5 May 2012

VPS or Cloud Hosting: Which one’s better?

The demand for VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting Services has gone up considerably in the past few years. Number of individuals have now started going for Cloud Server hosting and VPS Server hosting over other popular hosting plans. Both these plans offer its users with several attractive benefits which makes them very popular among internet marketers. Here’s a brief description on both these website hosting plans.

Features like lower cost, easy expansion, trouble-free maintenance and great flexibility are some of the common advantages that a user gets to enjoy with Cloud Hosting. Easy expansion is in fact among the most popular features of a Cloud Hosting package. The user also has the liberty to add additional servers at will and also does not have to spend extra money for the infrastructure. It generally provides its user with computing power of several interconnected servers.

VPS Server is basically a single physical server that has been divided into a several virtual servers. VPS Hosting is known to be the perfect solution for users who wish to have the control and flexibility of dedicated hosting at the cost of shared hosting. 

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