19 December 2011

Domain Names for your business

Many entrepreneurs have started to discover that conventional ways of advertising do not yield good results anymore. They need to do something unique that can help in the growth of their business. Having a website for the business solves this problem. Domain Names are one of the most important things you need if you want to manage a successful website. This is because by registering a domain an entrepreneur is able to set up a website for his business. By having a website he can promote his products or services and entice more customers.

A registered domain is recognized online as the exclusive website with that particular name. Domain Names, which can be registered for a minimum period of one year or longer, also need to be renewed before they expire. So to reap great benefits from your business, it is always suggested to have a domain registered for your website. 

Net4 is a leading ICANN accredited domain registrar. Net4 India offers cheap and affordable Domain Registration services to its clients. The company offers attractive freebies with Domain Registration services. Net4 also provides a range of other services to its clients, including complete customer assistance, domain forwarding and masking, DNS control and domain parking services.

1 October 2011

Become a Domain Reseller

The web industry has developed very rapidly in the last decade. The changes and modifications in the industry have led to emergence of various new business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Among those new businesses Domain Reseller and the Reseller Hosting business are the ones that are being most talked about.
A Domain Reseller is defined as a party that is registered to become a reseller of domain names. These resellers purchase domain names from domain registrars in bulk and hence get them at discounted prices. They then go ahead and resell domains to their respective clients at a profit. In a Reseller Hosting package, a user is allowed to allocate his/her allocated web hosting space to other users as separate accounts. The reseller basically resells his/ her bandwidth and disk space to other users.
Both these businesses come with distinct advantages for entrepreneurs, as both businesses do not require an entrepreneur to make huge capital investments and does not require them to have any special technical knowledge.
Net4 offers a range of reseller packages to its customers. The company’s reseller packages are designed to allow its partners to register, renew or transfer domain names and allow its partners to use their allotted space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of their customers. Net4 does not charge any kind registration or setup fees to its partners.

Domain Registration: A must for your business

Domain Registration is widely recognized by many as one of the most important step in setting up an identity on the web. Today’s businesses require an online presence so that they can cater a larger section of audience. Internet serves as a perfect medium for companies and organizations to market and promote their products and services to users. Any business that starts to show some kind of promise surely needs to set up an identity on the web. Internet, which is known as a great new mode to do business, also helps in reaching out to people globally with products or services.
To establish a presence online, the first thing a business requires is to select a domain name that will serve as the address of the website. After checking the domain availability, the next step is Domain Name Registration. This is considered as one of the most crucial step in setting up an identity online as a registered domain name prohibits its use by any other party. For example, if you own a business and you register a domain as www.yourcompanyname.com, then no other user can go ahead book a similar domain name.
Net4 is among the most sought after domain registrars in India. The ICANN and .IN recognized domain registrar provides its customers with cheap and affordable Domain Name Registration services. With more than 300,000 direct business clients, Net4 is one of the leading Domain Registration company.  

18 August 2011

Who are Domain Resellers?

The field of Domain Reseller has grown as the internet has expanded to include a number of personal websites. Domain reseller is a party registered to become a reseller and deals in selling domain names. These resellers usually offer domains to individuals and businesses at cheaper prices than actual registrars because they buy domains in big quantities and hence are able to buy them at discounted prices and can later resell them cheaper than the domain registrars. The resellers, which function as agents for registrars, not only offer domain name registration, but also engage in the process of buying expired domains from a registrar for later resale. The business is increasingly growing as an admired and encouraging business for entrepreneurs in the web world.
Net4 provides several domain reseller packages in India. The packages are designed to allow partners to register, renew or transfer domain names at profit making margins. Net4, which does not charge any registration or setup fee to its partners, offers lucrative margins of up to 35% off market price. The company also offers it resellers with a free wallet bonanza among a host of other attractive features and add-ons to its partners to set up and establish their own web corporation. A Net4 reseller, which does not have to pay any registration or setup fees, also gets a control panel that provides him/her more flexibility.

5 August 2011

An Insight on Domain Name Resellers

Domain Reseller is fast coming up as a popular and an encouraging business for entrepreneurs in the web world. A domain reseller can be referred to a party that that is registered to become a reseller and is permitted to sell domains. The reseller buy domains from actual domain registrars in bulk at discounted prices and later resell them to individuals and businesses at a profit.
These Domain Name Resellers are able to offer their customers domains cheaper than actual domain registrars because they buy domains in large quantities at lesser prices and hence provide their customers with domains at marginal profits. The domain buyer makes the payment to the reseller for the domain, but the domain is actually registered with the reseller’s parent registrar. Various domain name registrars now have started to offer reseller programs to individuals or businesses who wish to become resellers. The basic purpose of having domain resellers is to boost business for a domain registrar.
Net4, which is leading domain Registration Company, also offers domain reseller packages in India. The company’s reseller packages allow its users to register, renew or transfer domain names at competitive prices. The company does not charge any registration or setup fee for its users to become a partner and offer margins of up to 35% off market price. Net4 also provides it resellers with a free wallet bonanza wherein for every domain a reseller books, the company gives an equal amount to buy other services and a dedicated account manager.

Domain Registration: An Online Identification for You and Your Business

A Domain name can be defined as an exclusive individuality of a business or a person that can be found on the internet. These names are also used as identification labels to specify ownership on the internet. Domain names are also known as hostnames and each domain has a CCLD attached to it. Some of the extensively used CCLD in India are .com, .in, .co.in, .org, .gov, .biz, .asia, .me, .tv among others.
Domain names are used in a variety of networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. Once a domain registration is done under a name, it prohibits its use by any other user. This becomes a permanent address for a user and allows to him/her access to all the information from any remote location.
Net4, which is one of the leading ICANN and .IN recognized domain name registrar, has more than 300,000 direct business clients. In comparison to other domain registrars available in Indian market, Net4 provides economical domain registration services to its customers.
With each domain, Net4 offers masking, total DNS control and free domain parking facilities. The company also provides its customers with two free Email ids with 1GB mailbox each and the facility of URL / domain forwarding. Another reason to go for Net4 services is its 24*7*365 telephonic and web support for its customers and the availability of domain transfer service from an existing registrar to Net4.