10 September 2012

5 Steps to protect your DOT Pro Domain Name

.pro Domain Registration
.pro Domain Registration
A lot of money and time goes into the investment of a great website for to generate revenue for your business. Your website is a valuable asset and your domain on the web becomes an important brand on the internet. Nobody would ever want the address of the site at a parked page.

The domain remains inactive at this placeholder page. If your .pro domain name is not protected the site would not remain active any longer and potential customers would only move on to another site to get their business needs fulfilled. Many of the owners of small businesses fail to realize that the domain is left unprotected on the web.

For securing the brand online a few precautions that are simple could be followed.
* Be the actual registrant of the .pro domain
* Determining who the registrant is if you are not the one
* Keep the registrar updated
* Renew on time
* Make the most of grace period

The first thing is ensuring .pro domain registration in your name which may be a bit tricky but straightforward. At times when a locally available website designer is hired by business owners, for creating a site, registration of the domain address is done as part of services rendered. However if the designer gets the domain registered in his very own name, then problems could arise.

Importance of Registrant
In certain organizations the employees may use their own name for domain registration where again a problem could occur. It is only a person having a trademark on the name who gets the right to the domain, actually. In the above mentioned cases, the employee may leave the organization and take the domain or the web designer can have access and control over the content or renew it in his or her name especially if you stop hiring the service.

Hence it is important that you only be the actual registrant while you book .pro domain. The next thing is to get an idea of who the domain registrant is if you have not registered the site. Contacting the registrar and looking up the WHOIS database can help make the changes in your favor.

Keep In Touch With the Registrar
Another thing to ensure is keeping the registrar updated with change in email addresses, contact numbers, location you are moving to, etc. You will need to keep in touch with the registrar for domain name renewal or without you realizing this, it could expire. Grace period for renewal are also offered which you can make the most of, but after that the .pro domain could be sold to another party and lost for good.

In an instant all the effort, money and time gets wasted. So make sure you protect the domain at all costs. In the world of online businesses, the most valuable asset you could have is the domain which can be continually used for your business for years together. So, effort is needed, just a little bit, and in that too at the right time.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/domain-names-articles/5-steps-to-protect-your-dot-pro-domain-name-6146736.html

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