26 September 2012

10 Most Popular Creative Domain Name Ideas

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Once businesses were able to purchase domain names for business and personal use, some of the most straightforward and most simple names of domains were immediately taken up. All through the world, publishing on the internet and web activities have flourished. There is greater increase in demand for simple and some of the best domain names. The thing is that a huge price has to be paid to obtain a great name at TLD or the Top Level Domain. One of the best tools is being able to purchase domain names at top level that are specific from another country.  Registration of these domain names is done in another country, but it is easy to access these sites from the internet, no matter where you are located.

In certain countries there are restrictions on domain name registration only to those who are citizens of that particular country.  Many of the other countries do not have any kind of restriction however. To find a domain name that is creative enough, you can make the best use of web tools available online. As part of a creative strategy for registration, you could consider a few examples as listed below.

.me is one of the best domain names to consider, which has its origins from Montenegro state. With audiences that speak English, .me has great play. This extension is great choice to target companies looking for personalized services in a domain name.

One of the creative domain name seen is Ma.tt. Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress had decided to have his domain name, Ma, registered at Tobago and Trinidad. This domain name Ma.tt is more direct as compared to the domain name Matt.com.

There is also another island chain that uses Top Level Domains names for creating a memorable and a clever domain name over the internet. It is from the Northern Mariana Islands that the Chi.mp a domain name uses the TLD with the .mp suffix.  A deal has been struck with the Northern Mariana Islands government by Ch.imp for offering domain registrations for free with the TLD .mp.  This website has been named cleverly to manage and publish business online.

Another inventive and impressive registration of domain name is the website for Blogs, Blo.gs. The British government owns  small islands in a group called South Georgia as well  as South Sandwich Isles due to which .gs is the suffix made available. This registration is offered by the chain of small islands to anyone over the world. You may need to visit the island to attain the TLD for registration of the website officially.

One case that is increasing significantly is the TV.nu TLD suffix belonging to the Nieu Island located in the Solomon Islands. It targets the audience in Scandinavia.

This TLD is interesting for anyone to access which belongs to the Tonga nation. Over the random TLDs, .to has a linguistic advantage obviously.

Italy uses the suffix .it which is perfect enough for inferring a particular action.  Only European Union and Italian citizens can register to the .it name. However in the native language itself the transactions take place.

The MTV.tv domain name is also widely used with obvious implications to the world of industries. It is used by affiliations and large media companies to offer programming on television or materials related to television.

The .fm TLD power is apparent if you like radio or music. To suggest latest music it serves as an engine for recommendation. This suffix .fm comes from the Micronesia Island dotting the South Pacific.

This is the domain name of the famous producer William of music in America. His brand name was relayed exactly to match the punctuation and spelling with the .am suffix. All that is needed is to type his name in the browser to get to his site.

Lots of creative possibilities exist in domain names that speak in huge volumes of whatever you do which can be considered when you buy domains


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