the mind of the visitors. Just as the right kind of location is most important for any real estate business in the same way for a website's success, the main corner stone is the domain name.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/domain-names-articles/how-much-role-the-domain-name-plays-in-seo-6181478.html

12 September 2012

How to host your own web server

Windows Hosting
Windows Hosting

There is virtually no one who has a business of some kind who does not have a website of their own. Most of them may have the website designed by a professional designer. Web hosting services may be provided by a vendor. It may be a shared hosting or if the company is a big one, it could be dedicated hosting.

With most internet applications being linked to the windows system, if you didn’t want compatibility issues, it is better to stick to windows hosting. Cheaper hosting is provided by Linux hosting but this is rarer and there could be regular problems cropping up with regard to compatibility unless you are proficient in software.

 Hosting services are a little like taking a part of a house on rent. There could be several problems cropping up like bandwidth, speed, security etc. For those who do all their work through the computer these glitches are so major, they may think of hosting their own website.

The first investment you have to make will come in the form of a dedicated computer, for the purpose of hosting. This computer will not be available for any other use and will have to be up and running round the clock. If the computer shuts down for some reason, the site will go off line.
Since you will have to give up the use of your computer, make sure you remove everything stored in it of use or value to you. For the purpose of hosting, a laptop is not compatible as it cannot be kept running all the time.

Once that is done you will have to install a web server application like Apache for example. You will at this stage have to complete the web server application. The contents of your website along with the images will have to be copied in the website files folder. This has to be done at the time of the server application installation. The next step is routing the server for which you will have to configure the port 80. As the last step the IP address will need to go into the browser that is close to a URL and your site will come up.

There are several pros and cons to be considered in hosting your own web server. You have to realize that you are responsible for all that goes right and those that go wrong too. There are no monthly fees to be paid nor is there any possibility of any incompetence too. Since this is a dedicated server, there is no need to share it with anyone. When it comes to content, websites, storage, content and bandwidth, there is no limit.

Waiting for someone to troubleshoot and solve problems is a thing of the past. You have complete control over your server. On the flip-side, the whole process of setting up your own server and running it can ne exhausting job as there is no end to it. If faced with software or hardware problems, there is no support team and when the server goes off, the website will disappear from the face of the web. 

11 September 2012

.AU Crosses 2.5M Registrations

.au Domain Registration
.au Domain Registration

According to a recent report released by .AU Domain Administration (auDA) and the current Registry Operator and wholesale provider for all commercial .AU domain names,AusRegistry, .AU domain registrations have crossed the 2.5 million mark. The latest figures released by the registry show a sustained growth in the number of .AU registrations.

The registration for .AU domains has increased at a balanced pace since it crossed the 2 million mark in 2011. auDA also announced that the number of auDA accredited registrars have increased to 38.

As per Verisign's latest Domain Name Industry Brief, the latest milestone places .AU as the tenth largest ccTLD being registered worldwide. .DE (Germany) is the largest with almost 15.19 million registrations as of today.

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Put Your Business Online With an Instant Website Builder Tool

Build a Website
Build a Website

Everyone now wants to create a website of their own. Those who have businesses may want to have a site to attract buyers. Others may want a website where they pen their thoughts at random. Many of them may approach a website designer who will charge you for the services rendered.  Nowadays it is possible to build your own website even if you know nothing about programming. This is possible because software called website builder is available.
Free Services First
Sites offer free website building services. If that is what you want you can access some of them by doing a Google search for it. On the contrary if you wish to buy software, then there are plenty of options available. The free website builders have an easy to follow interface that gives easy instructions to create pages, content, pictures, navigation bars and internal links.
Many of these website creation sites also have html website templates which are pre-programmed. All that you need to do is download and install them. Those who have a business can also add the shopping cart feature that can be linked to PayPal. Those who want to put in their thoughts can start a blog. Blogs are a cool way of earning money too. To attract traffic to the blog these free sites highlight keywords that catch the attention of search engines.
Domain Names
Once you have website organised you need to have a name for it. Domain names are website addresses which pop up when a visitor types in a request for information. You cannot choose any name in a random fashion. It is necessary to search and find out whether the name you have chosen is already in use. If it is, then think up another one. If it is not in use, then you must have it registered with a domain registering service.
 The commercially available programs are not always easy to use. They also may not have easy to use and install templates that make your work easy. Looking at some samples will help you decide what you want. Your ultimate aim will be to attract traffic to your website.
Hosting Requirements
Once the website has been put together, it is necessary to think of a web hosting service provider who make your site visible to all those who are typing in keywords. When it comes to hosting, there are many options available. You can choose from among shared hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting.
A great advantage of using an instant website builder is that your waiting time is reduced to zero. When you get the services of a programmer, you may get the product only when he or she is ready with it. If you have entrusted a large company with the work, it may be weeks before it is ready.
Once you have the website and the name ready, you can think of getting yourself some add-ons that will make it attractive for visitors who drop in. Many sites are there that will help you with troubleshooting if your site has problems. Following these hints is the best way to have a great looking site.