15 September 2012

Advantages Of Keyword Rich Domain Names

Domain Registration
Domain Registration

There is no debate whether domain names that are rich in keywords will make a difference to the traffic that flows into a website. As everyone knows, having a domain name that has all the relevant keywords will rank really high in the search engines and that will translate into instant traffic into your website.

While you undertake a domain name search, make sure the name that you zero on has most of the keywords that are important to you. If you cannot find domain names that are short, you will have to settle for long tailed keyword phrases as they are more likely to be available.

With millions of websites jostling for space on the net, landing a .com name is not likely these days, but using one of the tools available you can still be able to get a catchy one that is keyword rich. Domain seekers have many tricks up their sleeve but they don’t reveal these as they are trade secrets.

Having a great name is not enough though we do hear of websites getting a high rank based on the title alone though the content is meagre and sketchy. Good content and an exact match domain name are a winning combination. If you want a high CTR, having an exact match domain and high value content is important. Your campaign for higher ranking by search engines will depend largely on the keywords used.

Before you fix on a domain name, it is a good idea to short list a few keywords that are germane to your business. Make sure the names that the name you finally choose prominently feature the keywords that you have shortlisted. Almost all websites will display on its front page its primary keywords. If you make a study of successful domains and websites you will see that the keywords figure prominently in them. The successful websites that have completely different words as in Amazon.com for example would have in the initial stages had to do aggressive marketing.

If you have not already chosen the domain name and you want to search domain names keep in mind that you get some extra power by having keywords included in the domain name. If you get a flash of inspiration but you are not too sure whether you can use the name, it is best to a domain name availability check.

Domain names have to be chosen after some forethought as changing them at a later date is not easy. Even when you do manage it what you lose are your old customers and the incoming links. It is best to remember the 80% rule that qualifies optimization. The 100% of optimization is made up of keyword rich domain name, domain age, expert title tags, numerous inbound links etc. It is impossible for anyone to have all these. But if you can manage 80% of all this, you are almost there.

A search engine’s main purpose is to deliver a client answers to a query made by them. For this to be easy, keywords are very important. In a market where every little extra bit matters, a keyword rich domain name will give your website that extra push.

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