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1 March 2013

How to Make Your Own Website with Online Website Builder Tool?

Build Your Own Website
Build Your Own Website
So, you are ready to make your own website. Great! The only worry remains the technical part, you don’t know how to write that HTML code for making a website. In fact, that should not be a matter of worry at all. Have you heard about website builder tool? If yes, it’s good, you can just start and make your own website using one of these website creators provided by various web hosting companies, most of the time, free of charge. However, if you are not aware of the online website builder tools, here we are to help you!

What is a Website Builder?
A website builder can be defined as an online tool to create website. While using HTML code or other computer languages is basic to make a website, these tools do not require you to do manual coding. You just need to choose a template (website design) from among many designs and add content at the appropriate places that might include text, images, videos etc. HTML or other coding is done behind the scene. This means when you enter your content and apply easy-to-use features provided in the website builder, the tool automatically does the coding part. It sounds very easy to build your own website with these builders, isn’t it? Is it really that easy? Let’s know.

How Website Builder Works to Create Website? 
Online website builders are usually provided by web hosting companies. When you go to these sites to make your own website with the help of their website builder, you need to register yourself there. To sign up with these sites is very easy as you have to just enter your email ID and set a password. After you get registered, you can see the examples of the kind of websites they make for you by going through the available resources like ‘How to make your website video’ or ‘user manuals’. Many web hosting companies that provide website builder also let you use their ‘free trial’ offers.

If you wish, you can get the free trial and make a demo website to get an understanding about creating your website. This also instills confidence in you so that you can use these website builders to create a website.

What are the Steps to Make Your Own Website with Website Builder?
After taking the free trial, when you are ready to make your actual website, you are prompted to follow some steps. These steps are almost similar in all website builders.

Select a Domain Name
First of all, you have to search and select a domain name. Domain name is the website URL, the link or address that has to be entered in the address bar of your browser to open a website. They have the extensions like dot com, dot co, dot in, dot org, dot net and the less common ones like dot pro, dot name, dot me, dot info etc. You have to pay the cost for registering the domain name of your choice. Sometimes, these companies offer you a package where everything needed for making a website is included in the package like domain name, hosting space, and the website builder tool.

Select Website Template Using the Website Builder Tool
Website builder has many website templates within itself. You have to choose a template which appeals you or the one that you think is appropriate to project the subject of your website properly. Some companies provide very basic templates while others provide even advanced website templates that can help you make your business or e-commerce website too.

Add Content to Your Website
After selecting the template, you just need to add content, images, videos or any other thing that you want to present to your viewers. All the website builders have a WYSIWYG mode- ‘What You See is What You Get’ mode. This means whatever you type in whichever way; it will look like that only when published on your website. It is like using the word document for typing where you can make fonts bold or italicize them or place bullets or even give them numbering. All is done without any hassle and the coding is done in the background though you have the option to edit HTML source code too if you so wish.

Publish and Make Your Own Website Go Online
After adding content, you have to hit the publish button and your website is ready to be viewed by the world. It is that simple! If you want to actually experience how a website builder tool works and how you can make your own website, get this free trial to build your own website.