5 September 2012

.Pro Domain: The Identity for Professionals

.Pro Domain Name
.Pro Domain Name

A .pro domain is specifically for professionals like lawyers, doctors, etc and business owners. Just one look at the domain and you will know that it is of a professional. All across the globe business owners, other entities and professionals can consider registering for a .pro domain.
To ensure a perfect identity for you and your business is to book .pro domain for the web. It is also an indicator that you are a professional with a valid license and clients can trust them fully. With this domain you can successfully communicate with clients that you have the essential credentials.  On the internet in the system of domain names, one of the generic TLD or the generic Top Level Domain is the .pro domain.
For Licensed and Certified Professionals
It is derived from the word professionals. It is only professionals having a valid license and certification who can use the .pro domain. Re-launching of this domain took place in September 2008 after ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was consulted. The re-launching benefited government professionals who have necessary certification, in all the countries.
All that registrants need to do before the pro domain registration process is have their professional status verified and also provide information on their license.  There is a particular criterion to be maintained for eligibility to own a domain site, officially. The first thing is that the applicant needs to prove that services of a professional nature are provided.
Good Standing Needed
Accordingly admission is done to an entity related to jurisdictional licensing or a certification body of the government which verifies data accuracy on a regular basis.  To avail the domain .pro, the applicant will need to have a good standing.  Third level domain registration is also allowed by the registry of domain names for professionals in various fields like engineering, law, medical, accountancy, education etc.
Having a .pro domain is great way of establishing trust on the web. Gaining trust of customers is not very easy especially in the anonymous world of the World Wide Web. This domain is a unique one, created exclusively for the benefit of professionals and owners of businesses. Small business owners can make the most of this domain. In your field of work this domain is an indicator that you are a legitimate professional.
Submission of Information
Submission of information like your credentials, certifications, contact details, location etc is required at the time you register domain .pro. Registration process gets completed when this specific information is provided. After this the website can be accordingly launched. It must be noted that registrants are also subjected to sampling and monitoring of the credentials that have been submitted.
As compared to the other commonly and popularly used .net and .com domain, the .pro is definitely one that tops the other domains. This extension is not a new and can be availed by a large number of small businesses for a shorter period. So, in this competitive online marketplace the best way to distinguish yourself is the .pro extension.


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  2. It was an amazing article. Realy helpful. Allow me to introduce myself. Myself Bilal. I'm aSEO Expert Let me know if you need any help.