7 September 2012

Is Your Domain Name Hurting Your Traffic?

Domain Booking
Domain Booking
The search engine gives you the opportunity to browse through numerous websites to avail fantastic information. Thousands of sites are found on the search engines at different ranking positions. After conducting an extensive search you may find the kind of information you are looking for and after exiting the site you may even want to recollect the name of the domain.

If the domain name is quite easy to remember then you are sure to recollect it. However if it is complicated involving hyphens etc then it get a bit difficult to easily type out the name and conduct the search. Even if people type fast, there is a difficulty faced while typing in a hyphen. They avoid this most of the time and instead move on looking for another site. This means, loss of traffic for that particular site.

Important Role
The computer keyboard offers a lot of shortcuts to make things easy and people are not willing to type in hyphens and sometimes even numbers. Visitors want to complete their task of searching as fast as possible. As far as branding is concerned, the domain name plays a very important role.

On the internet there are millions of customers logging in, every day for the first time to look for desired information. The information obtained is to help them in some form, way or shape. Hence if an effective bonding has to be created with customers then it is important as the name of the domain plays a major role in this.

Avoid Too Many Keywords
Marketing a free website where the spelt out name does not attract desired traffic, makes no sense at all. It would be better if at least an effective keyword is utilized in the name. Ensure avoiding usage of too many keywords as this could be quite a turnoff at times.

Besides this if the name of the domain does not sound professional it could even affect the credibility being created. Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that it is as short as possible. There is no point having very long domain names. If you do not wish to hurt the traffic, make sure that all these points are kept in mind while creating the name for the domain. A good idea would be to check domain name availability online itself.

Ensure Short Domain Names
Some of the domain names could be very long and for branding purposes as well as search engine optimization the domain name does gel well. The only thing is that it involves a hassle in typing, besides which a lot of space is taken up on material for promotion and business cards.

A name of such type can help you online only to some extent. Websites owners thus can make an effort do domain name registration in another name that is not only short to type in but memorable as well. This can benefit both your online business and you. It is important first to focus well on visitors to the site and then the search engines.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/domain-names-articles/is-your-domain-name-hurting-your-traffic-6162592.html


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