18 August 2011

Who are Domain Resellers?

The field of Domain Reseller has grown as the internet has expanded to include a number of personal websites. Domain reseller is a party registered to become a reseller and deals in selling domain names. These resellers usually offer domains to individuals and businesses at cheaper prices than actual registrars because they buy domains in big quantities and hence are able to buy them at discounted prices and can later resell them cheaper than the domain registrars. The resellers, which function as agents for registrars, not only offer domain name registration, but also engage in the process of buying expired domains from a registrar for later resale. The business is increasingly growing as an admired and encouraging business for entrepreneurs in the web world.
Net4 provides several domain reseller packages in India. The packages are designed to allow partners to register, renew or transfer domain names at profit making margins. Net4, which does not charge any registration or setup fee to its partners, offers lucrative margins of up to 35% off market price. The company also offers it resellers with a free wallet bonanza among a host of other attractive features and add-ons to its partners to set up and establish their own web corporation. A Net4 reseller, which does not have to pay any registration or setup fees, also gets a control panel that provides him/her more flexibility.

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