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27 February 2012

Earn profit by becoming a Net4 Domain Reseller

As the web industry has expanded significantly in the last few years, new ventures and business ideas have also started coming up. So let us go and find out what is the latest thing that this industry has in-store for us. Domain Reseller is among the most sought after businesses today in the internet industry. A reseller basically provides registration services of available domain names to their customers and at times also participates in the process of acquiring expired domain names from a drop registrar for later resale.

Net4 India is a leading domain registration service provider. Net4 offers various kinds of Domain Reseller plans to its customers through which they can resell domain names at competitive prices. The company’s reseller plans come with several add-ons like, margins of up to 35% off market price, free URL/ domain forwarding, dedicated account manager and a 24/7 customer support system. Net4 India does not charge any start-up or registration fees to its users for becoming a Reseller of Web domain names. The company also provides complete cash-back on all domain registration which can further be used for hosting and email. A reseller can simply buy a reseller plan and start trading in domain names.

1 February 2012

Who is a Domain Reseller?

We all know that the internet industry is among the fastest growing industries today. If you are not a part of this industry then probably you are missing something big-time. There are several new businesses a user can start in this industry. Among them becoming a Reseller of Web services is known to be a viable option. Domain Reseller is one business a user can start in the internet industry. So let me give a brief overview about this business.
It is a party that is accredited by a domain registration company to resell domain names. It is considered by many as the most cost-effective way of entering domain names market. If you already run a web designing company, becoming a reseller of domain names can be very fruitful for you. By offering domain names you can make sure that your customers do not have to go some other party to get a domain name.
Net4 India is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and a leading web hosting company. Net4 offers various types of Domain Reseller plans, though which a user can resell domain names. The company does not charge any registration or setup fee to become its reseller. Net4 India also offers a free wallet bonanza to its resellers, wherein for every domain booking, the company provides an equal amount to the reseller to buy Email and Web hosting services.

5 August 2011

An Insight on Domain Name Resellers

Domain Reseller is fast coming up as a popular and an encouraging business for entrepreneurs in the web world. A domain reseller can be referred to a party that that is registered to become a reseller and is permitted to sell domains. The reseller buy domains from actual domain registrars in bulk at discounted prices and later resell them to individuals and businesses at a profit.
These Domain Name Resellers are able to offer their customers domains cheaper than actual domain registrars because they buy domains in large quantities at lesser prices and hence provide their customers with domains at marginal profits. The domain buyer makes the payment to the reseller for the domain, but the domain is actually registered with the reseller’s parent registrar. Various domain name registrars now have started to offer reseller programs to individuals or businesses who wish to become resellers. The basic purpose of having domain resellers is to boost business for a domain registrar.
Net4, which is leading domain Registration Company, also offers domain reseller packages in India. The company’s reseller packages allow its users to register, renew or transfer domain names at competitive prices. The company does not charge any registration or setup fee for its users to become a partner and offer margins of up to 35% off market price. Net4 also provides it resellers with a free wallet bonanza wherein for every domain a reseller books, the company gives an equal amount to buy other services and a dedicated account manager.