11 July 2012

How to Choose a Domain Registrar to Buy a Domain?

Domain Name
Domain Name

While selecting a domain name registrar for purchasing a domain name, you need to make a wise decision. Anyone would get tempted into searching for a domain registrar that is one of the cheapest. This registrar does the job of having your name saved which is your company or organization actually. It is from here that the marketing aspect starts.

When your website is looked up it is the name of the domain that is first seen, your website’s most important part. There is no point risking this part of the site to one of the lowest bidders. There are different things you will need to know in a domain name search like where the domain name has to be registered, how a good domain name has to be selected, which address is better, which is the topmost level domain names to select etc.

To find inspiration for registration of new domain names at the domain name registrar, there are different methods for researching. Registration will depend a lot on extended usage for the name, whether it is for an existing site or a new site, for the purpose of investment or for protection of a trademark or a brand that has been established. An important thing to do is identify suitable key phrases and keywords for the domain name.

Instead of single words, it is much better to consider key phrases. Even 67 keyword enriched characters are allowed in domain names for registration which in turn helps in better ranking on different search engines. If the domain name in India is loaded with appropriate keywords then surely any search engine would love such a name.

Suffixes and Prefixes for Keywords
To ensure a better placement on the search engine, it is better to conduct adequate domain name search first and get the right keywords and phrases which are used widely in the kind of business you are in. If for your new website, you are looking for a domain name then there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Reduce the website’s description into two lines first and underline the main words that describe the site.

You could then come up with a suitable cheap domain name to address the site’s fundamental concept. After this, it is time to test availability of such a name. For this, a search program for domain names will have to be looked up. You will have to use your judgment to add a particular suffix or prefix to the selected keyword.

Look For Extensions 
It is necessary to note that in all situations not all the suffixes or prefixes are appropriate. If you are ready to spend then there is no restriction in availability of a new domain name in India that is perfect. If the domain name to be selected is for an existing site and you plan to start from scratch, then limited options will be available.

A good idea would also be to look for an extension like .net, .org etc. alternatively. As per the old rule, only 23 characters could be used in domain names but now since there are changes in the rules, 67 characters can be used in the cheap domain names thus presenting a great opportunity. Hyphens too could be used to make the site more appealing to the average person at the time of web surfing.

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