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8 January 2013

Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Own Website

Create a Website
Create a Website
While undertaking website building, some mistakes are made due to which visitors leave the site and go to other sites. Visitors need to find the right kind of information they are looking for. Lots of time is wasted by visitors if navigation is difficult due to which there is frustration leading to loss of money, visitors and productivity.

The ecommerce website design should be easy to navigate, so that a large number of visitors can get attracted to the website without having to waste too much time. Navigation that is designed badly can prove to be harmful to the site. A lot depends on the website design. The common mistake web designers make is not having relevant and adequate content on the site. Use the site builder that will appeal to you as a user.

No Updated Content and Complex Web Design
At times there is outdated content which has no place in the technological advancement taking place at rapid speed on the internet. If there is no updated content, it is an indication that the website owner hardly cares for its visitors or those reading the information. Hence you will need to ensure that only updated content is published on a regular basis to keep visitors attracted to the website.

One of the commonest mistakes is having a site with complex web design. The site turns out to be a slow site due to difficult designs. Visitors do not want to wait if uploading time is too much. They prefer to visit sites that have web pages that upload in just a few seconds and have access to relevant content they are looking for.

Using Flash, Pop Ups and Sounds
Some of the sites are based on Flash. This is also one common mistake in a web design. When Flash is used, indexing is not properly done by the search engines. Textual content is indexed on the search engines to ensure search engine ranking. At times the arrangement of the navigation bar is poor, at times too big or too small which cannot be read or is positioned wrongly leading to inconvenience to the website visitor. People generally prefer web applications that allow easy usage and hence you will need to identify a web design that is not puzzling.

The other common mistake is having pop ups and auto sound which can be annoying to the visitor. The pop ups, increase the loading time of web pages, due to which visitors want to move to another site for browsing. Even sounds and videos increase loading time.

Using Broken Links, Graphics and Videos
Another common mistake is not looking into issues related to broken links and slower time for loading. Visitors want to save time too and hence will not keep waiting to get through a link or for a page to upload. Usage of photos, images or graphic can lead to slower loading of sites.

The other mistake that is common is usage of tiny text and errors and typos. There could be other mistakes too which give the impression that the site is not professional. Usage of fonts has to be professional which can have a better impact on the visitor. If all the above mistakes are avoided while creating website online then the chances of increasing the number of visitors and sales will increase, overall.

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16 November 2012

Key Differences between Paid Hosting and Free Web Hosting

Website Hosting
Website Hosting

When making a choice between hosting services, more often than not it ultimately boils down to paid hosting and free web hosting. Business owners also have a tough choice to make when deciding between Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Here’s a checklist that should help you make the right choice as far as web host provider is considered.

Free–hand to Advertisers: In most cases when hosting services are free, the providing company at hand generates revenue through advertisements. Your business website, in such a scenario becomes an advertisement portal. Your web host has the free will to put up pop-ups, banners and other adverts, without you having any control over the same. On the other hand, when you pay for a web host, you are directly giving money to the provider, allowing for complete control over your site from your end.

Customer Support: Free web hosting companies generally offer minimal customer support. Getting a query answered, even if it is a crisis, may hence involve a long wait time. Obviously paid hosts in that respect are a notch up. They ensure quality customer support, at your beck and call at all hours of the day. What’s more a paid web host will provide you with tutorials and help desks as a backbone, making it all the more valuable.

Security: Naturally, a free web host doesn’t have security for users among the list of its priorities. It can be said hence, that with a free host, the likelihood of your website being hacked is larger. With investments in safeguarding business owners’ privacy and data, paid hosts, on the other hand give your website higher protection.

Bandwidth limit: A capping on the amount of bandwidth you are offered is a norm amongst free web host providers. In the event your website witnesses incoming traffic that is much above the limit offered by your host, it can lead to more downtime. With greater bandwidth at hand, paid web hosts, in contrast, are a better option. You also have the option of choosing for allowances on data transfers with possible upgrades in the future. High bandwidth can always be chosen at a later point in time. Most free web hosts don’t come with this option.

Features and functions: When you pay for the services of a host, you can rest assured in terms of the features and functionalities on offer. You get exactly what you pay for and sometimes more in terms of plug-ins, tools and webmaster implementations. With a free web host, all this is a challenge and you are offered just about the basic tools. Another aspect that most freebies have missing is site builders and shopping carts, which can pretty much make or mar your website.

So whether you decide to go for Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting, the cost of your host provider is important too. Ultimately, when you pay for something, you are automatically ensuring quality service. While a free web host could be great for personal websites or when you are working in a tight budget, it may not be the best option around for business owners. If you are a professional who yearns to generate income for their website, paying to get the crux of your website to be among the best will only help.

15 November 2012

Look out for hidden costs being charged by web hosts in web hosting plans

Web Hosting Providers
Web Hosting Providers

There are a number of companies offering website hosting at affordable prices. More often than not words like ‘cheap’, ‘free’, ‘affordable’, ‘value-for-money’ etc attract all of us. But it is important to look for hidden costs when you choose a web host provider.

Don’t give in to temptation

As direct and straight as it can get, it is very important that when you choose a web host, you don’t let temptation or luring offers get the better of you. While at first an affordable or free web hosting plan may feel like the best option you could have come around, it’s important that you check it thoroughly. Even if your business online doesn't generate a large sum as profit, you must choose wisely. Many web hosting services look cheap on the face of it, but overcharge you in the most unlikely ways in the long run.

A number of hosting services in India claim to offer everything you need to have your website up and running in one value-for-money bundle. This however, may not always be true. What may look like an enticing offer could simply be bait. And you don’t want to regret your actions and suffer losses, for the most obvious things.

There’s a reason why they are cheap

Website hosting in India is no longer an exclusive service. You have a number of options to choose from. You may want to check beforehand the cons of the web host instead of taking the plunge for your website directly. Most web hosts that come with a low price tag have many pitfalls. The commonest among them being poor services and that’s the last thing you want for your business website at least. Many a times, web hosts offer their services for free when they are not fully equipped with the necessary resources. Behind all those frills and fancies, a nightmare could be awaiting you.

In other cases, some web hosting companies play smart and offer basic functionalities for a limited period in the beginning for free or in an affordable bundle. However, once you are deep into the design of your website, you may be required to make inevitable upgrades that could burn a hole in your pocket. Server performance and age of hardware is another aspect you may want to check in cheap web hosting plans.

Downtime and performance

While even the best in the business may face troubled times online, excessive downtime of your web host server is a cause for concern. If your web host is not fully equipped in terms of hardware to deal with overcapacity, your website could be in a mess. More often than you’d like them to, visitors will be seen jumping to your competitor’s website for services and products that could be your forte. Without the appropriate infrastructure to support your website, a host could do more damage to your business than anything else.

While a number of hosting services in India offer shared allocation of resources and servers, you must be wary of the cheap ones. In most cases, sharing your server for free could see you spending large amounts of money on maintenance. It could also affect the performance of your website drastically. What’s more, free services usually see many anonymous users making the most of their features. Imagine sharing your server with a hacker! That could definitely be dangerous.

It isn't obviously necessary though that all web hosts offered at affordable prices or for free come with poor quality services and support. But, it’s best to stay cautious. A little money spent could go a long way in determining the future of your website and consequently your business.

8 November 2012

How to Choose a Web Host in a Sea of Options

Web Host
Web Host

The online space is crowded with a number of options for web hosting. Making the right choice can hence be a tedious process. Planning and research should however solve most of your dilemma as far as website hosting is concerned. Scour the internet for options, weigh the pros and cons and finally make a choice based on your requirements.

What do web hosts do?

Web hosts are typically designed to add functionality to your website. Depending on the company and the bundle offered, the features can be varied. While some may come packed with storage space and web connectivity, others may have limited email storage space. Categorically, you must be able to identify the hosting services that best suit your need. Whether your website should include shared hosting, committed web hosting or collocation hosting will purely depend on the extent to which you look at expanding your business online. Hosting services are meant to keep at bay the troubles and complexities involved in managing and maintaining your website. So choose wisely.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing website hosting:

Free Hosting: If you go for a hosting service that is free, more often than not, the company will impose adverts on your web page. This may include pop-ups, banners, an advertising frame etc. While banners and frames are still okay, pop-up windows can be really annoying, especially if you are launching a new website. Thus, it is important that you clearly make-up your mind about going with a particular service of this kind that doesn't require you to pay any money.

FTP: FTP or File Transfer Protocol is the commonest way people transfer web pages and files to the server. In most cases, it is important that you enjoy the services of a web host that throws in seamless FTP access for good measure. You must be able to upload and download content without any hassles. Most online website creation tools give you the option of designing webpages online which though useful for starters can be quite troublesome when you look at expanding your website.

Dependability and Speed: While many people are of the opinion that these two factors can be ignored, bear in mind that these are the determining features to help you choose your provider. In the ever-competitive market, the last thing on your mind should be a website that is more down than up and running. Since the web is crowded with options, most users will jump to other businesses if they can’t access your website. The host must thus be reliable. Another important thing is the speed at which your site can be accessed. And this should be the speed, irrelevant of peak and non-peak hours.

Technical Support: You may consider yourself to be a tech whiz, but 24*7 technical support never hurt anyone. Your host must include a staff that is working on all days and at any given time, since inconveniences never announce their arrival. In this respect, it would be foolish to believe someone purely by word of mouth. Ensure that you test their services and competence before taking the plunge.

Shared Web Hosting: Well, the term pretty much speaks for itself. A shared web hosting service is cost-effective for more reasons than one. The price you pay for server maintenance will be shared by other people who may be using its services along with you. Thus, it’s a great option for those who are just starting with their website. What’s more, you can rest assured about security updates and software installations since that too should be taken care of by the providers.

There are many hosting providers in India, who meet the above criteria. With the aforementioned tips at hand, you should be able to make a good choice.

7 November 2012

How can professionals reduce their web designing costs with a website builder?

Online Website Builder
Online Website Builder

In today’s competitive times, a website to expand your business is more of a necessity than frills and fancies. An often faced hurdle, especially for those who’ve just started their business venture, is the huge cost involved. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop professionals from building their own website since there are many options available to incur reduced web designing costs. And that’s precisely where a website builder tool comes handy.

How does an easysite builder tool help?

With an easysite builder tool, you can build a website that helps you market your products and services effortlessly. Planning the website efficiently can go a long way in boosting your sales in the online space. Advancing technology and availability of resources on the internet now keep at bay the need to hire a professional web developer. This actually plays a major role in helping you reduce costs.

With a tool at hand, you can create a website all by yourself quickly. There are a number of options available on the internet that can help you design your website even if you don’t have the technical skills required to do so. Choose from varied templates, and publish your content effortlessly. The key here is to pick the right builder tool. Most tools available for this purpose are affordable and come bundled with a number of features, allowing you to take care of both maintenance and support without spending much money. Initially, you can pick a tool that isn’t bound with a contract.

Advantages of ecommerce website builder tools

Specifically, ecommerce website builder tools are meant to make the lives of business owners easy. And more often than not, they serve the purpose in doing just that. When choosing a website builder, you must ensure that you pick one that is easy to use. In addition to this, the tool you use must be fully equipped to solve all your queries so that you don’t end up spending additional money with other resources. An intuitive interface along with user-friendliness will definitely work in your favor  Since you will be personally looking into the nitty-gritties of the website building process, you can actually rest assured as far as money and time are concerned. Other things that you may want to keep a tab on are inclusion of PayPal and search engine optimization.

To build a website on your own, the appropriate builder tool will make things easily manageable at minimum costs. What’s more, a number of companies offer tools to design a website for free in a trial period. This gives you enough time to test the builder before implementation. Thus, you can save much money by using online resources and builders.

29 October 2012

Work At Home - Build Your Own Food & Recipes Website

Create a Website
Create a Website
A lot of people prefer to work from home full time or part time to help add to the income in the family. To have your own business online in any field you will need to make your own website. If making different kinds of food items and recipes is what you like, then too you will need to create an effective food and recipes website.

Many of the old recipes can be experimented to transform them in a new dish that is exciting and new. To let others know about your secrets in cooking, you will need to create a website. One of the most interesting and sought after professions is the cooking business and creating different kinds of recipes. To have your exclusive recipes showcased on the internet you will need a great food and recipe website also.

Perfect Opportunity To Exchange Ideas and Interact With Other Cooks
The website will provide you a perfect opportunity to interact with other cooks online and exchange ideas on recipes and cooking with them and also receive their feedback. An additional avenue for generating income can be created with a food and recipe website. Not everyone is familiar with computer knowledge and internet use due to which you will need to hire services of a website creator from outside.

A good website builder or services of a website or graphic designer will be needed as part of different options to create a website. Tutorials on building sites are available on the internet in various formats which need to be learnt. Professional builders of websites write blogs which help you understand web building basics and website publishing.

Free online Videos to Download
Also helpful are the online videos available for free and also on payment to make your website. As per choice the online videos can be downloaded from the internet and viewed on the computer at home or at office. It is only when you learn the right lessons that you will feel comfortable and confident to construct the food and recipe site.

Each of your favorite recipes can feature on a newly created web page. Food can be categorized as kid's food, Italian food, American food, brunch, Mexican food, Japanese food, Recipes for Beginners, etc. Content as per choice can be put up which will also need to be updated regularly whenever needed. A domain of your very own will be required to ensure your presence on the search engines.

Express Your Passion for Cooking Online
Other companies related to food, cooking and recipes can be invited to advertise on your website with appropriate banners or links. Having your own food and recipe business online can help greatly in earning significant income on a regular basis. The food and recipe website allows you lots of freedom to express your passion for cooking. By looking up your site, many others will feel encouraged to make exciting and amazing recipes in their kitchen.

Tools for creating websites are easily available online like an online website creator which proves to be the easiest methods to create your recipe and food website. With them you can add content bits, appropriate text, links and images on your website as per the intuitive interfaces provided.

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16 October 2012

10 Reasons Why an Interior Designer Should Have a Website

Website Builders
Website Builders
An interior designer needs to have a professional website to promote his work, by making it known on his website all that he has to offer. Here are some reasons for him to:
  • Create a website with a photo gallery in it, which will help him display to his customers, photographs of the interior designs created by him.
  • He can even post video clippings of his recent work and latest designs that he has not yet marketed.
  • He can take professional help to build a website that will monitor and provide him with technical support.

For creating a professional website online, a website builder can be an administrative and user friendly tool. He may come across a website builder that will provide him a trial use for a week and convince him of the quality services it has to offer. 

Services of These Professionals
A well-qualified webmaster team of these professionals will not only build a website for your interior designer business but will also bring about necessary chances as and when the need arises. They will go to the extent of customizing it according to your requirement. Interior designing is a competitive profession.

If you create a podcast website along with a video blog website,
·         It will help to share any audio or video with customers.
·         He can update them with his latest projects and keep in touch with them. He can easily create a podcast website in a web builder.

Show Case Your Business
You can easily showcase your business on the web by video blogging. This will help you inform all those who visit your website about your latest achievements, products and even personal reviews of some of your esteemed clients. If you update this blog regularly, potential clients will visit the same and your web presents will increase.

An interior designer has to create a website in a blog format:
·         Where he can post videos of his professional achievements to attract business from residential and commercial builders.
·         Owning a website will help him to come in contact with Real Estate Honchos. In this case, only a professional web developer can help him reach heights.

Will Need a Logo Design
The interior designer should get a logo designed by professionals as it will be very complex for him to do the same. He can decide the concept but the website logo should be designed by professionals:

·         The logo will be his permanent recognition.

The technical implementation of the logo and its concept should be perfect. If he intends to design the logo on his own, then he may download logo examples from the internet free of cost.
To build a website an interior designer will have to decide upon a famous site:

·         This site will be visited by potential customers.
·         The professionally created website designs will make him unique on the site.

He will also have to plan out the finance he will invest in the same. If he wants to be known globally, then the best way will be to hire professionals to do the job.

5 July 2012

How To Build A Website With Flash And HTML

HTML Website Builder
HTML Website Builder
Author: Jass Sawhney
For every online business there is need for an effective website since competition over the internet has only become more severe in the recent times. For any prospective customer, the first point is the website for which you will need to give important consideration. For this you will need to know how to build a website.

Once you build the website it should be found on the search engine very easily. Besides this it should load fast so that the clients are able to get to see the contents on it without wasting too much of time. Also there could be a good add-on available for the site but you may not be able to use it.

Selecting the Correct Builder
When the issue becomes apparent then the problem starts occurring and people start facing the common difficulty. There are a number of website builders available in the market but not all of them create sites in a similar way. How is it possible then to ensure that the correct website builder tool is selected?

HTML website builder and Flash website builder are structures of two kinds used by a builder of websites, broadly speaking. Each of these has their own place but it is very important to get a better understanding about the difference between both Flash and HTML. This will help in ensuring that the best feature is used. Flash has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Using Flash
Many of the movies on the internet are powered by Flash and used in free games and animation. By just adding effects and movements the site is made dynamic. Great designs can be made due to the flexibility offered. Flash usage is a complex one and hence an easy interface is used by most builders of websites. If the website is created in Flash the search engine is not able to read it.

It is difficult to have the pages mapped and trouble is likely for gaining a suitable position on the search engine. It is for this reason that text is created in the background by website builders so that search engines can read the site. HTML website builder tool too has its own advantages and disadvantages which will need to be kept in mind while building the website.

Using HTML
Website created by using HTML can be easily read by most browsers and for downloading, no software is required. Search engines love the versatility of a website built by HTML website builder. It is for reading the HTML code which is simple enough that search engines are programmed accordingly. Addition of add-ons also becomes an easy task. Loading time of the website is faster due to the simple structure of the website.

The only disadvantage is that complex effects and graphics cannot be created as in Flash. Hence depending upon your requirements you can decide on how to build a website. If graphics are not required on the site then the HTML feature is preferable. If both features are incorporated then benefits of both can be reaped.

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About the Author
Jass Sawhney specialises in writing for services in the IT sector. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of web hosting, windows hosting, Linux web hosting, domain names, domain search, domain name search, domain reseller, cloud server, reseller hosting, website builder, website creator, business emails and email services among others.

29 June 2012

Seeking Top Ecommerce Website Builders to Target the Right Market

Every online business owner needs to have great online presence via the website these days, but to build your website you will need to hire services of some of the top website builders in e-commerce. Just owning a website won’t do. It also has to be free of clutter, attractive, user friendly and eloquent as well.

Even if you splurge on creating one of best websites, it does not matter as long it helps in promoting your online business. Secondly, expenses on this have to be incurred just once and after this it will need regular updating. In the market there are numerous e-commerce website builders available these days, due to the constant demand for website building services.

Search over the Web
Making a perfect selection from these numerous services can be a daunting task actually especially to fit into your needs perfectly. The internet is the perfect place, as of today to find a top website builder. All that you need to do is type out ‘topmost website builders’ and you will have access to a list of websites of such builders.

In minutes you can complete the task of conducting an online analysis and checking out reviews to find out which one of the online website building services could suit your requirements exactly. You will need to identify one that stands out amongst the rest in the market. The best website builder is proficient in designing a sleek and customized site for your web business.

Other Strategies Used
Besides this some of the best strategies for SEO or search engine optimization and advertising by the PPC or the pay per click method are also offered. Clients are first consulted on their needs and accordingly the exact site is designed. After this the website builder works upon SEO to help generate traffic towards the client’s website.

There are other builders that offer services in marketing over the internet, consultation, identifying the market to be targeted, strategy generation, etc. besides online website building services, to help you market your business on the internet. For future needs of the website, maintenance services for the site are also offered. If you are keen on services related to video production as technique for online marketing, then that too is provided.

Services to Various Industries
It does not matter in what kind of industry like real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, government, legal or B2B or business to business, etc. you are in, since a proficient website builder caters to the needs of every business. State of the art technologies are utilized by the top e-commerce website builders and offer some of the most exclusive designs for websites.

They understand the kind of appropriate strategies that have to be used for website construction to attract more traffic to the websites. Their fees too are quite affordable as compared to the specialized services they offer. Hence it is worth hiring their services to help build unique, creative and technological website designs. To build your website you can conduct a detailed research first to find a service that suits your budget needs perfectly well.